tagBDSMWACS - Weekend Correction

WACS - Weekend Correction


WACS – Weekend Alternative Corrective System

It was late Saturday morning, and coming straight from school sports still dressed in his school uniform, Edward stamped up the steps of the Dept of Correction. He was a typical gangly, eighteen year old, all arms and legs, with a few pimples to boot. He was in his last year, with all the attitudes of his generation. Today though, he was just another nephew visiting his Uncle, who just happened to be the chief correctional officer for the region.

His uncle had phoned the previous evening to suggest they went out for lunch. Edward thought that would be great, as with both his parents away on business in the States for a month, looking after himself meant lots of chips and beans.

The Correction centre was a large rambling complex covering an entire city block, but as it was not the first time he had been in the building, he knew the way to his uncle's office. The place was busy, with officers in uniform and plain clothes, working away at desks or talking in small groups. Nobody paid him any heed as they knew who he was from previous visits. Finally, he reached his uncle's office.

Fiona, his uncle's secretary, smiled as she looked up to see Edward. After a short conversation she said there was somebody with him at the moment, but he would not be long and indicated for him to sit down. He slumped in a chair and picked up one of the many magazines from a small table. It was the police magazine "In Cuffs", with lots of pages about arresting procedures and drug busts. He flicked the pages over, chuckling at the pages of the losers, men and women, seen in custody, handcuffed and restrained as they were being led away. He flicked through more pages, and was about to pick up another magazine when the door to his uncle's office opened. A police officer came through and walked out.

"Your uncles free now Edward, just go in, he is expecting you," she smiled.

"Thanks, Fiona."

He went in.

"Edward, how are you, I hope you're hungry," his uncle said as he closed a file on his desk.

Edward's uncle was a big, imposing man, with broad shoulders and a grizzled face. Dressed in his commissioner's uniform, he was the classic figure of authority. So it was surprising that Edward got on so well with him. Maybe he seemed to understand what teenagers were like, as opposed to his parents who had no idea at all. He had shared a beer with him on several occasions.

"Yeah, so where are we going?"

"There's a little place around the back I go to, when I want to get away from here, they do a good pizza, interested?"


"Ok, I'll just grab my phone and we'll be off."

On leaving his office, Uncle Jack told his secretary he would be out for a couple of hours and only to ring if it was important.

Edward turned to go the way he had come in, when Uncle Jack grabbed his arm.

"This way Edward, we'll go out the back, that way I don't have to speak to any keen officers," he grimaced, "anyway, the cafe is in St Germaine Street, so it saves walking around the block."

He led Edward along a long corridor, before descending to the ground floor in a service elevator. After a couple more doors, he led Edward into a short yard with a covered walkway. Across the yard was an imposing, and very old wooden door set in a high grey granite wall. Once opened, it led to a cloistered courtyard with grass area in the centre.

It was a large space, probably 60 metres by 30 metres at the ends. The sunlight shone through the wide stone columns, onto the flagstones as they made their way along the corridor on one side. Edward commented on not expecting to see a place like this in the centre. The ancient grey granite columns and flagstones seemed out of place with the modern building he had just left.

"This used to be a monastery many years ago, before the Dept of Correction took the place over. The Dept kept most of the old buildings, and attached the modern monstrosity just after the war."

As Edward turned from his conversation and looked out across the courtyard, a sight literally stopped him in his tracks. Jogging around the far end of the courtyard on the edge of the grass, were six women, and they were being accompanied by two male officers. This alone would not have forced him to stop, it was the fact that the women appeared to be stark naked.

His jaw dropped as he watched them. In the distance, they were pale against the grey stonework as they jogged along, one behind the other, in a single file.

His Uncle stopped, turned, and chuckled as he saw Edward staring at the sight of the nude women.

"So, you like what you see, eh!"

Edward couldn't believe his eyes, and just stood there gawping.

"Er...yes... Uncle Jack, those women down there, are they doing what I think they are doing?"

"And what would that be then, Edward?" Uncle Jack chuckled and cocked his eyebrow.

"They look as if they are running in the nude?"

"They certainly are, and from here, they sure look like a good looking bunch, don't they?"

They stood for a moment, as Edward stared through the columns at the women.

"Why are they nude, and what are they doing, Uncle?" Edward stammered.

"We can stop and watch them for a bit whilst I explain, if you like," Uncle Jack smiled.

"Could we?" Edward stammered, blushing.

"Of course."

They stood, side by side between the columns, watching the women across the grass.

"I have a lot to do with both those questions. You won't be aware, but over a year ago the government took a hard line against all criminal offenses no matter how small. This was admirable, but it clogged the courts with all sorts of minor offenses. It forced people to spend ages waiting for their cases to appear. So, when I was promoted to Chief Commissioner, I suggested an alternative, to free up the courts, and solve a lot of problems for the offenders. I called it the Weekend Alternative Correction Scheme or WACS.

"These women are a good example for WACS, having probably committed some minor infringement, for example a traffic offense, shop lifting, or small quantities of soft drugs. We gave them the choice of; either going to court, which would result in a criminal record or, choosing WACS. That allowed them to keep on working, with no one knowing they've committed any crimes, which saved court time for the real criminals."

"And what do they have to do on these weekends, uncle?"

"We put them through a fairly vigorous corrective routine. There is a lot of counseling, exercise and physical work, and of course in the case of young women, humiliation which always helps, so they are often semi or fully nude. They have also to obey any orders or they will be put back into the courts, this time, with the additional disciplinary charge of failing to obey a court order."

Uncle Jack stood by his side in the corridor watching the women, as he explained the system. Edward could hardly believe it.

Pulling his gaze away from the women, he noticed that there were several benches placed around the side of the grassed area where several men were sitting enjoying the sight, whilst eating their lunches.

The women were now jogging up the other side of the area. As they got closer, he could clearly see that they were all young, their red tipped breasts bounced around whilst their dark pubic hair contrasted with their fair skins.

Edward's cock stiffening as he watched them, forcing him to discretely fidget around to accommodate its expansion, whilst keeping the bump in his trousers under his hands clasped in front of him.

He noted the guards were holding thin canes, presumably to discipline the women.

"Do the guards use those canes?"

"Sure, if needs be, and you can stop trying to hide that stiff cock, it's perfectly natural to get an erection when watching naked women, why even I can feel mine twitching at such a pleasant sight."

Edward was stunned to see his uncle slide his hand down the front of his trousers and adjust his clothes, to allow his cock to stiffen and push out at the front.

"That's better; my they certainly are a fine sight."

The women by now had reached the corner, and had turned to run along the side where they were standing, in the shadows.

As the women approached, Uncle Jack took Edward's arm and led him forward to stand in the sun on the edge of the open courtyard. Edward couldn't believe his luck, as they came closer and closer.

Now, he could only see the lead women clearly, she had large breasts which seemed to have a life of their own, as she jogged along. The two guards had spotted Uncle Jack and proceeded to shout louder at the women.

"Come on lift those knees you lazy sluts! Place your hands on your heads."

The line was almost on them, and as they passed Edward could clearly see the other women now, less than two metres away. His cock by now felt fit to burst, when he had the second shock of the day, as the last woman at the end of the line was Ms Brown, a relief English teacher.

He was flabbergasted. She had first taught last year, filling in as a relief teacher, and since that time the young slim redhead had always been a focus of the sixth forms fantasies, and here she was, naked as the day she was born. As she drew almost level with Edward, she looked up at him and a look of horror crossed her face and she let out a shriek, stopped and bent over with her arms falling to let her hands cover her breasts and crutch. The other women looked round.

"Stop, you lot."

"And what do you think you're doing 6?" the guard shouted as he came up behind her.

"Stand up and put those hands back on your head."

"I can't... that boy..."

The man raised the cane and brought it down across her backside with a crack.

"I didn't ask you for a conversation; stand up straight and put your hands back on your head," the cane cracked once more across her buttocks, making her squeal.

This time she quickly obeyed the guard, and stood once more, her charms on full display. The other women had been stopped by the lead guard and stood waiting with their hands still on their heads, exposed.

"Now, start running again."

Once more the girls started and continued to run down the side where Edward and his uncle stood, Ms Brown's buttocks flexing as she ran at the end of the line.

"Very interesting, we can take a seat and watch for a while if you like Edward."

"Wow, that would be great Uncle Jack."

The two men slid onto a bench and sat watching the women as they continued on their round. As they watched Uncle Jack explained in more detail his scheme. As Edward listened, he had a further surprise when he noticed, on one of the other benches, two men who were also enjoying the view, release their cocks from their trousers and openly start masturbating.

"Uncle those men there..."

Edward indicated the men.

"Ah yes, well that's another nice spin off of the scheme, as we give the men working here incentives to be able to sit here and watch the women. And we encourage them to release their tensions as you see.

"They are also encouraged to ejaculate onto the women if they can, as this helps with the humiliation part of the training. As you can imagine productivity has skyrocketed."

Uncle Jack continued, "The punishments are often set out by the judge as well, some women are required to offer sexual services, especially if they are professional women in positions of responsibility. They are made to wear a green and gold collar."

By now the women had made their way back to where Edward and his Uncle were sat. As they approached Uncle Jack waved the guard over to where they where sitting.

"Guard, can you line them up, so we can have a look at them," Edwards Uncle called out.

"Certainly, Sir."

"Alright you lot, line up, facing the gentlemen, and stand up straight."

Edward was stunned, as the women, including Ms Brown were brought into line, every one panting from the exertion, their breasts rising a falling as they caught their breath. Edwards eyes gorged as the blushing self-conscious women stood in front of him. His only experience with women had been from dirty magazines, where he had wanked furiously over their nakedness, and here they were, live, in front of him. His attention went from their breasts and nipples, to their crutches, where, in some of the women he could see the hint of cunt in their pubic hair. But his eyes kept coming back to Ms. Brown whose face was bright red from her embarrassment.

"Have them walk around in a circle."

The guard shouted at them and obediently they walked around presenting the two a close up of their bodies moving.

"Lovely aren't they Edward, look at the way their breasts sway to their bodies movement, much better than looking at them in Playboy, eh?"

"Wow, I can't believe this Uncle, and they are all so good looking."

"Well, we wouldn't have the dogs parading here would we? They end up in the factories, only the best are corrected here."

The two of them stood admiring the parade for some time, Edwards cock throbbed as he watched them.

"Get them to jog on the spot a bit will you."

Once more the women were forced to perform for Edward and his uncle, who stood both fingering their cocks through their trouser pockets.

"Ok, that'll do, have them line up again will you."

"You lot, you heard the man, line up."

"Come along, let's get a better look shall we Edward," with which Uncle Jack walked up and down the line, with Edward beside him.

"There's nothing finer than the sight of a naked good looking woman, and look here we have six of them. Look at those bodies, lovely."

They walked back and forth, commenting on the women's charms, until they returned to the first woman and stood right in front of her, Edward walked close to one side. The women stood, their heads bowed as the two men

"What a magnificent specimen, eh Edward, here look at these tits," he said as he reached forward and grasped the woman's tits in his hands squeezing them.

"What size are these lovelies Number 1,"

"37D sir," she stammered, squirming as Uncle Jack fondled them

"Beautiful, and what nice nipples," he said as he pinched them, in his fingers.

"And down here, look at this fine maidenhead," he said, as he ran his fingers down her belly, to cup her sex, Edward could see him fingering her cunt, whilst stroking her buttocks with his other hand.

Leaving the woman, he went to the next one, repeated the fondling, whilst explaining to Edward her finer points. Slowly he went down the line leaving every woman's tits red from his ministrations, until he finally came to Ms Brown.

"Here Edward, this one's for you, go on help yourself."

"Can I?"

"Of course, here she is just a criminal, with no rights, also all the women have gold bands so go ahead."

Edward couldn't believe it, his hands rubbed across Ms Browns tits as he squeezed them, just as he had seen Uncle Jack do, pinching and rubbing the nipples, before with bated breath running his hand down her front to rub his fingers through her pubic hair to the raised lips of her vulva.

Ms Brown bright red, stared ahead, tears forming in her eyes as Edwards fondled her nakedness, his hands running all over her body.

"Have them turn around and bend them over, guard."

"Yes sir, alright you lot turn around, legs apart and touch your toes."

The women obeyed the guard instantly, as they knew what would happen if they didn't.

Edward stared at the sight of the women bending over before him, their cunts now fully visible. He stood behind Ms Brown, her cunt now exposed with a thin covering of ginger hair, the inner lips just protruding from her outer ones. Two red welts were raised across her buttocks where the guard had used the cane on her. He looked at the other women, noting they were all different, from large labia to none at all, just a slit.

"Guard, make them part their cheeks and open their sex."

Knowing they had no choice, the women reached behind and grasped their buttocks exposing their anuses, whilst pulling their sex open. The pink opening of their vaginas, now in clear view, even Ms Brown's. Edward could not get over how obscene they looked and knew he would keep this image for ever.

They were made to bend over for what seemed eternity, as one by one Uncle Jack showed Edward their sex and clits, forcing his fingers into every one's vagina, save Ms Brown who he let Edward probe. The boy's fingers trembling as he forced them into her tight cunt.

Edward thought he was beyond further shocking, when Uncle Jack dropped his trousers and pants, and after wetting the tip of his cock, sank it into the offered cunt of No.1.

"Well what are you waiting for, get fucking boy."


"Of course, look they are all wearing collars, so they're available for sex. Why don't you use No.6, the nice redhead,."

Edward was flabbergasted, fuck a teacher. Ms Brown stood up, covering herself once more.

"You can't..."

The cane cracked once more across her buttocks, resulting in another squeal, forcing her to rub them with both hands to ease the stinging, her tits shaking as she massaged her buttocks.

"Silence, bend over and grab those ankles, or it will be the courts for you, this is your last warning."

Ms Brown reluctantly bent over again and grasped her ankles.

Once more she was presented before him, helpless and available.

"Part those lips, 6."

She did as he commanded.

Edward smiled as he dropped his trousers to release his hard cock, and copying Uncle Jack, wet the tip before sliding it into the hot hole of his teacher, he grasped her hips. He stood holding his cock inside tight cunt of the teacher savoring the moment before slowly sliding it out and then in again, but of course he was so excited, that within six pumps he came, but oh, it felt so good. As he stood back and pulled up his trousers, he saw his seed dribbling out of Ms Brown's cunt.

He had just fucked a teacher! Wow, that was really cool, especially as she had dressed him down in the corridor the week before over some trivial issue, and in front of some juniors. Oh, revenge was so sweet.

Further down the line, Uncle Jack had finished as well and was doing up his trousers.

"Now, that's given me an appetite, ok, you can carry on now."

With which the guards straightened up the women and continued their exercise. Edward gazed once more towards his naked teacher, as Uncle Jack led them back into the cloisters and out through a side door into another corridor leading to the back of the building.

At the café they sat quietly over their meal. Edward was so wound up over what had happened he could hardly eat, his brain was on fire, and he couldn't help but ask his uncle about it.

'I'm stunned Uncle, and wow, I don't know what to say. That was amazing."

"So, you're a bit sweet on the redhead, eh? What's the story there?"

"Well, she's a part-time teacher from my school, she was there last year as a relief teacher and we see her every now and then.."

"Oh is that right, I thought there had to be something to it. It must have been a bit of a shock for her, she certainly gave you some relief!" He laughed.

Edwards chuckled at the joke, "you said they are offenders, but avoided charges by volunteering for the Saturday Correction, but how many Saturdays do they have to attend?"

"It depends on the severity of their crime and if they are seen to be obedient. Now someone like the redhead would lose her job if they knew she had a record, so she'll do anything to avoid that. Most of the offenders are in the same position, often women with positions of responsibility that would be dismissed if they were prosecuted. This makes the humiliation technique so effective, as most are professional women. And as you saw, if they are banded they have to submit to anything."

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