tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 03

WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 03


Sam generally tried to work from home as much as possible but today he'd come into the office for an important meeting. Mr Bates, the person he was due to meet, was already an hour late and he was eager to get home to his family. His work was important to him and his wife and daughter were always his top priority, especially now....His wife didn't know that a week ago Sam had fucked his daughter's slutty kindergarten teacher and the guilt was eating him up. He'd decided to try and put it behind him and attempt to make it up to Billie without her knowing.

Eventually Mr Bates arrived and Sam successfully masked his impatience. He shook the man's hand warmly and guided him into the office. The older gentleman was here to discuss advertising in the magazine and was potentially a very good client.

They had settled into chairs and were nearly finished going through distribution figures when Sam's secretary walked into the room.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but a courier dropped this off and said it was urgent." She explained.

Sam thanked the young woman, gave Bates an apologetic look and proceeded to open the thick package. The contents were about a dozen or so glossy photographs. The unsuspecting Sam slid out the first image.

It was a photo of Elana, down on all fours, her pert young ass in the air. He could feel himself blush as his eyes drank in her naked flesh. The stills were expertly taken and good quality so that he could see her tight asshole and her shaved pussy mound in perfect clarity.

"Umm..." He was about to speak, to explain it away but he couldn't stop himself. His hands trembling slightly, he took out the next photo. What the hell was he doing? He knew he should just put the images back without looking but he couldn't stop himself. A shot of Elana's shaved pussy filled the page and Sam could see that she was touching herself, rubbing her clit slowly.

He made to return the filthy hardcore display into the envelope but stopped. On the next shot Sam could see Elana slipping three fingers inside her and starting to frig herself off. It was such a hot sight he completely lost track of where he was.

Sam's cock started to stir in his pants as he remembered how good it had felt to have his cock inside her hot wet cunt. All thoughts of getting rid of the package left his mind. Sufficiently distracted by the images of Elana masturbating, and unable or unwilling to tear his eyes away, he had forgotten the other man in the room.

Evidently puzzled by seeing Sam engrossed by what he was seeing Mr Bates has crossed the room to satisfy his curiosity. He peaked over Sam's shoulder and looked at the still of a hot, big-titted blonde squatting down onto a big black dildo.

"Oh God..." Sam gulped as reality reasserted itself. He fumbled to hide the incriminating evidence as he felt his face blushing, but in his haste dropped the packet and the photos ended up scattering all over the floor. "I'm so sorry...." What could he say?

Fortunately Bates laughed at seeing the other man's embarrassment. "Looks like you're a lucky man, married to a woman like that!" He chuckled. "Guess I kept you waiting so long I guess she couldn't wait for you to get home and fuck her..."

"It's not my wife..." Sam mumbled, too horrified to think about what he saying. He ran his hands through his hair and tried to clear the fog from his mind. His wife would never do anything like this...uncomfortably, the thought just reminded him that Elana would do anything...let him do anything...he wanted..she was such a filthy slut.

He was mortified. He couldn't believe he'd gotten aroused in the office in front of a client. It was worse that the man found it more amusing than shocking.

"Ah ha, a slut on the side, eh? We've all been there... used to screw around behind my wife's back in my younger days." Bates grinned conspiratorially. "You better not keep her waiting. I've liked what I've seen, though and I'll get my secretary to get in touch." He said, gathering up his stuff and getting ready to leave.

"Great." Sam croaked, forcing a smile. He awkwardly stood up to shake Bates' hand, thankful that his desk hid the tent in his pants. "Look forward to doing business with you."

He left and Sam shut the door behind before he sank back down into his seat.

Hesitantly he picked up the wad of images. Part of him wanted to review the pictures, to watch Elana's slick wet fingers playing with herself, getting herself off with the huge sex toy. In the privacy of the office it would be so easy to pull out his cock and jerk off, let himself get turned on by Elana's dirty little surprise.

No. He couldn't go home to his wife having wanked off to the image of another woman. He didn't want to be that type of guy. Resolved not to give in to temptation he turned to throw the package in the trash.

He gathered up his stuff, put on his jacket and got ready to go home.

At the last minute, just before he went through the door, he went and retrieved the illicit gift and hid it in his drawer. Feeling guilty, he knew he'd look at them again.


The following weekend


Billie stood in front of a mirror, reapplying her lipstick. She admired her reflection, admitting she looked good in the red silk dress. It was nice to leave Rachel with a sitter and go out with Sam. The restaurant was really great too. Always considerate and loving he'd been really attentive lately and who was Billie to turn down a nice romantic evening? She smiled as she thought about how she could repay him later that night when she noticed another woman in the reflection.

"Oh, Elana! Hey, how are you?" She asked, turning to face her daughter's teacher.

"Good. Looking forward to school vacation, though!" Elana simpered. She'd been spying on the Freemans all evening and her pussy was on fire. It aroused her to think about poor stupid Billie enjoying her husband's affections, not knowing that she was the cause of it. Sam, the decent family man had had his first taste of extramarital fucking and, like all men who cheat for the first time, was feeling guilty. The hidden cameras in his office had caught him guilty keeping the photos she'd sent him. He couldn't stop looking at them.

Soon, Elana thought to herself, all that reluctance will be gone, another fuck and he won't care anymore. She wanted to tell Sam's wife that he may have bought her that sexy red dress but it wouldn't do any good; now he'd fucked her Billie's inferior body couldn't please him anymore. He could only be satisfied by Elana's big tits, her ass and tight pussy.

"I really enjoyed the dinner at yours last month. We must do it again sometime." Elana continued, acting all innocent as her evil thoughts ran through her mind. However much she wished to get Sam, and told herself it was a matter of time, in truth he was avoiding her and not answering her calls or opening her messages. He was determined to be a good husband who loved his wife.

Billie looked uncomfortable. She didn't want to hurt the younger woman's feelings. "Sam thinks that it will confuse Rachel," She said softly. "to see you at school and at home. It's important that she makes friends her own age."

"And you agree?" Elana said coldly, dropping the act.

Billie frowned at the change in her attitude and tried to shrug sympathetically. "I don't know. Rachel's seemed different since she started kindergarten. She doesn't like to play with me anymore or do the things I ask her too...she's being selfish and likes to get her own way. Maybe if she had more friends she'd grow out of it and learn to share, but she says other girls are stupid and don't deserve nice things."

"Of course, you're right." Elana said, regaining her façade. "You're her mother and know what's best. Well, I best be going. Have a nice evening. Say hello to Sam for me." Elana added, smirking as she left. With any luck he'd go home and fuck his wife tonight but it would be Elana he'd be thinking of.


A couple of days later


Billie awoke to the sound of the alarm but Sam didn't stir to silence it. Part of her was tempted to let him sleep so she could stay snuggled up against his warm, manly body. She loved being here with him, in the bed they shared, where they made love and cuddled after, discussing their days but she knew they both had to get to work.

She gently prodded him and eventually he blearily opened his eyes.

"Aw...I don't feel so good..." He moaned, to Billie's instant concern.

"You're burning up." She replied, tenderly stroking his forehead. "I think you're sick."

"Oh God..." Sam groaned, his eyes on fire and his nose running. He felt like hell and his whole body ached. Even moving felt like a real effort.

"You can't go to work like this." Billie said compassionately. "Don't worry, I'll call your office and explain."

"But..." Sam protested feebly. Billie had to suppress a giggle; Sam, usually so strong and dependable always turned into a little kid when he was ill but she liked taking care of him.

"Sssh." She said sternly. "I'll drop by during my lunch and bring you some soup and some medicine. I'll speak to Wendy at the school and see if she can pick up Rachel and bring her home so you just concentrate on getting better."

"Thank you." Sam replied huskily as he sniffled into a tissue. He collapsed onto the bed as he listened to the sounds of his wife getting their daughter ready for school and giving her breakfast. He was reminded of how much he loved his wife. She was such a loving, caring person. It made him feel even worse to have betrayed her.

Elana had gotten under his skin and...into his pants... but his heart still belonged to Billie. She deserved to have a good husband who didn't cheat on her.

"Goodbye daddy. Mommy says you're poorly. I hope you feel better soon." Rachel said when she popped in before leaving for kindergarten. She was so precious and adorable, he couldn't wait for the fortnight to be over, when term would be done and his child would be out of Elana's poisonous influence. Maybe then they could go back to being the happy family they used to be.

Sam heard the door slam and dragged himself to his feet. Pulling on his robe he proceeded to his study and extracted the pornographic photos from their hiding place. Whether it was the bug or his own conscience his stomach churned guiltily at the fact he'd brought them into his home. He had looked at them over and over again.

He'd managed to resist a couple of days before the first time he'd jerked off looking at them. Since he'd first given in he'd masturbated over them several more times, tugging on his cock whenever he was at home alone. This woman had such power over him and, as much as he despised her, he also craved her.

He knew he had a choice. He could listen to his conscience and his heart or he could think with his dick. It wasn't enough to ignore Elana's calls and messages whilst still staring at her body, getting more and more addicted to it; eventually he knew he would give in to her again.

His marriage was more important. He loved his wife and their family and he wanted to go back to being a good husband and father. He took a shot of Elana fondling her tits in the throes of orgasm and put it in the paper shredder.

He felt relief as one after the other each filthy image disappeared. Just two weeks and there would be no reason to see Elana ever again- whatever spell she had put on him would be broken.


A couple of days later


Wendy admired her reflection in the full length mirror. The leopard print top and leather mini skirt ensemble really flattered her body, emphasizing the large breasts, curvaceous waist and long legs. All those months of dieting and exercise had really paid off and she wasn't beyond a little vanity now.

She'd always had flawless, creamy skin, a full luscious mouth and wide, expressive eyes but losing the weight had transformed her. Now she had sexy cheekbones and had cut her platinum blonde curls quite short to highlight her perfect oval face.

Even Don had noticed, trying to start fucking her again. Well, he should be so lucky! She was only thinking about one man now. She stood there thinking about Sam, with his scruffy dark hair, his kind smile with his perfect white teeth and kissable lips. Remembering his fit, hairy body from that day in the pool she could feel her panties getting wet.

Eventually the doorbell rang and Wendy went to answer it. Thanks to her arousal she knew her erect nipples would be perfectly visible to the man she was expecting.

"Thanks for watching Rachel. Hope she hasn't been any trouble." Sam said as he followed Wendy into her kitchen. "Had some catching up to do at work and there was no way I could have picked her up today."

"Oh it was no bother. Her and Denise are upstairs playing dolls in her bedroom. Are you feeling better now?"

"Much, thanks." Sam replied, frowning as Wendy's hand lingered on his arm. "I know we've been using you as a bit of a babysitter lately and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate it."

Wendy smiled as she caught him checking out her cleavage. There was an almost imperceptible inhalation of breath as he noticed the twin points on her chest before he looked away.

"It's no problem; I always want to see more of you..." Wendy teased it, delighting in the way he shifted a little nervously. "besides it gives us an opportunity to talk." Wendy replied, causing Sam to frown. She was friends with his wife but he and Wendy didn't really speak a lot.


Wendy started to brew some coffee, watching Sam from the corner of her eye. She liked his scruffy black hair and warm brown eyes. The puzzled look on his boyish face just made him look cuter. She let her gaze travel lower.

He was wearing a sweater with his sleeves pushed up, showing of his manly arms and she liked the way his lean, fit body could still be guessed at through the material.

"You know lots of the school moms like you, don't you?"

"I don't understand..."

"They stand at the school gates and their panties getting damp when you're around?"

Sam was stunned by Wendy's sudden change in direction. "I don't think this is really appropriate..."He stammered.

"Oh you pretend not to notice, but you have, haven't you?"

Sam shook his head numbly, but Wendy gave him a knowingly look to let him know she knew he was lying. The truth was he'd have to be blind not to notice the way they flirted with him. Oh he'd never flirted back but deep down he'd known and it had secretly flattered his ego.

"You ever thought about it, fucking one of them?" She continued. "I bet you contemplated it once or twice..."

"Jesus, Wendy! I'm gonna leave now..." Sam sputtered. "Rac..." He started to call out to his daughter but Wendy stopped him with a finger to his lips.

"All those moms want you but you seem like a devoted husband, never giving any sign you are interested. I always thought you were a good husband and good dad, a genuine nice guy. I know different now." She paused for dramatic effect. "I just happened to be passing by the window and saw you and Miss Grey."

Sam gulped and nervously rubbed his bearded chin. "Me and Miss Grey?"

"Don't play dumb. I saw the two of you fucking!" Wendy spelled it out. "Your hands all over her body as you sucked on her tits. Her riding you as your big hard cock was going in and out of her pussy."

"Oh shit... Wendy..." Sam stammered, his heart in his throat. This was his worst nightmare about to come true. In a moment of insanity he'd given in to his baser urges and now his marriage and his family were going to be ruined. "Please don't tell Billie," He begged. "I was stupid. She'd been flaunting herself at me and trying to seduce me. I wasn't thinking and it just happened."

Wendy smiled as Sam spoke, all the words tumbling out in a mad, frantic panic.

"It was just the once. It didn't mean anything."

This caused Wendy to smile. Don used to say that back when he started to cheat on her. Sam was going to be just like him from now on, cheating on his wife behind his wife's back.

"I really do love Billie. I know she's your friend but if you tell, it will kill her and I honestly don't want to hurt her." Sam continued, pain and regret obvious.

"You've misunderstood. Billie and I aren't friends." Wendy stated calmly and watched as Sam registered her words. "The smug bitch, always telling me to leave Don and thinking that she had the perfect faithful husband. It makes me smile to think you're just another guy fucking any slut that comes along."

Sam was wounded by the words but he derived some hope from them that his dirty little secret would not be revealed. He was ashamed to admit that his main priority was keeping this from his wife. "You won't tell my wife?" He asked slowly.

"No." She said matter-of-factedly.

"Thank you." Sam sighed. He had no choice but to believe her. He'd go mad if he distrusted her to keep her silence. Her knowledge of his shameful indiscretion gave her power over him and he knew he had to handle her, give her what she wanted.

"Tell me how it happened..." Wendy cooed, feigning a sympathetic attitude.

"I don't know..." Sam said unevenly, his brown puppy dog eyes pained. He didn't want to talk about it; he barely seemed to understand how he'd gone from a being happily monogamous to breaking his wedding vows.

"Tell me about you and Billie...did she not fuck you enough?"

Sam grimaced, uncomfortable at the language and sharing the intimate details of his sex life. "No, that part of it was good...you know... normal."

"How often would you do it?" Wendy questioned, a shiver of delight running up her spine knowing he had no choice to reveal these private details. It made her smile to see the way he blushed as he spoke, all awkward and shy.

"Two or three times a week." He croaked.

"And then you met Elana?" The woman prompted, calmly interrogating him. She was toying with him, making him think she just wanted to understand his actions. "What did she do?"

Her panties got wetter by the minute as he explained how his daughter's kindergarten teacher had seduced him, flashing her panties at him, shoved her tits in his face like a nasty little prick tease. She desperately wanted to start touching herself as he continued, revealing how she'd massaged his crotch at the family dinner table and sucked his cock in the open air of her front yard.

"Did you like fucking her?"

Sam's jaw clenched and his hands formed fists. He wasn't going to answer but Wendy already knew and could barely contain the joy that she was feeling. "My marriage is the most important thing to me. Please, you have to understand that it was just physical...." He pleaded.

"She got you so horny that you couldn't think clearly." Wendy replied, nodding as if she could see where he was coming from. "I'll keep my mouth shut about the truth....,"

Sam visibly relaxed. He had to believe Wendy would be satisfied knowing the secret he was hiding from his wife. Nothing good would come of telling it.

" if you let me have what Miss Grey got." She was so horny right now. Billie had told her she could find a better man but the woman had had no idea that it would be own husband.

"What?!" Sam cried out. "No...I messed up. I...cheated..." That word was hard to say. "on my wife but I didn't want to. Please...don't do this." He was just a normal guy, who tried to live right and be steady and dependable.

Wendy giggled at his reluctance and then pulled down her top, exposing her breasts. "I could hear what you said to Miss Grey- how much you loved her tits, how they were better than your wife's. My pussy got so wet hearing you say those nasty things about your pretty wife."

Sam swallowed hard as she reminded him of how he'd betrayed his wife, not just physically through the act but how he'd criticised her body, told another woman she was better. He looked at the topless woman and sucked in a deep breath. Wendy's tits weren't as pert as the nubile kindergarten teacher's but they were large and ripe.

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