tagErotic CouplingsWait Until the Wedding Ch. 02

Wait Until the Wedding Ch. 02


The wedding has been called off. Patty and Derek had been fucking for about six weeks or longer. I caught them after she had turned me down for a date. She told me she had to study for a test. I already knew that Derek had a hot date for that Sunday night and I was sure it was with Patty. I caught them in the act and Derek tried to punch me out but that did not work out because I had blinded them with my flashlight. I had slammed the car door on his head and left them in the park.

Patty came by Russ's apartment the next morning and tried to bluff her way though the situation. I showed her a part of the tape we had made of her and Derek. She then changed her tune and started to beg for forgiveness. I took her home and left her stand in the driveway crying.

It has been two months and I had not seen or heard from Patty. One afternoon Patty's' father came into the shop just after five o'clock and asked if he could talk to me. We went into the break room; I got each of us a cup of coffee.

He said, "Patty is pregnant. Do you know anything about it?"

I sat there with a stunned look on my face and said, "No sir, it is not mine. Patty would never let me touch her."

He asked if I had any idea of who could be responsible. I told him I had an idea but the answer would have to come from Patty.

I had moved out of my parents' house soon after I got back from Atlanta and got an apartment close to the garage. One night the phone rang. I answered and Patty said, "Hello Bob, How are you doing?"

I said, "I am doing okay. How are you doing?"

She said, "You talked to daddy the other day and you know I am pregnant. Did you tell him it was Derek?"

I said, "Patty, I told your father that information would have to come from you."

After a few seconds of silence she said, "Bob will you ever be able to forgive me? I wish I could go back to when you tried to talk me into being more intimate with you. I want to see you sometime if it is alright with you."

I said, "Sure, call me and I will meet you somewhere. But you need to get this thing settled with your folks. I don't want them thinking I got you in this predicament."

The next Friday night Patty called and asked if she could come by the apartment for a little while. I told her I was not comfortable with it but to come on. I picked up and straightened up before she got there. She came in and I still thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. I should say woman now I suppose. She tried to kiss me but I told her I was not ready for that. I saw tears come in her eyes and she said, "Do you want me to leave?"

I said, "No, Sit down and we can talk. Do you want something to drink?"

I got both of us a coke.

We were silent for what seemed like a long time. I wanted her to start without me asking questions.

She finally said, "Bob, I am sorry that I have messed this up and I ask for your forgiveness. I didn't mean for it to happen. When I called you in Atlanta and hung up on you and then you turned your phone off and I tried to call you back. Bob, I got mad. I borrowed moms' car and drove around for a while. I drove to the drive-in and Derek was there. He talked me into going with him to the lake and I thought at the time that I was getting back at you but I know now I was just being stupid. After the first time it got easier but when you turned me down after you came back from Atlanta I knew I wanted to get out of the situation. I am so so sorry that I did this to us."

I said, "What are you going to do about the baby? Are you going to marry Derek, get an abortion, have the baby and keep it, or give it up for adoption?"

She hesitated for a minute and then replied, "I don't know. Mom and dad want me to marry Derek. I finally told them who got me pregnant. I can't marry him because I don't love him. I don't want to abort and if I carry the baby to full term I don't know if I could give it up."

She said, "Bob I don't know what to do. I know that I lost the one person I really love. I wish I could live those days over. I would be more responsive to your wishes. We could have done things without going all the way. I know that you would be a sensitive lover."

She started to cry and lay down on the couch. I didn't know what to do. I sat there for a few minutes and then got up and went to the bathroom and got a damp bath cloth and brought it to her. I pulled her upright and wiped her face and set down beside her. I put my arm around her and pulled her to me.

We sat like that for a while and then she put her arms around me and squeezed me so hard I could hardly get my breath. When her crying died down she removed her arms and leaned back and looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you so much. Will you make love to me?"

I said, "Patty, I will always love you but I don't feel right about that. I have wanted to make love to you for so long but I don't know if I can. The picture of you with Derek is still strong in my mind. You don't know what that did to me. My feelings are so mixed up right now. I want to throw you down on that couch, strip you naked and fuck you until you scream. The other me wants to go and throw up. I think it is best if we take it easy for now. I will hold you and kiss you and I may want to feel you up. I may want to play with your tits and run my hands over your legs and ass. If you think we can do that and when the time is right then we will make love, fuck, suck or whatever we decide. But I won't marry you and take responsibility for the baby."

We both stood and she said, " I will accept that. Can I come over to see you again?"

I said, "Patty, sit back down. I have to tell you this before we go any further. While I was in Atlanta, I had sex with a woman and her daughter. What I did to you and Derek was uncalled for and I am sorry I went that far. I ask you to forgive me. If we are to go anywhere with this relationship, we both have to forgive the other. If we can do that, we may have a chance. I am sorry to put you through all that. I have destroyed the tapes and if you can forgive me, I know that I can forgive you. We have to work on this if we are to have a life together."

She sat there for a while and then said, "Damn, We really fucked up, big time. I am so hurt but I don't have the right to cut you down any more than you did to cut me down. Give me some time to think this through. This sure puts a different light on the whole thing. Do you love either of the women?"

I told her, "No. We just had sex like you and Derek. It was something that happened. I am not proud of myself. I was like you in that you weren't speaking to me and I was lonely. I am sorry, Patty."

I told her to call me and I would like her to visit me again. She stepped into my arms and raised her face to mine. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. She pulled my head down and pressed her lips to mine with an open mouth and pressed her body to mine. She worked her tongue into my mouth. I got a hard on and she rubbed her stomach into it. I had to push her away. She left with tears on her face and I felt like I was watching the love of my life walk out of my life forever.

The next day I called the rooming house in Atlanta and when a woman answered, I asked to speak to Ramona. She said, "I am Ramona's aunt. May I ask who is calling?" I told her who I was and that I had stayed at her place. She told me that she remembered me and asked how I was doing. I told her I was fine. She then told me Ramona and Judy had moved to a town about eighty miles from me.

She said, "Hold on a minute and I will get their phone number." She gave it to me and told me to call her if I was ever in Atlanta again.

I called the number and Ramona answered. I told her who I was. She was surprised to hear from me.

I asked, " How are you and Judy doing? How long have you been living there?"

She said, "We moved here about four months ago. And we are doing great. I am engaged to be married. Judy is back in school and has a good part time job. I have a good job and everything is looking up for us."

I told her congratulations and I was glad for them. I asked her if Judy was dating anyone.

She said, "No, she stays too busy. But I know she would be glad to see you and so would I. Why don't you come up next weekend?"

I said, "I will be there Friday afternoon about six if that is okay,"

She said, "That will be great. Looking forward to seeing you. Bye."

When I got to Ramona's on Friday, her boyfriend (Rick) was there. She introduced us and we sat around and talked for a while. Ramona asked me if I would pick Judy up after work. She told where the mall was located and the store where Judy worked. Rick and Ramona were going to a party and would be home late. I went to the mall and sat outside the store. When I saw Judy come out of the store about five after the hour I started walking toward her. When she recognized me she came at a run and threw her arms around my neck. We hugged and kissed until I thought security might run us off. She told me she wanted to go home.

She said, " I am dirty and need a shower. Then you and I have some catching up to do."

She whispered, " I haven't had sex since you and I in Atlanta. I am so horny. By the way, I am on the pill so no more condoms for us, okay?" It didn't take us long to get back to her house.

When I pulled into the drive and shut the engine off Judy was on her knees in the seat and pressed against my body with her tits in my face and her hand on my rising cock. She said, " Lets get in the house so I can get this out of these pants and in my mouth. I want your cock so bad, Bob." I was not one to argue with that.

We went into the house and straight to her bedroom. She was naked in seconds and then turned to me and I was naked also in another few seconds. Judy had changed a little since I last saw her. Her body had filled out a little and in a good way. Her hair was cut shorter. Her tits were bigger and the rest of her body was more muscular.

My cock was pointing to the ceiling and Judy was on her knees with it in her mouth before I could make a comment. I had forgot how good it felt to have your cock in a pretty woman's hot, wet mouth. I knew I wouldn't last long and I didn't. It hit me so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. I broke out in a sweat and held onto Judy's head and moaned out, "God, Judy that was great. Are you trying to suck my nuts through the head of my cock?

She pulled her mouth off and laughed, " No, It has been too long and I wanted it to be good for you."

I said, "If it had been any better, I would be out on the floor. Now it is my turn."

I pulled her up and moved her to the bed. I had her sit on the edge and spread her legs. She had shaved her pussy since I had seen it last. I got on my knees between her knees and inhaled the sweetest aroma coming from the prettiest pussy. I leaned forward and buried my face between her legs and just breathed for a minute or two. I pushed her knees toward her tits and started licking all around her pussy. Then I started my tongue at her asshole and dragged it up through her lips to her clit. I continued this until I had her whole crotch area wet with her juices. I then pushed my tongue as far into her hole as I could get it and wiggled it around and around. I worked it in and out, up the left side and down the right and then reversed. I was rubbing Judy's clit with my fingers. I would rub softly back and forth and then in a circle. Then I would pinch it between my fingers.

I guess I was doing something right. All of a sudden I could not get my breath. Judy had pulled my head into her with her hands and locked her legs together. I could hear faint screams and knew she would release me in time. Her legs and hands finally fell away from my head and I took a deep breath. I looked at Judy and she lay with the most peaceful look on her face. I blew a soft breeze into her pussy area.

She jerked and said, "Please, You are too much. I have never believed it could be like that. Momma sure taught you how to eat pussy. I think I may have fainted. Come up here and hold me."

I crawled up and moved her around on the bed and pulled the covers over us. We held each other tight and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke some time later with a warm wet vise on my cock. When Judy knew I was awake she pulled her mouth off and said, "I want your cock in my pussy."

With those words she straddled my legs and moved up over my rigid member. I could see the wetness of her pussy and knew I was in for a very joyful ride. She moved my cock head back and forth between her lips until it was wet and then started to ease down on it. When I was all the way in, she leaned forward and told me to lie still and let her do this her way.

I said, "It is yours Baby." I knew I was going to get my jollies. I pulled a pillow under my head and watched as Judy rode me like a bronc rider in the rodeo.

She would move up and down slow and then speed up. She would go all the way down and then move side-to-side, then back and forth. I could feel the head of my dick moving around inside her sopping pussy and knew I was going to cum soon. I tried to think about cars and baseball and anything that would keep me from Cumming.

Judy had broken out in a sweat that was dripping off her onto my chest and stomach. It felt good to me. I couldn't help myself; I had to reach up with one hand and grab her tit and the other hand went down to caress her clit.

Judy started screaming, " OOH GOD, That is so good. I AM CUMMING. Yes...Yes ...Here it is. OOOOH.... FUCK ME<>>>FUCK MEEE.

I could feel her pussy tighten on me and I could hold back no longer. I came so hard I lost focus for a short time. Judy fell on my chest and lay there until we could catch our breath.

I said, " Judy, slide up my stomach and let me clean you up."

She said, "No, but I will 69 and we can clean each other."

That was more than okay with me. After we had cleaned each other we went to the bathroom to shower. I was sad to see the shower was too small for both of us. I had wanted to try some shower sex but it was not to be this time. She showered and I dried her off. While I showered she blew her hair dry.

When I finished she was there with a towel and dried me. Of course when she got to my cock and balls I started to get hard. She leaned over and took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and sucked on it until it was a full-blown hard-on. She took it in her hand and led me back to the bed.

She looked at the bed and said, " We have got to change these sheets."

I pulled the old ones off as she went to get the clean ones. I had lost my erection by the time we had the bed made. I asked if we could get something to eat and drink before we continued with our "lovemaking". She pulled on a pair of panties and a tee-shirt. I put on a pair of denim shorts with a tee shirt and went to the kitchen.

We both worked on an eggs and bacon meal. We got our kisses and feels in while we cooked. Just as we sat down to eat, Ramona and Rick came in.

Ramona said, "We came back early. The band was no good and people was getting rowdy. My, My, what have you two been up to?"

Judy and I both blushed and said, "Nothing."

Ramona said, " Yeah, Like I am going to believe that."

We all teased and talked for a while and then Rick and Ramona went to bed.

Judy said, "I am so happy for momma. She is so happy now and Rick is really good to her and for her. She is like a new person. The divorce will be final next month and then she and Rick are getting married. You have to come for the wedding."

I said, "I will be here if at all possible."

We spent the weekend making love, fucking, sucking and having the best sex I had ever had. I hated to leave on Sunday afternoon. We said our goodbyes and promised we would keep in touch. On the trip home, I was kicking my ass for doing that to Patty. We would never work this out if we kept fucking over the other one.

Monday night Patty called and ask, " Where have you been all weekend?"

I said, "I had to go out of town on some business."

She said, "I tried to call and no one answered. Can I come over to see you tonight?"

I said, " I am really tired and I don't think I would be good company. Let me rest tonight and you can come over tomorrow night. I will get a pizza and you can come over anytime after seven."

She said, "Okay, I will see you then. Bye."

Patty came over a little after seven. I opened the door and she was standing there in a tube top and a short flared skirt. She came in and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down and kissed me long and hard. The pizza arrived shortly after and we ate and talked. Then we moved into the living room and sat down on the couch. She scooted over close to me and said, "Hold me in your arms, Bob."

It wasn't long before my hands started to move up and down her back. She got up and sat on my lap with her legs straddling my lap facing me. I got an instant hard-on and I knew she could feel it. She moved up real close and I started run my hands up her sides to the edge of her tits. When I would touch her tits she would moan and whisper, "Yes."

She leaned back and pulled her tube top over her head and undid her bra and threw it to the side. She said, "Now feel my tits. Make love to me. Do what you want, Bob."

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and threw it down. She stood up and pulled her skirt down and stepped out of it. She had a little pair of boy shorts panties on and I could tell she had shaved her pussy. She started to pull them off but I stopped her and said, "Let me do that later."

She got back on my lap and started to grind her pussy on my cock and I knew I would not be able to stand that for long. I had taken her tits in my hands and was caressing them and twirling her nipples with my thumbs. She slid off my lap onto the floor on her knees and started to unbutton my pants and pull them off. When she got them off she pushed my knees apart and moved in between them. I wasn't wearing shorts so she took my dick in her hand and said, "This is bigger than.... Oh. I am sorry Bob. Please forgive me."

Before I could make a comment she had taken the head into her warm, wet mouth. I thought I would come off the couch. She started to jerk me off with her hand as she slid her mouth up and down on my cock. She was running her tongue around and around the head and moaning. I knew I was not going to last long. Very soon I felt my balls start to tighten up and I said, "Patty, I am going to come."

She just mumbled, "Uh huh."

She kept on sucking. I exploded with a jerk and thought I had driven my cock down her throat but she held on and took ever drop of my cum and swallowed it. She continued until I was dry and then cleaned my cock. When it dropped out of her mouth, she kissed the head and looked up at me and said, "That was so good. You taste good. I want some more of that later."

I couldn't speak for a while.

Patty climbed back onto my lap and placed her hot wet pussy on top of my flaccid cock. She was so wet her juices started to run down across my balls and onto the couch. I put my hands under her thighs and stood. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as I made my way to the bedroom. I sat her on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I said, "Now it is my turn to give you some pleasure."

As I was still standing, I bent over and kissed her lips. Then I kissed around to each side of her neck and nibbled on her ears. I kissed down onto her shoulders and down to the side of her breast. I kissed and licked under each of her breast and worked my mouth back up to the top of each tit. I covered each tit with kisses and licks working my way to the nipples. I took each nipple and sucked them into my mouth and tweaked them back and forth with my tongue. Patty started moaning and pulled my head harder into her tits. She said, "OOH GOD that is so good. I have never felt anything that good before. Yes. Yes. Keep doing that."

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