She was always waiting for him. It only made the feeling in her stomach grow hotter, anticipation simmering, then boiling over. But that only happened when he would finally come to her.

She never knew when he would show up. Appearing out of the darkness, her lover in the shadows. Sometimes she would be walking down the street and arms would pull her into an alley; a calm word would stop her from screaming. Heated stares, hands sliding under clothing. Being almost carelessly shoved onto the boxes, her legs roughly parted, and...

...Or there was that time he slipped into the shower with her. Holding her hips so she wouldn't fall as he slid his tongue over her clit, moving her so the water fell across her hard nipples and down her belly. Her moans were muffled when he stood suddenly and caught her mouth in a fierce kiss, his fingers replacing his tongue, forcing her to an almost savage orgasm under the spray.

Nothing was like the first time though. She shivered in pleasure, remembering that night. Coming to that dark little club on a whim, letting the music float her into that corner, where she would look up and lock eyes with her desire. Riding on a wave fueled by a little alcohol and pure lust, she doesn't remember the small talk they shared, or really how she was led upstairs to the balcony overlooking the crowded room...



A hot kiss to the back of her neck, just under the hairline. His arms snaked around her tighter, pulling her back and hips against him. She could feel his arousal against the curve of her back, and she couldn't help but push against it, loving the tiny tremours that overcame him. The tables were soon turned when he slid a hand up, over her breasts, to hold her chin. Pulling her head back, he caught her mouth in a deep kiss, his tongue moving in slow, lazy circles, much like what his hips were doing. It was driving her mad. But...

"We can't do this here, people will-"

"See?" He pushed against her harder, sliding his other hand to the hem of her skirt, teasingly drawing it up slowly, inch by inch. "Let them see..."

"But...wait, I-" She struggled half-heartedly against his hands, against his powerful sensuality. She was pushed up against the balcony guardrail, and his body, and she could feel the outline of his hard cock through his jeans against her ass. He was kissing and nipping her throat, and one of his hands was playing with a hard nipple under her shirt. Her resistance was practically gone, but with one last attempt at modesty, she tried to call out, her words lost under the throbbing music. He just chuckled behind her, and leaned in to whisper in her ear, teasing the lobe with his tongue.

"No one can hear you...no one is watching...and admit it...don't you love getting away with this? Feel how I'm touching you, feel how fast your heart is pounding. Tell me you don't love this...tell me you don't want this..."

Her skirt was being lifted, her panties pulled to the side. She was so distracted by his words that she didn't realize that he had unzipped his pants, and was pushing his hips into her harder. Her breath caught when she felt his cock pressing against her pussy. He wasn't entering her, but definitely letting her know that he was there. Shuddering, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto this shoulder, relaxing her body into his. His hands went to her hips, and he moved her against him in time with the music, his cock sliding against her wetness. To the untrained eye, they looked like any other couple swaying to the rhythmic pulse.

The music reached its height, and with a soft growl, he nipped the back of her neck and slid the head of his cock inside her tightness. Stiffening in his arms, arching back, she moaned and gripped the rail in front of her. She pushed back against him, forcing him inside of her inch by inch, until he was buried all the way. All the resistance she had was gone, shattered now. Tipping her head back, she whispered,

"Fuck me...fuck me in front of all these people..."

He replied by thrusting hard against her, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her pussy, then slamming it back in, forcing a deep groan from her throat. He was so hard and so thick. She felt split in two, but instead of pain there was this blinding pleasure...his fingers were stroking her clit now, and she was gasping in his arms, shuddering, on the brink of cumming, but wanting him to go over with her.

"Harder....deeper...ah, yes, fuck me, please, oh god..."

"Mine....all mine...I'm going to cum soon, angel...going to cum deep inside of you in front of everyone here..."

Hands gripping her hips tightly, her forced her harder and harder against him, his cock hitting her g-spot. Her pussy tightened even more, and with a cry, she came apart in his arms, shaking and whimpering, her vaginal walls milking him hard, coaxing him to fall over with her...

He held her still, pounding her through her orgasm, and then shoved his cock as deep as he could inside of her. Stiffening, he shuddered and groaned deeply as he came. She could feel his heat flooding her, throbbing. They stayed that way, locked together, for several long minutes, until they could separate. Tugging her skirt down, and smoothing her hair, he gave her one last kiss, and whispered-

"Wait for me...I'll find you again, angel."

And then he turned, and was gone, leaving her well-fucked, and waiting...

Her reverie was broken by a caress to her face, the fingers warm and soft. She closed her eyes, smiling. The wait was over. For now.

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