w.a.c.f.y.m - Cuckoos

"Cuckoos are a breed of bird that are also brood parasites. They lay their eggs in other birds' nests, for instance, a starling. It is the starling family that must raise this intruder and put the effort into its survival.

It is from the word cuckoo's breeding practices that we get the word 'cuckolding'. Cuckolding is when a married woman takes another man to her bed, thus rendering her husband ,the male starling,a cuckold."

Dr Brooks inspected the couple standing at the receptionist's desk. The Temples were both about thirty years old and good looking.Their nervousness was painfully obvious and she noticed that they held hands, reassuring the other.

Natasha Temple turned as the doctor approached. Lilah flashed her her most welcoming smile and got an uncertain one back.

Lilah was used to people questioning the fact that she was a doctor, Her body looked as if it were built for sex, not to house a powerful mind.

Natasha looked at the doctor, assessing her. She was older than them but not by much. Her blonde hair was tied up neatly, apart from one wavy lock combed to the left and cascading down her cheek. It was her eyes that struck the most. Surrounded by dark shadow, Lilah's eyes were a fantastic shade of intense blue, with a glint in them that spoke of fierce intelligence but also humour.

"Mrs Temple? It's a pleasure." Lilah said, extending a hand, her plum shaded lips breaking into another smile.

"Dr Brooks." Natasha replied, looking a little relieved. The other woman was emanating an aura of experience and capability. " This is Steve, my husband."

"Hello, Doctor." Steve added, shaking her hand as well.

Lilah noticed that the man's gaze didn't stray from her face. He was totally oblivious to the hot body she possessed. The waistcoat she wore over a little see-through blouse was designed to accentuate her figure, highlighting her slender waist as well as pushing up and displaying her large breasts.

His gaze didn't wonder down her hips, over the barely respectable tight skirt, to check out her long legs.

Dr Brooks took a long look at him. Steve was handsome, 5" 10 with longish, scruffy styled black hair. He had soulful brown eyes. His polo short afforded her a good view of his nice biceps and hinted at pecs to match. The open collar let her know that he had a nice lot of chest hair.

Yes he was definitely a candidate. She could feel the beginning of her arousal.

"Let's go to my office, shall we?" She asked, pointing down the corridor.

They nodded in unison, Steve slipping a protective arm around his wife's shoulders.

As she walked behind them she checked out his ass. It looked good and firm in his jeans and she could barely stop herself from reaching out and groping it.

'Patience' she thought to herself. ' This one will take some time..."The way the couple kept looking at each other she could tell that they were devoted to each other. She glanced at the ornate tattoo on the inside of her wrist- capital J followed by the letters w.a.c.f.y.m written in an old fashioned script.

'but you will be mine in the end...'


Lilah looked at the file on her desk.

"You've been married five years?"

The couple smiled and nodded.

"And you've been trying for a baby for two years?"

"Yes." Natasha confirmed.

"Your GP writes that he ran some tests."

"Steve's...um..sperm is fine but...." Natasha interjected. Her husband gave her hand a squeeze. She smiled. He had never, not for a second, made her feel as this was her fault. Every step of the way he had made her feel that this was something that they were doing together.

"That's okay, Natasha." Lilah smiled. "I understand. This clinic specializes in cases just like this."

The Temples looked adorably hopeful.

"This means the world to Nat and me...to start a family together." Steve added.

"Your doctor explained how this works? That you choose a donor from our database, we take some eggs and use Steve's sperm to fertilise them, implanting the embryoes in your womb, Natasha?"

"Yes. I know it's...." Natasha trailed off ruefully.

" We just really want this, doctor." Steve concluded.

" I should warn you that IVF is not an easy processs, it's expensive... Your health plan covers the cost, right?"

Steve nodded.

"and despite our best efforts, it is not always successful. " Lilah declared sympathetically before outlining the steps that were involved, the treatments and injections that Natasha would face in the months ahead and the inevitable strain it would place on their marriage.

"We can get through anything together." Steve said, more to his wife than to the doctor. More than anything he wanted to be be a father, to have a child with the woman he loved.

Lilah felt nauseasous but covered it well.


"However, this may place undue emphasis on the male victim. In ornithology both starling parents are equally victims.


One week later


He had wanted their child to be a product of their love for each other but that had not been God's will. And when IVF was proposed, from the start Steve had suggested that they find a donor that matched with Natasha as closely as possible. All he ever wanted was to make her happy.

They agonised over the database.

The folder had literally hundreds of candidate donors that had red hair, green eyes or freckles but very few that had all three. Throw in the choices that had to be made about health records and academic history and at times it looked like they would never select one.

"I'll love any child we have together, regardless of what it looks like." Natasha told Steve.

"I know but...I don't want you to..." He stammered. He couldn't find a way to voice his worry, that in a biological sense this wouldn't be her child.

She seemed to understand anyway.

"Steve, I'll be carrying the baby for nine months. I'll give birth to it...What do genes matter compared to that? It will be your baby and for that reason alone I'll love it no matter what. " She said earnestly.

"I love you." He replied.

"I know." Natasha informed him before she kissed him.

He kissed her right back.

All these years later he never tired of her lips.

He thought back to their first kiss.

He'd only had a few girlfriends so he never felt very confident with girls. He always felt so shy just talking to them but with Natasha there'd been an instant connection when they'd meet at a friend's party. Even so it had taken him weeks to get up the nerve to ask her out. When she said yes he'd been over the moon.

For their first date Steve had taken her to a fairground. When she took his hand as soon as they had gone in, he never wanted her to let go. The fair had been busy but if felt as if no one else existed in the world.

Later, sitting high up on the Big Wheel they leant in to kiss her. She'd tasted of cotton candy and he knew that she was the only woman for him.

A year and a half later he'd proposed to her at another fair, a different Big Wheel. It was as if time stood still until she accepted. For the rest of the night it seemed the noise of the crowd was raucously congratulating them, every scream and laugh meant for them.

Steve smiled.

Back in the present Natasha had closed the folder. She looked at her husband as she took him by the hand.

"Let's go to bed." She pleaded breathily.


She pushed him onto the bed before walking to the door to dim the lights.

Steve watched as she slowly walked towards him, undoing a button of her dress with each step.

By the time she got to the foot of the bed Steve was hard, the shape of it distinct in his pyjama bottoms.

Natasha let her nightdress slip to the floor.

"God you're beautiful." Steve whispered as he sat up to take her left hand. He kissed the inside of her wrist. "This is my favourite part of you." He told her.

"What about my right one? Its just as good." Natasha asked, proffering it to him.

Steve played at looking it over before kissing that one too.

"No...it's nice but its not the same." He decided.

Natasha laughed lightly.

"I thought you said this was your favourite part?" She said, twisting to point at a dimple on the small of her back.

"Did I say that?" He replied, turning her so he could check out her small rear.

She shivered as she felt his tongue glide over the spot and one of his hands reached round to caress her soft belly, low so that he occasionally brushed up against the red curls of her bush.

She felt two of Steve's fingers begin to travel down the back of her leg until they began to tickle the back of her knee.

"Mmmm that feels nice..." She sighed.

A minute passed then she turned back to face him. Natasha bent over to kiss him, her hands in his hair then she climbed onto his lap.

His lips headed south, down her neck, then onto her collarbone. He cupped her pale breasts, each a handful, and brought them up to meet his mouth.

"Aaaah..." She moaned at the sensations he was illiciting.

She shifted so he could feel the warmth of her on his groin through the cotton. He wanted to be inside her but there was no rush. He loved to take it slow and relaxed with Natasha.

Right now it was enough to feel her squirm against him as he nibbled an earlobe, teaming it up with running his slightly rough palms over her erect nipples.

He let himself fall back onto the sheets, bringing her with him.

She sat astride him and ran her fingertips through his chest hair.

He put his heads behind his head, a pose he knew that Natasha liked as could admire his manly torso and dark armpits.

She wiggled on top of him as she reached up to let her red hair fall about her shoulders. She gave her head a shake, Steve liking the way it made her breasts move. His wife crossed her arms over them as if suddenly coy.

Sometimes she liked to play modest even though they'd never felt uncomfortable being naked in front of each other, the only woman Steve had ever experienced that with.

She reach down between her legs, her body laguage suggesting that she felt a little naughty but couldn't help herself. Natasha avoided his eyes playfully as she stroked her folds.

Her creamy skin seemed to glow by the light of the lamp. Steve couldn't resist reaching out to run a hand over one of her thighs. It seemed to shake her out of her reverie.

Wordlessly they spoke to each other and they rolled so that Natasha was on her back and her husband was on top of her. Steve pushed his pyjamas down.

He glanced at her quickly, as he always did, to check she was ready and then he entered her.

"Hoh..." He moaned.

She wrapped her arms round his back as their bodies merged together.

He kissed her shoulder as he worked up a steady rhythm.

Steve raised himself up a little with his arms so he could look down and watch the expressions ripple across his wife's face, the way she bit her lip or exhaled when he was inside her.

She closed her eyes as she always did when her climax was close, he could always feel it in the way her pussy felt too.

She was always quiet when she came, just like now, her mouth forming a perfect 'O'. He loved that about her and the way that when her eyes opened again she always looked a little puzzled.

Steve grabbed on to the pillows as he sought his own orgasm. It had been building steadily, in his balls and suddenly it was there, that release as he spilled his seed inside her.

He kissed her forehead and rolled off her.

As they talked for a bit before drifting off to sleep Steve was pleased that trying for a baby had not stopped them enjoying lovemaking simply for being close to one another.


"Now some may say that cuckolding is a sexist term. Only female infidelity is given such a specific term and that male infidelity is tolerated and expected. In defense, one response is that in the world where inheritance is passed often down through paterlineal lines, only the paternity of a child is of consequence."


A few days later

Steve and Natasha had finally chosen a donor and returned to the fertility clinic.

Lilah had praised their choice before setting Natasha the task of filling in the paperwork. Steve had a different job to accomplish.

He was ushered into a little room and told to bring his sample to the nurse's station when he was done.

He was feeling very awkward. He'd been able to provide his GP a sample from home, and that had been bad enough, though Natasha had made it a bit more fun. He'd wanted to ask if Natasha could, you know...come in with him but a sign on the door made it very clear that no women were allowed into these rooms.


Lilah sat in her office watching on a small screen as Steve looked around the room. She got off watching the men that came to her clinic jerking themselves off, unaware of her voyeurism. The slight graininess of the footage only added to the thrill.

She was simply dying to see what Steve's cock looked like. In fact her hand had already slipped into her moist panties.

Steve's awkwardness was clear as he sat and started to rub his fly. It became evident that a few minutes later that nothing was happening. She quessed that he was suffering from performance anxiety. Many men did.

She watched as he inspected the shelves of pornographic material the clinic provided.

The quality of the camera didn't prevent Lilah from seeing the blush that spread across his face.


Steve didn't masturbate often. The last time he'd jerked himself off was on a business trip last year. He'd been thinking of Natasha, had called her and they had gotten carried away.

Now he was faced with dozens of DVDs , each one decorated with images of women, completely naked, some bent over to show their perfect asses, others with their legs spread, shaven pussies galore.

Steve hadn't viewed any porn since college.

He was a little ashamed that his cock was responding to them.

He picked one that featured a blonde girl on the cover, wearing white lacy underwear and slipped the disc into the player.

The film started as Steve sat back down on the couch and put the plastic jar down beside him.


Lilah smiled as Steve unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He was big, maybe nine inches if she had to quess, cut and thick.

Steve kept looking at the TV and glancing away though he was clearly aroused as the blonde star lay on the hood of a car, being fingered by her chaufer.

He began to tug on his penis with his whole hand.

Lilah wondered who would cum first...the married man or the woman who was spying on him...it didn't matter...she couldn't wait to get him in the flesh...


The star was telling the guy just how much she wanted his cock, how she wanted him to fuck her hard...Steve had never heard such dirty talk or thought that he'd be so turned on by it.

Steve had felt guilty at first as he watched the screen but he'd soon lost himself as the action unfolded. The guy was really giving the girl what she wanted and she was showing her appreciation very vocally.

His eyes glued to screen Steve began to wank, slowly at first then increasing in speed, sometimes switching to using a thumb and forefinger to grip his swollen head and thrust a bit with his hips.

The stud in the film wanted to cum on the girl's big tits. Steve imagined himself doing the same thing. He closed his eyes, unable to hold back any longer. He was going to cum at the thought.

He was so caught up in the dirty fantasy that he only just remembered the little plastic jar in time.


A week later.


Steve had left work but had not headed for home. This surprised Lilah, who was stalking him to work out his life and interests. So far that had consisted of work, church and family. She'd figured he was the type of guy who was happy with this ordinary life.

This was new.

Intrigued, she pulled over as Steve made a right turn, pulling his car to the kerb near to where a bunch of men stood on the sidewalk.

They all welcomed him as he got out of the vehicle.

Lilah followed the group to a club called White's. She raised an eyebrow...she didn't think that Steve would be the type of guy to venture in there, even with a group of buddies. Did Natasha know that her loving husband went into strip joints? Or did he lie to his wife?

Still maybe the sight of all those naked ladies gyrating round poles would make him horny and, if he had a bit of alcohol, more susceptible when she made her move. She smiled.


Lilah turned on the radio and climbed into the back seat. Quickly she undressed and changed her clothes. Tonight, emboldened by her interpretation of his behaviour, she decided she was going to make her first move.

Turns out Lilah didn't have to wait long.

Steve exited the joint after thirty minutes.

She had to think quickly. He was walking towards the parking lot.

She scrambled out through the passenger door, hoping that the SUV parked next to her blocked her from his view.

She grabbbed her purse and and snuck to the sidewalk before she straightened up.

"Doctor Brooks?!" Steve exclaimed. "What are you doing round here?"

"I was at a party a block over. I thought there was a taxi rank down here." She lied. "I can ask you the same question." She replied, a little out of breath, moving her head to indicate the club Steve had just left.

"I didn't know it was a strip club, honest." He said holding up his hands with a little laugh ." I'm a happily married man so I made my excuses and left."

He looked at the doctor. She was dressed up in a classy little black dress, the split at the side granting him a flash of black suspender belt. She wore an onyx choker around her neck and nothing over her shoulders.

She looked cold and, on these grimy streets, vulnerable.

"Why don't you let me drive you home?" He asked as he pulled off his jacket and offered it to her. "My car's just over there."

"Thank you." She replied, giving him a grateful smile. "You're a hero."


"Well here we are." Steve said, pulling to the kerb.

"Do you want to come up? I feel I should get you a coffee or something for rescuing me tonite."

" I don't know..." Steve answered. It felt strange to be invited into the home of someone he barely knew. Besides he'd done the gentlemanly thing...there was no need to thank him for it.

"Is Natasha expecting you home...?"

"Oh...not 'til later but..." For a second it occured to him that she might be coming on to him but he dismissed it. Lilah knew he was married. He felt bad for even thinking it. "I don't want to be a bother..." He added.

"Oh come on...come in...I insist. Besides you can pick up some books I promised to lend Natasha." Lilah wheedled.

Steve felt rude for being so reluctant. He smiled and turned off the ignition.

He followed her up the stairs.


"You have a lovely place." Steve called out.

"Thank you. I like it." Lilah yelled back from the open-plan kitchen.

He looked around the very minimalist apartment, lots of white marble everywhere and modern art on the otherwise bare walls.

At least the sofa looked comfortable. He was unsure whether he should sit down on it.

"Here." Lilah said, handing him a glass of red wine that matched the one in her own.

"I thought we were having coffee?"

"One won't hurt." She whispered mischieviously in his ear as she steered him to the seats.

He took a sip of the liquid.

"This is very nice."

"My husband imported it from France." She said, keeping the lies coming...it worked though. Steve relaxed visibly at the mention of the fictional husband.

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