tagIncest/TabooVoyeuristic Incest Ch. 02

Voyeuristic Incest Ch. 02

byMany Feathers©

The kids had certainly seen Jackie and I in the nude in times past, though not in quite the way they had seen us the night before. So it was that Jackie didn't overreact to Rob's sudden unexpected appearance, and made no move to make any attempt at covering herself up. And it wasn't like we flaunted our being naked in front of the kids either. But we certainly never made an issue of nudity in the home as we'd long ago agreed upon when raising them.

" It's a long story," my wife began pleasantly not even looking all that embarrassed about Rob walking out and seeing her standing there, especially as Chris continued to stand there next to her just as naked as she was. "But the short of it is...we were getting an opinion from your father as to our being able to pass for sister's, and though a few people actually think we are at times, we were trying to determine if we looked enough alike in other ways that it might be hard to actually tell."

"Uh huh," Rob said simply, not quite buying his mothers explanation, especially with his own sister standing there in front of her father...in the nude. But it wasn't that so much as it was me sitting there, still with an erection and still trying to conceal it with nothing more than my own hands that Rob truly wasn't buying...and obviously wondering about as he'd noticed me sitting there trying to conceal it. Which is about the time he brought his hand around from behind his back. By the way he was dressed in an old pair of jogging pants and one of his favorite torn tee shirts, he'd just gotten back from his morning run. Something he did almost every morning. When he did that, he stood twirling a black thong around his fingers.

"By the way...when I went out for my run this morning, I found this out on the patio, anyone recognize it?" He looked first at his sister. "This yours?"

Chris certainly wore thongs, something I was well aware of. And I was pretty sure she had one or two black ones as well. But by the look on her face, and the one now showing on Jackie's it was pretty clear as to whose thong it really was.

"When did you find that?" Chris asked turning towards her mother. "This morning?"

"Yeah...out on the..." Rob swallowed his words, suddenly staring at his sister, who in turn was staring back at him in much the same way. And then the two of them were suddenly staring at us.

"Now I know why you were acting so funny this morning!" Chris suddenly exclaimed as the whole charade fell apart in front of me, though she immediately realized of course what I...or rather we must have seen when we showed up around back so unexpectedly. What it didn't explain exactly, was why Jackie's thong had been kicked off to one side back around near the patio doors.

"Ok, I'm still lost and a bit confused here," Rob said nervously. By the look on his face, it was obvious he was hoping against hope that there was some other explanation for Jackie's thong being out back near the patio doors, when it obviously hadn't been prior to last night. Chris then turned towards her mother.

"Am I wrong, or do we need to have a sit down here?" Chris asked.

"Ah, ladies? Before we start talking or discussing anything, might it not be a bit more prudent for the two of you to get dressed?" I suggested. "I don't know about Rob here...but I for one am starting to get a bit uncomfortable, and I'm thinking I'm soon to be more so...so while you two get dressed, I think I'll just..."

I had stood in preparation of heading off inside briefly.

"Sit down David," Jackie said using that particular tone of voice. "And no...as a matter of fact, I don't think we should get dressed. In fact...you David, take your robe off!" I looked at her trying to ask her with my eyes if she had suddenly just lost her mind, but she ignored me turning towards our son. "And you Rob...you too, take off the sweats until you're as naked as everyone else is."


"You two heard me, just do what I ask," she told us both. Rob once again glanced towards his sister trying to somehow receive an explanation simply from her look, but all she did was stand there and smile, finding that what her mother had just suggested would certainly prove to be interesting.

"In case you're wondering," Jackie began, "I think with all four of us being naked, that none of us will find there is much for us to hide, and that we'll all be a bit less embarrassed discussing last night," she said emphasizing the words. Having said that, Rob now knew where all this was headed, and Chris merely had her own suspicions confirmed.

"That's why you didn't come down stairs to tell us you were home," she stated simply. "You'd already seen us."

"Yeah, and that's why you...neither of you, came up stairs to ask why we were home so early either," Jackie said smiling at Chris, which in a weird sort of way, had already defused the situation a little. Even my prick had finally softened enough that I was no longer fully hard, though the moment I finished removing my robe, I felt it throb once again with curious interest as to what the hell was going to happen next. Even Rob had turned, quickly shoving his sweatpants and shorts down around his ankles, stepping out of them, and then doing a sideways two-step towards the patio table taking a seat. Only then did he finish removing the tee shirt he had on once he had sat down.

"Ok, so...we're all naked. Now what?" He asked just as suspiciously as his sister was, though using a tone of voice that clearly stated he was on edge and prepared to defend himself if he had to.

True, they were adults, and not really brother and sister. But we still where their parents, and we were the ones who had caught them fucking there on the couch. I tried not to think about what they were watching while they did, nor make it worse than it already was about what Jackie and I then proceeded to do while they did. And I was more than happy to let Jackie take the lead on this, though for the life of me...I didn't know where she was going with it when she did.

I should have known.


"As you two well know, your father and I have never once tried to make any major issues when it came to sex. He and I have always been fairly liberal and open-minded when it came to that, as the two of you well know growing up over the course of the years. Neither of us is judgmental, and I hope you'll soon know, we're not being judgmental of you two now, and I also hope...because of that, neither one of you will be judgmental of us either."

The three of us continued to sit there in silence, letting Jackie continue on, though I now knew she had every intention of not only telling them what it was we saw...but what the two of us soon after did after we had. I felt the heat already beginning to spread across my face, not to mention everywhere else.

"To be honest with both of you, I'm actually a little surprised something like this hasn't happened before now, though I guess in thinking about it...my first question would be, was this the first time for the two of you?"

Jackie had in fact told the kids everything from start to finish, including the phone call we'd received in the car from Barbra, causing us to turn back in the first place. Though I was glad she left out the part about the blowjob she'd given me. But that at least explained why we'd made so much noise coming in, and why we'd gone straight up to bed. It also of course, explained why Rob found Jackie's black thong laying outside on the patio.

"So you're not...mad?" Rob asked pausing, still finding it hard to digest what his mother'd just told them both. The fact they now knew she and I had literally stood there watching them have sex, and then got so aroused ourselves seeing them, that we ended up doing the same thing as well. That was bad enough, but that Jackie basically admitted to them that it was arousing, seeing the two of them together, wasn't something I felt was entirely necessary the way she'd explained it. Even though I most certainly had been.

"Daddy was," Chris said smugly folding her arms across her breasts staring at me.

I was damn glad that none of our neighbors could see us sitting at the angle the way we were in our back yard. It no doubt would have made for a very interesting sight, the four of us naked, sitting around the patio table at eight o'clock in the morning.

"I wasn't angry," I said in my own defense, though I got an immediate questioning look from my wife the moment she said that.

"Yes you were, that's why you jumped on me for being dressed the way I was," she shot back. Jackie now knew there was a LOT more that had gone on this morning than what she first thought or heard.

"I wasn't angry. I was feeling guilty," I finally said a bit more softly.

"Guilty? Why? We're the ones who should feel guilty about last night, not you," she responded surprising me just a bit, though Jackie once again smiled knowingly, nodding her head towards her daughter. She then looked towards her brother. "Told you we shouldn't have done it down there," she said, once again re-crossing her arms over her breasts for emphasis.

"Me! You're the one who came running up to get me the moment you found mom and dad's sex-tape in the player!" He said defiantly. Which had basically brought everything full circle again.

"And about that," mom said taking over again. "It's now time we all got honest with one another here, which is one of the reasons why I suggested we have this discussion in the nude in the first place. That way none of us can or should feel too terribly embarrassed by all this. Let's face it, we all experienced something in our own way last night that's left us all feeling a little unsure, and a little confused about it. As I said and asked earlier, was this the first time for you two then?"

"No...it was the second time, only the second time Rob and I have actually had intercourse, though we've done other stuff for a while now," she freely admitted, though Rob anxiously glanced towards me looking for some sort of a reaction. I gave him one, though thankfully, he didn't really see it. My cock lurched. Visions of the two of them...again, filling my head, wondering how often, where and when they'd done "other stuff," as Chris had put it.

"Well, like I said, I've frankly been expecting something to happen for a while now, as close as the two of you have always been, and not actually being related by blood. So it's not as unexpected as you might think, though I'm a little glad to hear that things didn't really get that involved between the two of you until recently."

Chris nodded her head at Jackie, and then turned back towards me again. "Why did you feel guilty?" She asked pointedly. And then answering her own question as it suddenly dawned on her why..."Because you really did enjoy seeing us...didn't you?"

"Yes, we did," Jackie, answered for us both, saving me the admission verbally. "Does that shock you?" She asked. "Because I have to admit, to each of you," she said turning towards Rob, at first...we were both shocked, though probably more so because you were watching us fucking on the TV, while the two of you were," she added. "Obviously, you were enjoying watching the two of us weren't you?" She asked.

Finally Chris actually blushed, unfolding her arms as she did, placing them down in her lap. And all that did of course was to draw my attention back towards her tits again, each one of those a bit flushed as well too, as I saw the pinkness spreading across my daughter's chest, her twin nipples rock hard, as were Jackie's. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and noticed that Rob was likewise looking at them both, just as I now was.

"Yes, we did. Frankly, it was hot, watching the two of you having so much, totally uninhibited fun with one another. I can honestly tell you, most of my friends wouldn't and probably couldn't say the same about their parents! And not that I'd run off and tell anyone what we did, while watching you either, but yeah...to put it mildly mom and dad, you two are damn fucking sexy!"

I was surprised at hearing her actually say that, not to mention a bit flattered, and yes...once again hard as hell too.

"But it's also hot...thinking, and now knowing, you two got just as horny, horny enough to actually stand there and do it, watching Rob and I," she added. And then another big realization came into her face, and she blushed even a deeper red. "Oh my god! That means...you, you saw me...ah, ah..."

I had to laugh, I couldn't help it. The tension was defused, Jackie had seen to that easily enough, and as weird as it still was in a way, especially with both Rob and I having erections now, which was clearly evident as he sat next to me in his chair, though trying to keep it somewhat concealed by sitting in a bit further towards the table than I was. I now chimed in for the first time really, though at my wife's expense.

"Like mother like daughter," I said aloud, remembering the sound as Jackie came. One of her "gushers" as I called them, hearing it splattering against the paving stones beneath us, the incredibly erotic sound of that, added to the bathing warmth around my cock as I finished jettisoning my own hard-felt pleasures inside my wife's cunt. And then of course the image of Chris standing there, her own youthful fountain of pleasure spurting against her brother's prick.

Chris had raised her eyebrows, "You do too?" she then asked. "Really? Like I do?"

Now Rob was looking at his mother with a whole new appreciation, his hand absentmindedly falling down into his lap where he clasped his rigid prick and actually stroked it a little. I couldn't say as I blamed him too much for doing so either, I happened to now have my own hand around my cock as well.

Jackie had tried very hard to give me a bit of a withering look, but it utterly failed. Oh sure, I might get a bit of a reprimand from her later when we were alone, but the truth of the matter was, speaking about it now...admitting to all of it, everything, had done a lot to make each one of us feel far less guilty about what had happened, what we'd seen, and of course what we'd all done. At least now it was out in the open...though as I realized it, I now wondered.

"Now what?"

And then things took a very, very interesting turn. One thing's for sure, I never saw it coming. And in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't, or I don't think what soon followed might have ever happened either. Another major turning point in our family's relationship.


Once again, in a way...it was like going back in time. Back when the kids would come up to us with something they had heard, or something they wanted to try and understand or become more familiar with. So it was, in a way... like that again when Chris so nonchalantly asked her mother the question.

"So that is normal right? To squirt like that during an orgasm? I mean...I don't do it every time, and I do have to touch myself in a certain way, but when I do, it usually does happen, and I have really intense orgasms, and to be honest about it mom, just thinking about it gets me damn horny...like I am now in fact."

"Yes honey, it is perfectly normal," Jackie answered her. "And no, I don't do that every time either, usually when your fathers got his cock inside me from behind while I work my own clit. Even when I used one of my toys, I don't always manage it. But when I do, when I can...then yes, I'd have to agree with you, it's pretty intense and very satisfying. And since you're being so honest with me here, with your dad and I," she added including me. "It was hot seeing you do that last night, squirting all over your brother's cock the way you did. I think...that's what triggered my own really wet "gusher" as your dad calls them. And yeah...admittedly, I'm a bit horny now too," she added.

Chris laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"Well obviously you two are," she said looking at Rob and I, as we each let go of our dicks at the same instant, looking guilty as hell for sitting there fondling ourselves when this was supposed to be a semi-serious family discussion. One not made too easy when you were sitting there looking at two pairs of very luscious looking tits that were now even more alluring with their respective nipples being as rock-hard as they both were, and the girls talking about the way they played with themselves, making themselves squirt, had painted a rather naughty erotic picture that was a bit difficult not to think about.

"And?" Jackie pressed curiously drawing Chris's attention back to her. "Your question is?"

"Think you could do that now so I could see it?"

Rob and I looked at one another, his eyes as big around as mine were I knew. I then looked back at Jackie, who was now looking at me.

"Before I answer that, or commit to anything one way or the other. Let me be candidly straight about something here. Something I think we've all been wondering about, and maybe even where this was all leading to in the first place. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable, or even want to physically touch or do anything with either of you. But...I'm also not going to stand here and be hypocritical about it either, and not admit, especially after last night, that watching you two, and knowing that you two got just as aroused watching us. So...having said that, as long as your father's willing, and doesn't mind being a bit of an exhibitionist in front of his kids, that it certainly wouldn't bother me. Provided of course...it wouldn't bother the two of you either," she added seeking some sort of assurance from Rob as well as from Chris.

"You mean...you guys will fuck in front of us again?" He asked grinning from ear to ear. "Really? You will?"

"You sure about this?" I mouthed at Jackie, though already my prick was throbbing with urgent delight at just the thought of it, standing there fucking my wife in front of the two of them. And maybe...just maybe...

"Nothing we've not already done or admitted to seeing and enjoying already," she answered back, though actually speaking the words aloud. "So...shall we, or no?" she asked me point blank. "Entirely up to you David," she said simply, though she then stood up from her seat.

And then I did. Hard-on and all.


It was a strange sensation, and yet...one of the most arousing, erotic, sensual moments of my entire life. My own daughter, and son...sitting there at the table watching us...watching me as I stood. Silly as it sounds, I was actually proud of the way my dick stood up. I don't think it could have been any harder, any more swollen than it was at that very moment. Even Jackie's eyes seemed to mirror that feeling I was having looking down at it as I stood.

"Wow!" she actually breathed, though sounding more like a soft moan...even a prayer as she unconsciously lifted one hand towards her breasts. Her fingers quickly capturing a hard taut nipple, pinching it between. Her other hand coming out...pointing in a way towards my prick causing me to look down at myself.

I was definitely aroused. A long sticky streamer of dick-drool was actually hanging off the head of my penis. Had it not been for the intensity of the moment, the sheer desire and lust I was now feeling, it would have been funny. But the thin string of cum-dripping now swinging from the head of my cock as I walked closer to her became an object of intense sexual fascination, for everyone.

"Fuck daddy, you're hard!" Chris exclaimed almost forgetting herself as she too had reached up, cupping both breasts in her hands, her eyes still glued to my turgid swollen member.

"All the better to fuck her with," I said trying to sound like the big bad wolf, using a bit of humor perhaps to take the edge off my nervousness, though thankfully, that hadn't affected what felt like a club between my legs.

"Not before I suck that a little!" Jackie said surprising me to some extent as she suddenly dropped down to her knees there in front of me. Almost immediately her hand came out to swipe that streamer of cum drool before it fell, wrapping it almost magically about her finger before slipping it into her mouth, sucking her fingers off. "Not too hot...and not too cold," she snickered back and then simply engulfed me.

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