I was on a business trip in your town. We had a nice lunch together. When I left your office, I dropped my business card on your desk. It had my hotel and room number on it. It simply said -- Come at 7 o'clock, dressed for dinner and dessert. I'll leave it up to you to decide what to wear.

When I got back to the hotel, I started to get ready. I only had about 2 hours to get everything in place. I wanted it to be as good as we both imagined it would be -- so incredibly hot!

I selected my sexiest bra and panties. Navy blue lacy bra, emphasizing my breasts, tightly pushing them together and showing a lot of curves. The panties were a thong style, lacy in the front, and sheer in the back. Perfect.

In the bathroom, I soaked in a luxurious bath. Lots of scented oil, slicking my skin and making it slippery but soft. The smell of the oil made me aroused. Thoughts of you coming to my hotel made me hornier than ever. I closed my eyes and thought about you on top of me, making love and then placing your cock in my mouth afterward. I thought of how you tasted the last time we were together, when you pushed your cock in my pussy, then in my mouth. I licked my lips, still tasting you on them. .

My pussy was shaved completely smooth. Touching it and fingering it made me ache to be with you. Naked, and looking in the mirror, I started to finger my wet pussy -- slipping first one finger, then two up inside me. I parted my legs and shoved those fingers inside me. The sound of my fingers going in and out of me was driving me wild. I used my other hand to rub my clit hard. Oh baby, I wanted to feel your cock in me. NOW. I rubbed my pussy like crazy -- fantasizing about you penetrating me over and over again.

It wasn't long before I had an intense orgasm. The muscles squeezed my fingers hard as I came. God, that was good. As I watched in the mirror, I stroked my hard nipples with my cum-soaked fingers. They were shiny from my wetness. I watched myself lick the cum from my nipple. It felt so good to feel that soft tongue caressing my breast. I loved seeing my reflection in the mirror as I shook and throbbed from my orgasm.

I walked back in to the room and put on my bra and tiny panties. My hair and makeup were done to perfection -- I wanted to be so perfect for you. I even put on my heels -- high heels with straps around the ankles. I felt tall and incredibly sensual waiting for you.

Soon the moment was here. You knocked on the door, and I opened it to find you nicely dressed, carrying roses and a bottle of wine. We kissed as I invited you in. By now, I was wearing a silk robe over my lingerie. You set the flowers and wine down, and took me in your arms. A passionate kiss -- I loved feeling your tongue in my mouth. We kissed and sucked and rubbed up against each other. Soon I felt your hands opening my robe. You let out a gasp as you saw my outfit. "Beautiful" was all you whispered.

We kissed again. I told you to sit on the bed -- as I had a surprise for you. You sat on the edge of the bed, and I walked right up to you. I let the robe slide seductively to the floor, exposing my full breasts and smooth pussy. As the robe slid down, I placed my thigh right up against your leg. I let my fingers slide up my inner thigh, and pushed a finger inside my thong. I wet it in my pussy. I moaned softly -- I was already swollen and ready to make love. I gave you my finger to taste. You lapped up my juices like a little kitten.

By this time, I had been teasing you into a sexual frenzy. The smell of my skin, the taste of my pussy and the sight of my body were driving you crazy. You stood up, grabbed my arms and kissed me hard. You were taking control now. The teasing was going to stop and you were going to have me NOW.

You carried me to the bed. I lay down and looked up into your eyes. We both wanted this moment for so long. I lay on the bed, and you lay down beside me. I felt you stroking my hair and kissing me softly. You cuddled me in your arms and held me close. We made love over and over again. "Did you like that baby?"

"Oh, yes," was all I could whisper in reply.

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