Whoever said there was no real aphrodisiac has never felt power like this, Anne thought to herself as she lay back on the sofa, her skirt pulled up around her waist, her body naked from the waist down and her husband of 28 years on his knees, his head buried between her open legs, his tongue lapping at her pussy and her clit. She had already achieved one orgasm this afternoon and could clearly feel another building inside her.

Adam had become pretty good at this she thought to herself.

Mind you, he certainly had gotten a lot a practice lately and now that she thought about it, she had honed a few skills of her own over the past several months.

Soon the combination of the physical effects of Adam's experienced tongue dancing on her clit and the emotional high of the power she was wielding, brought her to yet another climax.

As she slowly recovered from the intense pleasure and gently pushed Adam's head away, she began to think back at how this wonderfully exciting sex life they were enjoying so much, had developed.


They had met and started dating in University. They were well matched, both being exceptionally attractive, ambitious, caring and loving, but most of all, competitive. They were both athletes. Adam played both football and basketball at the varsity level and Anne basketball and track, also varsity. Their mutual interest in sports and competition was exceeded only by their interest in each other and they married not long after graduation.

The betting however had started when they had met and before they had become an "item".

As she recalled, they had been at a hockey game with a large group of fellow athletes. She found him very attractive and from what she had seen, he was a nice person as well. She had been listening to him carry on with his friends about the likely outcome of this game and was interested and wanted to attract his attention, so, she had offered a bet against his favorite team, which had cost her $ 2.00 at the time but had achieved her primary purpose.

For the rest of their lives together the betting had continued. In their early years when they each had income of their own, the size of the bets had increased and there was some financial significance to the wagers but, after David was born, they had chosen, at least for the time being, for her to be a "stay at home mom" and as they were essentially living on the same income, the financial implications of the bets faded into insignificance.

Anne went back to her work as a teacher when David began nursery school but that was short lived as they soon welcomed Margaret to their family and Anne was once again "at home".

Although the financial implication of the wagers was lost, the bets were otherwise important to both, being the intensely competitive people they were. They both became fairly good at handicapping and often found there could be no wager as both had concluded that the same team, considering the "spread" of course, would win. This served only to make those times when they arrived at opposite conclusions, so very special.

And so it had continued and even David and Margaret, as they grew up over the years, had come to enjoy watching the "competition" between Mom and Dad. That came to an end when David married and moved to a nearby city where he had a pretty good job and Margaret completed school and accepted an internship in California leaving Anne and Adam, once more, on their own.

Assisted by Anne's sage advice and active support, Adam put a great deal of time, effort and talent into it and had built a very successful truck and trailer leasing business. He sold it to a larger firm shortly after his 50th birthday making them quite wealthy. Part of the purchase agreement was a consulting contract for Adam that paid him almost $ 300,000 a year for what amounted to part-time work, making the bets even less significant financially.


As she lay on the sofa in the aftermath of two great orgasms she recalled that it had all started with Adam's reluctance to go to a movie, a "chick flick" with her. That night they had gone to a, Lakers, Hawks game and to their mutual delight, they discovered they had chosen opposite teams. That's when Adam had suggested that, for the first time in their lives, they bet something other than money.

"I'll tell you what." he had proposed. "If the Hawks win, I'll go to the movie with you. If they lose, I get sex on demand Sunday afternoon."

Adam had clearly been somewhat randy since both kids had moved out and, truth be told, so had she, but somehow the timing had not been right with commitments to their respective volunteer duties and his relatively rare consulting duties. He was clearly trying to improve on that situation. She remembered feeling that, as much as she liked to win, as much as she wanted to see that movie, she was almost hoping he would win the bet. The way she saw it, she was a winner no matter what happened.

He didn't win and he had the good graces to admit afterward that he actually had enjoyed the movie very much. Anne marvelled at her good fortune in having such a man.

She had been tempted to go with an afternoon of sex with him anyway but the bets had become an important part of their lives. "A bet is a bet" was something of a mantra with them so she settled for some late night love making that Sunday night. She had gone to bed naked, a clear indication of her intent and he had responded as desired. He was somewhat intuitive most of the time and could be patient and gentle in his lovemaking or, as she so often crudely put it, he could fuck her brains out!

This time she snuggled her nude body up against his, pushing her tits into his back and reaching around him putting her hand into his boxers to stroke his already erect cock. She nibbled and licked his neck and ear lobe as she continued stroking him and she rubbed her very sensitive nipples against his back.

Anne had done this sort of thing before with great results. It was, she thought, like winding up a spring then suddenly letting it loose. After a very lengthy session of this, all the while driving Adam wild, she pulled away rolling on to her back and pulling him along. The "spring" uncoiled! His mouth went to hers, tongues lashing at each other, then his mouth trailed down to her nipples, first the left then the right.

She was already very excited, she had been since he had first proposed the wager, but now she could feel her juices running down over her ass. His tongue trailed down her stomach to her pussy, initially washing over her lips and avoiding her clit. Now she was the one being "wound up".

Soon his tongue found her clit and in moments she was on the verge. He pushed himself up and once more his mouth found hers and she could taste herself on him as he slid easily into her. An instant later he began to establish a rhythm as he pounded in and out of her with her body matching his, stroke for stroke. She was first to erupt into orgasm and her excitement put him over the top.

"Wow! He said after a while. "That was fantastic. It's been too long since we've done that. We have to get more of this into our lives."

Anne rolled toward him, kissed him gently on the lips and said, "No argument from me."

They held one another for a while then Anne, realizing she was "leaking" kissed him again and went to clean herself up.

Adam had played in a Pro-Am golf tournament the following week and with banquets and such there was little time, nor energy for anymore sex play. Anne was aware that she too had been feeling randy since the kids had left but somehow something much more had been sparked in her.

It was, she was positive, Adam's wager.

The next time they realized a difference in their sporting choices, Adam once again wagered an afternoon of sex on demand against an afternoon in Anne's garden. Anne had surprised even herself. She liked gardening to be sure, but not that much. Once again she found herself thinking this was one bet she would like to lose. Losing however was not something either of them took lightly. Adam had put it best when he said, "There's no fun in competing with someone who doesn't care if they win or lose. You owe it to the competition to do your best to win!"

This time Adam won and on the way home after the game he said to Anne, "I'd like to be serious for a moment. I know I've won and I know you'll pay up but I also know you've been feeling lousy lately, so if you're not up to it tomorrow afternoon, we can settle up when you're feeling better."

"My God," Anne thought to herself, "What a wonderful man I have!"

As it turned out Anne was feeling just fine and during brunch at the golf club she went to some lengths to convince Adam of that. Adam didn't really need too much convincing as he was impressed at how sexy she looked in the light, one piece summer dress she was wearing, especially since she had left the top buttons undone.

Shortly after arriving home Adam decided to cash in on his winnings and coming up behind his wife he put his arms around her and slipped one hand into the dress and to his great delight he discovered she was braless. As he caressed her breast and felt her nipple harden at his touch, he kissed her on the neck and whispered, "This is nice! Very nice!"

"You know me." She replied, "Always ready to pay my gambling debts. And, yes, this is very nice!"

Moving to the other breast he continued to caress her and her sensitive nipples responded accordingly. Her breathing quickened, she was really turned on.

While continuing to stroke her breast, his other hand dropped to the hemline of her dress which he lifted to further discover than she was not only braless, she was not wearing anything other than the dress and her shoes. Adam's excitement was growing rapidly as well, but he kept it in check and lightly, at first, began to stroke her pussy. After a few moments of this he pushed his finger into her and was not at all surprised to find that she was very wet.

His finger slipped in easily and he began to finger fuck her as his other hand continued its assault on her breasts. Finally, holding her under one arm and in the crotch, he lifted her and carried her to the sofa where, to her surprise, he sat her down, knelt between her legs and began to eat her overflowing pussy. Anne was on the verge of cumming before he had carried her to the sofa and after only a few moments of his talented tongue on her clit she came, hard. As she was coming down from that high, he turned her onto the sofa, dropped his own pants and pushed his hard cock into her, driving his tongue into her mouth as he did. For the next several minutes he pumped in and out of her until, being more fully recovered from her orgasm, she began to push back. Moments later he passed the point of no return and groaned out loud as he did.

They lay, tangled up in each other for quite a while before Adam kissed her gently then got up and went to the bathroom.

As she lay there in a state of extreme contentment, against her nature, she had to remind herself that she had just paid off on a bet that she had lost!

"What, pray tell, would it have been like if she had won?", she mused. But she had no sooner asked, than answered herself . . . she would be working in the garden along with a reluctant husband.

"I have got to get my priorities in order!" she thought to herself.

Although Adam was normally an openly affectionate person, Anne noticed that he was especially so for the rest of the day and she revelled in it.

That evening she lay in his arms, in their bed, watching an old movie on the TV that they had both wanted to see. When it was over Anne turned to him and kissed him. Looked him straight in the eyes, then kissed him again. Smiling, she said, "I'd like to ask a question."

"Go right ahead my love!"

"This afternoon was really wonderful! Thank you, but you WON the bet. Shouldn't we have done something that was at least mostly for you? That was as great for me as I can ever recall, and I LOST the bet."

Adam thought carefully for a moment then said, "Actually, I thought I was being very selfish at the time."

Anne's look of incredulity was self explanatory so he continued, "Most often, not all the time, but most often when we make love, I have in the back of my mind how you are feeling and what you might or might not want to do. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I'll take all of that I can get. But today, I didn't give it a thought. I won the bet fair and square and I know you would expect to pay up, so I went with what I wanted and didn't really concern myself with whether or not it was what you wanted at the time. It was quite a turn on to do that and know that not only were you O.K. with that but more to the point, you would insist that I serve myself. Your question a few moments ago is proof positive that I was right."

"I wish sometimes I had some way to tell you how much I love you!" was her response.

Although they made love twice more that week, it was more the gentle loving sort of sex that they both wanted and enjoyed but it didn't have quite the same spark as the weekend coupling. The following weekend didn't produce anything worthy of a wager. They played golf with some friends, which, they agreed, was not an appropriate venue for the sort of bet they had in mind. The following Thursday provided just what they had been looking for.

Anne had again considered deliberately taking the opposite team to Adam's choice but contrary to her expectation Adam took the team she was sure would lose against the spread, so the bet was on.

"Sex on demand." He said with a sly grin. "Against an afternoon in the garden?"

"No!" she said with an equally sly grin. "Against sex on demand."

"Man!" Adam thought to himself, "This is turning out alright!"

As they were settling in to watch the game that Thursday evening, it occurred to Anne that maybe Adam had deliberately taken the losing team, but then she recalled that at the time he had believed he was wagering an afternoon in the garden so it was unlikely he would have done that.

By midway through the fourth quarter Anne was surprised, delightfully really, to discover that Adam had once more picked a winner.

After their regular brunch that Sunday, Adam asked if she would like to ride up to the foothills that afternoon. It was something they did all too infrequently as they both loved hiking up there where the scenery is just too beautiful to describe. Anne agreed immediately, momentarily forgetting the wager, but she was reminded when Adam asked, "Would you mind if I requested similar attire?"

"Your wish is my command!" she answered as she curtsied.

After the 90 minute drive and upon parking their SUV at the end of the dirt track that passed as a roadway, Anne watched as Adam removed a backpack and a picnic basket from the back of the vehicle before they began the climb to their favorite spot high up in the foothills. There really wasn't much of a trail as some of it was steep climbing but that really only served to keep the area somewhat private, something that they were both hoping would be the case today.

Adam asked Anne to lead the way and as they climbed he delighted in playing the voyeur catching an excellent view of her behind, naked under the sundress and the occasional flash of her bare pussy. As they climbed Adam was experiencing what might in some cases be called "mild discomfort" as he was sporting a sizable erection for most of the latter part of the climb. On more than one occasion he was sure he could see wetness running down her legs.

There was a fairly large, open, flat area at the edge of a cliff where they were headed. At the opposite side of the valley was a waterfall that disappeared in the late summer and which was barely running now, but both, as they had every time before, found the sight breath taking. After a few moments when they just sat to take in the view, Anne watched her husband open the backpack to find an old "picnic blanket" she had made years ago by having an old comforter clipped on to a canvass so that they could picnic with the kids.

In the basket was a bottle of a favorite merlot, a variety of cheeses, biscuits and fruits along with plates, wine glasses and cutlery. They spread the blanket and demolished the food as they enjoyed the view. After they had finished the last of the fruit and the wine they lay together quietly as Anne wondered, "Could life possibly be any better than this?"

She was about to find out!

Anne wasn't sure but she thought she may have dozed off and was awakened by Adam gently stroking her breasts, his hand under her sundress. She loved the feeling as her nipples hardened into knots. Adam continued this until Anne thought she wouldn't be able to stand it much longer then he moved down, lifted her dress, spread her legs and settled down between them and began to stroke her very wet pussy with his tongue.

At first he was very gentle, working it around the outside, teasing her labia and clit now and then. He kept at it for the longest time until he could hear her breathing become ragged and her body began to move as if by some outside force. Then he moved his mouth to her clit and began sucking on it as if it were a small penis. Anne's excitement had been building for a long time and she exploded into him momentarily losing all control. As she came down from that extreme pleasure she realized that he was still there and still eating her and after a while managed to relax and let it all happen again, which it did.

Only after she came for a second time did Adam remove his shorts and push his hard cock into her overly wet cunt. Anne tried her best to respond for him but she was at least momentarily exhausted from her orgasms. That seemed to make no difference to him as he pounded into her until he too was spent. They lay there until it began to get darker and remembering they still had to climb down to their car they reluctantly left.

On the way home that day Anne asked, "Are you sure I paid off on that bet and didn't collect on it instead?"

Adam chuckled, "I collected on it alright. I find it a huge turn on not to have to concern myself in any way about what you're expecting. I know you are expecting me to do whatever I want, so I do. To feel you go almost out of control like you did is a huge turn on and I try to enjoy it as long as I can, then, when the time comes, I hop on and bang away until I get myself off."

"I love you!" was her response. "And what do you mean "almost" out of control?"

Once again there was a hiatus in the wagering as they seemed to pick the same teams in a wide variety of sports they both enjoyed. It was two weeks later when Adam offered, "I'm picking the Hawks on Saturday. What's up with you?"

Anne felt her pulse quicken. "I like Carter and the Raptors. Are we on?"


"Nope. Sex on demand."

Adam had been surprised and more than a little curious when she had proposed that wager before. This time he was excited as well and began to think it would not be too bad to lose this one.

The game was as exciting as they could remember in recent years as the lead swung back and forth through the last few moments of regular time, which ended in a draw. A missed three-pointer attempt by the Hawks in overtime and a rebound and fast break for a last second score, by none other than Vince Carter, led to a Raptors win. The game excited the crowd but no one more than Adam and Anne as they left the arena that night.

Brunch was followed by dropping in on their neighbours who, it was plain to see, were overjoyed to see them. Anne and Adam found a great deal of satisfaction in bringing such enjoyment to their neighbours and after a very pleasant visit they headed home for the rest of the day.

Adam turned on the TV while awaiting directions as to what would be required to pay off his debt but found he was too excited to pay much attention to the pre-game show. Anne, it appeared had gone to take a shower.

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