tagIncest/TabooVoyeurism from Across the Room

Voyeurism from Across the Room


Older sister masturbates to her younger sibling's nudity.

It started with me rolling over in bed in the middle of the night and seeing my sister shirtless, her chest just barely visible above the cover of the duvet.

Her breasts seemed to be growing more every day, even as an eighteen year ol. Now I could see the definitive line down her chest as they hung pleasantly off of her body like ripe fruit.

The room was cold so her nipples were hard. The sight of her breasts' roundness and her face hidden in her hair and her pillow made me feel a strange warmth between my legs.

It was the middle of the night and I couldn't help the certain freedom my hand felt as it crept down past my side and under the elastic waistline of my panties. I felt for the warmth that I could feel tingling inside me. My fingers moved in a triangular motion, trying to find that private area in between my legs that I had found only once before.

I moved, my hips starting to stir on their own with my eyes fixed on my topless younger sister.

My fingers were wet as they moved within the folds of my pussy. I stroked myself up and down and moved my hips with the motion, starting to feel this build up of pleasurable energy between my legs. My mouth dropped open as a whisper of a moan escaped from my throat.

"I can't help myself" I thought. "I want this."

With that realization, pleasure surged through me even more intensely. My fingers had found that private place at the top of the folds of my vulva and my wrist was moving faster and faster up and down.

I stared at her naked body and intense perversions began to flash through my head.

What if my hand was under her panties?

What if I was rubbing her private place?

What if she was moving her hips into my hand like this?

What if she was watching me masturbate and she liked it?

What if she lowered the covers so I could see her pussy?

Her pussy, her pussy. Was it hairless like mine? Was it wet for me? Would she let me touch it and rub her pussy on my pussy?

I started to feel myself coming to a climax.

In this crazed state, I began to imagine throwing off my bed sheets and putting myself in her bed and sucking on her tits. I imagined her moaning and liking it, holding the back of my head while I sucked on her lewdly. Making her feel the same arousal I felt. I wanted her to cum with me, I wanted her to feel the same dirtiness of being turned on and enjoy the secret of it with me. I moaned quietly to myself, imagining our tongues touching in a experimental kiss.

She turned over in her sleep to lay on her back and made a small groan. Her nipples were still standing up, now the crease of her breast was on her side.

My tongue was hanging out of my mouth as I imagined kissing her like how ladies kiss when they're naughty. I imagined our breasts pressing together and what it would feel like if my breast moved against her mouth before she pulled my nipple with her lips and sucked on me in return.

"Fuck," I said under my breath. Pleasure spiked inside me, higher than before. My other hand jolted up and squeezed my own breast. I wanted it to be her's so bad. "Fuck me, Isla," I said.

Saying her name in such a sexy way brought on the first wave of my orgasm. It washed over me so hard, my back arched off the bed but my neck remained pinned to the pillow so I could continue my voyeurism.

In that moment, Isla's turned over toward me again, her breasts falling heavily to the side again, spurring the second wave of my orgasm. "So hot," I moaned, as loudly as I dared. "Fuck me."

In the dark, it was hard to tell, but faintly I observed my sister's eyes opening to stare back at me.

This brought on the third wave of my orgasm, despite how wrong it was. The orgasm shot through me like a many fingered lightning bolt. My back ceased its arch and I came back down. My sister's eyes were closed again.

The pleasure began to dissolve from me, leaving with occasional spikes. As it disappeared, I wonder what I had just done and if there was a ring in hell that would accept me.

I listened, trying to tell if Isla was asleep or not. Her breathing wasn't slow enough to be sleeping but she was staying very still.

I fell asleep trying to figure out if she had been listening to me touch myself.

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by Anonymous

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by Horing106/15/18

Special Sister

Sexy feelings watching sister's naked body. The thrill of lust. Few things can beat the exciting erotica.

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by Anonymous04/28/18


Such a stupid story tease! Seriously!

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by Anonymous04/15/18

nice start

Nicely written and paced with lots of room for further adventures. Keep it up, very enjoyable

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