The sky was growing lighter. I'd hardly slept. It was because of the two moons. Whenever both are visible above the horizon I can never sleep. The night sky was just like that when they took my father and brother.

My name is Suzy and I am unregistered, which means I officially don't exist. I live alone in one of the deep tunnels. Lots of unregistered people live in the tunnels, most are young like me. There are no men here. They were taken, most of them in that one night, the night of the two moons.

I am one of the 'word runners' in our tunnels. I collect written messages and take them to the big board where the tunnels intersect. It's called Times Square, I don't know why. There's lots of things I don't understand but usually I ask one of the Seniors. The big message board is full of useful information about what's going on above ground, but much of it is untrue. I don't believe the men will come back.

Many of the others have set up home together sometimes in little groups or three or four. They paint the walls of their tunnels and hang up coloured cloths to make it look nice. I want to be on my own though. I don't have a special friend and I don't earn enough units to buy coloured cloths and pretty things. At night I can see the sky if I go to the edge of my tunnel. Sometimes I sleep there if it's warm and there's no fighting.

We are all gang members. My gang is called Vixen and our tag is VXN. Our gang tries to do only good things. We gather bits and pieces from the surface and sort them out and give useful things to those who are too afraid to leave their tunnel. There are about twenty of us and I get on really well with the others. They are kind to me. I was unwell after they took my father and brother. They found me on the surface and I was very very unhappy.

We make our own uniforms from clothes we find on the surface. I have a lovely pair of boots which I guard with my life. I cut off the legs of some trousers I found and with a sleeveless jacket, more like a waistcoat, that's the everyday me. I've cut my hair really short and wear a red scarf around my neck. I like the way I look. I'm lucky because I have very long legs which is why they made me a runner. There are scars on my legs dating back to the time I was very very unhappy. I'm much better now.

Today I must run lots of messages because the Vixens are going to have a big celebration. Two of our gang are getting married. We have put all our units together so we can buy nice things to eat and drink. I know the couple who are marrying very well. They are both so beautiful and so much in love. Every Vixen loves them. We will build a nest for them in a quiet part of the tunnels so they can be alone together and love each other properly.

I suppose you could say our gang runs the communication system. There are other runners, some write important messages and if another gang wants to send important messages then they come to us. They pay us with units or the things their gang makes. Some gangs make useful things for the home, chairs and beds and places to store your things. Others will help carry things from place to place (not everyone is strong and fit). There are lots of gangs down here doing good and useful things but the gangs on the surface only want to fight and steal and they steal people too. I lost a lovely friend that way. We were very close and we looked out for each other. Once we went to bed together. We both liked it very much and we were planning on being together all the time. But one day, when she was on the surface, they took her. I don't like to talk about it but I cried for many days and many nights.

I mentioned the Seniors earlier, they are the older women who were sent here long ago. They are full of wisdom and are very kind. They are not a gang but they do live together in a special place we are not allowed to visit. Instead they come to us. They come at meal times or when we are having a party or when there is something important for us to know. I can ask them anything I want and I do have a favourite. She is so beautiful. The most wonderful eyes. The way she looks at me makes me feel all peaceful. She listens to me when I talk about my fears and my family and how lonely I am. She lets me sit on her lap while she strokes my hair and my back and sometimes she kisses me too. When I told her about my friend, the one who was stolen, I told her about when we went together and she asked me about what we did and she smiled while I told her and she stroked my hair and I felt so safe and cared for.

Only three days to go. Three days to get everything together for the wedding. I must have run a hundred miles getting all the messages out. All of us runners have been to the ends of all the tunnels and back and that is a very long way. Thank God for my boots, they cost hundreds of units and it was all I had and most of my Dad's savings. But without good footwear I just couldn't survive. There is a gang that makes shoes and boots, they are pretty but no good in my job. The girls that wear them are usually members of the sex gangs. I stay well clear of them, some people say they take girls and use them for sex and hurt them. I'm told their leader is very tall and beautiful. I have never seen her but some have caught sight of her on the surface, near the ship. They say she always wears a long black leather coat that nearly reaches all the way to the ground.

Our gang doesn't really have a leader, we sit and talk about things and we all get on really well. I think that's the best way. We all have different skills. I am fast and alert, I can spot trouble a mile off, I'm not very strong but I'm quick witted. I can usually talk my way out of a tricky situation. A girl I often run with, calls herself George. She is physically very strong and she shares with another girl who's equally tough. I'm glad I know them because they would definitely protect me. They are lovers and I smile to think of them making love because they are both so big and strong!

I haven't been with anyone for ages and I definitely need to be with someone who is kind to me and who would protect me. It would be nice to cuddle someone and giggle together in bed. I would spend absolutely ages touching her and helping her have her orgasms. I have an orgasm most days, I do it myself but it would be nicer to have someone to help. Sometimes in the darkness I hear 'cries of joy' echoing through the tunnels. It makes me feel lonely. Some of the girls in my gang pair up just for the night. It mainly for comfort and mostly they spend the night kissing and cuddling. I don't do this though, I want someone I can get to know properly and love for a long long time. I want someone who I can tell things to who will listen quietly while she holds me and I will do the same for her. And once we have shared our stories we will kiss each other absolutely everywhere.

Now it's the big day. The wedding. No time to feel lonely because I am going to be super busy carrying messages. It's good fun actually. Girls ask me to pass messages to people they would like to talk to and I carry the messages back. It's fun and everyone is happy and relaxed. I have to say that I have dressed up a bit. I spent my last few units on a sexy little dress. It's handmade of course but it's really short and loose and shows off my legs. It's got prints of strawberries all over it. I don't need a bra (confession... I don't even own one). But I found something to wear down below. Normally I'm in my shorts and it doesn't matter but tonight I must be chaste!

I never knew what life was like 'before' I only know what we have now with our scavenging and our tunnels. Some believe that there is a better life on the surface but I don't believe that. The Senior that I like so much told me that I was safer underground and it would be a very long time before anything thing changed. As long as the lake survived so would we. Did I not tell you about the lake? I'm sorry. It's beneath us, beneath the tunnels. Its water was formed before anything else existed. It rise to the surface all by itself and it flows into tanks and the Seniors guard it and distribute it. No-one questions this system, ever.

Back to the party! The music is loud and everyone is dancing. The oil lights flicker and it all looks so lovely. We are all drinking a sort of punch with 'additive' made by one the gangs. God knows what it is but it's pretty wild. Oh My God! The happy couple look fantastic. They are both topless. It's a tradition. It's supposed to symbolise femininity and vulnerability but actually it simply looks so super-sexy. They are both wearing long scarlet skirts and white sashes around their hips and their breasts are really beautiful. They look fantastic and they are so in love they can't keep their hands of each other.

The ceremony begins with a Senior reading a beautiful poem and then they have to promise to take care of each other for ever. At this point everyone claps and cheers. Then the Senior tells them they are married they stand facing each other and then they move towards each other. Each cups the other's breasts and they then carefully touch their nipples together and they look into each other's eyes and they stay that way for ages. It's called the four kisses. I don't know where this beautiful ritual comes from but it's very moving. The Senior makes a wonderful speech and she leads them away. No-one knows what happens next but I think the Senior does something very special with each of them. Something very intimate. Something very personal.

It's quite a crowd, it's all the Vixens plus neighbourhood gangs and everyone is giving each other little gifts. Just simple things... a homemade spoon or an embroidered bed-cloth. I've made some gifts from scraps of metal from the surface. I flattened them with stones and made patterns on them with one end of a pair of scissors I found.

More punch, more additive, more dancing. Some of the girls who had been dancing together were kissing and holding each other tight. Later I expect they would sneak off into the tunnels and love each other. Additive can be quite stimulating. People lose their inhibitions and become very loving to one another. I longed to go into the tunnels with another girl. I would be so nice to her and kiss her absolutely everywhere. I kiss lots of my friends and am kissed by lots of people. In a situation like this, we cup each other's left breast as we kiss, it's a lovely gently custom.. But right now I put all that to the back of my mind and dance my sexiest dances and get lost in the music.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and it was a Senior in her long scarlet hooded cape. It was the Senior that I liked, the tall one with the lovely blue eyes. It was quite common for seniors to visit when a party was underway, they drank additive too and some of them danced. They all wore long red hooded capes and they were kind and friendly to everybody.

"Hello Suzy."

"Hello Madam" I said and lowered my eyes.

The Seniors do not tell us their names, all must be called 'Madam' and we are not allowed to speak unless we are spoken to first. It sounds harsh but everyone accepts it and the Seniors are all good and kind to us.

"Come with me." Said the Senior.

As she turned her cape swirled about her. She held out her hand and I took it and the woman led me away from the party to the narrow tunnel that led to the surface. The Senior never spoke and so we travelled through the darkness in silence. I wasn't afraid, Seniors were always kind to us but I was unsure about why she was taking me. Perhaps she wanted me to run a special mission. I was quite excited actually because I did like her very much and I loved the way she stroked my hair and give me little kisses.

After walking for a long time up a long slope we came to an iron door.

"I must blindfold you now Suzy. The next part of the journey must remain secret."

I held her hand so tight. I could tell we were walking on rough ground and I could feel the acid vapour in the air on my skin. I wasn't wearing much and if I stayed out here for longer than an hour, my skin would start to blister. I was glad of the blindfold actually otherwise my eyes would be stinging like crazy.

I held tight to my Senior's hand, I trusted her and I knew I would be safe. Suddenly the ground was smooth and I sensed we were inside again. The air tasted of nothing... fresh air! Where were we? More walking and then I heard a door being unlocked and the ground became soft and warm. The blindfold was removed and I blinked in the bright light.

"Welcome to my home Suzy."

I could not utter a single word in reply. It was so overwhelming. One wall was all window. We were very high up. The window went all the way from the floor to the ceiling. I looked down. I could see the ship, and further away, in the distance, the dust storms. And on the other side of this huge room. It was all mirror, one huge mirror. Running all the way In front of the window was a long window-seat covered in brightly coloured cushions.

"Sit Suzy. I will bring you something to eat."

For the next hour I sat on the window-seat while my Senior brought me plate after plate of the most delicious food, things I have never even seen before. And a glass of real wine, not 'additive'. As I ate I looked around. There was a door which perhaps led to other rooms. I guessed that through that door was somewhere to wash and to sleep.

"Perhaps you'd like to take a shower Suzy."

"Oh yes please Madam." I said.

"Good girl, follow me. You can take as long as you want."

The shower was wonderful, I stood under the hot water for ages and ages. There was real soap and lovely shampoo and all sorts of creams and wipes. I washed everywhere and then started all over again. My God, the feeling of being really really clean was so lovely. I dried myself and went to get dressed but my clothes had gone. I walked back to the room with the towel tucked round me. My Senior stood up and walked towards and led me to the wall that was all one huge mirror. She turned me to face the mirror and she stood behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes.

"Suzy, I am going to tell you my name. My name is Ana and I want to see your body."

Then she reached round and unfastened the towel and let it fall and I was completely naked and I felt dizzy but I wanted it to happen. I did not know precisely what would happen but my body was crying out for it whatever it was. I wouldn't even mind if it hurt a bit. I knew some sort of sex thing was going to happen and my body was stirring inside and I simply longed to be touched.

"You have a beautiful body Suzy, now turn around for me... "

I knew Ana was looking at the reflection of my bottom. I was very proud of my bottom, lacking very much on top it was my best asset. Ana reached down and ran her soft hands over my skin. I thought I must be in a dream and now I was being led to the window seat and Ana undid her scarlet cape and I saw her... her breasts and tummy and tummy button and her triangle and long legs and I almost fainted.

But I didn't faint and so I can tell you exactly what happened.

Ana settled herself at one end of the window seat with her back against the wall and stretched out her legs and she invited me to sit between them and to lean back against her. I could feel her breasts against my back. I could feel her nipples growing hard against my back. Her hands were on my breasts, cupping them and rolling the tips between her fingers. I could feel her lips on my shoulder and neck, covering me with little butterfly kisses. Not a word was spoken. I loved the way that Ana had of trailing the backs of her fingers against my skin. I was all goose bumps and she stroked my sides and all the way down to my waist, then my hips then my thighs.

There was silence, just the liquid sound of Ana's kisses and the pounding of my heart and the blood roaring in my ears.

Her fingertips drew lazy patterns on my tummy, lower and lower. I lifted my hips in the hope of being touched down there but the feather light touches continued. Now the insides of my thighs were being stroked oh so lightly and gently. I lay back against this wonderful woman and watched the clouds passing by.

Then it happened, then the teasing fingers found me and I just lay back and let it happen. I love not being the one in charge. I love submitting. She opened me with such care and gentleness. I reached back to touch her but she moved my arm away.

"Maybe next time Suzy." She whispered and she parted my inner lips and found my entrance. The clouds floated by, God know how high up we were, her finger entered me, and then another. A slow easy rhythm. And in the quiet of the room the little sounds of wetness. I felt the fingers of her other hand press at the base of my tummy. How did she know I liked that? So far my clit had been ignored but now it too was caressed so beautifully. Ana seemed to know me so well.

In seconds she had found that 'sweet spot' on my clit (we all know where ours is) and she homed in on it remorselessly. She used my body like an artist. She led me to such sensations and as my body tensed in readiness, she changed course and moved to another area, another technique. My hips rose as the tension in my body grew stronger than I had never known. One of Ana's hand supported my hips while her fingers continued ravaging my sex. Then I felt it. The lightest touch, but on my anus. I tightened and tried to pull away. This is taboo. Very taboo. The finger was insistent for a moment and then withdrew. I did not what to think but I knew I was more aroused than I had ever been before. A kiss and a caress and I relaxed back to the rhythm of the fingers that were leading me to a place unknown.

"Such a good girl." Ana whispered as she caressed my sex. I couldn't help lifting my hips and helping her go deeper. The rhythm was changing, more urgent, fiercer, faster. My clit was sandwiched between two fingers and those fingers were driving me right to the edge of reason.

I knew Ana was taking me to the limit because as I felt my climax drawing closer, the fingers slowed and paused and the feelings subsided only to begin again, harder and faster. Her lips on my neck turned into a bite and her teeth closed on to my flesh and everything went white and my climax crashed over me like a tidal wave and swept me so far out to sea I could no longer see the shore.

I know I screamed out, my throat was hoarse afterwards. I felt myself being lifted up and I felt the cool breeze and I was in another place. Ana was different too and her eyes were very bright and I think I had another orgasm. I'm not sure of anything really except that I was in love with Ana and I wanted to be entirely hers.

I have no recollection of my journey back to my place in the tunnels. Once I was alone I sat and tried to reason it out. I had been screaming, my sore throat was evidence of that. But my nipples were really sore too. The skin around them was red and tender. My pussy was OK and everything, but my mind... my mind had definitely been through the mill. Thoughts were all jumbled up, disorganised and scattered. I looked into the piece of polished tin I use as a mirror. I didn't recognise myself... yes it was me but something in my eyes was very different. I sat and looked at myself for a while. I poured myself some additive and tried to relax. All I knew is that I had to find Ana to understand what had happened. But now, time for sleep. I had to be up early and do my work running the words of others.

Days passed but my longing only grew stronger. After much thought and a discussion with the others, it was agreed that I should return to the surface to try and find this wonderful woman. The acid in the air was much less dangerous at night and so it was safer to travel above ground. The dust storms died down too but it was still very unsafe. The gangs that operated above ground were to be avoided at all costs. I would need to use my speed and my quick wits to protect me. I never carry a weapon. In my world it is more dangerous to carry one because it can be taken from you and used against you. I wore the same little dress that I wore when my Senior found me.

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