Voyeuristic Incest Ch. 04

byMany Feathers©

"Yes honey...really, really wet ones. Which I'm sure I'll have later. But not at this very moment. Now...go sit down, so we can all sit back, play a little...and watch the movie."

Once again reluctantly, Rob returned to his seat, Chris began teasing herself with her mother's rabbit, though periodically looking over at her as she sat there with the clit-sucker still attached doing its thing. "Work on your nipples too?" She asked.

"Matter of fact...it does yes. But frankly, your father does a much better job of it with his mouth," she told our daughter leaning over to kiss me on the cheek as I reached up, giving one of my wife's nipples a tender little pull.

"Oh yeah...that's what I mean, keep doing that," she told me. So I did.

A short time later the movie ended, though no one had as yet cum...and far from it, though the sexual excitement of the room was readily apparent. It had become more exciting at this point to actually gather around, watching one another...in particular the girls as they continued to experiment with the toys Jackie had brought down.

"Can I try that?" Chris asked as Jackie finally removed the clit-sucker, releasing the pressure.

"Yeah, but be careful with it...don't pump it up too fast or too much until you see how it feels and where you best like it," she cautioned her.

"Maybe you'd better show me," Chris suggested.

Rob and I shot knowing glances at one another, but said nary a word as we did. Perhaps not really thinking about it...Jackie quickly proceeded to place the small plastic see-through cup over her daughter's mound.

"Make sure your lips are tucked in on both sides, or it won't seal very well," she cautioned, and then checked, helping to make sure they were. I felt my cock throb, lurching excitedly all on its own as she did that.

"Like that?" Chris asked, looking down checking herself, tucking her sweet pink lips in just a little as Jackie once again gave her a quick look-over.

"Perfect," Jackie smiled. "Now...go ahead, give it a pump or two...see how it feels." Chris pumped it, her clit poking its hot little head up inside the tube just a little.

"Hmmm," she purred. "That's different."

"Comfortable? Doesn't hurt or pinch it?"

"No worse than the way Rob sucks it when he's licking me," she confessed. "About the same really...though sometimes I have to tell him to suck it a little harder too," she said looking over at her brother who now sat on the floor in front of us now, once again absentmindedly fondling his dick.

"Don't feel bad...your mother very often says the same thing to me," I told my son. And sometimes, she tells me just the opposite too. "Not too hard damn it!" I joked.

"I do not!" Jackie said in defense, though she knew I was only joking around when I said that. "As horny as you get me when you're going down on me...you could suck it off entirely, and I'd be in heaven!" she stated.

Chris sighed a bit more deeply, having given the pump another squeeze. Her clit now extending itself even further inside the tube than her mother had.

"Fuck...it's a tiny cock!" Rob observed leaning forward for a closer look.

"In a way yes," Jackie said chuckling.

"I could say...that you have a really big clit Rob!" Chris charged him. "You're always asking me if I've ever done anything with any of my girlfriends, or if I ever would...wondering if I'd enjoy sucking another woman's clit...while she sucked mine," Chris tossed out, though I think it was the heat and the excitement of the moment as to why she did so. Jackie and I locking eyes looking at one another briefly without comment.

Realizing what she'd just said perhaps, she blushed profusely, turning towards her mother. Jackie was doing the same looking at her.

"Have you?" she asked simply.

The one thing about Jackie was, I'd never known her to openly lie to anyone...especially the kids. She might evade the question, or not even answer it at all...but she never lie about something she'd been directly asked about.

"Yes...I have. But that's all I'm willing to admit to, at the moment," she told her. "We can talk about it later...but not right now."

"Hmm, naughty!" Chris chortled, causing her mother to blush even more. And then removed the clit sucker, her clit quickly slipping back in size a little, though she reached down, clasping it with her fingers. "Oooh, that is sensitive...in a good way!" She moaned. "Now...where the hells that rabbit?"

"I think I need something to drink," I said standing, actually wanting to change my observation, watching the two of them now sitting side by side. Each of them beautiful in their own unique way, and incredibly sensual looking, so uninhibitedly sitting there playing with themselves the way that they were. I poured myself a drink, walking around behind the couch, now looking down at them from above that way. One hand on my glass, the other on my dick, stroking.

"Hmm, I'm starting to get close with this thing," Chris moaned a bit deeper. She was letting her mother's toy pretty much do all the work, not even really fucking herself with it, as it rested just inside her pussy. The bands of small steel balls slowly rotating in opposite directions against one another, vibrating as well, while the "clit-tickler" on the rabbit she held pressed gently against her clit. "But what would really help push me over the edge here...is if someone was playing with my tits while I do this," she informed everyone. Looking towards her mother.

I was fairly certain it had been a direct request, but perhaps again side-stepping it with her, Jackie merely turned looking up towards me. "I'm sure your father would be more than happy to help you with that," she said as she sat working a slightly different vibrator in and out of her own pussy. "Wouldn't you dear?" She asked.

I had visions of us having another family discussion again at some point, but at the moment, I was only more than happy to reach over now clasping both of my daughter's breasts in hand, and begin caressing them, teasing them along with her nipples as she continued on, fucking herself with her mother's toy.

"Need some help too mom?" Rob asked anxiously, as she looked down at him on the floor. She laughed. "Sure...why not, like father...like son," she added simply. In a flash, Rob was standing next to me behind the couch as the two of us stood there, touching titty, watching the gals as they proceeded to masturbate towards pleasure, now urging one another on.

"God this is hot!" Chris exclaimed, her eyes looking a bit glazed now as she looked at her mother. "Oh fuck...I'm gonna come mom...I'm gonna cum!"

She didn't squirt this time, though she definitely got a lot more juicy. The sound of her liquid climax easily heard as she only now pummeled herself with the toy, truly fucking her cunt. Almost immediately upon seeing, and hearing her do that...Jackie came too. Tossing her head back against the headrest of the couch, Rob still holding onto her tits, watching, though the sexy whore in her now took over, crying out.

"Pull on them! Twist them baby...yank on my nipples for me!" She demanded. I was half expecting that. I knew that she came harder more forcefully whenever I did...though I knew when to do it unlike Rob. He quickly obeyed however doing just as she'd asked, and then came violently, thrashing, moaning, spanking her clit with the palm of her hand as she climaxed.

Rob and I stood looking at one another...grinning. Each of us still softly now, caressing the girls breasts until they had slowly come down from their intense, mutual orgasms.

"Whew...now I need a drink!" Jackie said standing up. Chris on the other hand still basking in her own Euphoria, the toy off now, though still buried deeply inside her where it for the moment remained.

"Ok..." Jackie said walking over handing me a fresh drink as well. "Now I think...it's our turn to watch you two!" With that, Chris opened her eyes, sitting up, suddenly awake and alert once again.

"Oh yeah...I do like seeing that," she stated. "I once watched Rob and a couple of his friends jerking off together a couple of months ago. That was fucking hot too!"

"When? Where?" Rob asked, genuinely surprised. "You did not! I didn't see you!"

She laughed. "Ah ha! Gotcha! So you really did do that didn't you!" She teased having tricked her brother into admitting that he had done that, when she'd obviously suspected it.

Suddenly, it was just like old times again, but with an interesting little twist.

"Listen, before we...I...do anything here. I am sort of curious about something else."

"What's that?" My wife asked answering me, though it was evident by the look she was giving Rob, she was still curious to hear more about what he'd said.

"Well, to be honest, I was sort of expecting to see whatever it was that the two of you went shopping for and picked up today."

"Yes well...about that," Jackie said looking at Chris. "We got those for another reason, though I told Chris that was something she and Rob needed to discuss first, and then come to you with. I'm not sure they have yet. Especially with everything that happened earlier on this evening," she added.

"No...we didn't, not really," Chris said looking over at her brother. "Only a little bit. But after what Rob told me about what you and he did today, I figured maybe you might consider it," she said. "So after I talked to mom...she said I'd better check with you first."

"About what?"

"We want to do a movie too daddy. Only not just Rob and I...you know? But all of us in it...together."

I looked over at Rob, he was hiding a smile. "Tell you what...let me think about it tonight, and we'll discuss it tomorrow. A bit late to do anything tonight now anyway. And I'd also like the chance to talk to mom on it some more as well. That sound ok with you two?" I asked including Rob now.

"That sounds fine daddy...tomorrow would probably be better anyway. Then mom and I can show our new sexy stuff off for both of you if you'd like. In the meantime...I think I'm ready to have a bit more fun again, watching you two."

"Ditto that," Jackie grinned giving me a mischievous look. "And I do think it's probably a good idea that your father and I chat about this a bit more before we finally decide if we're actually going to do that," she added. Though I couldn't help but wonder...if she wasn't so inclined to, why had they bought what they obviously did in the first place?

I knew better than to say anything though. Now, was definitely not the time. Especially when Jackie took my hand, and Chris then took Rob's leading us over to sit down beside one another there on the couch. The two of them then prostrated themselves there on the floor in front of us.

"Well?" Chris asked. "It's your turn!" she said.

"You heard your daughter...and you heard your sister," Jackie said first looking at me, and then at Rob. "Let's see some jerking off!"

To be continued...

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