tagSci-Fi & FantasyVR Punishment File 136554

VR Punishment File 136554


Maxwell Joseph Donaldson stood before the court completely relaxed and unrepentant. He had not only confessed to the rape of the nineteen year old woman, but had boasted about it. He wasn't worried, he had been sent to prison before for the same crime and was certain that he could take anything the penal system could dish out to him.

At six foot two and two hundred pounds of solid muscle, he was not afraid of anything and was physically capable of taking more punishment than most men. His dark hair and almost black eyes, craggy chin and broad physique had gotten him more women than he could count, but he always wanted the ones that didn't want him, thus he turned to rape.

His defense attorney stood beside him and waited for the judge to read out the sentence. This was no trial, it was a formality, everyone in the court knew he had done it and they were just waiting for the governmental machinery to complete its work.

The judge, the honorable Karen Winters smiled down coldly at Donaldson. This time it would be different. He didn't know it yet, but he was about to go down in history.

"Maxwell Joseph Donaldson, you stand convicted of rape in the first degree and it is this courts' judgment that you be held in the newly established Hargrove prison. This is a minimum security facility located on the east coast.

"As you are no doubt aware, in the last few years, virtual reality has been perfected and the government has recently passed a law dictating that unrepentant criminals such as yourself may be punished at the courts discretion in the world of virtual reality, or the Realm as it is more commonly known.

"You are sentenced to two years less a day of confinement, during which time you will be subject to two sessions per day of treatment in the Realm. The morning session will be program VR452-1R; the afternoon session will be with the prison AI physiologist.

"As you have not only confessed to the crime, but boasted about it in open court and for the record, there will be no appeal of this verdict or sentence. Bailiff remove the prisoner, court is adjourned." With a sharp rap of her gavel Karen Winters sentenced Max Donaldson to history.

In the year 2082, scientists and computer companies' perfected virtual reality and mass produced it for the planet. The individual simple slipped on the glasses, a pair of wrap around completely blackened specs, with extensions that placed a connector pad on each temple and activated the system. A key board and virtual hands appeared in front of them and they were able to select the program that they wanted.

For business, it was a great time and space saver. People could type; retrieve files, even tele-conference with ease, from anywhere, no need for large offices of desks with bulky computers. It was only in the relaxation mode that things changed. A person could experience anything they wished, with no effect on the body at all. If someone was on a very strict diet, they could slip into the Realm and eat whatever they wanted and not worry about their diet. Someone confined to wheelchair could climb Mount Everest. The tactile stimulations were completely real, at least to the mind. Small electrical impulses fed directly to the frontal lobe and then to the cerebral cortex convinced the mind that the body was really experiencing the images it was fed.

Within weeks of the release, the world government, in the time honored way of governments everywhere, stepped in to regulate a business that needed no regulation. They passed laws and regulations limiting the amount of time a person could spend in virtual reality, or the Realm.

This was of course completely unnecessary. The companies involved had already imposed stronger limits than the government could possibly have dreamed of. The companies saw the drop in productivity when people spent too much time in the Realm and set up hard wired governors in the glasses long before the government could have thought of such things.

But the world government took things farther than the companies' thought and some enterprising and devious individual in the Justice department wrote up a memo suggesting that criminals be dealt with through VR. In a rare move of sanity, this suggestion was adopted and implemented with such speed that companies' could not keep up with orders. The governors were left in place and a special area of the Justice department began writing code for just such criminals.

Max was in processed at Hargrove and locked down for the night. He was an old hand at prison and was ready for usual treatment of new prisoners, but was mildly surprised at the accommodations. He was housed in a private cell, complete with a reasonable comfortable bed. He settled himself in for the night and relaxed as much as possible, the back of his mind still ready for trouble.

Morning call came a five am and Max was rousted with the rest of the prison population. After morning abolitions and a surprisingly good breakfast, the inmates were led back to their cells. Max found it hard to keep up with the line of moving bodies and as soon as he reached his cell he collapsed on his bunk and passed out. The mild sedative slipped into his food kicked in and he was barely conscious when the guards came into his cell and slipped the VR glasses on and activated the system. He didn't even hear them laugh as they read the program that was called up for the rapist. They didn't restrain him, there was no need as the glasses completely overrode the mind's control of the body.

Max found himself walking down a broad boulevard in bright sunshine and felt himself smile. If this was Justice's idea of punishment, then bring it on. He heard the click of high heels and smiled at the thought of girl watching. Maybe they were using him for a study of male predators. There were only three other people in sight, large men built very much like himself. He heard a wolf whistle and looked around to see who they were whistling at and saw the image of a young woman in the large window of the department store and stopped dead with a scream of shock coming from his throat.

She stared back at him with the same shock he was feeling and he moved his hand, only to see her match his movement. She was blonde, with her hair in pigtails, a white blouse, complete with neck tie, a short plaid skirt to match the tie, thigh high white stockings and four inch heels. She had a backpack over one shoulder and small purse over the other.

Max stood there in shock for a minute and then started to dig into the purse, as the girl did the same. He came out with a driver's license, complete with his, or rather her picture. The state was blurred and the harder he concentrated on it, the blurrier it got. Only the personal data of the girl was readable. Maxine Josephine Donaldson, age nineteen, height five foot four, weight one hundred pounds even. It was the footnote at the bottom that really caught Max's attention, for it was not on any driver's license he had ever seen before, Status: Virgin.

Looking up in horror Max saw that the three men were approaching where he stood. Stuffing the id back in the purse, Max started walking quickly down the street only to realize that the men were following and closing. Max's predator's instincts kicked in, but now they were trying to get him out of the same situation that he had put too many girls in.

He knew better than to head down an alley or any place dark. 'Stay to the well lit areas, with lots of people.' He told himself, 'they won't try anything in front of witnesses.' The only problem was that there were no other people around. Max looked left and right for an avenue of escape and took the only one he could see, a revolving door into the department store whose window had shown him what he was.

Once he was inside Max saw that he was still alone and that there were no other exits. The men filed in through the revolving door and started to close in around him. His heart was pounding and he was starting to sweat. He was in the same position he had forced other women into and now he knew the fear that they felt. He looked up into the face of the lead thug and was shocked yet again to see his own face peering down at him, a look of sadistic pleasure etched onto every line. A quick glance at the other two showed him the same face and the same look.

"Come here to play pretty?" The first thug questioned.

Max tried to respond, but his vocal cords were paralyzed. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"Look," the second thug said, "she wants to suck cock. See how she opens her mouth for it. I say we give it to her."

"Good idea." The third agreed, grabbing her arms roughly.

Max struggled, but they were much too strong for him now. He pulled back and tried to wrench himself free.

"Now now pretty, don't go playing hard to get." Said the first thug with Max's own voice, and a large backhand sent him sprawling, his head spinning.

Max came back to himself a few seconds later and realized that things had changed already, he felt cold air on his bare chest and his arms were bound behind him. They had stripped the silk blouse from him, leaving him topless, his small breast, pale white with cherry red nipples stood out hard from the cold air. His arms were held behind him with the torn remains of his blouse.

The first thug was running his hands up and down the pale white skin of Max's body pinching and prodding wherever he felt like. The other two held him up by the arms. The first ran a rough hand down to the top of the skirt he wore and with a sharp rip; the skirt and panties came off. Max screamed in terror, the only sound he could make and found his panties thrust into his mouth and the neck tie pulled tight to hold it in place.

"Very nice pretty," the first thug said, motioning to the other two and they turned Max in place to see a full length mirror.

Max felt his heart stop. The image was that of his perfect victim, blonde, young, petite, beautiful, long legged and fully shaven. His eyes were wide in terror and the same colour of his real eyes but the face was completely different. He saw the terrified face of a young woman, lightly made up as if going to school.

They spun him back around away from the mirror and threw him on top of a counter, his legs split and he felt the hands of the two thugs holding him down as the first stepped in front of him. With great ceremony, the first thug undid his belt and pulled it out of the loops on his pants. Wrapping the buckle around his hands he showed it to Max and the stepped behind him.

Max tensed his body for the oncoming assault and screamed into the gag as the wide leather belt struck home. His ass was instantly on fire as the leather striped his tender flesh. Tears sprang from his eyes and he gasped for breath then screamed again as the belt struck again. The pain was worse this time as it hit the same tender spot a before.

The beating continued for what felt like ages, the belt working up and down his ass legs and back with steady precision. They paused only long enough to untie his arms from the small of his back and retie them in front of him. Max lay on the counter, tears running down his face and hoarse from screaming in agony as the belt worked up and down his body. He had lost count of the strokes and could feel the blood running down the back of his legs where the belt had cut into his skin.

Finally they turned him over and laid him flat out on the counter and the first thug raised his tireless arm and struck the belt against the tender skin of Max's small breasts. Max lurched and tried to sit up right but the other two held him in place. The belt struck again and again, lashing his breasts, belly and the front of his thighs. Max still jerked at each impact, but was too exhausted to do more and the thugs had him completely immobilized. They had taken his arms and tied them to the top of the counter and then moved down to hold his ankles, each spreading his legs as far as possible.

A sharp blow to the face brought Max back to himself and he saw the leader standing above him, not even sweating and still holding the belt he had been using as a whip.

"Get ready Pretty, this will warm you up for us nicely." He said and the belt came down on the junction between Max's legs.

The scream of agony was almost an animal sound, something that Max had never heard from himself, or anyone else. The pain of the belt impacting on his pussy was unlike anything he had ever felt before. The pain blossomed inside him, far worse than the time one of his victims had kicked him in the nuts.

The belt came down again on his vagina and again, and again. Max was feeling like he would puke if it kept up, but with the gag in place, he could only swallow his gorge.

Finally the leader tossed the belt away and ripped the gag from his mouth. Max coughed and gagged as he tried to suck in enough air but that ended when the leader stuck his enormous penis into his mouth and down his throat. Holding him by his pigtails, the thug looked down menacingly and said, "I feel one tooth and I will break your jaw, but after I pull all your teeth."

Max held his mouth as open as possible, but it was still not big enough to take the monster cock being shoved into it. The pain in his hair was excruciating as he was pulled closer and closer to the leader's groin. Max felt his jaw dislocate as the base was settled into his mouth and the head of the cock nestled into his throat. He swallowed in terror, trying to clear the obstruction in his airway and the leader hissed in delight as he felt the contractions.

"I told you this little whore would love it. Now you guys get to work."

The leader started to thrust into and out of Max's mouth and throat, face fucking him without mercy. The other two let go of Max's legs and Max could barely hear the sound of furniture being dragged around behind him as he fought to breath past the giant log in his throat.

Just as he was about to pass out again, the pole was pulled from his throat and he was lifted like a rag doll of the counter and thrown to the second thug. He was sitting in a reclining chair, but one Max had never seen before. There were no arms, just grooved rests on the side, and he felt his legs settle into them perfectly. He was placed directly over the second thug, his giant dick pointing up into the virgin pussy that was still on fire from the whipping. There was no foot rest, the second thug's legs were held apart and a platform was attached to the base of the chair, the third thug stepped up to that and placed his cock against his ass cheeks. The leader stepped up and stood on platform beneath the headrest bringing his cock in direct line with Max's mouth and he found his blood running cold as he realized that he was about to be gang raped by all three of them.

The one sitting in the chair pulled Max down onto his prick sharply and Max hollowed in pain. He was completely dry and it felt like his was being split in half by the baseball bat being shoved into his cunt. He had raped enough women to know that that should be some wetness there, if only to protect the body from this type of injury, but of course, he could not produce any lubricant.

The thug beneath him began to thrust right away, not giving Max a chance to adjust to the sudden intrusion. The pain was unlike anything he had ever felt and Max continued to scream. His scream went to wails of agony when the thug behind him pulled his cheeks apart and drove a telephone pole up his ass. Max was certain that something had torn and he could feel blood oozing out of his ass and pussy, but for some reason, it did not lubricate him and ease the passage of the invading cocks.

The thug just started pounding in out of his ass with all the strength he had. Max felt like he was being fucked by a freight train and as he opened his mouth to scream the leader again shoved the forearm thick cock down his throat. He used Max's pigtails like a set of reins and pulled his face deep into his groin, the pain from his hair only making the rest of the abuse seem worse.

Max was buffeted back and forth between the three of them for what felt like days. His eyes had rolled back into his head and he was completely unresponsive to the indignities being visited upon his female body. With flesh and blood males they would have tired and cum eventually, but these avatars did not flag in their actions upon the small body between them.

Max had raped countless women in his time and he knew that almost all of them had achieved orgasm from the fucking he gave them, if only to ease the passage of his cock into their bodies, but Max couldn't cum. He could only endure the abuse, flopping around as the three thugs brutally abused him.

Finally after days of abuse the three started to grunt in unison and two drove in deep into his body as the leader pulled out and with a howl of delight all three came together. Max felt the incredible searing pain of scalding hot cum invaded his lower intestines as another blast shot deep into his pussy. The last humiliation was the leader shooting his load on Max's face. It all stayed right where he shot it and hardened almost immediately.

The leader stepped down from the chair and Max whimpered in pain as the thug up his ass pulled out with a pop and the one on the bottom of the pile shoved him unceremoniously on to the floor.

Max lay there gasping for breath and afraid to move. He was right in front of the mirror and he could see the cum streaked face of a victim staring back at him. She had the frightened haunted look of an animal and the tears began to flow down her face, mixing with the cum that hung there.

The leader leaned down above him and smiled malevolently at him as he whispered, "See you tomorrow pretty." And with a swift kick to the stomach the left Max writhing on the ground, as the gallons of cum were forced from his lower body, mixing with the blood of his rape.

The lights came up as the guards pulled the VR glasses off his face and Max found himself back in his cell, unharmed, but sobbing in terror no less.

"Look on the bright side," the guard said with a smile. "Only seven hundred and twenty eight sessions left. Clean up, you have lunch in an hour and your meeting with the AI right after that."

The guard turned and left Max sobbing on his bunk. He didn't bother to lock the cell and Max could hear his cheerful whistle as he walked down the corridor.

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