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Waiting for College


It was late summer and the beginning of mine and Christina's senior year. We had both just turned eighteen and we were eager to have fun. She was five seven, Italian, had smallish breasts with dark red nipples. With nipples that were continuously erect and an ass that was more than generous, Christina had men following her around like a bunch of hound dogs chasing a raccoon... I was her total opposite, five feet, long blonde hair, porn star breasts with large pink nipples and a small perky ass that guys called great.

Christina was a force unto herself. Not only was she the hottest girl at our high school, she was the most confidant. That, and a reputation for being a "party girl," kept Christina welcome everywhere. Men and women alike circled around Christina hoping she would notice them. Fortunately, I had my own circle of admirers. But I had to admit being her best friend had its privileges. Christina picking me for her BFF made me the envy of the other girls at school.

We had been friends since middle school, when one day after class, Christina had declared we were to be BFF's for life. With our relationship was now clearly defined, we became inseparable. Even back then she had been calling the shots. Since then we had spent every weekend together, bouncing back and forth between our different parents. That's why, late Friday night, after kissing my boyfriend, I was speeding across Interstate 30. I wanted to be with her.

Pulling into the circular drive in front of her parents' house, I parked my silver VW bug. Grateful that her overly strict parents were out of town, I quietly let myself in the side door, I tiptoed down the hall and into the back bedroom. A grin spread across my face when I saw her waiting there. She had already slipped out of her five inch black stiletto pumps and her curve hugging mini and now sported an off the shoulder gray t-shirt and black lace thong. Quickly dropping my bag I gave her a hug. Holding on to me a little longer than usual, she hugged me back. Laughing and smelling her neck, I told her she positively reeked of sex and musk cologne.

Having slipped out of my skinny jeans and my "too tight" white blouse, I changed into a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt and pair of white cotton bikinis. Little red hearts across the ass made them my favorite. Jumping into her white, four poster bed and slipping my body up against Christina's, I pulled up the ruffled pink bedspread that was left over from her childhood.

We were currently dating brothers. Christina had been out with Brian that night and they had hooked up. She loved teasing me with dirty talk and the excruciating details of their fucking. Carrying on-and-on about how much he loved to lick and kiss her pussy and ass. That he never got tired of having his face between her legs with his tongue deep in her ass or perfectly trimmed pussy. She told me it felt fucking fabulous when he slipped his finger in and out of her ass while he feasted on her. Even though her description excited me, I wasn't sure that was something I would ever be comfortable with. It just didn't seem okay.

Normally, I would have hung on her every word, but right now, I didn't need the stimulus. Scott, the brother I was dating, and I had kissed. And while we moaned and humped in his old pickup, he had squeezed and tugged on my breasts. Despite my body's incessant demands, I had successfully forced myself to stay dressed. Leaving me with a wet and very unsatisfied pussy. I needed to be taken, bent over and fucked hard. More importantly, I needed Christina to go to sleep so I could get under the covers and slide my fingers deep into my aching pussy.

As I laid there, wishing Scott had my ass in the air, Christina scooted closer to me and asked, "Have you let Scott fuck you yet?" I couldn't explain why, but I was making Scott work for it. My dimples and baby face made me look a lot younger and it was easy to believe I was an innocent. Considerably older than me and believing in my innocence, he was patiently waiting for my surrender. I had lost my virginity over summer break, but it had been quick and not satisfying at all. Wishing I had waited for somebody that had a clue about sex. I liked to pretend I got a do over. Christina laughed at my plans, she always thought it was funny when I referred to my virginity as something that could be lost again.

We both were a little tipsy and a little stoned and I was beginning to feel drowsy. Leaning her dark curls next to my head she whispered, "Have you ever thought about being with another girl?" Feeling instantly awake and surprised by my body's response, I whispered, "No." Pictures of girls bodies entwined started to circle throughout my thoughts. My breathing shortened as I waited. I could feel my pussy starting to swell and quickly getting wet. My natural instinct was to lie down, but instead, I scooted a few inches away. This conversation was too was weird. I didn't want to hurt her feeling but despite my body's yearning, I knew this was something I couldn't do. My scooting over was a clear signal to stop, yet part of me hoped she wouldn't.

Stroking my hair, she continued to talk. I liked what she was saying. Telling me how beautiful I was and how she had wanted to touch me and taste me for years. Her words were like direct hits on my body. My nipples hardened, my panties became soaked in my juices and I unconsciously leaned towards her. I had never considered sex with another girl. I knew I should move further away and laugh it off. I couldn't. Like a moth to a flame, my body hungered to be burned. Her body looked so good and I was enjoying watching her long fingernails slowly stroke my arm. Slowly from my wrist to my shoulder, she stroked me. Occasionally she ran one of her shiny red fingernails down the inside of my arm, causing her hand to lightly graze the side of my breast.

Glancing down at my obviously aroused nipples, embarrassment shot through my body. Heat immediately flared up in its wake and quickly inflamed the already growing passion between my legs. My pussy was starting to demand I relent and do what I knew was wrong. My excitement reached such heights that I could smell my own scent growing.

Continuing to graze my breast each time she stoked my arm she whispered into my ear, "Just let me ... you don't have to do anything ... it will feel sooo good ... you can feel how much I want you." Her words became a chant in my head. Her voice soothing my fears and encouraging me to relax, to open myself to her, to trust.

The room was spinning slowly around me and I stopped struggling against my base desire. A sigh declared my submission as I laid back on her heart shaped pillows. She grinned and slowly crawled on top of me, carefully straddling me. Her movements were so slow and cautious that it made me feel like an antelope being approached by a lioness. Thinking she was going to kiss me, I was startled when she went straight for my breasts. Pushing my shirt up around my neck, she instantly took my left breast into her mouth and clamped down on my engorged nipple. A moan slipped from my lips as she sucked my nipple deep into her mouth. Grabbing my other breast, she pulled both together. Using her teeth to tug on my nipples and her tongue to flick the tips she pulled out of me one ragged moan after another. My panties became even more drenched as she continued to lavish her increasingly rough attention on me.

Lifting her head, her brown eyes met mine. Her dark eyes again a contrast to my pale blue. Twisting her left hand in my hair, she pulled my face down to hers and began kissing me deeply. Our tongues mingled, hers invading and mine relenting. With one hand still claiming possession of my hair, her other hand began creeping into my panties. I yelped as she separated my lips and roughly thrust two fingers all the way inside of me. The desire to capitulate seeped through my every pore. Spreading my legs wide, I allowed her to pound me harder and harder with her fingers. Twisting and turning them inside of me, stretching me... My yelps and whimpers mixed with the sound of her fingers assaulting me. Rougher than any boy that had finger fucked me, she mixed pain and pleasure. This was a first for me.

My pussy was now dripping down my thighs. Her right hand was going at me and all I could do was meet each thrust with one of my own. Whimpering for her not to stop, I took my own nipples in my hand. Pulling and twisting. Feeling a jolt of pleasure shoot through me, I looked down in time to see her head settling between my legs. Her tongue snaked out, licking my clit. One flick of her tongue followed by the next. She started licking as fast as she could. Her fingers picked up speed. Ecstasy like I had never felt before flooded my very being. Arching my back and grinding my pussy into Christina's face, moans flowed from me in increasing volume. She roughly flipped me over and started licking my ass. Every flick of her tongue was like a bolt of electricity; I had never felt dirtier. She knew what she was doing and I was lost in a wave of joy.

She moved her hand up to my clit and began rubbing it roughly in circular motion. Rubbing and rubbing as she continued to explore my ass. Feeling my body begin to tighten, I shoved my ass back into her face as wave after wave of cum was ripped from my body. The intensity of my orgasm left my body quivering.

After my shaking thighs released their grip on her, Christina looked up at me. My pussy still throbbing, I smiled at the sight of her face shiny with my juices. Everything was surreal, my body was sore because my BFF had just fucked me silly. Climbing up my body she smiled again. I pulled her mouth to mine, I wanted to taste myself.

Then it was my turn. Despite the orgasms that I was still recovering from, I was nervous. I had never even considered kissing another girl's face and now there was a gorgeous pussy that I was expected to kiss, lick and drink from. Buying time, I encouraged her to continue kissing me with my sighs and apparent pleasure. Feeling the pressure from her hand on my head, my mouth started kissing a trail down her neck. Suddenly sitting up, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and wiggled out of her thong. Though we had seen each other naked a thousand time, this was the first time I had actually studied her body.

She was perfect. So hot! Thick black hair that fell to her shoulders in waves and never needed product. A slender frame, with firm breasts that would just barely overflow my hands. And her nipples, they were large, perfectly symmetrical and a shade of red that was twice as dark as my pale pink ones. My eyes continued down her curves, landing on the small patch of black hair, trimmed into a perfect landing strip. Her grooming highlighted the opening of her labia. A heart shaped ass that curved out on both sides of her hips and long legs completed the picture.

She looked like what I imagined Eve did when she was being seduced by a serpent. Not only was Christina the ultimate in female beauty, but she had a face that longed to be naughty, so very naughty.

Grabbing me by my hair once more, Christina pulled my face down to her breasts. I went back and forth, gently kissing and drawing her hardened nipples into my mouth. Feeling her breasts in my mouth awakened feelings that I didn't know I had. It was mind blowing. I was so turned on! She not only felt natural in my mouth but also surprisingly wonderful. I hadn't known how much I would love playing with breasts. At her urging, I began to suck her harder and deeper into my mouth. Squirming and moaning, she again urged me to be rougher. Saying over and over again, "harder, harder," and telling me how good it felt when I obeyed. Tentatively I chewed on her nipples. Arching her body up against mine, she again grabbed my head and encouraged my head lower. Momentarily resisting the suffocating pressure on my head, I hesitated. I was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of shoving my face into another girl's pussy.

Letting her nipple slip from my mouth, I started to move my face towards her pussy. Taking in her swollen lips and the musk emanating from her, I could see how wet she was. Pushing herself towards my mouth and whispering "please," Christina pulled her knees to her chest. This further opened her delicate folds to me and also served to draw my eyes to her tight pink opening in back. With no means of escape, I grabbed an ass cheek with each hand. A rush ran through me as I watched her hips straining towards me.

Her pleas for release encouraged me forwards. Squeezing her ass firmly, I pulled her even closer towards me. Taking my tongue, I made long slow licks up and down her labia. Saltiness and musk settled in my mouth. Repelled was the last thing I felt. She tasted like dessert and I felt like a kid with an ice cream cone. My tongue grew bolder, taking longer and longer swipes. Each swipe bringing me closer to her erect clitoris and her backdoor opening. Wanting to make her cry out louder, I started gently sucking her perfect little nub with each swipe. Pulling her knees further back she gave me even easier access to all the delights between her legs.

My strokes increased in speed with each swipe, which ripped louder more desperate cries from her throat. Savoring the rush that ran through my body, I continued to lick furiously. An audible gasp was heard coming from her throat as my tongue settled into her ass. Taking my time I swirled my tongue around her rim. The taste of her wasn't unpleasant, just muskier. Alternating between gasps, sighs and yelps, Christina was riding the sensation of an anal lashing.

Returning my attention to her clit, I furiously licked, sucked and nibbled. Grinding on my face and spreading her juice all over me, her body began to tighten. My hand instinctively moved to her opening framed by slippery wet lips. Taking two fingers, I shoved them into her as quickly and as roughly as I could. As she encouraged me further into her body, I added another finger and then brought the count up to four. She was bucking her hips and yelling "yes" repeatedly. I continued licking and thrusting. She started pulling my face further into her, making it difficult to breath.

There was simply no time to think. Every move I made was primal and driven by mutual desire. It wasn't long before I felt her thighs clamping down on each side of my head. Licking even faster, and feeling her stiffen brought me such a sense of power. Her body was mine. She came all over my face, wave after wave filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. With one last shriek, she collapsed, legs spread. Pussy enflamed and pulsing as more of her juice dripped out. I leaned back down, licking up as much of her as possible. Her taste made me dizzy.

I climbed back up her body till my face was by her chest. I remember looking at our bodies entwined, the differences were beautiful. Our contrasts enhancing the beauty of each other. I fell asleep with my head on her chest, one hand caressing her nipples gently. The taste of her pussy was the last thought to cross my mind.

Waking up the next morning, naked and sorer than I could ever remember, the reality of what happened settled in with a growing uneasiness. My face flushed as heat settled between my legs. Reaching up to the stickiness on my face, I felt her cum. Dried, it coated the lower half of my face. The combined smell of our bodies filled the room. Hearing Christina in the adjoining bathroom, I tentatively grabbed a blanket and hopped off the bed.

I wrapped a blanket around me and shyly made my way to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, she was admiring her own body. Hearing me enter the bathroom, she looked back and gave me a sultry grin. The smile on her face was nothing like the one she usually flashed me. It held promises and threats. She gave no other acknowledgement that we had just spent the night biting and fucking each other into a stupor. Arching her eyebrow she coyly asked me, "Are you ready for your haircut?" Even though I didn't initially know what she was referring to, I gave no argument. Once again, Christina was in complete control.

With a slight smirk on her full, naturally red lips she motioned to the counter and told me to hop up. With a look of confusion in my eyes, I asked her "Why?" Apparently, I had too much hair in the way when she licked me. Again she motioned me on to the counter. Thinking about how wonderful her smooth lips had felt against my tongue, I hopped up. She eyed the blanket I was still clutching to my nude body and laughed at the absurdity of my actions. The truth was, I felt shaky and vulnerable. I didn't think what we had done was right and I told her it shouldn't ever happen again. Smiling, she spread my pale thighs wide and placed my feet on the edge of the counter. Reminding me she was using very sharp scissors, she pulled my ass to the very edge of the counter. There I was, legs spread as far apart as possible and my knees up. My pussy and ass were left exposed and feeling utterly defenseless. Still completely nude, Christina lowered herself to her knees.

With all the seriousness of a surgeon, she studied my pussy. Deciding on a course of action she commenced to trimming my dark blonde curls. It seemed like it took forever while; I struggled not to move.

Finished trimming my lips, she told me to step into the bath. Lifting the shower nozzle from its base she turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. Rubbing shaving gel mixed with water into my pussy, she prepared to shave me. Tugging one of my small pink lips out and then the other, she carefully removed every piece of remaining hair. Continuing to shave up the sides and directly above my labia, I was left with a landing strip just like hers. Only mine was blonde. She rinsed off the remaining gel and leaned in kissing me directly on my clit. A thrill shot through me and I was instantly wet. My pussy began to throb. I wanted her to touch me again so bad. I wanted to beg her to lick me all over. All the things I wanted to tell her I kept to myself. Instead I gently pushed her away. I was trying so hard to be a good girl. The shame at our naughtiness the night before struggled with my desire to fall down on my knees in front of her. The need to taste her again dominated my thoughts.

Grabbing me by the hips, she gently turned me around and told me to bend over. Spreading my cheeks and rubbing gel up and down my crack she explained, "I plan on taking you every chance I get." She didn't want any hair on my pussy or my ass. I was to always keep it that way so her tongue constantly found smooth silky skin to devour. And just like when she declared we were going to be BFFs, I didn't argue. The truth was, I never wanted her to stop playing with me. I knew I would do anything she told me, as long as she used that beautiful mouth on my body.

Bent over and completely submitting to her directions, I was painfully aware of my nudity. My entire body quivered as she continued. Done with her shaving, she rinsed off my crack and planted a kiss on each of my cheeks. She turned me around again and pulled me from the bath to the full length mirror.

She stood behind me and told me to look at myself. I was shocked at the sight of us. Both nude, both beautiful. I glanced away when I caught a glimpse of the hunger in her eyes. My eyes fell to my pussy. Where there had once been dark blonde curls there was now bare skin, accentuating the swell of my mound. You could see the curve of my small pink lips and just the smallest of openings. I looked up in the mirror and watched each of Christina's hands claim a breast. As passion flooded through my body, I leaned back against her sighing and watched as she twisted and pulled on my nipples. Once more my glance fell to my cleanly shaven lips and watched as they continued to swell and open up. My pussy announced what my mind denied.

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