tagMatureWaa, Wa, Wa, Wa

Waa, Wa, Wa, Wa


Jenny had just turned thirteen when I realized that I was no longer the center of her universe. Quite a shock for a mother to realize that her children are free thinking human beings, with their own thoughts as to how to run their lives. Jenny was a popular girl with lots of girl and boy friends. As for me, I had lost my buddy.

Having grown up in Cary, North Carolina, I had experienced much heartache over the years as one close friend after another moved because their parents were transferred away from the Research Triangle. Since my husband was a local guy who had his medical practice at the Duke Clinic complex, we had some core social friends. As far as the men were concerned, as doctors will, their conversations always seemed to center on their practice.

When we first married, I taught school until Dan, my husband finished his residency. For the next four years, I was his office manager. Since, I have been doing little other than playing golf at the Preston Country Club, where we belong. Over the years, members come and go. I play in the middle of the morning, so the only members that I know are those who have time to play at that time, usually women. We live on the west side of the course, so I walk across two fairways to get to the clubhouse.

Helen Johnson and Lois Brown asked me to join them for dinner, mainly to spend some of the monthly meal money the club requires. When they left, I went into the locker room to pick up a dirty coat that I wanted to clean. Just as I was leaving it begin to pour, so I returned to the dining room. By now there was only the bartender, and I still there. I sat on a stool, where I could watch the rain coming down in sheets.

“Get you something?”

“Gin and tonic.”

Just then lightning flashed.

The bartender said, “I love to watch a storm. Want to go sit on the porch?”

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, might just as well.”

The bartender pulled two wooden rockers to a position side-by-side.

“My dad used to take me out on the front porch anytime that there was a storm.”

“Funny, so did mine. I’m Linda Ward.”

“I’m Burt Tower.”

“I’m curious, Burt. Will you get into any trouble leaving the bar?”

“Naw. I leased the bar concession from the club for the year. Want another Gin and tonic? It’s on me.”

“Later. I’m surprised. How old are you?”

“Just turned twenty-three. Doing this for a year, and then I am going to finish my senior year at State.”

“Paying your way through?”

“You got it. Dad is dead. All I’ve got is Mom. She is just getting by herself.”

“I’ll take that Gin and Tonic now. Make it a double? Put it on my tab.”

By now there were storms in all quadrants, which is normal for North Carolina in the summer time.

The outside timer lights shut off. Burt turned to Linda. “Want me to call your husband so he can come get you?”

“Trying to get rid of me?”

“No, not at all. I really enjoy being out here with you.”

“He is out of town for four days. I usually walk home. When do you close up?”

“Right now. Let’s go for a ride?”

“Thought that you would never ask.”

Burt pulled out onto High House Road, turning right to go west.

Linda. “Whops, you turned the wrong way.”

Smiling at Linda, Burt responded, “I said, let’s go for a ride.”

“Ha, ha, ha, yes, you did say that. I’ve been tricked. Oldest trick in the book. Boy takes girl to secluded spot. Hoping for…”

“You are a very attractive woman.”

“Oh, c’mon, Burt. I’m thirty-six. You’re a good-looking guy. Surly there are nice girls your age that you can wine and dine?”

“Saving money, remember?”

“When was your last date?”

“Over a year ago.”

“Oh my. No wonder you want to be with me. Say, where are we going?”

“The overlook on Jordan Lake.”

“Ha, ha, oh, my. I haven’t been there for years. When I was dating the boys took girls there because the police never checked there. So the boys could, well, you know, try for some heavy petting.”

“Have you been there with a lot of different boys?”

“Burt, you’re not supposed to ask a girl that.”

“I need the education.”

“Let me see… I have been to the overlook with three guys.”

“Any of them your husband?”

“No. You’re Bad. Trying to figure out how many men that I’ve had sex with, are we?”

“I’m figuring that you got to know four guys pretty well.”

“I’ll admit to that.”

Stopping at the overlook, Linda looked around. There was an eerie flickering glow from a single light at a nearby boat launch. Branches of trees were waving and dancing from the thunderstorms’ wind. Raindrops pelted the roof of the car, which was gently rocking from the force of the wind.

Each leaning against their own door. They chatted for twenty minutes. Linda found that she liked Burt. He was a really nice kid. Taunting him a bit, she asked, “Well, what is the plan now? Slide across the seat, hug, and then we play the try to paw the boobs game, or are you going to go for it all at once by pulling my legs toward you, and splitting them apart for the frontal attack.”

“Ho, ho, ho, ho. Linda, you are giving away all your sexual history. Were all those attacks successful with you?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ho, yes. They were. I should not be telling you this. I’ve had a lot of adventures here.”

“Linda, I am one-half Indian.” With that, Burt got out of the car. He stripped off all his clothes. He came to the passenger’s side of the car. Linda watched him outside in the pouring rain with her mouth open, laughing.

Naked, he patted the palm of his hand to his mouth shouting, "Waa, wa, wa, wa.

Waa, wa, wa, wa. Waa, wa, wa, wa." As he did that he was doing an Indian skip dance in a circle. After every three long chants, he would face Linda, bend backwards, and stroke his cock, which was filling and pointing upward.

Linda was laughing so hard that she was choking. She opened her window half way. “What are you doing?”

While still dancing he said, “Some Indians dance for rain. Burt, is doing the dance for a willing woman.”

Linda laughed so hard at that that she fell over in her seat. As she sat up, she turned the key in the ignition, closed the windows, and locked the doors.

Burt grabbed for the car handle. Finding it locked, he danced again, screaming much louder. Linda cracked her window. “What are you dancing for now?”

“Me dancing for mercy of Great Spirit to open door to willing woman.”

Linda rolled onto her back with her legs kicking in the air. Her arms across her chest as she tried to breath between her sobs of laughter. Never in her life had she every heard of anything like this.

Lightning flashed overhead. Linda unlocked the doors. Burt opened the passenger door. Linda, still on her back scooted across the seat, as Burt entered. He lifted her right leg so that it was against the seat back. Her left leg he pushed towards the dash, as he settled on her. Finding no resistance, he whispered, “Great Spirit has answered my prayers.”

“Ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, have you ever tried that stunt with any other girl?”


Linda was aroused. Her skirt was above her cotton panties. She expected that Burt would move her panties to the side and enter her. Instead, he kissed her. His lips were on hers lightly at first, but then he hungrily, with passion, pressed his lips to hers. Her hand went behind his head pulling it to her. She found that she wanted him in her so bad. He humped at her, grinding his cock up and down her panties, covering her pussy, further arousing her. She humped back at him.

The lightning was constant now. The humidity was one hundred percent. She was covered with sweat. Burt pulled her blouse and bra up above her breasts. When his mouth found her breast, she moaned and said, “Take my damn panty off.”

Burt rose to his knees. She lifted her ass and closed her legs, so he could slide them off. Linda spread her legs as far apart as she could, while drawing him to her.

She reached down to guide him into her. It was not necessary. Her pussy lips, now engorged, had opened so that her hole was exposed. Burt felt his cock find the opening. One thrust and he was in.

Linda Ward, mature woman, housewife, mother, respectable citizen of Cary, North Carolina was on her back in a car, almost naked, helpless, with a man who out weight her by sixty pounds who was frantically thrusting his cock into her. He was the first strange man that she had sex with in fourteen years.

It was a far cry from the slow, gentle, loving sex she enjoyed with her husband. Her first orgasm came immediately. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she lifted her cunt upwards while she stiffened. Burt’s cum exploded from his cock.

Still on her with his head beside hers, he kissed her again. There was confusion in Linda’s mind. She did not love Burt, yet she wanted to kiss him. Her body hungered for his touch on her breasts, as well as the stimulation in her pussy from his humping her, with his now soft cock. She felt the sweat running down her face as well as under her arms.

His humping continued until he was hard in her again. He had hardly started to fuck her again when she cum. He humped at her hard as she moaned, with her head tossing side to side. In five minutes, she cum a third time. Now, she was completely wet from her own sweat, as well as his. He pumped his cum into her a second time. After they both stopped panting, Burt opened the door. He backed out of the car, while pulling Linda with him. He took off her blouse and bra, so that they were both standing naked in the pouring rain.

Linda laughed. “So much for my prem. The rain feels wonderful.”

“You are beautiful.”

“Just average, really, but thank you.”

“Lets walk to the shore?”


At the water’s edge, he pulled her down onto her back in the sand. As he slid between her legs, she asked, “Will the lightning hit us here?”

“Not with the high trees all around.”

Burt slipped his cock into her again. They slowly fucked there in the driving rain, with the roar of the wind, flash of lightning, and thunder, constant thunder. It took a long time for Burt to cum. Linda lie there completely relaxed, with the soothing rubbing of her pussy as his cock danced in and out, in and out, in and out, on and on.

When he finished, they took a dip in the lake. It was after four am when he dropped her off at her home.

Linda slept until eleven. She did not go to the club for the next several days, so that she would not be tempted to let Burt have her again. When she played her league match the following week, she never went into the bar. Burt slipped from her mind. Life went on. Three years passed. Linda was now thirty-nine. She had put on ten pounds, which had settled, as it does with many women, in her breasts.

Linda was in Wall Mart. She turned and was face to face with Burt Tower.

“Hi Burt.”

“Waa, wa, wa, wa. Waa, wa, wa, wa.”

Linda had to laugh. “You are so bad. So what is new with you Burt?”

“Well, I got my degree. Thought that I had found the girl of my dreams, but she dumped me for a guy with a Mercedes. Have a nice boat. Hey, how about going for a ride?”

Linda stood shaking her head. She got close to him. “Burt Tower, I am a married woman. I am not supposed to be out with a young guy who is going to dance around asking the Great Spirit to use my body for his enjoyment.”

“Wait, wait, wait. I recall hearing the willing woman telling me to take her damn panty off. You seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.”

Linda felt her skin flush. She had masturbated fifty times thinking of that night, which was still vivid in her mind.

Her husband was away. “How about two this afternoon? I’ll meet you at the boat launch. You’re bad.”

“Two it is.”

Linda came dressed in shorts and halter. Burt’s boat was a twenty-four foot pontoon boat. She sat in a lounge chair near the bow. Burt took them to an isolated part of the lake. It was hot, with a nice breeze.

“I like to go nude when I’m out here,” Burt said.

Linda looked around. There were no homes within sight, nor were there any boats. She took off her clothes. Burt whistled. “You have a nice body.”

“Burt, I’m ashamed of my boobs, they hang down like an old lady.”

“Oh, Linda, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Sure, what?”

“I have a couple of buddies that may stop by. If they do, I want to pull their chain by telling them that you are my steady girlfriend. Stay nude. It will be fun watching their reaction.”

“Burt, I can’t do that. What if they meet people that know me?”

“No problem. They are both from out of state. They will be returning to Washington, DC in three weeks.”

Linda, a bit of an exhibitionist, smiled at the thought of teasing the two young strangers. “Okay, but don’t tell them my real name. Call me Linda Brown.”

Lying nude, sunbathing,on a large pad. She thought, I’m surprised that Burt has not tried to have sex with me. I am horny. Hope that his friends do not stay long. It never occurred to Linda that Burt and his friends had plans for her.

Soon a high-speed bass boat came around the point. The two guys in it acted surprised when they saw that Burt had a woman with him.

“Whoa, hoo, who is your friend, Burt?”

“She is my girlfriend. Jerry and Doug, this is Linda Brown.”

Linda was on her back, up on her elbows. “Nice to meet you, Guys. Nice day.”

“It is now,” Jerry said with a big smile as he took in her tits, and splash of cunt hair.

Linda just had to say it, since both boys were staring at her body. “It’s not nice to check out a lady’s bosoms when you are speaking to her.”

Both boys laughed. Both took off their swim trunks and lie down on each side of Linda. By the time they were settled, both had hard cocks dangling between their legs.

Linda looked over at Burt. His cock was stiff too. She failed to notice it, but he had a camcorder mounted on the windshield, pointed right at her.

Burt got onto his knees between her legs and started to eat her pussy. A look of shock passed over her face. Was Burt planning on having sex with her while two guys watched?

At that moment, Jerry and Doug, each took one of her tits in their mouth. Burt finger fucked her, while licking her clitoris. Linda now knew. It wasn’t just Burt. All three boys would take her, again and again. She trembled. “Burt?” she said. “I can’t do this. I’m a…”

Burt’s lips found hers. His cock found her engorged pussy and slid into her. She would say no more until her body stiffed, her toes pointed, gasps came from her mouth as her pussy pulsed and clamped down on Burt’s cock, just as he pumped his sperm into her.

Jerry was pumping his cock into her a moment later. She came almost immediately. She would not protest again. When Doug was bouncing on her, her fanny was pumping up at his cock, like a bitch in heat. Each boy fucked her three times. Before she had a chance to look around, Burt put the camera away.

They swam. Burt cooked burgers on the grill. Burt had Gin and Tonic for everyone. They each fucked Linda again. They tried to get Linda to commit to coming back another day. She firmly told them, “No, I just can’t do this. What if someone had come by and caught us? I’m sorry guys. It was fun.”

Four years passed. Dan Ward was now chief of surgery at Duke. He also was a full professor.

Next door to the Wards a family moved in with an eighteen year old boy named Paul Butterfield. Paul had his own computer. He stumbled onto several sites showing women of various ages having sex. It seemed that the number of women numbered in the millions. He could understand that younger women could be talked into having sex on camera, but he was dumbfounded by the number of good looking older women he saw being screwed. How do you find and talk someone’s mother into fucking?

At the same time, he saw Linda Ward sunbathing at her pool, with a bikini on. From his second story window, her suit did not hide her tits at all. He would jack off, while peeking at her. So near, and yet so far, he thought.

Then one day, he clicked on a Granny site. On his screen came stills and movies of the lady next door. He was sure that it was she. In one still shot a guy was just getting off her. White cum was leaking from her pussy. One guy had a limp dick indicating that he had fucked her. The third guy, with a stiff erect cock was moving to get into position between her legs.

He found four assorted shots of her. He downloaded it all. He printed several shots. If she would fuck all those guys, she might fuck me, he reasoned. But, how should I approach her? How?

Finally he had a plan. He placed one photo in a large envelope with Mrs. Ward written on the front. In it, he had a typed message. “Please contact me by e-mail at Nice Guy22@Rightnet.com.

He had thought about what to say. He was not blackmailing anyone. There was no threat. After the mailman had come, he slipped the envelope in the mail slot of the Ward’s front door. It was Jenny, now age twenty, who picked up the envelope along with the mail. She mistook the Mrs. For Miss. Ward, so opened the envelope. Recognizing immediately that it was a picture of her mother fucking three guys, Jenny, who long ago had lost her virginity, ran with the picture to her room, where she could study it undisturbed. It dawned on her that someone, without revealing their name, had sent it to her mother. Why?

Only one reason why a man, it had to be a man, would do that. She could tell that the picture came from a site on the Internet. She brought up that site on her computer. She found all the still and movies of her mother. She downloaded them all. One thing was for sure. When her mother did this, she seemed to enjoy it. Jenny got all hot and bothered watching. These are good looking guys who appeared to be a lot younger than her mother. She finger fucked herself.

She sent an e-mail to Nice Guy 22. All it said is “Hi, Got your envelope. I would appreciate it if you would not share the photos. Who are you? What do you want?”

Paul answered, “I am an admirer. I just want to spend some time with you alone.”

Jenny thought, sure you do. She wrote back, “That probably is not a good idea. How old are you?” she thought that he was an old pervert.

“I’m old enough to serve in the army.”

Reading that, Jenny knew that he was just eighteen. She now thought that she had the upper hand. “I have changed my mind. I will meet you tomorrow at noon on the bench in front of Wall Mart.” Certainly, he would not harm her there.

At noon the following day she was on the bench. Paul saw her. He realized that it was not mother, but her daughter, who he had seen several times at the Ward’s pool. What to do? Same play, different woman.

He sat down at the other end of the bench. With a frown on her face, Jenny asked, “Are you Nice Guy?”


He was not in any way what Jenny had expected. He was average height, clean cut, slim, large glasses, and shy, with a soft voice. Then it hit her. “You live next door?”

“Un huh. I do.”

“Why did you drop the picture at our house?”

“Two reasons. One, to let you know that they are on the net. The other is that I am infatuated with your mother.”

“You’re honest. Mom is older than your mother. Were you hoping to get it on with her?”

“Was. Now, I’m hoping to get it on with you?”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Suit yourself. Bye.”

Paul got up to leave. Jenny jumped up, grabbing his arm. “Wait. What are you going to do now? With the photos, I mean?”

“I don’t know. This isn’t going so well, so I guess that I’ll post the site, with a description of who is on it at the university bulletin board.”

“That’s blackmail.”

“No, it’s not. I have not asked you for a thing.”

“You said that you hoped to get it on with me.”

“Hoping is not again the law.”

Paul started to pull away. Jenny said, “Do you know of the overlook at Jordan Lake?”


“I’ll meet you there in fifteen minutes. Jenny knew one thing for sure. She did not want her mother’s photos circulated around the university where her father taught. She would fuck Paul Butterfield any time that he wanted to keep it all a secret.

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