tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVoyeurism in Paradise

Voyeurism in Paradise


John settled himself down in the little hollow beside the lagoon. He might live all alone in this little stretch of forest, but he didn't see any reason to deprive himself of the ... how should he put it? Pleasures of life. After all, this little island was considered paradise by all the rich tourists who came to bask in the sun of their sterile resort.

Usually John ignored them and stayed in his own quadrant of the island. During last year's tourist season however, one group of ladies had discovered this, his favorite lagoon in the island. He would have barged in and angrily demanded that they all leave, but one of them had gigglingly suggested skinny-dipping and John had discovered what he had been missing ever since he settled here. He wasn't the young and horny man he had been, by all means, but at 46, John was not yet ready to become a monk. Since then, whenever he felt the restlessness in his loins, he had come here to watch. The lagoon had become a favorite of the female patrons of the resort. Skinny-dipping had become a sort of informal custom. He would hide in this copse and eagerly stroke his hard cock as he watched smooth tanned bodies play in the water.

Today he made himself comfortable and pulled out his dick in preparation. It was flaccid still, but he knew that would change. The sound of feminine voices made him peer eagerly towards the path. Would it be a group of bored wives, comfortable in their nudity? Or maybe a pair of bi-sexual college students ready for experimentation?

What he saw completely blew all other thoughts out of his mind. A captivatingly beautiful auburn-haired girl swung low-hippedly down the path. She was fairly small and delicate, something he always liked in woman. She had a sweet, slender face with large brown eyes. Her breasts were astonishingly large, though, for a girl with such a slender waist. They pressed up against her thin black halter top so enticingly that John was instantly hard. He could see the gentle curve of her breasts below the top where it failed to contain their softness. With every step she took, he could see them gently bounce independently of one another and her nipples become clearly defined against the thin fabric. She had a way of easily striding down the path and of laughing genuinely that he liked. She was leading a friend down the path towards the water, but John barely noticed the other girl.

They stopped barely five feet from where John was slowly stroking his cock. She was even more beautiful up close. She unwound the wrap covering her hips and John moaned to see her generous ass covered precariously by a tiny black triangle. Even that disappeared as she slid it slowly down smooth, perfectly shaped legs. The girl bent over to untie her sandals and John nearly came as he viewed her soft mound. The little sweetly puckered opening on top and the transparently furred slit below.... She turned around to pull off her halter top and her breasts bounced freely in the air. John felt his mouth go dry as he imagined sucking those two little nubs surrounded by their generous areolae.

She looked so young unclothed and he liked that, too. She dove into the blue waters and John sighed in disappointment at not being able to see her magnificent body anymore. Soon enough though, she and her friend were sitting at the edge, dangling their feet in the water. John stroked his cock slowly as he watched her breasts swing gently and the nipples harden as the water condensed off of them. He slowly became aware of their murmured conversation.

"Really, though," She was saying, "I hate those slobbering boys who want to just drive into you." She swung her hair around to frame but blessedly not obscure her breasts.

Her friend laughed throatily. "Oh, I don't know, I like it a little rough. Steve always likes to slap me a little bit and do you know, I think it helps me to come."

John felt as though his cock grew another inch just listening to them. His girl blushed cutely and looked over to the side, coincidentally towards him.

"Oh, really..." She laughed self-consciously. "I love it all soft and gentle and slow. It builds it up in me until I feel this wave rushing over me."

Her friend looked at her sideways and said, "Well, have you ever tried it with another girl?"

"Well, to be honest, I've thought about it... I've met so many girls who feel the same way."

"Believe me, it's quite nice." Her friend slid into the water and came up between her dangling legs. John's breathing increased and he couldn't take his eyes off of the two girls. The girl's friend pushed her head forward and lapped softly at her crotch, all the while staring into her friend's eyes. John gasped and stroked a little faster at his aching member.

His girl moaned softly and writhed on the rocky ledge. John moaned in answer and pulled on his cock. As he stared at the girl arching her back, lifting her already perky breasts upward, his cock was so hard it was almost painful. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth soundlessly. John imagined standing over her and slipping his dick into that sweet moist mouth. With that image in his mind, he came violently, semen splashing out. In his mind, the semen splashed over the beautiful face of the girl being pleasured in front of him as she stared adoringly into his eyes. It was one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had.

The post-orgasmic relaxation didn't last long, not with the vision of the two moaning girls in front of him. John stood up and decided to do something else about it...

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