The man sat on the edge of the bed. He was slouched over, and lost in thought.

Elena watched his bare back, her pussy raw from the fucking she'd just received. She guessed that he was thinking about that too.

She shifted to let him know that she was awake. He turned to look at her, his eyes taking in her lithe naked body. The lust was unmistakable and Elena wondered if the older man had enough left in him to have another go.

He reached over to give one of her tits a squeeze and Elena shivered when she saw the silver ring on his finger.

It was the only reason that they were here, in this cheap hotel, this Sunday morning. Elena certainly wouldn't have been attracted to him if he weren't married. He was too ordinary looking, not ugly but he was short and a little stocky.

But Mr Maguire was married and so Elena had spent the last year of Sixth Form teasing him in little ways. She'd taken to undoing the top buttons of her blouse and sitting close to the front in all of his classes. It had just been a bit of fun; God knows that Elena was seriously sexually active and not wanting for any willing partners.

All year he'd never made a move but she'd known that he'd noticed her. God, the way that he'd looked at her. It was hard for any man not to notice Elena, with her teenage body, her tits big for a girl her age and the way she walked, exuding sexual experience. Now her exam results had been posted and she was leaving the school for good.

Last night had been the Leaver's Party and Elena had decided to make her move. Mr Maguire had taken very little seducing, if truth were told Elena wished he'd held out a little longer. Some men are just waiting for someone else to take the initiative.

Now his hand was gently caressing the inside of her thigh but Elena was getting bored.

"What will you tell your wife?" She asked.

Clearly he'd forgotten all about her, judging from his startled and guilty expression.

"Oh Jesus...." He muttered, pulling his hand away as if her pale skin had just scorched him. " I better go... I..."

She watched as he pulled on his trousers and located his shirt.

He was fastening his watch to his wrist when he looked at her. "Last night was...," He seemed unsure of the word he was looking for. "...amazing...but wrong.... I've never cheated on Joy before...and you're a student..."

The full realization of what he'd done was beginning to hit him.

"It's okay Mr Maguire..."

"I don't know what I was thinking." He was beginning to look abject.

"You were thinking with your dick and wondering what my fresh pussy would feel like sunk down on it." Elena reasoned.

" Can I...did you want to...again...another time?" Her teacher stammered.

Elena smirked. She'd been waiting for that. Last night they'd done things that he'd probably never even thought of, let alone done with his wife....

"Sorry, Mr Maguire. I'm going to America next week on a year out before University. You'll just have to wank yourself off to the memories of last night whenever you get the horn." She said it unkindly and he must have realized the contempt she felt for him.

A weak man, idling along at life, jumping on the first piece of excitement that offered itself to him.

"You won't tell anyone..." He started but Elena shook her head, eyes wide with condescension.

She mimed a yawn and waved him away.

He left without another word.

Elena didn't feel any guilt about what she had done and she didn't care what happened to Mr Maguire when his wife asked him where he'd spent the night.

For as long as she could remember she'd been aroused by men who were taken. Her first sexual crush had been over her older sister's boyfriend, Pete. She'd been too young, at 14, to do anything about it but she still thought about him from time to time.

As she got older her attraction got stronger. She'd walk down the street checking out all the men and their left hands. She'd see couples kissing and imagine herself breaking them up.

For a long time she'd thought that something was wrong with her. That it was wrong to lust over men just because they were in relationships, in love and committed to someone else. Sure she knew people cheated on their partners, had one night stands and so on but her desire went so much deeper than that.

She'd fooled around with boys, had boyfriends even but they did nothing for her. She'd been too scared to act upon her true fantasies and had been afraid that she'd live her whole life unfulfilled.

Then, about a year ago, she'd met Larry, who worked at her dad's firm. He was gorgeous and, more importantly, married. Unable to help herself Elena had set out to seduce him.

Just 17 and naive her attempts were childish and clumsy. Larry turned her down flat and told his wife.

Elena had thought that she was going to die. She sank into a terrible teenage depression and her whole personality changed. Previously outgoing and bright, she stopped seeing her friends and her schoolwork began to suffer.

Her parents, unaware of the reason for the sudden change in their daughter, sent her to a psychiatrist, called Dr Rosenberg. He was an old grandfatherly man and seemed very kind and patient. He was also very good at listening. Elena didn't tell Dr Rosenberg what happened with Larry for their first few sessions but Rosenberg, with time, got Elena to trust him. He ensured her that everything she said was in confidence and reassured her that he was not there to judge her.

She told him about Larry and then she told him about her need to bed married men.

Dr Rosenberg told Elena that the name for her sexual fetish was jezebelism and was more common amongst women than many people knew. He felt confident that with time and work, her sexual impulses could be redirected into a more healthy form of expression.

Elena knew, deep down, that she didn't want to change her nature or sexual preference. When she told this to Rosenberg he broke his promise to be non-judgmental, warning her that the life of a jezebelist was immoral, that women should not go out into the world looking for married men to tempt into adultery. Elena had despised the doctor from that day since, but was grateful to him for at least identifying her condition. The fact it had a name encouraged her. It meant that there were others out there like her. She had thought she was the only one.

She searched for literature on the subject but there was surprisingly little. She secretly bought movies or books that contained adultery as a subject matter. She put her fantasies into words and posted them on erotic fiction websites. Eventually, just after Elena turned 18, she got round to seducing her first man, her older sister's latest boyfriend. Fucking him had been everything she'd been hoping for and more, because she hadn't realized the thrill she'd get every time she saw her sister and her lover together.

About six months ago Elena received an email. Her online postings and searches had not gone unnoticed. An organization of women just like her wanted her to join their ranks.

After a series of excitingly cloak and dagger meetings with one of her new Sisters Elena was quickly inducted into the secret Jezebelist Society. It was like a support group full of proud home wreckers and wanton sluts. Elena's local chapter met once a month to swap stories and advice.

With the society's help she'd learned the power of her pussy to push men into infidelity, any man with a wife or a girlfriend was her prey.

Mr Maguire was just the latest conquest.


Elena left the hotel and caught the bus home.

Both her parents were home and she was forced to suffer the obligatory chat about the party, who'd been there, who'd gone back to Dee's house afterwards etc.

Elena didn't feel bad about lying to her folks. She'd been doing it for years. It was better that way. She didn't think that they'd appreciate the fact that their daughter was a dirty little slut.

As soon as she was able she made an excuse and raced up to her room.

Elena pulled out her laptop and logged on.

She accessed the Jezebelist's secret website, one that Google would never direct anyone to.

The initials WACFYM appeared at the top of the page. They matched the tattoo that decorated the inside of her left wrist.

They stood for - We Are Coming For Your Men- and Elena never tired of seeing them, the Jezebelist's mission statement to the world.

For the next hour she updated her personal page, writing an explicit blog about Mr Maguire and all the nasty things that they'd got up to last night. She copied and pasted a picture of him from the school's own site.

After that she searched the site for the recent updates from her fellow Sisters, specifically ones that had videos attached. She clicked on one that was called New Daddy.

The link brought up a picture of a handsome guy called Steve, next to a detailed bio that explained how long he'd been married, how he'd been faithful until Lilith had systematically stalked and seduced him.

Absentmindedly Elena began to stroke herself through the cloth of her dampening knickers.

She waited as the video was buffering, reading that it had been taken on the day, the very time that his unsuspecting wife was giving birth to his child.

The video, when it played, was grainy and appeared to show a lift somewhere. Steve and Lilith were really going at it. Elena slipped her fingers inside her underwear and began to play with herself.

Elena could hear what they were saying and it was really turning her on. In fact, she was getting wetter by the second. This Lilith was clearly a master at this. Elena's encounters had been nothing like this.

Elena shut her eyes as the man on the screen informed the world that he liked fucking his slut with his married cock. She was close to cumming.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Elena cursed and closed the laptop. She sat up and straightened her clothes.

"Yes?" She shouted.

Her mother opened the door and stood in the doorway.

"You spend all your time on that thing. Your dad and I were hoping that we could spend some time with you before you go. Go out for dinner or something?"

Elena sighed, expressing her acquiescence.

"Just let me shower, okay? I feel all gross from crashing on Dee's couch last night."

"Okay sweetie." She paused. " I love you, you know." Which is what her mum always said when she nagged Elena.

"Yeah mum, I know." Elena never reciprocated.

The door closed. Her mum didn't have a clue. How had two such boring people produced a child like her, Elena had no idea.


Elena's flight landed in JFK at 10 am.

She disembarked and made her ways through customs without any problems. Her stomach was full of butterflies but she had an excited grin on her face.

She saw a card being waved with her name on it. The welcoming committee looked very welcoming. Elena checked them out as she walked over.

Two adorable girls were waving enthusiastically. Elena knew Monica was seven and Mattie was five. Both had curly strawberry blond hair done up in pigtails. They were dressed in cute little dresses with white cardigans.

"There she is, Mommy." Monica squealed.

Andrea Bishop smiled as Elena approached. She picked up her third daughter, Abby, a year old, from the pushchair, and made the little one wave too.

"Hello. Mrs Bishop?" Elena asked.

"Andy." The older woman said, a big friendly smile on her face. She proceeded to introduce her daughters.

Elena ducked down to say hello.

"This for you." Mattie whispered, acting shy all of a sudden and trying to hide behind her mom's legs. The girl was holding a sweet little teddy bear.

"Thank you, Mattie. He's very cute."

"It was my idea too!" Monica interjected, desperate to get credit from this exciting new person.

Andy and Elena shared a look and then laughed.

Elena assessed Andy as they walked to the baggage carousel.

She was over thirty but clearly healthy and happy. She was pretty, her expressive face framed by long hair the same shade as her daughters' hair. Andy had a good figure for a woman her age and a mother of three but a little excess weight on her hips made her look a bit mumsy.

They chatted a bit about the flight and where it was in U.K that Elena came from, Monica wanting to know if Elena had ever met the Queen.

She was quite put out when Elena said that she hadn't.

"It's our fault. When the agency said you were from England Rob and I pulled out the atlas to show the girls where that was and tell them about your country. They might have got the impression you're from a fairytale land."

Andy laughed good-naturedly. It was a good sound. Elena figured she smiled and laughed a lot. Her friendly personality quickly soothed away Elena's nervousness and made her feel at ease.

"Is Rob at work?"

"Yeah. He wanted to be here so you could meet the rabble all together but there was an emergency."

"Daddy's a veteran." Mattie added solemnly.

"He's in the army?!" Elena asked the serious, wide-eyed kid.

"He's a veterinarian. V.E.T.E.R.I.N.A.R.I.A.N." Monica explained, showing off to the nice stranger.

"You're a clever little girl." Elena said as she stroked the child's hair.

"She gets the brains from Rob." Andy joked as the group got in the Bishop's car. "He might be home by the time we get there. We'll stop by the grocery store and pick up some stuff for dinner on the way."

The drive out to the city passed quickly. The two girls eager to fill their guest in on the minutiae of their lives and to learn more about hers.

They had no idea that Elena was thinking about their daddy, what he looked like and how soon she could get Rob to fuck her.


They pulled up outside a large suburban house and got Elena's luggage from the trunk.

The front door opened and a Jack Russell terrier came bounding out, practically jumping over himself to greet his family.

"That's Scruffs. The only other boy in the house." A male voice called out as the dog danced Elena, sniffing her and licking her hands when she crouched down to stroke him.

"Daddy!" Mattie shouted, running over to him.

Rob scooped her up in his arms then walked over the car.

"Welcome to our house, Elena." He said, smiling and extending his hand, which Elena shook.

"Thanks." Elena replied with a gulp. The man had big strong hands.

Rob Bishop was in his early thirties too. Elena was very pleased to see that he was good looking. He had dimples when he smiled. Nearly six foot tall, he had light brown hair, cut short and warm brown eyes to match. From the way his shirt fitted his body it looked like he kept in shape too.

"She doesn't know the Queen, Daddy." Monica stated, as if the fact should have been obvious to everybody but that she'd known all along.

Rob looked down at his eldest daughter.

"I only said she might, sweetheart."

Elena watched as Rob briefly kissed Andy on the lips before he handed Mattie over to his wife.

Elena felt disappointed. There hadn't even been a cursory glance at any part of her below her face and now he'd been completely distracted by his family and the job of carrying her suitcases.

She trailed in behind the family, watching them through narrowed eyes.


The Bishops had a nice suburban home. Four bedrooms upstairs, a guest room downstairs where Elena would be staying, a large garden that Andy and Rob clearly enjoyed taking care of and even a pool that was hidden behind a wall and a locked gate for their daughters' safety.


Rob showed her to her room, putting her bags by the door.

The rest of the family were in the kitchen as Andy prepared dinner.

Elena had hoped that, once they were alone, the father of three would give her the look. The look she was used to receiving from men. The one that let her know that they'd seen her big tits, her round ass, long legs and general hotness.

She didn't get it from this man.

Even when he put his hand on her arm and told her that they hoped she would be happy here, that had been completely innocent.

Elena liked the Bishops, but unfortunately for them that only made her want to seduce Rob more. Elena realized that, unlike the others she'd been with, Rob was a good husband. He loved his children and he was clearly devoted to Andy. Even after all the years together they were very happily married.

The Bishops' had no idea that the agency that they'd used to find Elena was a front for the society, a way to put sluts into happy homes...

It was going to be a challenge but, and Elena shivered, when she eventually had his hard cock in her pussy that was going the ultimate reward.


Andy had worked as a nurse in a care home before she had left to have Abby. Now she was planning to go back to work part time. She returned to work next week, giving Elena enough time to settle in and see how things worked.

Elena's responsibility was to watch the kids when both Rob and Andy were at work and to help around the house. The chores didn't seem that onerous, the kids were a delight and Elena thought that she'd be more than able to cope.

As she learned how Andy liked to do the laundry and what everyone liked to eat so she watched how they all interacted with each other.

Rob got up first in the morning to take the dog for a walk, home in time to have breakfast with his family before Mattie and Monica went off to school. He'd come in to the kitchen and kiss his daughters then kiss Andy, sometimes putting his arm around her waist as she poured cereal, cooked bacon and eggs or dished out porridge.

They'd talk about what was in the newspaper or what topics were to be covered in class then Andy would put packed lunches into the girls' bags as Rob tidied up the baby food that was splattered over Abby's chubby cheeks, bib and high chair.

The Bishops were an affectionate couple; their years together had not seen a decline in the amount of touching they shared. Elena often saw them holding hands about the house.

She daydreamed about their sex life, slightly obsessed with the question of how often they did it. She pictured both of them naked. Were they as wholesome in their lovemaking as they were about everything else?

Elena imagined walking past their room one night and hearing the muffled sounds of them screwing but Elena's room was downstairs so illicit eavesdropping would be risky.

How creaky are the stairs? Elena pondered after Rob and Andy came down one morning still glowing from the sex they'd obviously had the night before.

The Bishop family had no idea what was going through Elena's head. The girls adored her already, Monica doing a fair approximation of her accent and Mattie wouldn't let anyone else read her a bedtime story. Andy had called her a blessing once already. Rob treated her just like another member of the family. However much Elena wished that she could see some attraction in his eyes there was none.


A week later


It was Andy's first day back at work.

Elena was finally in the house to herself, barring the kids of course.

She was going snooping today. The prospect of it had been exciting her all week. What would she find in the Bishop's bedroom?

She checked on the girls. Monica and Mattie were outside playing and the baby asleep in her cot.


Elena opened the door to their room, shivering at the thrill of her wicked act.

Her first destination was the two cabinets on either side of the bed. She pulled out the first drawer and found nothing more exciting than a John Grisham paperback.

The second unit also yielded nothing.

A little disappointed, she'd been hoping to find a vibrator, a dildo, condoms or something, Elena checked under the bed. Her father, she'd found out on previous snooping missions, kept some porn mags under the mattress. Rob did not.

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