tagNovels and NovellasW.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 1

W.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 1


This is a little different than the incest writings I've recently submitted, not sure what category this should fall in due to so much that occurs in it. Incest to a point, rape, bdsm, master/slave, lesbian or bisexual encounters, and before its finished who knows what else may happen. I hope you like it, as long as the comments are positive and the votes are fair, I'll continue on with this and hopefully will finish it one day. Until I do, enjoy.

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$$$$$ More Money Than You've Ever Made In Your Life!!

The ad's headline caught Sylvia Masse's attention, just having turned 18, she'd ran off to the big city to get away from her abusive step-dad, and her drunk of a mom. He'd started abusing her at an early age, and she hated him for it, she hated her mom for allowing it to happen. Her mom had stumbled into her room one night when she'd knocked her lamp over trying to get away from him. "Well at least you'll leave me alone tonight." She grunted as she went looking for her bottle. That night, she died inside, her only hope of survival was to learn to turn her feelings off while the smelly fat man rutted on top of her.

Snapping back to reality Sylvia read further on into the ad, there was no phone number, just an address. She grabbed her map, and headed out the door of the flop house room she'd rented with the last of her money. She hoped she might could get an advance so she could eat sometime soon. Sylvia was a pretty girl, standing only 4' 10", barely 95 pounds, she had never developed a bust, in fact the bras were too big for her small breasts. All she had really were nipples, she kept her pubic hair shaved clean, so when she stood in front of a full length mirror, she was looking at what looked to be a very young girl. She knew men loved that sort of thing, and was hoping that she could use it to her advantage if need be.

It took her almost an hour to find the address, it was down a dark smelly alley, she couldn't believe that a place like this could make an offer of making more money in her whole life, but then again, all she'd ever made was minimum wage at the local Dairy Bar.

She got to the door, and it was open, she entered and stopped, giving her eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, she say that the hallway turned to the left, turning she saw a room brightly lit. She went to the doorway of the room, and looked around, there were several tables in the room, at each table was a man and a woman, at three of the four tables were girls that looked close to her age, give or take a couple of years. She took a step into the room, and saw the woman and man at the table that didn't have anyone on her side whispering. The woman smiled and motioned for her to come on over to the table.

The woman rose and smiled as she said, "Hi, my name is, Adrienne Newly, this is my partner, Albert Hopkins," her hand was out stretched for Sylvia to shake.

ylvia introduced herself, and sat in the offered chair, "So what brings you here today Sylvia?" Adrienne asked.

Sylvia quickly went into more details than she should've, and told about the abusive step-dad, the drunk mom, and running away on her 18th birthday. Having spent her last monies on a room, she was hoping to find a job quickly and one that would give her an advance so she could get some food.

The woman looked at Albert and smiled, then back at Sylvia, "So you're here in the city all alone? And no one knows you're here, or that you're looking for work with us?" The woman asked. Sylvia shook her head to both questions, explaining that she didn't have any friends back home, and hadn't been in town long enough to make any here.

"How about you join Adrienne and I for dinner Sylvia, we can go over some of the finer details of the job, and we can get to know each other a little better." Albert invited.

Sylvia couldn't believe her luck, "Oh yes, thank you, I'd love to." Then Sylvia got a long sad look on her face, and Adrienne asked what was wrong. "I only have a couple of pairs of jeans and t-shirts to wear, I never really thought about doing anything fancy, or needing dress up clothes."

Sylvia said with the thought that this would make her loose the job. Adrienne laughed, "It's early still sweety, why don't I take you and buy you a couple of new outfits, we can deduct it from your future salary."

Sylvia couldn't believe her luck had changed so much for the better, she nodded her approval of the idea. Albert got up and went over to one of the tables, and was whispering to the man, soon he came back and said, "Ok, we're all set, Adrienne, you want to take our new girl shopping, and I'll meet you both back at our suite. We'll go to dinner from there."

Adrienne stood, and kissed him on the cheek and said that was fine. Adrienne put her hand out and Sylvia let her hand slip easily into the tall woman's hand. The went out front of the building, and she waved for a cab, and told the driver to take them to 5th Avenue, Sylvia almost fainted at the thought of shopping on 5th Avenue.

The cab ride was slow due to the traffic, but this gave Adrienne and Sylvia a chance for girl talk. Adrienne was in her early 30's and looked to be in her 20's, very well dressed and had perfect makeup on. When Sylvia expressed an interest in the makeup, Adrienne told her that Sylvia needed no makeup at all, she was a natural beauty, and that was what got her the job. The cab pulled up in front of one of the more exclusive stores on 5th Avenue, Adrienne paid the driver and motioned for Sylvia to exit to the sidewalk. Sylvia was like a kid in a toy store, she was looking around at all the tall buildings, at all the people rushing past, Adrienne guided her into the store by her elbow.

Inside, Sylvia had only dreamed that stores like this existed, Adrienne said, "Ok, where first? I think we should find you a nice dress for tonight, and then some nicer casual things. Also some panties, have you ever tried thongs dear?" Not waiting for Sylvia's answer Adrienne took the lead and headed off towards the dresses, once there, Sylvia's constant reminder of her size came back to haunt her.

They had no dresses small enough to fit her, so Adrienne winked at her telling her that this was not a problem, they headed into the children's section of the clothing department. Adrienne was talking with the clerk and the clerk nodded, she went to a rack of dresses, and started pulling some of the most beautiful gowns she'd ever seen in her life. The clerk held the first dress up to Sylvia, then a second and a third, Adrienne took Sylvia by the hand and they went into the dressing room.

Sylvia was a little uncomfortable at first as she started to strip down so she could try on the gown, but as Adrienne helped her slide the dress over her head, and she looked into the mirror, all modesty disappeared. She couldn't believe she was looking at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful, Adrienne ran her hand over Sylvia's ass smoothing the dress down, saying, "You'll either not be able to wear panties at all with this one, or a very tiny g-string."

Sylvia shuddered under Adrienne's touch, even though the older woman's touch hadn't appeared to be in a sexual way, Sylvia felt her pussy start to get wet. Adrienne smiled to herself when she felt the young girl shudder under her touch, she was going to enjoy seducing this one, it seemed a shame to waste such a lovely creature on what lay in store for her, but she knew that they'd be paid handsomely for this raving beauty of a girl.

After trying on several dresses, and then some slacks and blouses, they headed over to the underwear, Adrienne picked out several thongs of various colors, and a tiny g-string, they went into the dressing room again. Sylvia could feel her juices starting to get to the point that they were going to start running down her leg soon, and hoped that Adrienne wouldn't see or smell her.

Adrienne had Sylvia remove her jeans and panties, taking a thong she knelt in front of Sylvia, Adrienne could barely contain herself, she wanted to just bury her face in the bald pussy of this young girl. "Very nice, Sylvia, men love a bald pussy." and with a wink she added, "So do I." With that she pulled the thong up Sylvia's legs and up tight against her pussy lips.

Adrienne smiled as she watched a growing damp spot on the dark material of the thong, she couldn't take it anymore, she wanted to taste Sylvia, she wanted her before Albert got hold of her. She ran her hand up Sylvia's inner thigh, and lightly grazed her lips with her fingernails, Sylvia let a moan escape from her lips. She couldn't believe this woman was touching her, she'd read about women doing women, but had never had the chance to try it, she spread her legs to give the woman more room to play. Adrienne seeing the girl spread her legs knew this was a sign of approval, she pressed harder into the girls slit, feeling the familiar bump of her young clit.

When she rubbed the clit, Sylvia hissed, "Oh Yessssss." Adrienne hooked her fingers into the thongs edge and pulled them down to the floor, she leaned in and lightly kissed the bald lips, she let her tongue flick out and along the slit, tasting the juices that were flowing out of the young girls cunt. Sylvia had never had this done to her, her step-dad had only fucked her, she never knew the pleasures of oral sex, or any other kind of sex, to her sex was a fat man laying on top of her crushing her till he shot his nasty stuff into her hole. Sylvia's knees grew weak, and Adrienne sensing this guided the girl to a sitting position on the bench in the dressing room.

She placed Sylvia's legs over her shoulders, and lapped at her sweet pussy like a thirsty dog. Sucking her clit into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it like she loved to do the head of a dick, she then sucked the inner lips into her mouth, sucking the juices off them, pulling them tight, letting them slide from between her teeth, letting them pop back into place. Stiffening her tongue, she plunged it into the tight wet hole as far as she could, Sylvia had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. She ran her fingers into the woman's hair and forced her face into her pussy, she wanted as much of that tongue in her as possible.

Then Adrienne did something Sylvia had never thought of or heard of, she licked Sylvia's asshole. "My God, she's licking my shit hole." Sylvia thought. Adrienne's tongue started to force its way into her tight virgin ass. Sylvia started to cum, she came longer, harder than she'd ever came in her life, she couldn't control her body, she was thrashing around as if she was having a seizure. Adrienne held onto the girls thighs as tightly as she could, never in her life had she had a woman or a girl buck and shake like Sylvia. She raised up and looked into the girls eyes when she'd stopped shaking. "Did you like that?" Adrienne asked.

"My God, I've never felt anything like that, not even when I touched myself." Sylvia exclaimed. She was again shocked when the older woman leaned up and kissed her on the lips, she could taste her pussy on the woman's tongue, this made Sylvia hot again, she returned Adrienne's kiss, deeply, passionately.

Adrienne had to be careful, it'd be easy to fall in love with this one. Breaking the kiss, she looked at her watch, "We've got to get going, so you can get cleaned up and ready for dinner, sweetheart."

Adrienne said as she started to fix her hair and make up in the mirror. Adrienne slipped the wet thong into her purse, and bought the rest of them. Sylvia couldn't believe it, Adrienne had spent almost $1500 on her, "I'll never be able to pay back all that money, Adrienne."

Sylvia said as they were leaving the store. "Baby, you paid me back almost half that in the dressing room. A night like that with you will pay me in full and then some." Sylvia smiled, not really understanding the meaning of the woman's words. They got into a cab, and the driver headed out after receiving his directions from Adrienne.

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