tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVoyeurism in Paradise Ch. 02

Voyeurism in Paradise Ch. 02


John fastened his pants and stood up in the hidden grove where he had hid himself. He advanced on the two girls by the edge of the lagoon. Both were naked, but it was the one moaning in pleasure that his eyes were on. He reached the two and grabbed the girl by the arm.

Both of them screamed as they became aware of him. He pushed the other one into the lagoon where she floundered and yelled for help.

John slung his girl over his shoulder and ran for his little shack in the depths of the woods. He was acutely aware of her breasts pressed against his back and the delicate, musky scent of her vagina. Viscous liquid trickled down her thigh and onto his arm just under her bouncing buttocks.

She was too frightened to struggle or make a sound, but cried weakly. The combination of her tears and her vaginal juices tickling his arm was very arousing to him. Before he reached his house, he was fully hard again.

John entered and locked his door. He deposited his burden onto the bed before he lit the single gas lamp in the corner. It flickered and gave off a dim light that played over the curves of the sobbing girl in his bed. He moved the lamp next to the bed, drew the curtains and everything else was plunged into dimness.

The girl lay weakly on his bed, legs uncaringly splayed apart to show John a glimpse of pink flesh between spread lips. Her nipples pointed slightly outwards from their perches on her sizable breasts. Even in such a position, she remained the graceful, delicate girl of before.

He stood awkwardly by the bed with his erection uncomfortably tenting his trousers. Her crying had begun to make him feel uncomfortable and he was relieved when her sobs slowly faded into a sniffle now and then. She laid there, limbs akimbo, and watched him with fright in her eyes.

John began to feel self-conscious as he thought on what she was looking at. He was 46, but he knew that from his years on the island, he was lean and hard. He had never much cared about his face while living alone, but suddenly he wished he hadn't let his beard grow so freely.

He suddenly produced a length of rope and tied her to the bed. John didn't think that the girl would run -- she seemed too meekly frightened for that -- but it was best to be certain. And truth be told, the sight of her with her wrists tied together above her head and her legs spread widely excited him. Her breasts lifted higher and her little pink slit remained moist and dripping despite her fright. He was too shy yet to touch any part of her body and turned away after contenting himself with a caressing look down her magnificent body.

John turned and began sharpening his old-fashioned barber's razor. The girl's breathing increased and she whimpered in fright as she watched him. When John soaped his face and began removing his prodigious facial growth, she stared in astonishment at him.

The image in his mind of her tied helpless to the bed kept his cock at attention against his pants while he shaved. He carefully scraped at his chin, returning again and again to areas he was afraid he had missed. John knew he was merely prolonging the moment when he would have to do something with this beautiful girl he had abducted. He didn't know why he'd done it. He had come to this island seeking solitude and quiet and now he had dragged a poor unwilling girl back here.

His thoughts began running over the play of her leg muscles as they trembled from the exertion of being spread so far and the angle of her neck as she had thrown it back and moaned. John put down his razor, dried his face carefully and approached the bed. She looked silently at him, eyes wide and frightened.

He remembered his fantasy back by the lagoon and carefully straddled her face. He freed his penis from his pants. It immediately sprung out and nudged her in the cheek. She winced back and turned her face. She spoke her first words to John:

"Please... please don't..." Her words shamed him but also excited him. He lifted his cock with one hand and took her chin with the other. He pressed his member against her lips and tried to open them. She closed her lips and tears formed in her eyes again. John slid his cock over her mouth, pre-cum leaking from it as he savored the sensation.

She looked so beautiful lying there that his member throbbed and demanded satisfaction. John couldn't help himself, he slapped her cheek once, viciously, and tears poured afresh down her now-pinkened face. She opened her mouth and John immediately thrust inside her. He laced his hands behind her head and applied steady pressure, forcing her head upwards and his cock inwards.

John couldn't believe how good, how satisfying her hot little mouth felt unwillingly wrapped around his dick. He was so large that he had forced her mouth open as far as it would go and her nostrils flared as she struggled for breath. He pulled her head further onto his cock and the tears still spilling from her eyes ran down the red imprint of his hand to slip around the edge of his member buried deep inside her aching mouth.

Unable to bear it any longer, he wrapped her long auburn hair around his hands and used it to pull her mouth away from him, then towards him, then away, and back, faster and faster. The tears were a constant stream down her face, stirring guilt in the back of his mind. He couldn't stop though, the friction of her softly sucking mouth felt too good against the hungry flesh of his penis. The guilt merged with his lust and he jerked her head back and forth harder and harder, thrusting forward to meet her lips. His balls tightened suddenly and John pulled her head so far up that her nose pressed against his tensed belly. He could feel her swallowing rapidly in an attempt to avoid gagging and the motion sucked his shooting cum out of him. The massaging pressure of her throat encouraged his orgasm to continue far longer than any he had experienced by himself.

John slid out of her mouth and looked down at the girl. She was hanging her head to the side, but her body was more than enough to capture his attention. Even right after coming, he felt his cock harden again as he stared at her. This time he ran his hands firmly down her stomach to trace her widely spread legs. The muscles trembling in them and the tendons seemed to be paths leading him back again and again to that moist, open slit between her legs.

As he stared, mesmerized at that slit, he drew his fingers from the soft, vulnerable underneath of her breasts to her hips. She started at the touch of his hand and a tear leaked out. Her beautiful breasts shook slightly, and John was fully hard again.

Still watching her breasts, he took his cock in his hands and stroked it along the length of her moistness. The soft, velvety flesh adhered to his penis. As he slid himself achingly slowly into her depths, he watched her breasts quiver and heave as she breathed harder and trembled. Despite her earlier wetness, John had to push himself into her. Her inner muscles clenched and stroked him as she tried to keep him out in a way that made his throat go dry. He trembled, too, from the effort of easing himself into her.

He was halfway inside her and she was still so beautiful. He traced circles around her heaving breasts as she watched him fearfully. John looked down at the sight of his cock cleaving apart her delicate flesh. He slid in another inch and the friction of her was more than he could stand. With a harsh movement of his hips, John thrust all the way inside her. Her breasts jumped once and she cried out involuntarily.

He began to thrust inside of her, slowly at first, but then more wildly when he saw how her breasts shook, her nipples describing frantic patterns in the air. He could not seem to take his eyes off of them as he thrust deeply, strongly within her. She felt amazing, he felt he could fuck her forever.

Soon John was gripping her hips and pulling her roughly to him to meet his thrusts. He slammed his pelvis into her, ripped his cock so hard into her that he thought briefly about her shattering. To his utter astonishment, she actually arched herself into his thrust, willingly impaling herself on his cock in the only way that she, as tied up as she was, could.

It turned him on so much, not just the sight of her breasts offered to him, but also the idea of this beautiful woman wanting him, that he began fucking her as hard as he could, as fast as he could. Their pelvises were smashing together over and over again as he frantically pistoned in and out of her.

Her eyes were closed, her jaw clenched and her breasts shaking furiously, reflecting his frenzied passion. John watched her hungrily as he felt himself reach his climax. She moaned once, open-mouthedly, and it sent him over the edge. Just as he ripped his penis from her, long ropes of come shot into the air and striped her from chin to belly. He was so tense it hurt, head pulled back with closed eyes, feeling the orgasm shudder through his body.

When it was done, John collapsed on the bed next to her and wondered what he was going to do next.

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