Elana Grey smiled impatiently as she surveyed the group of unruly kindergarteners and glanced at the clock, hoping the bell would ring. She'd only been their teacher for a few weeks, having just moved into town, and once again wondering why she'd taken up teaching when she hated kids.

She gazed out of the window as the children's parents were already gathering at the gates. She skimmed over the dreary small town moms and inspected the dads. They were the reason she put up with this crap, she remembered. She'd been teaching for 3 years and fucking her pupils' hot young dads really turned her on.

One guy in particular had been catching her eye. His name was Sam Freeman and his 5-yr-old daughter, Rachel was in her class. With fresh, open features, he was a good looking man, with slightly scruffy black hair, warm brown eyes and easy-going smile. More than one of the assembled frustrated housewives sent lingering glances his way. Sam was completely oblivious to the lustful attention, being a happily married man.

That fact, coupled with his square jaw beneath a short beard, handsome open face and nice athletic build, not too big but manly and fit made Elana's pussy wet. His wife, Billie, who dropped Rachel off everyday, was very pretty in a wholesome way and Elana remembered seeing the family at Walmart a week ago. It had been obvious that Sam was a devoted husband and doting dad. The prospect of seducing and corrupting him meant her panties were getting very damp. She wished the bell would ring already so she could go and get herself off in the bathrooms.


The next day, at recess


"Hi Rachel, do you want to stay in and play with Fluffy?" Elana asked, stroking the girl's golden curls.

The child nodded eagerly. She loved animals but access to the class' rabbit was strictly controlled so she understood what a huge privilege (though she didn't know that word) she was being offered. Miss Grey was so nice she wouldn't even mind that she would miss out on playing with her friends.

"Thank you, Miss Grey." She replied politely, her parents bringing her up right.

"Why don't you call me Elana? It can be our secret." Her teacher suggested and smiling as the kid beamed. "I shouldn't be telling you this but you're my favourite. You're such a special girl."

Swelling with happiness Rachel couldn't contain she hugged her teacher and giggled about how none of her friends were Miss Grey's favourite or got to play with Fluffy at recess. She felt like she might even love her teacher but she was too shy to say it.

Confident that she'd won over the girl and so easily Elana decided to press her advantage.

"Tell me about your mommy and daddy."

"What do you want to know?" Rachel replied, puzzled but eager to please her new friend. Completely trusting, she had no idea that her teacher was seeking information she could use to divide this family and wreck this happy marriage.

"Does your daddy love your mommy?"

Rachel nodded as she cuddled the rabbit and stroked his fur. "They always hold each other's hand and they dance together in the kitchen and they always..." She trailed off as she mimed two people kissing. "Its yucky..."

"Do they ever fight?"

Rachel shook her head. Her friend Denise's parents fought all the time and seemed angry whenever she went over there to play. Her mommy and daddy were always smiling or at least most of the time, unless she'd been naughty.

"What do mommy and daddy do for work?"

"Mommy is a receptionis and Daddy has a DIY magasin. Mommy comes home later but me and daddy play or he helps me with my homework and then we all have dinner and then mommy reads me a bedtime story."

As she thought Sam was a good father, caring and kind. His marriage seemed to be affectionate and loving and it was then that Elana decided that she was definitely going to seduce Mr Freeman and unknowingly Rachel was going to help her.


A few days later, at home time


"Hi Miss Grey?" Sam asked, entering the classroom and speaking to young blonde he found there. Rachel hadn't been at the gates so he'd ventured into the building to find her. He was relieved to find his daughter happily watching a rabbit scamper about on the floor.

"Oh you must be Rachel's dad." Elana greeted the 34-year old, quickly taking note of how handsome he was close up, the chest hair visible beneath his open collar and the hairy forearms his rolled up shirtsleeves revealed. She couldn't help imagining running her hands over his masculine body as his bright eyes filled with lust for hers.

"Yep, Sam Freeman." He said as they shook hands. Elana noted that his eyes briefly strayed to her chest and was pleased that she'd undone a couple of buttons of her summerdress. Guys, even ones like Sam, couldn't help checking out her tits, even if it was just for a second. They were so big and yet firm that the only thing she was more proud of was her ripe, curvaceous ass. "Rachel's been raving about how great a teacher you are. It's nice to finally meet you."

"She is a great little girl."

"Yep, she is." He said, a proud dad. As he said it he couldn't help noticing that the sunlight in the room was making the woman's dress see through, the outline of her long shapely legs and pert behind almost completely visible. He quickly averted his gaze, reminding himself he was a contented married man. Nothing in her friendly, innocent demeanour hinted that she knew exactly how transparent her outfit was. In fact she seemed as demure as you'd expect from a kindergarten teacher.

Elana smiled, knowing he'd noticed from his awkwardness and the way he studiously avoided looking at her voluptuous body. She'd play it sweet but as they spent more time together she knew it would get harder and harder for him to ignore.

"Rachel tells me you own a DIY magazine. I was hoping we could meet because I have some ideas for redecorating my classroom. My predecessor was definitely lacking imagination."

"What did you have in mind?" He asked politely.

Elana smiled as she outlined her plans for the room; murals, new play rug and maybe some new computers if the school could find the funds. Sam nodded as he listened. There was nothing too complicated and he could definitely offer some advice.

"I was hoping for something a bit more physical." Elana replied, wetting her full red lips, when he suggested a few ideas. "I have no idea about any of this."

"I don't know..." Sam answered. He wanted to be helpful but the project would take up his time that he enjoyed spending with his daughter before his wife got home from work.

"Please daddy....say yes!" Rachel interjected buoyantly, saying the words Miss Grey had told her to say. "I can play with Fluffy or..do... my homework... while you help."

Sam laughed, surprised at his daughter's keenness to spend more time at school and do her homework. Her teacher must be really good to inspire such a response and he found his objections melting away. "I guess I could donate a couple of hours a week for a good cause. I'll just have to check with my wife."

"Mommy will say yes!" Rachel cried, bouncing up and down enthusiastically.

Elana smiled. The plan was working perfectly. Of course Billie would say yes; she may have some reservations about her husband spending so much time alone with Elana but nothing in the way she dressed or acted gave any indication of what a slut she really was and anyway Billie trusted her husband.

"I guess I'll speak to you tomorrow and we can take it from there. Rachel, we best be going now," He added, ignoring her petulant pout "we've got to pick up dinner for mommy."


A week later, at the mall


Sam and Rachel, riding on his shoulders, were passing a flower stall and on the spur of the moment he decided to stop. He wasn't really one for big romantic gestures but he knew how lucky he was to have found someone like Billie and he liked to let her know it with little tokens of his affection as well as telling her he loved her everyday.

"Shall we buy mommy some flowers?"

"Is it her birthday?" Rachel enquired, her pretty eyes wide with the question. It had been her own birthday a couple of months ago and what she really wanted to know was if she was going to get a present too.

"No, sweetheart." Sam replied with a little laugh, reading his daughter's mind. "I just like to surprise her sometimes...but after we've picked some flowers we can visit the toy store and get something for you for being such a good girl."

"Yay!" She exclaimed as daddy lifted her from his shoulders. Solemnly, taking the job seriously she preceded to smell each bouquet, announcing those she liked or more often disliked. "These ones, daddy." She finally decided, pointing her finger imperiously.

Sam and the vendor shared a humorous look as he handed over the cash.


It was Friday, the third afternoon Sam was helping Elana. She couldn't keep her eyes off of him. He was applying a coat of paint to a wall and had just stripped off his shirt down to his white vest letting her get a nice view of his broad tanned shoulders and strong arms.

She was supposed to be concentrating her attention on Rachel, who was also painting, but she'd rather check out the way her father's butt looked in his jeans. She imagined digging her fingers into it as he drove his cock into her. The sweat on his body wouldn't be from the heat but rather passionate fucking.

He'd been a good boy and not taken up the chances to check out her body, though she'd given him plenty. He had no idea how much his faithfulness turned her on.

"What do you think, Daddy; should the flowers be red or yellow?" She called out and getting his attention.

"Umm..." Sam pondered, wiping his brow. "Why not red... and... yellow?"

As he replied he noticed the way Elana was leaning on the desk as she helped his daughter. She'd opted for a shorter, tighter skirt today. He'd have had to have been blind not to notice her perfect peach-shaped ass. It was the kind of ass every guy dreamed of groping, maybe smacking a little to watch it bounce.

Sam pulled his eyes away and resumed his work, feeling his cheeks redden slightly. These were definitely not the type of thoughts a married man should be having. His sex life with Billie was very good and kept him more than satisfied.

He shook his head and dispelled the thought. He wasn't interested in anybody but Billie, she and Rachel meant everything to him. It had been a harmless observation, he told himself and it didn't mean anything.


Sam was in bed, his wife cuddling next to him, her arm absentmindedly stroking his bare chest as they were watching TV. He'd never admit it to anybody but he loved watching Billie's favourite shows like this. Sure he liked sports but he was man enough to enjoy New Girl.

"You know, I think I have a little crush on Zooey Deschanel?" Billie whispered.

"Really?" Sam chuckled. "Do I need to be jealous?"

"Of course not. I couldn't live without...this..." Billie giggled, slipping her hand down under the blanket and fondling his genitals.

"Hmmm...I remember you told me about that one time in college with your roommate. Maybe you're secretly a lesbian?" Sam joked as his spouse lightly slapped him on the arm by way of reprisal.

"Well...little Sam seems to like the idea..." Billie teased as she felt his member perk up in her palm. She adored her husband's body and (though it was unladylike) her favourite part of it was his cock. She loved it soft and vulnerable and the way his face would look all keen when it was hard.

"I think I'd need to hear all little more..." Sam prompted. It wasn't unusual for his wife to initiate sex so he'd quickly adjusted into sex mode. Some guys complained at work that their wives didn't want sex as much as they did but he and Billie had never had that problem.

"Such as...?" She said, gesturing for him to go on whilst she pulled a slightly comical face. She didn't want to make it too easy for him.

"Would you kiss her neck... like this?" Sam asked, brushing his lips over skin just below her earlobe. He liked the way she trembled at the feel of his beard against it. "Would she like it?"

"Yeah...and then maybe whilst I was doing that I'd touch her breasts. Mmmm...yeah just like that..." Billie moaned as Sam's big strong hands cupped her, his thumbs gently stroking each sensitive nipple.

"You have gorgeous breasts." Sam sighed, earning himself a little slap.

"Sssshh...I'm trying to tell you what I'm doing to Zooey..." Billie scolded him playfully. Sam dutifully played contrite back at her. Billie liked a lot of foreplay and he was always happy to oblige. "I'd kiss them gently...but not talk..."

Sam smiled and did as he was told. She might not want to hear it right now but he did love her breasts. They were just the right size to fit perfectly in his hands. Risking another reprimand he ventured a gamble and started to caress his wife's inner thigh.

"Oh yeah...that's nice..." Billie moaned and her husband took that as permission to explore further up her t-shirt. She arched her back as his fingers found her labia and brushed his fingertips over her.

Without needing instruction Sam knew exactly what she wanted. He closed his lips over hers, loving the way she ran her hands over his back. He softly eased a couple of fingers into her.

"Oh..Sam..." She sighed, biting her lower lip.

"What happened to Zooey?" He inquired with a grin.

"Rather be with you.." She sighed, the pleasure meaning she couldn't care less about syntax.

Well, he couldn't argue with that. He shifted lower down the bed and parted her legs. Billie thrashed, writhing as Sam began to pleasure her with his tongue. He was a considerate lover and her satisfaction was always his main priority and God he was good at it. His beard tickled her skin and only enhanced and added to the sensation as he delicately flicked his tongue over her clit.

But wasn't what she wanted tonight. She placed her hand on his shoulder to stop him. He looked up, his brown eyes immediately concerned. "I want you...to be with you."

Relieved she wasn't upset and understanding instantly; he smiled his crooked grin and crawled up from between her legs. He kissed her all over as he travelled up her body. Eventually he lowered himself down, their bodies uniting.


A week later


It was colder today but Elana had still opted just to wear a t-shirt. She liked the effect it had had on Sam as he'd realized she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were sticking out of the fabric. He'd swallowed hard and thrown himself into his tasks.

Elana smiled. Her body was beginning to have the effect she desired. As Sam spent more and more time near her hot young flesh it was getting harder to not think about it. His eyes were lingering a little longer each time.

She wondered if he thought about her at home when he was with his wife. Billie was a pretty, attractive woman but God hadn't blessed her with tits and an ass as bountiful as Elana's. Few women were. Elana knew her chaste, pure façade just enhanced her body's erotic appeal.

"I've just got to get something from the truck, be right back." Sam said casually, bending down to kiss the top of his daughter's head.

Elana watched him go, thinking about decent guys were so much fun. He'd never do anything to betray his wife, without her help at least. He trusted his own love and commitment enough that he thought could resist the temptation he was just beginning to feel but the seed of corruption had already been planted and could only grow.

"Do you know what feminism is?" Elana asked Rachel when her father was out of earshot.

The girl shook her head.

"It means that girls should get what they want." She explained. 'And I want your dad and I'm going to get him and make him mine', was a thought that went unspoken. She wanted to make him forget all about his wife and child until all he wanted was to be fucking Elana. "Some girls don't like to share and that's wrong, don't you think?"

Rachel nodded, only half paying attention. She painting a picture of her family and wanted to get the shade of her mommy's hair just right. She didn't really understand what Miss Grey was saying.

"Especially when some girls are better than the others, more superior and deserve it more."


Sam was in the hardware store buying supplies for the classroom. Rachel and Elana were somewhere else nearby searching for paint for the rear wall.

He was minding his own business when he recognised some voices from the next aisle. They were a pair of guys he knew vaguely. Their kids were in the first grade but he'd met them a few times.

He was about to go around and say hello when he caught what they were talking about.

"You seen the new kindergarten teacher?" One of them whistled. "God those tits!"

"Aw man. I know what you mean." His friend replied. "I'd give my left arm to be up to my nuts in that. If only I weren't married..."

"I hear she's fucking Sam Freeman, anyway."

"No way! Not enough he's married to the hottest mom at the school but now he's banging the teacher too? Never thought he was the type to screw around!"

Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to dismiss it as small town gossip but it was difficult. He was worried about the rumour getting back to Billie. He told himself she'd know it was false and that he'd never do that, couldn't do that to her. Nothing was going on. His relationship with Elana was strictly platonic.

Right then Elana and Rachel returned. There was something maternal in the way she was carrying her. Seeing his daughter in her arms made Sam feel slightly uncomfortable, given what he'd just overheard.

"Got wood?" Elana called out.

"Excuse me!?" Sam sputtered, aware the pair of guys were now in this aisle and about to pass them. He felt his checks reddening as they shot glances up and down Alana's body and back at him.

"For the shelves. What did you think I meant?"


The following month


Sam was on his knees, connecting the wires for the school's new computers. He was feeling a little uncomfortable as Elana was sat on the desk above him. He was struggling not take advantage of the situation by seeking a peek at her sexy long legs.

"It was so kind of your wife to get her company to donate these." Elana said, feigning sincerity. The sight of Sam on the floor had provoked a daydream of him burying his head between her legs and eating out her pussy.

Elana and without thinking Sam looked up. By moving, his daughter's kindergarten teacher had 'inadvertently' given him a direct line of sight up her skirt. He couldn't help notice the soft creamy whiteness of her dreamy thighs. He knew he should look away but he was momentarily transfixed by the sight of her red lace panties. They were skimpy and sheer enough that he now knew she was shaved completely down there.

They weren't the type of underwear he'd have expected her to wear. Yes her dresses were sometimes practically transparent and sometimes she really ought to wear a bra but when he'd noticed (though he'd tried not to) he'd simply thought she was naively unaware of her appeal. These panties were far too sexy for a woman who teaches kindergarten. For the briefest of moments he allowed himself to wonder what she was like sexually. She came across as innocent and girlish but perhaps she was wild in bed.

Feeling guilty, he could feel himself getting aroused by the idea. Willing the sudden swelling in his pants to go down he blushed and told himself to get a hold of himself. Bad enough those guys thought he was screwing her and now he was entertaining impure thoughts about her too.

What was worse was that Rachel wasn't there. She'd been invited to Denise's for dinner and had pleaded to go. So it was just him and Elana alone. Being a good husband meant avoiding situations where you were alone with incredibly hot other women. For the first time he wondered if he should be here. If something happened there was nobody to stop it. He trusted himself not to do anything but his conscience was still troubled.

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