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I know some of you still want the next Wanna Bet chapter, but still having some issues on it. I'd rather write what is coming out of me without being forced if you follow me, and right now if I tried to force out another chapter it would likely be crap. I've done that before, and I'm going to avoid it this time around. Instead, here is one dealing with magic that I've been kicking around a bit. So, let's see how it goes. I have written this as a stand alone with no sequel planned but if there is enough interest I might do another one. Please let me know and remember to be polite and useful.



Steven tapped his fingers on his crossed arms. He hated it when he did that, it always showed he was nervous and the assholes in school had picked up on it quick. And then in college, and of course at work. But at least this time, the guy didn't know him so it might not give anything away.

"No need to be nervous my good lad. I'm giving you the straight goods here."

"So much for that." Steven thought with a grunt.

"I'm sure you are, but still you must realize how, erm, oh fuck it, how damn well insane you sound right?"

The old man chuckled. "Oh, I do. Trust me, when I was in your shoes twenty some years ago and got this offer, I nearly stormed off thinking the man was complete loony. But I followed my gut and trust me, it was worth it."

Steven wished the man hadn't said gut. He had a pretty big one. In fact, Steven was pretty much a nerd. Glasses, overweight, awkward around, well, everyone, and of course unable to really stand up for himself. He was short, slow, and weak, and he of course liked all the geeky stuff. Such as card games, Star Wars movies, and MAGICCON.

MAGICCON was a huge game/movie/comic/all things nerdy Convention in the city. One of the biggest in the country actually, and it was the one place no one from his life or work would ever go. He loved it.

He had met his favorite movie stars, played games, got all sorts of cool collectibles and it was the one time in his usually sad life he could enjoy himself. But this time he had discovered that some of the assholes from work had come by to see a movie starlet and he had run into them. They had been pretty loud and mean and had rubbed his loser status in his face in public.

He did have the satisfaction of seeing them tossed out of the Con, but they had ruined his whole weekend. He knew that his cubical at work would be "decorated" when he got in Monday, and that photos of him in his costume would be posted on the all the bulletin boards, and that HR would give out some warning via email and that would be that. Steven had no illusions about how much they actually thought of him, even though he was the best coder they had.

Lost in his misery he had wandered in the back rows of the Con and found himself in front of a small booth selling all sorts of stuff. Some very rare items, some very odd, and some just downright weird.

Such as the "Wand".

The old man had taken one look at him and said "Now that is a man who needs some magic. Would you like to buy a real magic wand?"

And then it got weird. Stories about how it had changed his life, he had gotten the woman of his dreams, his business had been hugely successful, got his dream house, etc. All thanks to a "magic wand" that he now wanted to sell Steven.

Steven blinked. "Sorry, spaced out there for a second. What did you just say?"

"The wand is powered by a rather interesting soul. A powerful Wizard from long ago, he loved turning tables on the powerful and rich. And he was a rather, ahem, deviant man. The wand will give you want you want, but in a some rather twisted and kinky ways."

Steven had heard enough. "Look, I've just had a bad day and I'm not in the mood for some sick sex pervert trying to sell me some gag dildo. So just leave..."

"Baby? Are you about done with the booth? Darling wants her candy, and she wants it soon."

Steven's head swiveled at the sound of the sexiest sounding voice he had ever heard. Standing behind him was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She was tall, had golden blonde hair, a rack that was at least a 36DD, hourglass waist, flared hips, toned body, and blue eyes you would swear actually shined. She was dressed in a black wet look body suit that left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination, high heels and a black cat mask. She gave him a smile that gave him a hard on and swayed past him. She walked around the booth and gave the old man a kiss that curled Steven's toes just watching.

The old man felt up her ass and said "Always nice and tight. I shall enjoy fucking tonight while my wife eats you out."

The woman giggled and said, "You are so sweet."

Steven gasped. He recognized that phrase and once he heard it, he recognized the voice. "Tammy Tricks?"

The woman giggled and said "That's me, be keep it quiet. I'm here in disguise with my lover and his wife."

The old man grinned as his hand roamed over her ass. "Tammy is my mistress, well, one of them anyway. She was once a lawyer, but I helped her in to a new career."

"Porn. I've, uh, I've seen her movies." Steven said with a blush and the pair laughed.

"Splendid my boy! My little slut here can act and fuck, can't she? Tell the boy Tammy, tell him how you jumped careers."

Tammy giggled and smiled at Steven. "I was going to put my lover here in jail for income tax fraud. He has some off-shore accounts that he was hiding money in, I worked for the IRS and I audited him. I found his hidden money, I confronted him, and then he used his magic wand on me. POOF!! One slap on my ass and suddenly all I wanted to do was make porn and fuck! It even changed my clothes into a set of sexy red lingerie and heels so he could fuck me right there in my office! Wow, it was so fun. Then he used his wand to make everything just fine, I helped him hide his money better, and got to work! Been living the porn queen life ever since."

Steven was now openly gaping. "This has to be some "Gotcha" moment for a live tv show or something! You don't just turn people into porn stars."

Steven paused a moment and looked at the old man who was now groping Tammy's tits and kissing her neck. "Do you?"

Steven shook his head to clear it. "Ahem, let's say this is actually real. If so, I would like to test it."

The old man pulled back and gave Steven a nasty lecherous grin. "Smart man. OF course, you can test it. One time, one person, for a limited spell. Can't be on me or my mistress here, and the wand is not transferred to you yet so don't try it. It would be, bad. But other than that, anyone here on the Con floor."


The man reached down and pulled up a long thin box. He opened it and Steven blinked. It was an 18-inch-long black leather riding crop.

"Hold on, you said it was a magic wand."

"It is my boy, nothing says a wand has to be just a stick. And the wizard who made this was a bit kinky. Now, how it works. You must touch the wand to the person while saying an enchantment. It can be anything from "Turn into a toad" to some long flowery poem. But I've learned a couple of things. One, it seems to work better when you put some thought into it, so saying something longer that rhymes will have a more extensive and longer effect. Two, you can even make it permanent provided you put some effort into it. I had to spank Tammy here for a solid ten minutes to make her changes permanent. And on her bare ass too, she really didn't want to be a porn star. Three it works faster and more effectively if you give them a good loud smack on the ass. Four, your results will most likely be very kinky or sexy. The wizard who made this wand was a real sexual pervert and horndog."

Steven gaped and looked around one more time for a hidden camera. Then he reached down and picked it up. He gave a start as he felt, something.

"Ah, felt the power eh? That is the magical energy flowing. You my boy just might have a touch of natural talent if you felt it that strongly."

Steven looked at the wand. The feeling was very strange, it was almost like being zapped with a slight shock of electricity but without the pain. It actually felt good, empowering even.

Steven looked at the wand and waved it slowly. It was almost as if he could hear it hum. He heard a slight moan and then looked back at the old man.

The old man was sitting now and had a very large smile on his face. Tammy was not to be seen, but then Steven heard a slight slurping sound and saw the man's eyes loose focus for a moment.

"Okay, I'll give it a shot. One test, right?"

"Yes. One, uhm, test. Stay in the convention floor, grunt, area." The old man wheezed out.

Steven turned and walked off leaving the man to have his fun. Steven tucked the wand between his arm and body, so it wasn't easily seen and moved back into the main area of the floor. "Cripes, I can't believe I am doing this. It has to be a trick. But then again, Tammy was no trick and I sure can't see him landing her even with a boatload of cash." He thought as he walked on. "Okay, fuck it. In for a penny, in for a pound."

Steven started looking around. The Con had tons of booths, and of course, some really hot booth babes, not to mention writers, starlets, and even some hot fans. But Steven figured that if it was going to be a "gotcha TV" moment, he stood a good chance of not making the air if he targeted someone who wasn't famous or even that hot.

Steven passed by several really hot girls dressed as Anime characters or superheroes and got to the far end of the row. Just across from him was a booth for a chain of bookstores specializing in fantasy and science fiction. As part of their display they had several large cardboard cutouts that blocked off lots of the booth from view. Steven looked around a bit.

"Hmmmm, this is a pretty good spot to try something. Hard to see most of the booth, but near several crowded booths so I can get lost in the crowd pretty fast. Now I just need a girl."

Just then the guy who was working the front waved and said, "About time, you shift started five minutes ago!" Steven looked to his right and saw a woman hurrying towards the booth. "Sorry, took a bit longer at the registration desk to get my pass!"

Steven moved to the side by one of the other booths and picked up a gaming magazine. He flipped the pages while he checked out the woman.

The woman was dressed in a COSPLAY outfit of a witch. She had a pointed hat, long black dress, long black gloves and black boots. She had red hair down to about midback in a nice braid. The dress was nice and form fitting, but not obscenely so. She had a nice rack, but you couldn't really see much. Steven figured she was probably just a worker at the store and not a real fan of the Con.

The two chatted a bit and then the guy moved off to see the Con. Steven moved around the corner for a few minutes and then headed back. He checked his watch. There was a really popular TV show doing a question and answer forum in a few minutes and he could see the crowd was thinning out. He had a reserved seat but decided to give it a go. If it was all a joke, then he could still catch the Q and A.

Steven moved over towards the booth and started to check out the books on the front table. The woman came up to him. She gave him a pleasant smile and Steven noted her Green eyes. "Can I help you find something?"

"Well, I'm into magical detective stories. Do you happen to have some?"

The woman smiled. "Why yes, the latest releases actually. Just got one in from C.R Jackson yesterday. Back here."

Steven followed the woman back to a rear table. Steven had noted the sign before pointing to it, but let the woman lead him back out of most of the lines of site. She picked up a book and handed it to him. He looked at it for a moment. "Not bad, but I'm not much of a Jackson fan, do you have any, oh oops!"

Steven made to put the book back but pretended to fumble it. It fell on the floor and the woman bent over to pick it up. Steven stepped to one side and was in a perfect position to smack her ass.

Steven gulped and then said in a croaking whisper. "This book selling girl is a comely bitch, she be a wonderful horny wanting to fuck me witch!"


Steven felt his pulse race and his vision went black for a split second. "OH SHIT! WHAT HAVE I DONE!" Raced through his mind and then he blinked.

"Wait a minute. POOF? There was a puff of smoke..."

The sexy cackle jerked Steven's eyes down and he nearly fainted.

The redheaded woman stood up and looked him dead into the eyes. "Well now, my little pretty. You are just what a wicked witch needs. Come with me my dearie and let me make some magic with you."

Steven gaped. The woman was smiling at him and she was definitely NOT the same. Her hair was now much fuller, longer and even redder. Her lips were bright red, her eyes seemed to sparkle, and her costume...

"Oh my God." Steven was able to gasp out.

The long gown was gone. The woman was now dressed in a skin-tight wet look corset and matching booty skirt. Her legs were encased in shiny black latex thigh boots with six-inch heels, and her arms had long black silk opera gloves on. Her shoulders were bare, and her cleavage was just about spilling out of her top. Steven swore he could see her areolas. But her hat was oddly enough the same.

The woman grabbed Steven by his T-shirt collar (he was wearing a Flash T-shirt and mask), pulled him down and kissed him hard. Steven's mind seemed to simply shut down as the hot redhead rolled her tongue into his mouth and around. After a few moments, she broke the kiss and let out a real witch's cackle.

"That is fun my dearie but come with me and I'll show you some real magic." The woman grabbed his hand and pulled him behind the curtain in the back of the booth.

Each booth section had a small area behind the main stall for storage, but luckily it was also curtained off from the other sections. So, it was private, at least no one could SEE what they were going to do. Steven took that fact in for about one second when he felt some fingers playing with his pants zipper.

"I've a treat for you my little lost boy. I get some candy and you get some lovely pleasure. So just enjoy me being, wicked."

"I, uh, we, uh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." Steven got out as the redhead's ruby lips encased his cock. Steven felt a jolt of pleasure better than any whacking he had ever done, and he let out a moan as the woman eased her lips up and down on his cock. Steven hardened rapidly and he looked down on the redhead.

The hat was in the way and Steven took it off. She glanced up at him and then giggled which nearly caused him to blow in her mouth from the vibration. Steven felt the wonder as her tongue worked around his cock as she moved him slowly into her mouth and then out. Steven watched in wonder as his cock slid deeper and deeper each time until finally his full length eased down into her throat. When that happened, she hummed and pulled it out slowly. It was halfway out when Steven grunted and came in her throat. Her eyes widened and then she smiled and gulped all of his cum down. She then pulled his cock out while sucking and when it came out with a "pop" not a drop was spilled.

Steven staggered back into a chair and flopped down. He was sweating and felt like he had run ten miles. He had never had a blow job before, but he suddenly had a feeling that this wouldn't be the last one.

The woman eased over and leaned down. She scooped her tits out of the corset and held them up. "Does my little dearie want a tittie fuck? I've got just the magic for that."

Steven was able to nod, and the redheaded beauty stood up slowly and strutted over to him swaying her hips slowly while she licked her lips. She massaged her tits slowly and licked each nipple before knelling down again. She bent over and kissed the tip of his cock and the eased her tits up and around it. She pushed together and eased up and back slowly.

Steven moaned as his cock slid easy between the woman's stunning tits. At the very top of her pull she dipped her chin and gave his cock head a little kiss and then released her tits and let his cock ease back down. She then repeated with this time putting some more pressure on Steven's rapidly hardening cock.

She was soon going at a pretty good rate and cackling like a proper witch the whole time. Steven thanked heaven that he jerked off a lot at home, so he actually had some good stamina and he was soon pumping along with his enchanted fuck toy. Steven gave a loud grunt and the woman said, "That's it my little pretty!"

Steven lost it at that and splooged all over the woman's face. She cackled again and let her tits go. She licked her lips and make a face like she was eating the world's most tasty ice cream. "That's the stuff my little boy! You've made me a happy little witch, so happy I will let you go without turning you into a toad."

"Uhhh, sure?" Steven said. He stood up and pulled up his pants. He looked at the woman who was rubbing her face and licking her fingers. Steven was thinking about asking for a proper fuck when suddenly the curtain pulled back and the guy who had been at the booth earlier walked in.

"Chris? Where are you, the booth..."

The man hadn't pulled back the curtain, so it closed behind him. Steven gaped, frozen, and then thought "Of all the shit to be thinking about, the curtain closing is not what I should be focused on."

The man's face was a mix of stunned disbelief and lust. The witch was still topless and was just finishing licking her fingers. She looked at the man and cackled. "Now that was a foolish thing to do my curious little boy. To punish you for being bold, you are now turned into a toad!"

She waved her hand and snapped her fingers and there was another "Poof!" A little flash and a bit of smoke and Steven nearly fainted when he saw a big toad sitting where the man had been. The witch leaned over and picked it up. "There now my little pet. Much better. Crissy the Witch doesn't like little boys who walk in on her. You will be much better off as my pet." She cackled and then gave it a kiss and the toad croaked.

Steven was able to get his breathing under control and then finished putting up his pants. "Uh, thank you. That was very fun. I'll just be going now."

Crissy the Witch turned to him and gave him an evil smile. "Yes, you do that my pretty. Perhaps we will cross paths again and then, uh, then, we, ohhhhhh."

Crissy swayed on her feet. Steven backed towards the curtain not sure if he wanted to see what was coming. The woman put her hands to her head and then she let out a loud gasp.

"Poof!" "Poof!"

Steven blinked and saw the woman back in her old costume and the man lying on the floor just as he had been. Both were glassy eyed and looked very confused. Steven slipped out and headed into the nearest crowd.

Steven didn't know what he was doing for the next few minutes. He just walked around the Con and finally sat down near the concessions. He caught his breath and after several minutes of silence he finally said "My God, it's real. It's really real!"

Steven mind went from stunned confusion to a mile a minute. He thought about what the man said, and how the wand had worked. One slap had turned that saleswoman into a real live witch with actual magic. But it had worn off, and her spell on her co-worker had worn off too.

"If I had smacked her again, she would have stayed a witch longer. If I had really laid into her, I could have turned her into a real witch forever." Steven thought. Then he thought about the guy and shook his head. "Yeah, maybe not such a good idea. Unless I can make her my servant..."

Steven sat there for nearly an hour thinking about many things. Then he stood up and headed back to the booth with the old man. Anyone who had known Steven before would had noted a big change in his step. There was confidence that had not been there before, and Steven was looking around the Con with a definite change in attitude.

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