When she returned she was wearing a short terrycloth robe and her hair was wrapped in a towel. She pulled a light mattress from the guest bedroom into the family room and covered it with a huge beach towel then handed a bottle of warmed massage oil to her husband.

"Does sex on demand extend to taking directions as we go?" she asked.

"It most certainly does." He answered emphatically.

"Great. Would you strip please and give me a body massage." She asked as she opened the robe revealing she was naked underneath.

Adam complied immediately. Anne, noticing with pleasure his partially erect cock, took off the robe and lay face down on the mattress facing the TV.

Adam began at her shoulders smoothing the way with the oil then very slowly and methodically working out each and every muscle group from her neck down each arm, even doing a through job of her hands and fingers on each side. He worked the muscle groups on each side of her back by straddling her at the hips and letting his erect cock slide back and forth on her ass. He then worked his way slowly down her spine to her naked behind to which he added more oil and massaged each side as thoroughly as he had on the way down.

"Mmmmm." She murmured. "Would you go to my feet and work back up please?"

Adam immediately went to the other end of the mattress where he proceeded to oil and massage each foot, careful to do between the toes. Slowly he worked his way up to her thigh on one side then repeated the process on the other taking some guidance from her moans of pleasure. It had been over 45 minutes since they had started and Adam showed no signs of fatigue. Finally he was back to her ass where he repeated some of what he had done earlier then worked the oil and the massage right on the her anus. After a while she rolled over and without any direction from her he began again at the shoulders, paid particular attention to her breasts and her already erect nipples for a long time until she gently pushed his hands down to her stomach and pubis. She spread her legs and brought her feet up exposing her pussy to which her husband began to apply the oil. Her excitement, already high, spilled over to her first orgasm of the day moments later. Adam stopped briefly when that happened but began again when she whispered hoarsely, "More!"

He continued massaging her and again took direction from her moans of pleasure when his finger slipped into her soaking cunt. Soon he was vigorously finger fucking her while rubbing her now exposed clit with his other hand. Having just cum, it took a while but finally her body stiffened and a loud groan erupted from her as she came for the second time.

Adam waited patiently for further direction. When none came he moved aside, still, Anne noticed, sporting a sizable erection. When she had recovered from the intensity she got up, kissed him at first gently then passionately, then got up and left the room. A few minutes later Adam could hear the shower running. When she returned she was wearing nothing but the towel on her hair.

"Would you go and shower now while I clean up here." She directed.

"I can clean this up and then shower if you like."

Anne paused briefly as if to consider the offer, then smiled, kissed him again and said, "Yes please."

When he returned from the shower, having been given no instructions to the contrary, he was still naked. Anne had donned the terrycloth robe and was sitting on the sofa watching a movie.

Smiling at him she patted the towel covered seat beside her and said, "Sit here.", which he did. She had a little of the massage oil on her hand and when he had sat, she began to stroke his still erect penis while watching the movie. Adam recognized the movie as one he had noticed her watching before. She must have put it in the VCR. It clearly had some erotic content and they continued like this for a good deal of the movie until Anne pulled him up by the penis, spread her legs and said huskily, "Eat me."

Adam, as he had done a few times now, settled between her legs and began to lap at her exposed pussy and clit while she apparently continued to watch the movie. Although he worked his way all around her, he finally got to her clit, which he licked enthusiastically. Having already cum twice it took a while but Adam began to see the signs of an on-coming orgasm and soon she stiffened and moaned out loud through what was mild by comparison to the others but an orgasm nonetheless.

She gently pushed him away, got up and walked to the mattress, now bare but still on the floor, got down on her hands and knees then laid her head down on the mattress leaving her ass high in the air. "Eat me from there please."

Once again Adam complied immediately running his tongue from the small of her back to the tip of her clit. For almost half an hour he kept at that while Anne massaged her breasts and very hard nipples. After what Adam thought might have been a mild orgasm she pulled away and led him once again to the sofa where they again sat side by side, Adams erect cock sticking prominently into the air. Again she resumed gently stroking it as she watched the last of the movie.

She had been considering stopping at this. She was certainly sated and she had won the bet, not him, but there was a much higher order here. She loved this man more than anything she could imagine and decided to get him off before they quit for the day.

Leaning over him, his hard cock in her hand, she said, "Time to blow off a little steam here." And put his cock into her warm mouth. No sooner had she done so than Adam erupted. Not only was she caught off guard by how quickly it happened but also by the forcefulness of his orgasm and by the quantity of cum. Try as she might, she could not catch it all and some of it ended up all over her mouth and chin.

She managed to swallow the rest. Recovering quickly from her surprise she straightened out to see a look of intense pleasure and relief on his face. She kissed him and he returned the kiss passionately and she once again felt an erotic spark as she realized he was kissing a mouth covered in his own cum. They had kissed before after oral sex but she had managed to swallow all or most of it in the past. This time there was gobs of it on her lips when they kissed and she found that highly arousing.

They lay together while all the movie credits played on and on as few people see, having usually turned it off by then and when that was finally done they kissed again and headed to the bathroom where they showered together while Adam gently washed her entire body.

She woke the next morning in her most favourite place of all, in her husband's arms.

"Good morning." He said with a smile.

"Morning." She replied, and after a few moments she asked, "If you think I'm over analyzing, tell me and I'll stop O.K.?"

"Sure. Fire away."

"How did you get off so fast when all your effort went into doing me?" she asked bluntly.

After a brief pause Adam answered, "I think it's similar to the answer I gave you before. I had no part in the decision-making. I didn't think about what I might do next, about what you might like or not like, I just did as directed. There is a freedom to that that turned me on big time! Touching you has always done it for me in the past. Under these conditions, it's even more exciting."

"So I noticed." She responded as they both laughed. "The only problem I'm having is remembering whether I won or lost the bet."

"Do you think Carter and your Raptors can repeat in Toronto?" Adam asked later on that morning, without looking up from the sports section of USA Today.

"Hmmm. I'm not really sure. Can I look over the data and get back to you on that?" his wife replied.

"Sure but in any case Consolidated has asked me to consult in the cross border merger and I'm thinking I should go to Toronto. Want to come along and see if we can get tickets while we're there?"

"I'd love to."

As it happened, Anne was not sufficiently convinced it was a good bet and trying to stay true to her principles she decided not to wager. They flew to Toronto and managed to get a room within walking distance of the Air Canada Centre, the home base for both the Raptors of the NBA and the Maple Leafs of the NHL. Adam was excited to find that there was a hockey game with Tampa Bay visiting while they were here. He told Anne he would take Tampa Bay on the spread and, after looking into it, Anne decided they had a bet. Although neither team was high in the standings Anne was shocked to see that the game was close to being sold out. "These Canadians, especially in Toronto, love their hockey and their team. These games are pretty much sold out no matter who comes to town." Adam explained.

Although Toronto made a spirited comeback in the third period, Tampa had built up a 5 - 2 lead after the second and won 6 - 4 having scored into the empty net at the end of the game when Toronto pulled out their goal tender in favor of an additional attacker.

Anne had lost the bet and they agreed to settle up at the hotel the following afternoon rather than wait to return home. Adam ordered some champagne, shrimp cocktail, and assorted crackers, cheeses and fruits. Taking a clue from Anne who had watched an old favorite, somewhat erotic movie when she had won last time, he ordered an adult film for the room.

"Which one did you get?" she asked.

"The one that came up first on the list. In my experience, which I admit may be limited, they are all pretty much the same."

After he had showered and shaved, Adam came back into the room wearing only the bath towel. He sat in a large chair which he had turned so he could see the TV, then pulled off the towel to reveal his semi erect cock. He smiled and motioned for her to come over.

"Shall I strip first?" she asked with a smile.

His smile was all the answer she needed so she removed her clothes, put a pillow down on the floor to kneel on then settled in as she took him into her mouth. As she did, using the remote Adam turned on the television set, found the movie he had ordered and settled back to enjoy. After quite some time Anne began to feel tired and hoped she could get him off soon. In any case, she would not quit until her wager was paid.

Adam, she thought may have sensed her fatigue for a few moments later his hips began to move, his body stiffened and he began to cum. Anne caught it all and swallowed it down then stayed at it until she had cleaned him. She then sat back on her heels waiting further instructions.

They were not long in coming.

After a few moments Adam gently pulled her head toward his semi erect cock and she began once again to suck him to hardness. As soon as that goal was achieved he lifted her up, turned her around and sat her down, her wet pussy taking him in easily. She could now see the movie which at that point was showing a woman in a business suit sitting at what appeared to be a desk. After a few moments Anne noticed a look of arousal on her face and realized there was someone under the desk, servicing her. A fact confirmed a scene or two later which showed a man on his knees, under the desk with his face buried between her legs.

Anne found the scene to be erotic and soon could feel the pressure of an on-coming orgasm as she continued to pump up and down on Adam's now re-hardened cock. She went completely over the edge when Adam reached around her from behind and began to massage her breasts concentrating on her very hard nipples. As her body gyrated in orgasm and her moans announced its arrival, that too pushed Adam over the edge again and his moans could be heard in concert with hers.

He gently pulled her down and held her in his arms and as they had so many times before, safely held by the other's arms, they dozed off together.

*** That had been over 3 years ago she recalled, and things had continued since then. Only yesterday, Adam had taken the Pistons on the spread over the Celtics and Anne had been pleased to take the Celtics.

This time she had removed her panties in the car on the way home from the club and had openly masturbated herself as Adam drove them home. No sooner has she come in through the front door, she hiked her skirt up over her hips, sat on the sofa and commanded, "Eat me Adam!" which he had done and, having recovered from those orgasms, had him back eating her again as he had been doing for the past 10 minutes.

As she lay back enjoying the power, the physical sensations and most of all, the touch of the man she loved and who loved her, Anne was mildly troubled by a minor detail.

"Did I win or lose that bet?" she wondered.

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