tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 02

WACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 02


Guillermo watched from the doorway as his seven year old daughter, Alegria and her four year old sister Caridad whispered their prayers. When they were done he tucked them both into bed, kissed them on the foreheads and turned on the nightlight.

As they drifted off to sleep he lingered a moment to gaze at their beautiful peaceful faces. He couldn't believe how quickly they were growing up. He smiled to himself and went down the hall.

Merida, his wife, glanced up as he entered.

She looked worried and Guillermo's heart went out to her. It was a month since Mrs Morrison had discovered her husband's infidelity and had taken her children to stay at her mother's. Since then the atmosphere in the main house had been awkward, to say the least.

Before that, things had been very different. His Uncle Jose and Aunt Maria, who lived in the apartment above the garage, acted as the Morrison's chauffeur and maid respectively. Guillermo had taken over the gardening and handyman duties five years ago when they moved to the States. Maria's age meant she let Merida focus on the housekeeping whilst she ruled the kitchen and looked after the children, both the Morrison's and Guillermo's.

They might just have been staff but it wasn't like that. The Morrison's had been a nice family and it had been a common sight to see their children playing together on the lawn or sharing the pool.

Merida felt terrible for Mrs Morrison and her children but she was also understandably worried about what these circumstances meant for her family.

"Does it make me a bad person?" She asked as her husband sat on the couch next to her.

Guillermo shook his head and stroked her cheek to reassure her. He tried to seem a lot more confident than he felt. The truth was their futures were uncertain; even if the house wasn't sold in a divorce he hardly thought Tom Morrison needed four servants all for one person.

"Try not to think about it, carino. We've got the Alegria's first communion next weekend, that's something to look forward to, huh?"

Merida's expression lifted a little. Guillermo was pleased; his wife cared so much about people, it was one of the things he loved about her, but it hurt him to see her sad.

"How about we watch the movie, huh?" He asked to change the subject and smiled when his wife nodded.


Merida was such a sweet and gentle person it often came as a surprise that she was a huge fan of horror film and disaster flicks, the smaller budget the better. Guillermo didn't share his wife's passion for B-movies but he didn't mind the way she'd snuggle up against him and buried her pretty face into his chest for the scary parts.

The DVD on the menu tonight was Frankenfish. Genetically modified fish let loose to kill the locals in the bayou. It actually wasn't bad and Guillermo got lots of cuddle action.

"Mmmm..." Merida moaned as she lay in her husband's lap and he massaged her feet. He watched her as she watched the movie. He never got tired of gazing at her heart shaped face and her big doe eyes. They were so expressive, every little emotion perfectly readable.

On screen the large monster fish burst out of the water and Merida screamed. Guillermo took the opportunity to sneak a glance at the way his wife's breasts bounced under the nightshirt she wore. He loved her body and wasn't ashamed to like looking at it.

She was small and slim with BB cup breasts that he loved to get his hands on. He couldn't help picturing her large dark areoles against her caramel skin. Guillermo never tired of feeling them fill his hands.

Just thinking about his wife caused his penis to start to swell. Her slight weight on his lap added to the good feeling in his crotch. Even after eight years he was still attracted to his wife, still aroused by her, a blessing from God. She was the only woman he'd ever been with in his twenty eight years and the only woman he ever wanted.

He stroked her bare thigh with his fingertips, enjoying her smoothness.

"Later, bonito..." She promised.

Merida half-heartedly batted his hand away but when his hand returned there she let him amuse himself. When the film was done she'd happily take care of him and the stiff bulge she was sitting on. Merida enjoyed lovemaking and thought of sex not as a chore but a gift shared between man and wife. Guillermo was so adorably grateful when she gave herself to him, so gentle and tender that she liked to please him as often as possible.

Guillermo settled for her letting him lightly kiss and caress her neck. He was happy to just relax with her comfortable warmth close to him.

On screen there was a shot of a woman sunbathing topless. After a second Guillermo averted his gaze. He felt himself blush a little for even that moment. When God had given him so much to be thankful for he had no right to be looking at other women.

It wasn't easy though sometimes. American culture was so different from life in the village back home. There seemed to be so much bare skin everywhere. He felt nudity was something to be treasured by two people joined in matrimony. Even then it had taken a while before he felt comfortable getting naked in front of Merida.

He stroked his wife's rich dark hair and thanked God that she felt the same way about him as he felt for her and for giving them their precious children. He didn't want much from the world, just these three beautiful girls.

The credits finally rolled and Guillermo had to admit he'd enjoyed it even though he was now as horny as hell. Still he was too much of a gentleman to just pounce on his wife. He softly tilted her head up as he leant down to kiss her.

Merida smiled as his full pink lips met hers and his soft facial hair tickled her cheeks. His hands were at her breasts, gently cupping them in his palms.

"It is not right for her to move into the house." Merida protested, still distracted by her dark thoughts. Earlier that day Mr Morrison had informed the Garcia Rioz family that Jena and Lara Summers would be moving into the main house the following day. Merida had been told to make up the guest bedroom for Jena and to remove all traces of his wife who had been usurped by her mother.

"What can we do about it?" Guillermo sighed. He was too much of a nice guy to push her if she wasn't in the mood, but he was a man and he wanted to make love to his wife. He decided to try something to dispel her preoccupation.

Gently, watching her face for her reaction, he slid his hand up her skirt and found her warm mound and let his fingers caress the soft cotton that concealed it.

"Gil..." She protested but only half-heartedly. She couldn't contain her laughter as she looked into his eager puppy dog eyes. He was so cute when he was like this.

With a twinkle in his eye he smiled as he removed her panties and let his fingers play in her untrimmed bush. She slowly eased up her skirt and exhaled as he stroked her dark curls.

"I love you." Guillermo whispered as he touched her private place, caressing the outer lips as their mouths locked. Merida put her hand against his chest and could feel his heart beating as his tongue slipped past her lips.

The world seemed to disappear when she was in his embrace. Without too much disruption to their kissing she was able pull off his shirt and run her hands over his smooth hairless torso. He was not a big man, but she loved his lean boyish body and its perfect mix of light muscle and soft skin. He smelled like mown grass and sawn wood as she nuzzled his neck.

Merida licked her lips and could taste him on them. His tender fingers between her legs were making her wet and she wanted him inside her.

Taking charge and pushing him back when he sought to kiss her again; she moved to straddle him, her hands unfastening his belt. She could feel his hardness waiting for her as she teased him by slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

Guillermo lifted his ass and pushed his boxers and jeans down, freeing his eight inch erection with his wife poised above it. They never fully undressed when they made love down here, rather than behind the locked bedroom door, in case of the children but he loved it like this, being still semi-clothed seeming to make it more intimate, more secret.

"Ummm..." He moaned quietly as she sank down onto his member, easing it inside her warm wet darkness, hidden by the folds of her skirts. Pushing up her baggy t-shirt her small but perfect breasts seemed designed to fill his palms of his hands.

She trembled as his rough hands massaged her soft sensitive skin, her nipples hardening to his touch. Guillermo gazed at his wife's body, devoted to her glowing radiance as she began to rock backwards and forwards, his manhood both gripped and released by her slickness.

He kissed between her breasts then flicked his tongue over her pert nipples, sucking one then the other as his hands reached round to hold her small round butt as she increased the tempo of her rhythm.

The room was quiet except for the ticking of the clock and sounds of their breathing. Before they had become parents Merida had liked to moan, sometimes quite loudly. Guillermo did not consider it a bad trade, the silence seemingly intensifying the connection he felt with Merida, like a whispered amen at mass.

It was his role as the man to listen out should one of his daughters wake but that just added sense of naughtiness to their sex. It had also helped to extend the length of time Guillermo could hold out and they both... appreciated... that.

Merida always closed her eyes when he was inside her, so he was free to gaze adoringly over every inch of her body, the subtle ways her face registered and expressed the pleasure he was causing in her.

He shifted his hips, gently thrusting in time to her motion and watched as she bit her lip to stop herself moaning. Guillermo moved his hands to her narrow waist, lightly lifting her up and down as somewhere in the darkness her body took him deep inside her.

Her breath was growing laboured and her fingers were in his dark scruffy hair at just the right amount of exquisite discomfort, balancing out the throbbing sensation coming from his balls. She was close to climax and Guillermo wanted to help her, her pleasure and satisfaction always his top priority.

He ran his hands over her thighs and into the concealed space under her skirt. With little effort he found what he sought; the swollen nub hidden by her velvety soft folds and began to stroke it.

Guillermo smiled as Merida arched her back and threw back her head, taking short sharp breaths as her body seized with orgasm, shuddering as the waves of ecstasy rippled through her body.

Breathing heavily but eager to bring her husband the same pleasure he had given her, Merida resumed riding him harder, bouncing up and down on his lap. It didn't take long for her aroused spouse to start panting.

"Oh...Meri..." He groaned until she swooped down to lock her lips with his, sucking at his mouth and depriving him of air as their tongues mingled in their passion. His hands roved up and down her back as his cock twitched inside her and his legs spasmed as his nerves tingled.

"Aw...aw...." He growled, unable to restrain the vocalisation of what he was feeling any longer. With wanton abandon he buried his face between his wife's breasts, sucking kissing and licking them as the throbbing of his shaft grew increasingly more urgent and undeniable.

"Ugh...I'm gonna...." He cried.

Merida loved watching Guillermo's sweet face scrunch up as he drew close to the point of orgasm. She knew him, his body, so well, all the telltale signs. It was always a little heart wrenching as he neared the point of no return. She quickly slipped off of him, feeling the loss of him inside her, the ache of him no longer united with her flesh.

Taking him into her hand she tugged at his straining pole and seconds later he was emptying his heavy balls all over his heaving chest and flat belly. When all of his seed was spurted and cooling on his golden skin Merida lovingly stroked his face as he cleaned himself off with some tissue. They'd discussed having another baby but both decided the time wasn't quite right. Until then Merida would have to miss the feeling of him cumming inside her.


Guillermo watched as his Uncle Jose drove the car onto the drive away and stopped. The older man got out and opened the back door for his passengers.

Lara Summers got out first and despite himself, Guillermo's eyes drank in the sight of her body. For an older woman she exceptionally sexy. Immaculately made up and dressed in an expensive designer suit she was nothing like he'd been expecting for his employer's mistress. There was something remarkable in the way she carried herself, so gracefully and self possessed.

As his gaze drifted over her figure he began to see why Mr Morrison had given up his wife over her. Lara's silk blouse was unbuttoned very low and Guillermo could see the busty woman's mouth-watering cleavage.

Guillermo swallowed and dragged his eyes away, ashamed at the way they had lingered longer than they ought to. He was already feeling a little uncomfortable when he caught sight of Jena, her nineteen year old daughter. She shared her mother's copper red hair and incredible fair skin, high cheekbones and emerald green eyes.

The girl was barely clothed. She wore only a skimpy halter top and very short skirt. From the way her erect nipples poked through the thin fabric of her top the whole world, and Guillermo, could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Conversely the length of her skirt meant half of her small pert ass was on display, clad in sinful white panties.

Fortunately neither of the women paid him any attention or they would have seen his face redden. They entered the house as Guillermo helped his uncle get the bags from the trunk.

"Woohee! Did you see the tits on those bitches?" Jose said with a dirty chuckle.

"Uncle!" Guillermo protested, shocked by the coarse language. Jose had always been a randy old goat but Guillermo, to his shame, couldn't deny that the sight of the pair of sexy women had caused a stirring in his pants.


As Guillermo carried the luggage up the stairs he heard Lara talking to Merida and his aunt in the kitchen, telling them what groceries she expected to be kept in the house from now on and how she liked her bed made.

He knew Merida would be unhappy about that.

He left the older woman's YSL cases in the master bedroom and then headed down the hall.


Jena smiled as she gazed about her new room. It was even bigger than her old one. Jezebelism wasn't about gold digging per se but she had to hand it to her mom; Tom had been a good catch as well as a good fuck.

Speak of the devil- her mom's lover stepped up behind her, brushed her red hair aside and untied her top.

"Tom..." Jena scolded him but she was amused as well, as he exposed her full pert breasts.

"I couldn't wait..." The older man responded, pressing his body against her so she could feel how hard he was for her.

At that moment Guillermo walked into the room.

"Oh..." He uttered as he saw his boss fondling Jena's teenage breasts.

The girl smiled as she looked at the new man. He was so cute and innocent looking as his warm brown eyes filled with shock.

God, he was even blushing!

"Miss ...Summer's... bags..." He stammered as he put them on the floor, trying to resist the temptation to sneak a glimpse of her exposed breasts. They were so large and so pale with rosebud pink points compared to Merida's own olive tones and dark nipples.

"Thank you, Gil." Tom said, no trace in his voice betraying embarrassment at being caught in this compromising situation. Months of fucking Lara and Jena, often at the same time had completely corrupted him. "I was just making Jena feel welcome."


Jena reclined on the bed as her friend Angela inspected her new room. It was a few days after she had moved in but she thought she was going to like it here...for one reason in particular.... The young man in question was outside mowing the lawn, completely aware that he was being ogled by two teenage sluts.

"His name is Guillermo." Jena said, handing her friend a pair of binoculars.

Angela smiled as she watched him. He had thick dark hair that fell over his brow and curled down near his collar. The Hispanic man had a nice boyish face despite his short beard. He smiled as his daughters kicked a soccer ball around and she saw that he had a cute smile and dimples.

Guillermo was wearing scruffy jeans and a faded t-shirt but Angela could tell he had a nice body, broader in the shoulders than in the waist and toned pecs. His arms looked strong, with a nice amount of hair on his forearms, as he built up a sweat in the sun. As he worked his shirt rode up a little treating the spectators to flash of his flat stomach, downy looking treasure trail and the waistband of his plaid boxers.

One of the girls began to cry, having fallen over in the grass. Angela couldn't hear what her father was saying but caught the look of loving concern on his face as he consoled her. The Asian girl felt her pussy dampen at the sight of the young dad taking care of his child. Somewhere downstairs his wife was working, blissfully unaware that a scheme was being laid to seduce her husband and to fuck the father of her children.

"Want to share him?" She asked as she turned towards Jena.

"Nope, he's going to be all mine."

"Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind?" Angela inquired suggestively as she started to kiss her friend's dainty little toes.


Guillermo took his wife's hand as he watched Alegria walk down the aisle towards the altar and the priest. She looked so beautiful in her frilly white dress; she was playing with her dark curls, giving away her nervousness. He felt so proud as his eldest to take her First Communion in front of all their friends in the community.

"Don't fidget." He told Caridad but tenderly, rather than telling her off.

Aunty Maria dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief and Guillermo thought Merida might be joining her in a moment. They were all in their Sunday best and he was wearing his suit. It had been a busy morning as the women got dressed and friends had come over to help preparing for the party that was going to be held after the service but it was worth it.


It was a beautiful day as the guests began to arrive and there was the sound of the kids screaming as they ran around the garden or played by the kerb. Several mothers called out warnings not to get their clothes dirty.

Maria, Merida and several other women were laying out the food and gossiping.

Paco, Merida's brother, had brought some beer in a cooler and Guillermo was just finishing his third when Maria approached him and asked him to fetch some mustard from the main house.


Jena saw Guillermo heading towards the house and decided to seize this opportunity to get him alone. He looked too cute in his crisp white shirt and black tie to pass up, despite her promise to Angela.

The slut entered the spacious kitchen just as Guillermo went into the small pantry at the back. His back was turned as she tiptoed up behind him and slid her hands into the pockets of his pants.

Guillermo jumped a bit as he felt someone begin to stroke his cock and fondle his balls through the material of his boxers. After the beer and the sun he was already feeling good and this was just perfect.

"Meri..." He laughed and assumed it was his wife being playful and continued to search for the elusive mustard.

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