tagRomanceWaiting for her Racer Man

Waiting for her Racer Man


She waited by the long white fence for him to appear, her dress blowing in the breeze. She knew he would be coming soon, but didn't know when and kept gazing at the horizon, hoping his silhouette would appear on the horizon.

She sat in a lounge chair at the top of the driveway, taking a drink of her lemonade to quench her thirst, though the real thirst she wanted quenched had nothing to do with lemonade. It was in her heart and her mind and her loins, aching to be soothed.

She took up her book, occasionally looking over the top of the pages to see if he was there, as though appearing by magic. It was only when she heard the engine of his car that she stood up and stretched, her muscles releasing their stress. Her smile grew as he pulled up the long driveway; parking his truck and stepping out, dust covering his blue jeans.

"Hello there, Belle. Your Racer Man has finally arrived. You have anything a thirsty man can drink?"

She nodded and walked over to her side table, bending over to pour him a glass of lemonade, making sure her dress hugged her behind just the right way. Belle stood up and straightened her dress, the waist of it falling just right to show off a bit of her tattoo.

His grin was evident as she sauntered back to him, a cool dripping glass in her hand. He took it from her and swallowed a large mouthful, a small drop spilling down his chin. Belle raised a finger and wiped it off, sticking the fingertip in her mouth, sucking it dry. He stood mezmerized, watching her finger move slightly in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmm," she said, removing her finger. "I like it when it's nice and wet." She smirked at his reaction.

Racer Man ran his finger down the side of his glass and offered it to her, groaning slightly as she took it in her mouth and again licked it clean. "Oh, yeah," he countered. "Wet is definitely good."

Belle released his finger and turned, walking back toward her seat, Racer Man keeping pace a couple of steps behind her. "So, how was the race," she asked nonchalantly.

"Well, the straight-aways were easy, but I really liked the curves," he answered, his gaze running up and down her body. Her eyes twinkled as she caught his gaze.

"Well, personally, I like the straight-aways," she responded, her gaze traveling slowly southward.

"The handling was pretty good, once I found a good solid grip."

"A good solid grip is good, especially when you're moving up and down. On the track."

"I prefer moving in and out. Of the pack."

"Mmmm. In and out is good."

Racer Man made to move in to kiss her, but she spun and stood up on the other side of her chair and started walking toward the porch. Racer Man just laughed and followed her.

"Did you finish well," she asked over her shoulder.

"Well, I didn't finish fast, but I made sure it lasted a while. Both of us finished at the same time."

"That's a good trait to have," she said, leaning against the porch railing, letting her shirt hang loose over her large breasts. His eyes traveled the fabric, watching her curves.

"Well, I know I usually race to the finish, but sometimes it's better to hang back and wait and make sure my teammate finishes first."

"Oh, definitely. But finishing at the same time is also really good."

"Oh, yeah. Sometimes, going to the camera is good too."

Belle purred. She turned toward him and leaned back over the fence that ran along the edge of the porch, letting him look at her.

"How has your day been," he asked, leaning against the edge of the house.

"Well, it's been kind of boring, sitting here, reading, though I did get wet earlier."

Racer Man blinked a couple of times. "Oh? And how's that?"

"Well, it was so warm, I just had to cool off, so I took a glass of lemonade and ran it down my chest, but it spilled on me right here." She moved her hand over her breast and down between them, caving in her shirt between them. "I got all sticky. From the lemonade. So I went to the hose and sprayed myself, just trying to get all clean." She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, her hand still moving up and down between her mammaries. Racer Man stood there and watching, jaw hanging open.

"Well," he said after regaining focus. "I would have gladly helped you...um...clean up. I've got the equipment for it."

"Oh, I just love a man who has the right equipment. I'd be afraid that you'd end up making more of a mess, though."

"Sometimes things need to get more messy before they get cleaner. You've got to get dirty before you can get cleaned up."

"Mmmm. Getting clean sounds like fun. Maybe we can get cleaned up together."

"That sounds good, my Belle. But how about something to eat first?"

"Ooo. Eating is always fun. Why don't you...come inside?" She crooked her finger in a 'come here' motion and Racer Man followed, watching her intently as she walked backwards into the house.

"What's for lunch then, Belle?"

"Tacos," she answered, leading him into the dining room.

"Oh," he replied. "I sure do love eating tacos. Especially when they're a little pink on the inside."

Belle smirked. "I like my taco with a little cream. Do you?"

"No, I prefer mine plain. None of that covering stuff. They are easier to eat that way."

Belle's face turned slightly red. They ate in silence, casting looks at each other all through the meal.

"And for dessert, we have sopapillas. You know what I like best about these?"

"What's that, my Belle?"

"You can drizzle them in honey and lick...it...right...off." She grabbed a teddy bear shaped jar of honey and spun a small circle of it off of the tip of the upright sopapilla, using the very tip of her tongue to lift it off. She watched in delight as her Racer Man shifted in his seat.

"Or you can coat the whole thing in it," she said, squeezing honey onto the whole sopapilla, some dripping onto her hand. "And then suck the whole thing." She leaned her head back and pushed most of the dessert into her mouth, sucking on it, pulling it back out only to push it back in again. Belle finally pulled the sopapilla out of her mouth, a small blob of honey in the corner of her mouth.

Racer Man shifted again, leaning forward to wipe the honey off with his finger, Belle turning her head quickly and sucking the honey off of his finger, not letting go, moving the finger in and out of her mouth. After several seconds, she released the finger but not before swirling her tongue around the fingertip.

She opened her eyes to find her Racer Man had closed his. She smiled and he opened his eyes, a slight glaze covering them. "Yes, indeed," she said, grabbing the bottle of honey. I sure do like sucking things off. Of dessert." She stood up and started walking slowly toward the bedroom, her Racer Man quickly catching up behind her.

"Well, my Belle, you aren't the only one who likes to lick things," he said in her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist." She leaned her head back and purred. "In fact," he continued. "I like licking things very much."

Belle turned and looked him in the eye, walking backwards toward her bedroom door. She suddenly reached out and grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him into a savage kiss while backing through the door.

"Well, Racer Man," she said. "Let's get down to some licking, then."

The door shut behind them.

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