tagNovels and NovellasW.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 3

W.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 3


Sylvia's chatter brought Adrienne back to reality, only catching the last of the young girls words, "... pay it all back." Adrienne looked at Sylvia with a questioning look, "What dear? I'm sorry, I was thinking about business."

"I said, All these beautiful clothes, dinner, everything, I just don't know how, I'm going to pay it all back. Am I really going to make that much money that I can start buying things like this?" Sylvia continued to chatter. Adrienne was amused at the young girls excitement, it'd been so long since she'd been around someone so fresh, so pure, so naive.

"Honey, you're going to be able to have almost anything you want." Adrienne told her in a half truth, she knew that who ever bought Sylvia, would spoil her, at least she hoped for that. She knew of one client that went through girls like candy, a vicious man, extremely wealthy, he'd paid a million dollars for a girl last year, he was back for another within a week.

Albert told her that this man would make Jeffery Dahmer cringe, he had told Albert once after a few too many glasses of whiskey, after he raped the girls for as long as they stayed conscience, he'd strap them to a table he had in a special room in his home. There once they woke, he'd torture them, it was all Albert could do from getting sick in front of the man, he said he took one girls nipple and snipped it off with a pair of tin snips. He came in his pants from the girls screams, he grabbed the girls face and made her watch as he put the nipple in his mouth and chewed it and swallowed it.

This type of torture and mutilation continued till the girl passed out, or died, most took several days to die, he described how he loved to make small incisions on the girls abdomen's and slide his hard cock into it, fucking them till he came in them. The salty cum would make them scream to his delight. Adrienne shivered at the thought of that man getting hold of Sylvia, she silently vowed that this wouldn't happen.

Opening the door to the suite, it was as if she'd opened the door to a fairy princess's castle, Sylvia's face was in awe. "My God, this is bigger than my whole house." Sylvia exclaimed. Albert came around the corner smiling, "Well then, maybe we should get the rest of your things and have you move into the spare room." Albert said. Sylvia looked first at Albert, then at Adrienne, then back at Albert with a shocked look on her face. "Are you teasing me?" Sylvia asked meekly. Albert assured her that he wasn't and that he'd love to have her join him and Adrienne there. Adrienne nodded her approval also, in the back of her mind she was wondering what Albert was up to.

"Why don't we show some of the things we bought you to Albert, like a fashion show." Adrienne suggested.

"Splendid idea." Albert agreed. Sylvia's face beamed, and asked Adrienne if she'd help her get ready. The two went into Sylvia's new room at almost a run. Once the doors were closed, Sylvia flew into Adrienne's arms, kissing her deeply, "Does this mean we can continue with our playing around?" Sylvia asked. "Yes, but, I think Albert wants some of your attention too. He's never let one of the girls stay with us, this is a first, so I'm not really sure what he's got up his sleeve. Would you mind if Albert was to join us, to fuck you?" Adrienne asked.

Sylvia's reply came in the form of a kiss, with the reinforced statement. As long as I can be with you, I don't care who or how many men fuck me." Sylvia breathed. Adrienne, stripped the young girl quickly, and laid her on the bed, plunging her tongue deep into her eager pussy hole. Pulling the thong up her legs, Sylvia raised her ass up so the thong would go up over her ass, standing Adrienne spread the girls ass cheeks so the thong would fit snug, her tongue lightly caressing Sylvia's asshole. She helped Sylvia into a sexy blouse and matching slacks, a pair of heels took the girl to a height of 5'2", she was beautiful,

Adrienne, did some light make up adjustments, opened the door, stepped out, and watched Albert's face as Sylvia emerged from the room. It was as if he were looking at an angel, It was several seconds before he found his voice. "My God, is this the little street urchin that we met earlier?" Albert laughed.

"Sylvia, you are beautiful." Sylvia blushed, she'd never had a compliment before, especially from an older man as extinguished as Albert.

Walking around her, Albert studied her lines, he was amazed that such a girl could look this good. Adrienne was pleased he approved, maybe getting him to let her stay with them wouldn't be that big of a hassle after all. Albert started to caress Sylvia's ass, his cock growing making a tent in his slacks. "Oh no Albert, not yet, I've got a surprise for you." Adrienne said, as she pulled Sylvia back into the room. Sylvia stripped as Adrienne got her clothes ready for the next run, Fixing her hair, and washing her face, Adrienne allowed her to look into the mirror, what Sylvia saw staring back at her took a minute to comprehend it was her. What she saw looking back at her was what looked like a girl in her early teens, the clothes were like that of a school uniform, plaid skirt, white blouse, no bra, her nipples showing clearly, a white cotton thong, knee high socks, and black peddle pushers. She looked like she did when she was in middle school.

Albert was in the process of getting up to get another drink when Sylvia walked into the room, he fell back into the chair. Covering her mouth, Sylvia giggled like the little girl she looked and felt like. "Amazing, truly amazing." Albert said. Sylvia turned and bent over, her bare ass cheeks peeking out from under the skirt, Albert's breath caught in his throat. His cock hurt it was so hard, Adrienne came over to him, unzipped his pants, pulled his hard cock out, he was over 9 inches, Adrienne had learned to love such a monster cock, it took months of constant trying, but she finally managed to get the massive head past her womb so she could take his entire length.

Sylvia was going to be in trouble, that's exactly what Sylvia thought to herself when she turned and saw Albert's massive cock in Adrienne's hand. She also felt a pang of jealousy when she saw Albert's hand sliding up her thigh.

Smiling, Sylvia walked over to the couple, "You like my panties, Daddy?" Sylvia asked in her best little girls voice. Albert's cock started jerking in Adrienne's hand as he started cumming. Sylvia squealed with delight, jumping up and down clapping her hands. Adrienne was thinking that Albert was going to want to keep this one, Sylvia was thinking, good now I don't have to mess with his cock and can play with Adrienne, Albert was thinking, my god this little girl is going to make me rich.

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