tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 02

WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 02


Rachel was happily splashing around in the shallow water, laughing. It warmed Sam's heart to watch his daughter enjoying herself but he was keeping a close eye on her. Like every protective dad he was always mindful of every danger. It was too awful to contemplate of anything happening to her.

His wife, Billie was there too and it was nice to have some time together as a family. The sound of the two people who meant the world to him, laughing and playing was magical.

He didn't need reminding how close he had come to risking all this. His heart went out to his spouse as he observed her maternal warmth as she devoted her attention on their child. She'd given him so much happiness and in a brief lapse of his fidelity he'd let another woman, his daughter's kindergarten teacher, perform a sex act on him. Not just let her but gone along with it...and enjoyed it.....

Not his finest moment and he knew the guilt would never completely go away. He'd regretted it as soon as it had happened and was determined it was never going to happen again. It had been a temporary moment of insanity and he didn't want to throw away years of happy commitment just because some young thing had thrown herself at him. His wife was a beautiful woman and he loved her.

He let his eyes discreetly travel over her lean body. Billie always looked good in her bathing suit. She was short and petite, with small breasts, flat stomach and motherly hips. He knew every inch of her and cherished every chance he got to be with her.

He smiled as the girls started to splash him in a concerted attack.


Wendy Pritchard scowled at the smell of chlorine and the screams of happy children.

"Hurry up, Denise. We're already late!" She hissed. As if this wasn't going to be bad enough, she thought to herself. Billie Freeman always looked at her so sympathetically, knowing she had the perfect husband, the perfect house, the perfect life. Her husband never even looked at other women, not like Don who hardly bothered to hide it.

She caught sight of the Freemans and gave a little wave, ushering her daughter Denise in their direction. She knew she shouldn't but, as they approached, she couldn't help admiring Sam. Clad only in his shorts it was too irresistible to check out his strong arms and masculine torso. She longed to run her fingers through the dark fur of his chest that covered his pecs and down his flat abdomen. Why couldn't she have a handsome, faithful husband like Sam?

"Wow! You look amazing!" Billie whistled as the other woman neared. Her friend was wearing a bikini that really showed off her assets. It wasn't really appropriate attire for a kids' day at the swimming pool but she knew Wendy had been trying to lose weight lately. It seemed to be really working.

Wendy smiled, concealing her true feelings. She knew Billie looked down on her but at least she had one thing superior to her; her body. A few months ago she'd had been plump rather than fat and her regime had hit all the right areas. Her waist had narrowed, without diminishing her busty curvaceousness.

More than one guy in the pool had checked her out and her voluptuous hourglass figure. The feeling of satisfaction she got from that grew as Sam's eyes travelled down to her rack and stayed there a little longer than they should've.

Eventually he dragged his gaze away before his wife could notice. Inwardly Wendy rejoiced. Maybe Sam wasn't above ogling a fine pair of tits after all. She was glad she'd worn the skimpy garment to let him get a good look.

"Hey Sam." Wendy greeted him, casually placing a friendly hand on his shoulder. It lingered there a little longer than suitable and Sam frowned. She'd always been a little flirtatious but he'd always dismissed it as harmless. Still he felt a little self-conscious about being half undressed around her.

"How are things?" He asked politely. Still wearing makeup in the water, he always thought it unusual that his classy, graceful wife was friends with her. He'd never said it but he'd always considered the other woman a little trashy.

"Oh you know," She sighed. "Crap at work and Don's a big an ass as usual." Wendy complained.

Sam tried to nod sympathetically; the whole town knew how much the Pritchards fought. Sam didn't really like his daughter spending so much time round there but always bit his tongue because Rachel and Denise were friends.

Unprompted a thought sprung into his mind. The Pritchards didn't get along so Don was hardly likely to be enjoying the benefits of Wendy's new improved body. It seemed a waste of that beautiful bountiful flesh....He tried to shake the thought from his head.

"You should leave him, you know?" Billie replied, sighing slightly. All the girls had said so and Wendy never listened to the advice. None of them could understand why she put up with a guy who treated her so mean and openly fooled around on her. "There are other guys out there."

Sam noticed how Wendy's eyes flicked in his direction as Billie spoke and he swallowed, feeling awkward and nervous. Suddenly he felt even more modest and shy. He couldn't believe he'd been checking her out, idly wondering what it would be like to be with her.

Until recently he'd never been like that. He'd only had eyes for his wife until his daughter's kindergarten teacher had turned his head.

He pulled his eyes away and shook his head. What the hell was he doing? He loved his wife but it was getting more difficult to remember that. He'd been a happily married man. He 'd always been happy with wife's body, considering himself lucky and her body perfect but recently Billie's small breasts had begun to pale in comparison. He'd fondle them but in his head he'd picture tits like Elana's or Wendy's.

He'd always thought physical appearance didn't really matter and that who you were with was the most important thing. Lately he'd begun to have doubts.

He guessed he was like a lot of guys after all. He couldn't help fantasising about sucking and groping a big ripe pair. It wasn't just big tits. It was asses too. It was driving him crazy seeing all the perfect round asses out there , butts like Wendy's and coming home to be slightly disappointed by his wife's. It shouldn't matter but he couldn't stop checking out what he was missing.

Without realising what he was doing he started to unconsciously twist the ring around his finger.


Next Week


Sam entered the kitchen and inhaled deeply, liking the smell of fresh baking. Billie was trying to teach their daughter how to make cupcakes but from the looks of things Rachel was more interested in eating all the frosting. Her adorable cheeks were covered with the stuff.

He helped himself to one of the cooling cakes and smiled. It tasted good, like everything Billie made. With his wife's culinary skills he was glad he still made time to hit the gym twice a week or he'd be putting on weight.

"Daddy!" Rachel protested loudly. "Those are for school!" She scolded him, prompting him to chuckle as she pouted and folded her arms sulkily.

"Sorry, pumpkin." He grinned as Billie slipped her arms around him. "She sounds just like you, you know..." He told his wife.

"I thought you liked it when I told you off..." Billie whispered softly in his ear.

"I do." Sam answered before gently kissing his wife on the lips. He loved it when it was Billie's day off and the three of them could just hang out together. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Erm...these still need to cool for a bit. Can you make a start on the dishes?"

"Sure." Sam replied, with a smile. It was funny how fatherhood had changed him, just a few years ago he'd have groaned at doing chores but now he quite liked the domestic life, proud of the home he and Billie had made. He was looking forward to the summer, when he'd get to spend some extra quality time with his daughter. They'd arranged day-care of course, but he was hoping with a bit of delegation he could work from home a bit more.

"Good boy..." Billie grinned, patting him on the ass as he walked to the sink.


A few days later


Sam closed his laptop and stretched as he looked over at his daughter happily drawing at the table. He'd picked her up from school a short while earlier and she hadn't complained when he'd explained he had some work to do. Billie had said their daughter had been misbehaving lately, answering her back but she was never like that around him.

"Want a juice, sweetheart?" He asked, keen to take a break from boring distribution figures.

"Yes please, daddy." Rachel answered distractedly, not looking up from her work.

The late afternoon sunshine was coming in through the window and it was pleasantly warm. Billie liked lots of flowers in the house so the air was filled with their fragrance. In an hour or so he'd start dinner ready for Billie getting back in. All in all he felt like he had life pretty good.

He placed the glass on the table and looked down at what his daughter was drawing. He guessed every father thought their offspring were geniuses but he proudly thought his own was quite talented for her age.

"Is that a dog? Like Grandma's?" He asked, tenderly stroking her soft, curly hair.

Rachel shook her head solemnly. "It's Miss Grey's puppy, daddy." She added, sounding a little exasperated because it should have been obvious. "Miss Grey is very pretty, isn't she, daddy?"

Sam was caught a little taken off guard. He'd just started to forget about the vixen who'd attempted to seduce him. "She's not as pretty as mommy, is she?" He spoke, smiling uneasily, forcing a light tone he didn't feel. He and Billie worked as a team, partners supporting one another when it came to parenting. He never thought he'd be defending his wife to their own little girl.

Rachel remained silent for a while but her meaning was clear.

"Your mommy loves you very much." Sam stressed, trying to impress it on his daughter. He tried telling himself children could often be a little thoughtless to the pain they could inflict. As much as they could lighten up your life, as Rachel had his, they could also hurt.

"Miss Grey says mommy isn't special...not like me and her." Rachel informed him, folding her arms and pouting. Sam recognised the sulk face and knew he'd have to deal with it even as his stomach sank. Encouraging a married man to start cheating was wicked but he hadn't realised even Elana would try to influence the impressionable mind of her young charge. It made him feel sick to hear his daughter repeating her words.

"You don't really believe that, do you?" He asked, praying that the answer would be no. He was horrified to realise that his daughter had been manipulated because of her teacher's lust for him. He should have thought of that, protected her from the woman. He'd been so distracted by his own lapse in fidelity he hadn't seen the other dangers.

What kind of woman would use a child as a way of seducing a man to cheat on his wife?

"Miss Grey said that you think she's prettier than Mommy, too." She huffed, folding her arms at being told off.

Sam was speechless and coughed to clear his throat. He knew he should deny it, come to his spouse's defense but the words wouldn't come. "That's a mean thing to say..." He croaked hoarsely.

"Miss Grey would let me have a puppy!" Rachel screamed petulantly, flung down the crayon and stormed off to her room. Mommy always told her off and now daddy was doing it too; sticking up for her. Maybe Miss Grey was right and daddy should be with her instead.


The next day


Sam waited as all the children exited the building and found their parents. Normally laid back, he found he was brimming with anger at the fact that, as usual Rachel was the last to leave class. Every second that woman was with his child gave her more time to warp her mind.

He entered the building, ignoring the greetings of the last teachers to be heading home for the day. He found the classroom and scowled as he found Rachel on Miss Grey's lap reading. It was such a misleadingly innocent image that he could barely keep a lid on his fury.

"Honey, can you wait outside while I talk to Miss Grey?" Sam asked, ushering Rachel out of the door. "Why don't you read your book?"

Rachel nodded and quietly sat down on the bench across the hallway. Sam checked she was settled then closed the door behind him.

"Hi Sam. You're looking good."

"I know what you've been doing." He growled. "The things you've been saying to my daughter." He balled up his fists, fighting the urge to hurt her again. "I want it to stop or..."

"Or what...?" Elana giggled. "I only told Rachel the truth; that I'm better than her mommy. I know it and... you do too..." She continued, slowly making her way over to him. She smiled as Sam's eyes flicked down to her chest, the low cut of her dress giving him ample opportunity to see her deep cleavage. He couldn't resist her and they both knew it, he just had to admit it. "I know you've been wishing it was me in your marital bed, my tits and my cunt there whenever you want them..."

"No." Sam hissed. He knew he should just get Rachel and leave but his feet refused to move. Having avoided the woman for weeks, suddenly being in her presence had reminded him of how hot she was. Even hotter in the flesh than in his dreams. "My wife is worth a hundred of you."

"What did you do with the panties I gave you?" She breathed smugly, raising a quizzical eyebrow as if it were just a casual enquiry.

Sam swallowed, remembering the feel of her underwear in his hand and how hard he'd gotten when he'd shoved them in the pocket of his jeans. How turned on he'd been knowing they were there as he sat down at the family dinner table. "I threw them away." He replied gruffly.

"Did you sniff them first?"

Sam shook his head, but he could feel his cheeks redden. His guilt must have shown on his face because Elana smiled evilly.

"You wanted to though, didn't you?" She sighed, up close enough to say the words in his ear. The proximity of their bodies, the smell of her perfume was causing him to breathe harder. His eyes kinda glazed over as he fell under her spell. "Didn't you?" She repeated softly.

He'd come here to warn her, to threaten her but now he didn't know what he was doing. His anger just seemed to melt away. All those months she'd been teasing him, tempting him, building her power over him. Yes, he'd wanted to smell her scent on them, to inhale her pussy musk.

"Don't." He croaked but made no move to stop her when her hand started to massage his crotch. He didn't want this but his cock did, tenting his pants and straining against his boxers.

"Too bad I'm not wearing any today..." She chuckled, ignoring him. Coquettishly she lifted her dress to flash him her shaved pussy. "I'm so wet too..." She was pleased as his gaze dropped between her legs and, though he swallowed nervously, he made no effort of pull his eyes away.

She kissed him. At first he didn't respond but after a few seconds he opened his mouth to let her slip her tongue between his lips. He seemed awkward and he shifted uncomfortably, torn between pulling away and answering back to her desire.

"I can't do this..." He moaned, a pleading tone in his voice. If she didn't stop, he didn't know if he could.

"That's not true, is it?" Elana scoffed, actually waggling a finger at him. She stepped up towards him, watching as he shifted uncomfortably. "I know you've been thinking about me." She added seductively. She placed her hands on his chest, noting that he was beginning to breathe even more heavily. "Thinking about what a naughty slut I am..."

"Yes..." He confessed as she started to slowly unbutton his shirt. She loved the guilty look on his face as one by one she undid the buttons. He was starting to breathe hard and there were drops of perspiration on his boyish face.

Soon he was bare-chested and her hands were running free over his torso. "Oh God..what am I doing? I've never cheated on my wife before..." He protested.

"Except the time I swallowed your cum in my yard. Billie's never sucked your cock like that, has she? We both knew you'd be back for more...."

Sam found himself nodding involuntarily. "I really do love my wife...but..." he stammered, running a trembling hand through his hair. His stomach churned, knowing the end of that sentence had been ' but I want to fuck you'.

"I know you love her," Elana cooed, pleased as he passively let her lead him over to the desk. "That's why I want you. You're a good man but I'm just too hot to ignore, aren't I? Too hot for a married man not to fuck." She easily pushed him down onto the chair. She was satisfied that his reluctance was fading fast. "You'll forget all about her soon. I promise."

Sam tried to fight it by picturing his wife in his mind, to remember the vows he'd spoken. He didn't want to but all he could think about was fucking Elana. Her hot lithe body was making his cock so hard, nothing else mattered. "She doesn't deserve this..."

Elana pulled down the top of her dress, freeing her enormous breasts.

"Look at my tits." She commanded and she grinned as Sam obeyed. He exhaled appreciatively. He remembered how they'd felt in his hands when he'd groped them during his first taste of infidelity. Now he'd finally seen them, after months of her flaunting them in front of his face, teasing him with them, the last vestiges of his self-control disappeared.

"I'm hotter than you wife, aren't I?"

Sam nodded slowly, unable to speak. He was betraying his wife, the woman he loved and he was getting off on it. It was actually turning him on to verbally degrade his wife with his daughter's slutty kindergarten teacher.

"My big, ripe tits are better than hers?"

Sam paused, and for a second Elana worried that he'd change his mind. Not when he was so close to succumbing to her, surely?

"Yes." He said eventually, softly but meaning it. He reached out a hand and cupped her pale skin, squeezing her breast and brushing his thumbs over a pink, pert nipple. Elana spread her legs to let him get a good look at her puffy pussy lips. She lewdly parted her folds to expose the inner pinkness, revelling in the way his eyes lit up as he looked at her hungrily.

"Do you want to put your fat, married cock into my tight young pussy?"

"We can't do this here..." he protested. "Rachel's right outside..."

That's when she knew she had him. He wanted it, wanted to fuck her but like a good dad he was still thinking about his daughter. It horrified him to think of his child walking and seeing her father and her teacher fornicating like beasts. Once that issue was overcome...

Elana smiled wickedly before she bent down and planted soft kisses all over his bare chest, loving the manly smell of him, the feel of his dark chest hair and his pink nipples hidden beneath the curls. "Don't worry. I locked the door and we'll be quick and quiet..." She coaxed as she started to unbuckle his belt.

Sam knew he could stop her but his cock was throbbing so hard in his pants, that he lifted his hips and let her tug them down. She moved to straddle him, poised above his long, hard cock. "I want to hear you say it."

"This is a one time deal...we do this once." Sam said sternly and he meant it. "I like my marriage. I'm not going to leave my wife." He was going to do this, say whatever she wanted him to say, fuck her to get him out of his system but she'd have to follow his rules. "This isn't who I am."

She nodded and Sam seemed satisfied that she understood. "Tell me you want to fuck me." Elana insisted, her face close to his, their eyes locked.

"Yes. I want to fuck you." He growled, hard lust filling his once warm brown eyes. He finally accepted that he wanted to cheat on his wife, just another adulterous bastard now. All guys are the same; find the right slut and it didn't matter how good they used to be .He didn't care about his wife, blissfully unaware that her once faithful husband was now a fully willing participant in an act of adultery.

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