Voyeurs Ch. 01


I love to show off for my husband, Roger. And if someone else happens to see me, that makes it all the more exciting for me and for Roger. The thrill that I get from seeing the reactions of my husband makes me very horny, but thrill I get from a stranger seeing me is incomparable. An evening of showing off will usually result in the heightening of my sexual excitement to the point that I can't take it anymore and when that happens, I need release and need it fast.

Most of the time, the result of the evening is predictable, I end up sucking and fucking my husband in a somewhat public place or back at the hotel room or both and making him a very happy man. There have been a few times that the outcome of the evening is very unpredictable. On those nights, my sexuality is heightened almost to no end. On one night, it was not only unpredictable, but very strange, and very, very sexy.

We're from a small town and have to maintain very clean, prim and proper lifestyles there. No one in town would ever guess that I might be showing off my titties to someone other than my husband, let alone having them get a glimpse of my shaved pussy. For that matter, the fact that my pussy is shaved might be considered scandalous. So, we have to leave town to have any fun whatsoever. A few years ago, we were spending a weekend in Omaha as one of our sexy getaways. It's far enough from where we live to offer a place to play where no one knows us, but close enough that we can go for just a weekend.

We were staying at the Marriott hotel out in an upscale area called Regency. We love the hotel because, in part, it is directly across the street from an upscale mall called Regency Court. There are great shops and restaurants there and it's very convenient to walk just across the street to have dinner and shop. The hotel is literally across the street from an entrance to the mall so don't have to traverse a ton of parking lot to get there.

We had already spent the day enjoying the art center, had lunch at a sexy sidewalk café in Old Town and throughout the day I had been showing Roger my titties in various locations and circumstances. I was quite proud of myself that I had kept him hard pretty much all day long. I knew there would be a huge load of cum ready for me by the end of the day. And that's what I wanted. After all, he does call me his "Little Cum-Bunny."

We arrived back at the hotel late in the afternoon and caught a little bit of a nap before getting ready for dinner. It is so sexy lying naked next to Roger and feeling his warm body against mine and when it came time for us to start getting ready I awoke before he did and very carefully moved down to a position where I could tease his flaccid cock. Even though he was completely soft, I could tell that the day's teasing had good effect on him. His balls were so big and swollen, so I know that my work today would pay off in buckets of cum.

Needing to wake him, I gently kissed the tip and then down the shaft of his softness until I got down to those big, full balls and I started to nuzzle, nibble and suck on them. The shaft of his flaccid cock started to fill with blood and as I sucked and nibbled on his balls his cock became fuller and harder.

By now he was awake and happily realizing that I was giving him my full attention. And, within minutes, he was at full attention as well, his balls tightening up and swelling further and the shaft of his hard 8" cock standing hard and proud. With my lips wrapped around one of his balls I looked up to see a content smile across his lips as he watched me play.

"Hi there....." I said with his tight balls brushing against my lips. "You're awake."

He smiled with a rested contentment, "Yes I am and that feels wonderful."

As I nuzzled my face and mouth further into his scrotum I got out a muffled, "Yes it does."

He moaned as I sucked another ball in and used my tongue to roll it around in my mouth. I had his interest now completely and started work my way up to the base of his hard cock, wrapping my tongue around it as I tasted him and massaged him.

Hovering over him now, I worked my mouth up the length of his red shaft, kissing, sucking, licking and nuzzling. The crown was hard and firm like the head of a perfectly shaped fresh mushroom and I started to nibble at the edge of the crown and wrap my tongue around it, swirling around and around.

I stopped and admired his prick standing hard and tall and noticed a stream of precum oozing from the slit with a big drop forming due to gravity at the lowest point on the crown. Quickly I flicked my tongue down and slurped up the sweet juice and brought the crown into my warm wet mouth and sucked more juice from the slit. He moaned his approval again.

At this point there was no way that I could stop without taking him deep into my throat and I opened wider and let my lips slide slowly down, encircling his head and shaft and pushed it deep until I could feel it filling the back of my throat. His moaning continued.

Slowly I worked his cock deep into my throat and then fluttered my tongue against the shaft. I worked it out until just the very tip rested between my lips and more of his sweet juice oozed onto my tongue and then back down again. In....... out...... slowly so that both he and I could feel every inch disappear into my mouth.

I worked into a slow and deliberate rhythm. In..... Out.... In .... Out... my cheeks sinking in as I sucked hard.......until I could feel the tip start to grow. I knew he was close and I wanted to take him just as close as I could. In..... out....... In..... out....... His breath was quickening and just as he was on the edge I slowly pulled it out completely..........

He moaned in disapproval and took in a big breath. Yes, he was on the very edge, the edge of blowing a huge load into my waiting mouth. But he was going to have to wait, because I didn't want him to cum too soon and I knew that with my teasing today and bringing him to brink of orgasm that his balls would be swelling with his seed. And the more that I would tease him later would make those balls so full that his cock would spew buckets of his hot cum.

I smiled at him and said, "Not yet. I want to make sure that you save what's in these big balls for me later."

"You're a cruel vixen." He could barely get the words out.

"Don't worry, you will get an opportunity to release that load..... but when I want it."

"You're very cruel....... but very sexy."

His leg was sticking off the bed and I stepped over it as I got up and straddled it and lowered myself down and dragged the lips of my engorged pussy down his shin, leaving a trail of my juices.

"Oh man!" He said as I saw his cock twitch. I looked down and there was a shiny 6 inch stripe of my fluids left on his leg.

"Something to remember me by." I smiled as I left him hard as I've ever seen him with balls as blue as the old saying goes and I sauntered off to the bathroom to get ready for dinner shaking my ass at him as I walked.


We usually like to eat later when we have play weekends because the crowd is somewhat smaller in the restaurant and more "adult" in nature. That way, we're careful that it's not typically a crowd that might take offense at any questionable behavior. And the wait staff tends to be a little friendlier when they have more time to spend with you, especially if they get a glimpse of something interesting.

With several restaurants and lots of upscale boutiques Regency Court is a very swank place with a very sexy atmosphere so it's easy to get into a very sexy mood.

Roger had set up an 9:00 dinner reservation and at about 8:50 I stepped from the bathroom ready for some fun.

"Wow!" popped from Roger's mouth as I did a spin for him. "You look hot." He followed up immediately.

"Thank you."

I was dressed in a very thin silk skirt that buttoned down the front, and ended just above the knees. Only the top two buttons were done up, so when I spun, I showed off not only my black stocking-covered legs and the black lace garter that held them up, but the very pouty lips of my freshly-shaved pussy. Accentuating my legs were black Mary Jane spike pumps that added a full 5" to my height making me just short of 6 feet tall. On top, I wore an ultra-sheer, black blouse with nothing beneath showing off my 38b breasts with very erect nipples standing like gumdrops on the taunt areolas.

As I spun again, the breeze blew across my swollen pussy and the soft material of the blouse brushed against my hard nipples sending a chill through my body.

"You like it?" I knew the answer but loved to hear it.

"Oh yes, but you're going to get us both arrested. This is Omaha, you know." Roger was almost licking his lips.

"I realize that. So, I'll have to wear this blazer to stay somewhat legal." I put on the blazer and spun one more time. I liked the breeze on my glistening pussy. "That will keep us out of jail for a while." Roger wasn't about to make me change. He'd spend the evening enjoying the view he was going to get and if I played my cards right, I'd keep him hard all evening long.

He looked pretty sexy himself with black slacks, a black wool mock turtleneck and a gray sport coat and I knew by the way his cock was standing tall in the slacks that he wasn't wearing any underwear which would make for easy access, should I want it.

As we headed out into the hallway, I made sure that I had my blazer wide open to give him a great view and strutted down to the elevator lobby where I stepped up to chair there and put my heel up onto the seat and adjusted my stocking as sensually as I could. Of course, I knew that Roger not only got a great view of my leg, but the loosely buttoned skirt split perfectly to give him a complete view of my swelling clit as I adjusted my stocking. I had him hooked.

The walk across the street to Regency Court went pretty much like the walk down the hall and through the lobby, with me giving Roger a peek every opportunity that I could. The cool breeze of the evening felt wonderful on my wet pussy and made my nipples harder and even more pronounce. And as Roger held the door to the mall for me I reached down and put my hand on the bulge in his pants. He was very hard and I squeezed his balls to make sure that they were filling up. Oh yes...... they were full and tight.

As we walked the distance through the mall to the restaurant, I had to keep pretty clean in my behavior since there were people around. However, as we stood on the escalator, Roger stood below me and I face him with one foot on the step above. This opened up my skirt so that he and anyone close got a view of the tops of my stockings and my pussy. I'm not sure if anyone saw, but the thought of it made me even more excited.

The hostess seated us in a quiet portion of the restaurant, a very nice seafood place with a great wine list. Roger held the chair for me and as I sat down, he got a great view of my pussy as my skirt split open and I pulled the chair in close to the table. Judging by the look on the face of the hostess, I think she got a good view as well. Although, she might have seen my breasts as I moved because I didn't have the blazer buttoned up and I know that it had to have parted as well. I didn't care which she saw, she was very cute and the thought that I had exposed myself to her sent a rush through of electricity to my clit.

A moment later, our waitress came by and set down water glasses. "Good evening and welcome. My name is Clare and I'll be serving you tonight. Take a look at our drink menu and I'll be right back to get you set up."

I could tell that she must have been told what to look for by the hostess, because she was giving me a very good once-over. She gave me a second look and then smiled and stepped away to give us a chance to look at the drink menu. She was fairly young, looking to be in her mid 20's, a smile that could melt even me, and a killer body with big, firm titties and a slim waist and hips. Roger was busy staring at her hard titties trying to decide if she had a bra on or they were really that firm.

I was sitting a little back from the table with my legs crossed when she returned, my skirt split open to show the tops of my black stockings and the creamy thigh just above.

"Would Madam care for a drink?" She asked as she was 'drinking' in everything about me that she could. Roger was there, but not getting the attention that I was.

I smiled and adjusted my blazer innocently so that one of my nipples was peeking out from behind its cover. "I'd like a glass of Chardonnay, please."

She continued to look at me as she asked, "And you sir?"

"I'd like the same please, in fact, how about just getting us a bottle?"

She looked down at me again. "Your wish is my command." She winked at me as she whirled and stepped away to get our wine.

Roger enjoyed the show that I was putting on for her. Me? My pussy was now on fire......

This was the way dinner went on, the waitress was there giving us great service and getting lots of peeks at my titties or the tops of my stockings as I would cross or uncross my legs. Roger was having trouble because he was enjoying the show that I was putting on for Clare, but also couldn't keep his eyes off of her breasts.

Many of her answers or responses were in a manner of submissive, and it was becoming clear that she had those tenancies. As I would speak, she would lower her eyes, both to check me out and seemingly in as submissive style. She was sending us a clear message that I would be able to do with her what I wanted if I had the chance.

The thought of a love slave had my juices running down the inside of my thighs and I wanted so much to spread my legs right there and command her to kneel down and lap them up.

We were finishing up with our main entre when Roger leaned across the table to me to tell me something.

"I think the couple next to us has been watching." He whispered with a smile on his face.

"Really?" I asked trying not to obviously look over their way. I hadn't even thought that they would be listening in or watching. I was so focused on the attention that Clare was giving me that I didn't realize that they were there.

They were just across the aisle and I guess that they were able to watch as I've been showing off for Roger and Clare and I know that they had to have heard our conversation. I tried very carefully to check them out without giving myself away. They were a very attractive couple about the same age as we. She was wore a dress and he was in slacks and a sport coat. Her dress looked as if it were a button down shirt dress. They were a very attractive couple. My pussy twinged again.

I turned back to Roger and smiled with what must have been a very mischievous look on my face. Roger's eyes got really big and a big grin spread across his face. He knew that I would have some more fun and he was ready to sit back and watch.

I started out by sitting up straight and stretching my shoulders which opened my blazer so that my breasts and my ever-hardening nipples were in clear view. Trying to act like I didn't know that I was showing, I repeated the stretch and gave a second show.

Roger was watching the couple as they watched me. "Baby, you are so beautiful." He said just barely loud enough so that the couple could hear. "I love looking at you."

Being a little more obvious as if I was showing off to my husband, I opened the blazer fully and pushed my titties out at him. "You like what you see?"

"Oh yes....." His voice trailed off as he kept one eye on me and one on the couple.

Before his words trailed off and my blazer was still wide open, Clare appeared with the check.

"Thank you both very much for joining us this evening." She stared straight at my exposed titties. I wasn't sure if she was talking about us as a couple or the two "girls" that she was looking at.

"I hope to serve you again." She smiled as she slid the folder with the bill toward Roger. "And I've left you something special with your bill. I hope you will take advantage of it tomorrow."

I learned later that she was positioned perfectly so that the couple next to us got a full view of what I was showing her.

I slid my chair back a little and pulled the napkin from my lap as I looked up at the sexy young waitress. "We've had such a wonderful time. I hope that we have the opportunity to enjoy your service again."

The waitress looked down as I pulled the napkin away and I knew that my skirt was split wide open and she was getting a great view of glistening pussy lips and very swollen clit. I spread my leg closest to her out a little so that she could get a better view. I so wanted to command her to kneel and lick me right there in front of Roger and the couple.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm hoping that you will have me serve you, possibly tomorrow." She was nearly panting at this point.

As she walked away, I looked up at the couple and caught them both staring straight at my pussy. I smiled at the woman and said to Roger, "I will be right back." And as I turned in my chair I spread my legs wide to give them both a straight-on view of my very swollen and very wet pussy and I stood and walked to the restroom.

When I returned, I slid back into the chair just as I had gotten up, by sitting down and spreading my legs wide before turning and crossing them. I picked up my glass of wine and Roger was smiling at me with somewhat of a Cheshire Cat grin. "Yes?" I asked.

"The surprise that Clare left us with the bill........ her phone number and a note that said that she's available tomorrow and would love to 'serve' us." He said it loud enough that the couple would have obviously heard him.

"Well, maybe we can have her for brunch tomorrow?" The vision of this sexy young lady greedily lapping at my swollen pussy while getting fucked by my husband from behind sent shivers through my clit again.

"Ready to head back to the Marriott?" Roger asked as he stuffed the note into his jacket pocket.

"Yes, and maybe you'd like to take some pictures of me along the way." I stood again and gave the couple what I thought was a final show. They were now not trying to hide the fact that they were staring at my pussy. I smiled at them as I turned and walked toward the exit.

We wandered out into the mall area and it was pretty much abandoned. It was after mall hours, but because of the restaurants and the hotel across the street, they allowed people to walk through the mall to get back to the hotel. And we had to walk the length of the mall to get back to the entrance that was closest to the hotel and I took every opportunity I could to pose for some pics and continue to keep Roger hard.

My pussy was dripping wet at this point and I was looking forward to feeling my hubby push his cock deep into it while he told me how we were going to contact the waitress and what we were going to do to her.

Either they were dealing with an issue somewhere else, or sitting in the office watching the video cameras, but there didn't seem to be any security people anywhere in sight. So I stepped over to the mall directory and turned toward Roger and opened up my blazer and posed. He flashed a photo with the pocket camera that he brought along. Over to a bench and one foot up on the bench and adjusted my stocking...... another photo showing off my stockings and a peek of my pussy.

After three or four photos, I noticed that the couple had followed us out and were watching as I posed. I sat down on one of the benches and spread my legs wide open.... Roger clicked off another shot.

Still not seeing any security, I continued to work my way through the mall and pose seductively along the way. Roger got shot after shot and as we walked along, the couple followed closely behind obviously enjoying the show.

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