tagErotic CouplingsWaited 19 Years For This!

Waited 19 Years For This!


I hadn't seen or talked to him in almost 20 years. Funny thing is it was his wife who contacted me first. We had been friends in high school and I dated him briefly, I went to the movies with him once. Damn that memory was unbelievable- the thought of it made it wet. I had never had a guy touch my pussy and thinking about it made me wet.

We talked on the instant messenger for a few days and then he gave me his number. I was shaking as I dialed that number and had a cold so I felt kind of crappy. But hearing his voice was so exhilarating and just thinking about him made me wet. He has some affect on me that when he mentions sex, I fall to pieces.

We continued to chat on the internet and then one night we talked on the phone and had the most amazing phone sex. I got so wet listening to him tell me how bad he wanted to fuck me and how he was jerking off thinking about me. Hard part was trying to be quiet as my husband and kids were asleep in their rooms. I would race to get home from work and get all of them off to bed so I could get on the internet and talk to him. We had the most amazing conversations and he opened my eyes to so many things. Even got to watch him a few times on the webcam jerk off, oh how I wanted to touch his dick. It looked so thick and I wanted to feel that inside me. I even wanted to feel it in my mouth and give him a blow job. I was even ready to do something I didn't like doing- swallowing his cum. He knew I had some phobias from past experiences but something he said made me trust him completely and I wanted to make him happy in so many ways as I am the submissive type.

We made plans to get together as I was planning a trip to my old home town for a visit. The conversations and phone sex became a daily occurrence and hearing his voice was a thrill to me. I even left him naughty voice mails telling him what I wanted to do or I would use my dildo and wish it were him fucking me and moan like crazy calling his name. A few times I went over the limit on his voice mail and had to call back, this man made me crazy for him.

I started to change my appearance, lose weight and started buying different clothes, panties and bras. I wanted to look good when I saw him for the first time, knew I wasn't the same girl he remembered from high school but he said I looked good, but I was going for hot and sexy. I took pictures of me clothed, then took pictures of my tits and clit and sent those to him. The thrill of taking the pictures and then loading them on the computer was exciting. Getting an email or phone call from him telling me he liked what he saw was even better.

Before we started talking I was deciding what to do with my shamble of a marriage. He became a voice of reason and a shoulder to cry on, he was there for me and I knew I could tell him anything. Once my marriage situation changed we made plans for him to help me move back home and the plans included the two of us together alone in a hotel. I went out and bought a black/pink bra and see thru black panties, I wanted to be held, kissed passionately and made to feel like a woman. But I also wanted to be a slut and do things I had never done before. I wanted him to be rough with me, push me against a wall and pull my hair, bite me and fuck me like I had never been fucked before.

Well the hotel arrangement never came to be as we had issues with his flight and the airline fucking everything up. He and his wife ended up meeting me halfway and driving back with me. His wife drove their car and he and I were in my car, I was so scared being alone with him and wanted to touch him so bad. I couldn't believe he was in my truck. We held hands; I ran my fingers thru his hair, across his neck, back and arms. We looked at each other and you could see the heat rising between the two of us, the desire building. He ran his fingers thru my hair and pulled it, ran his fingers up and down my thighs and reached down to rub my pussy- oh the sensations that flew thru me, my heart was racing, my throat was dry and I moaned with pleasure from his touch, I just wanted him to stop driving and kiss me and fuck me right there on the side of the road.

As the night wore on and the more we were together the touching become more frequent. At one point we were kissing while he was driving, I was almost out of my seat and sitting on the center console. I kissed his neck, nibbled his ears and kissed him full on the mouth, pushing my tongue into his while rubbing his cock thru his pants. God how I wanted to unleash it from his pants and suck on him as he drove but knew that may not be a good idea. I was so wet and wanted him so bad, but we had to drop the U-Haul trailer off at my mom's.

After dropping off the trailer we found a place to park next to the train tracks and I started touching myself and doing what he told me and then he started touching my pussy and clit. I came fast from all the teasing, kissing and talking and wanted him inside me so bad. We got out of the truck and he leaned me against the hood and entered me from behind, his dick was thick and felt so good inside of me. Oh it was fast and blissful but I had him in me and didn't want to let go but I had too, it was late and there was a train coming. We watched the train go by as I stood behind him with my tits pressed against his back holding the belt loops of his pants. We went back to his house and I slept in the other room- just knowing he was that close to me was a thrill. He told me this wouldn't be a one time thing and boy was he right. The heat and desire we have for each other is intense and I can't wait to have him again.

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