tagGay MaleWaiting for Love Ch. 02

Waiting for Love Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- The Challenge

For my usual readers, please note this relationship is D/s. With thanks to Blitzwing.

©Pelaam: February 2008

Stefan gave a sigh of pleasure that he was finally home. His face wore a warm smile at the thought of Kevin, naked apart from his collar, waiting for him. Just for him. As he opened the door and stepped inside he was quickly greeted by his mate. His jacket was taken from his shoulders and hung up and Stefan trailed in Kevin's wake, admiring the sight of the other man's taut buttocks and the unconscious sway of slim hips. Stefan sat on the settee, settling into a comfortable position. The television was on at the news channel he preferred and a gin and tonic appeared at his side. He smiled at his mate, admiring the nude form. His eyes raked over the naked skin, admiring the second piercing, he had pierced that nipple himself, the light dusting of body fur and then the collar.

The collar symbolised their chosen lifestyle. They lived it to their standards -- no one else's. Stefan would never do anything that hurt or scared his lover and Kevin trusted and loved him implicitly. The collar was a simple chain of stainless steel links fastened by a small padlock. The only key to which lay on a gold chain around Stefan's neck. He smiled warmly as Kevin gracefully sank to the floor to sit at the side of Stefan's legs. Stefan's hand gently stoked the dark hair of his mate as he sipped his drink. It was perfect, like always.

He paid little attention to the TV programme. Instead he reminisced briefly on how their lives had changed over the last year. He was now the day manager of a successful, and busy, restaurant. At home he was responsible for all the finances and purchases, including the shopping. Kevin retained the job he had when they met. Although it was tempting for Stefan to have Kevin not working, they still needed two salaries if they wanted the luxuries Stefan liked them to be able to indulge in. Kevin's responsibilities at home were cooking and sorting the laundry. They used a cleaning company for the mundane and Kevin took care of their bedroom himself. They were both happy with the arrangements, blissfully happy with each other and considering a commitment ceremony.

"How was work today, love?" Stefan asked, savouring his drink.

"I ... um ... the new guy," Kevin said hesitantly. "He's been hanging around my office." He tried to put it as neutrally as possible, but Drake made him uneasy. And he had a confession he had put off for a couple of days. He leant into Stefan's thigh, letting its solidity reassure him.

"He has said or done anything?" Stefan growled. He was possessive of his mate and Kevin knew it, needed it. Needed to know he belonged to the blond.

"No ... yes .... I'm sorry, Stefan. I did a stupid thing."

"Shh, shh," Stefan soothed. "Come here." He patted his knee and Kevin gratefully snuggled into the embrace. The intimacy always made it easier for him to speak when distressed.

"I don't know how it happened. But you know I threw a shirt away because it was torn?" He waited for the nod as Stefan's hand stroked his thigh. "My collar got snagged. I went into the men's room to sort it. I checked the corridor," he said, anguish colouring his voice. "But as I got the shirt undone, Drake came in. He saw my collar. He hasn't said anything, but ... his eyes," Kevin shuddered and Stefan's arms tightened around his body. "They took on the same look Terry used to get when he was planning something."

Stefan gave a wordless growl. Terry was Kevin's previous lover. Although Kevin had confessed some of the things he had been forced to do, Stefan knew there were others still hidden away. Whether Kevin told him or not was up to his lover. All he cared about was his beautiful mate knowing *he* would never abuse the trust, the love, Kevin gifted to him. Everything they did was consensual and for mutual pleasure. He tilted Kevin's face upwards.

"I love you," he said. "Now go into the bedroom. I want you face down and spread wide. Go."

Stefan watched as Kevin obeyed instantly, admiring the lithe form as his lover headed to their bedroom. The blond took another swallow of his drink as he removed his tie, socks and shoes. Carrying them with him, he followed his lover. As he entered the bedroom, he stopped and drank in the sight.

Kevin lay stretched on their bed. His arms and legs were spread as dictated. He had placed a clean sheet over the normal covers and lay over a pillow to raise his hips. Stefan nodded approvingly. Slowly he moved around the bed, carefully fastening the thickly padded restraints. He checked the tension. Kevin could move fractionally, but no more. He slid a hand between the upraised hips and pillow and fondled already hard, damp flesh.

Moving away, he waited a moment and then leant down and nipped gently at the back of Kevin's knee making him jerk and give a pillow-muffled cry.

"I wish to hear your enjoyment, love," he husked into an ear, following the words with his tongue and earning a low groan. He licked from knee to buttock and nipped sharply to a yelp and jolt. "But you do not come until I say," he added, before running his tongue between the cheeks he now held open. The moan of pleasure sent jolts to Stefan's sex. But for now, this was about Kevin.

He began in earnest, raining kisses, nips, licks and nibbles along with the occasional slap to pinken the alluring buttocks before him. He never stayed in the same place or repeated the same action when he moved, ensuring Kevin remained teetering on the edge until moaning continually and humping the pillow as much as his restraints would allow. Stefan was pleased with the sensual haze into which Kevin had been enveloped.

He settled between the spread thighs and parted the pink mounds before thrusting his tongue as deep as possible. He relished the scream from his mate and thrust his tongue hard and fast to pillage the hot channel. Kevin's cries of passion increased as Stefan occasionally slid in a saliva-slick finger to tease his mate's sweet spot. He replaced tongue with fingers, spreading and scissoring quickly, desperate to be buried in his lover's body.

He slicked his throbbing shaft and positioned the head at the prepared portal. He pushed just the dome past the guardian muscle and waited for a moment, relishing the feel of the hot, tightness and then surged forward in one fluid motion until buried balls deep. He growled his approval as the sheath rippled its welcome around him. He rocked gently and then began a punishing rhythm of hard, deep strokes, striking Kevin's jewel with each movement. Listening till Kevin began to babble incoherently, pleading for release.

"Come now," Stefan bellowed, reaching under Kevin's hips to pull at swollen flesh. He groaned as the shuddering of the body beneath him was accompanied by wet heat over his hand and the tight channel around his cock clenched with brutal intensity. The contractions fractured his control and with a last few feral thrusts he emptied himself into his lover, filling the smaller man with his hot semen. "Love you," he husked, as the last of his seed found its home in Kevin's body.

He kissed the nape of Kevin's neck. Licking at the drops of sweat he found. He nibbled languorously across Kevin's shoulders before reaching to unfasten the wrist restraints. He remained on top of his lover until reluctantly expelled from Kevin's body. Then he undid the ankle restraints. He checked and rubbed Kevin's wrists and ankles to ensure his mate was unhurt before rolling the younger man onto his back. Sated, love-filled sienna orbs gazed adoringly into his own smouldering sapphire depths.

"I love you, Stefan," Kevin whispered.

Stefan devoured his mate's lips, leaving them red and swollen in the wake of his passion.

"I love you, too," Stefan smiled. "Now go and prepare a shower for us. Then after we eat, we can watch a DVD together."

Kevin's smile was incandescent. If they watched a movie, his lover often played with his body using a toy before taking him a second time. He hurried to the bathroom.

Stefan stripped the bed of its protective sheet, replacing it with another, and pushing it, and his work clothes, into a hamper separate from the one the cleaning service were permitted to take. He was pleased to see how much happier his lover was already. He intended for Kevin to know just how loved he truly was.


The next couple of days passed without mention of any further incidents and soon Friday was upon them. The couple sat in their favourite armchair. Stefan wore his well-worn, black leather assless chaps and Kevin, as normal for them, was naked. Stefan was sharing his drink, feeding his lover from the glass or his own lips as he played with Kevin's beautiful body, the smaller man's erect cock hard and needy.

"There has been no further trouble from Drake?" Stefan asked his mate, as their lips parted once more.

"No. But he was away for a couple of days," Kevin replied.

"If he does or says anything, you will tell me?" Although phrased as a question, the command was implicit and both knew it.

"You know I will. I love you."

Kevin moaned as Stefan's hand squeezed his engorged flesh before licking the intoxicating elixir that adorned his fingers in response. Stefan captured Kevin's lips in a deep and satisfying kiss and then hugged his mate tightly.

"I need to keep you safe," he rasped, feeling his lover shiver in response to the sound of his voice. "Tomorrow I have the day off. We will go to the bookseller you like and see if he has any of your Jeffry Farnol novels."

"We will?" Kevin asked in a delighted gasp. "Thank you, Stefan."

"Do you want to show me your thanks?' Stefan husked, teasing Kevin's turgid flesh. At the nod, he gave a feral grin. "On your knees and suck me. Do not make me come. When I am ready I will do something about this." He ran his thumb over Kevin's steadily leaking shaft, then lifted the thumb to his lips to lick it clean.

Kevin groaned and slid elegantly to kneel between Stefan's splayed thighs. He enjoyed giving his lover this pleasure, relishing the taste and texture of his mate. He suckled slowly at the slit, drinking the pre-come as the treasured liqueur it was. He took the long, thick length, slowly into his mouth, deeper and deeper until his nose was pressed into golden curls and Stefan was moaning his appreciation. He let his throat carefully massage the shaft, remembering his lover's instruction. As soon as he felt Stefan get close to completion, he backed off slowly. He knelt on his heels awaiting his lover's instructions.

"Up here," Stefan rasped. "Straddle me." His voice was thick and husky and the raw sound made his lover shiver in anticipation as he obeyed the command.

Kevin's cock bobbed elegantly as he positioned himself over Stefan's thighs. He whimpered needily as thick fingers opened him and began to thrust inside his body. The corkscrew motion told Kevin that Stefan was at the edge of his control. Then strong hands were at his hips, helping position him over this lover's solid flesh. He groaned as he felt the swollen cockhead nudge impatiently at his aching void.

"Ride me." The command dripped with Stefan's own need. "Hard. Fast."

Kevin obeyed unthinkingly. His own arousal was forgotten as he rode his lover as directed. His hands clung to Stefan's shoulders and he rose and fell, squeezing his inner muscles and adding a twist to his hips as he dropped down. A slight shimmy to adjust his angle and Kevin cried out in pleasure as hard flesh dragged across his jewel. Suddenly Stefan's hand was on his throbbing dick and pumping vigorously.

"Make me come, Kevin," Stefan bellowed. "Come on my cock. Come for me."

Kevin's head dropped back with a wail of his lover's name as his seed adorned the smooth abdomen and chest and he felt Stefan's hot, wet juices pour into his body. Then his face was framed by loving hands and his mouth plundered until he was breathless. Finally balmy blue depths locked with heated hazel.

"I love you, Kevin." Stefan held the sated body against his own. He would fight with all he had to keep his lover safe, happy... and his.


Stefan glanced over at his mate with an indulgent smile. The brunette was diligently scanning the shelves to check for the author of the historical romances he enjoyed. It was not a genre Stefan appreciated, but he enjoyed his lover having the things he liked. In his own hand was a book on Greek cookery. Although cooking at home was Kevin's domain, Stefan was expanding his culinary repertoire, occasionally preparing their meal when he had time off. Both men liked Greek food and, flicking through the book, Stefan could see several of their favourite dishes.

"I found one, Stefan," Kevin's voice was breathy and happy.

Stefan turned, schooling his face into neutrality.

"Are you certain it is one you do not already have? You have so many." The stern voice did not match the merry twinkling in his eyes and he saw the second Kevin realised he was being teased. The brunette swayed closer.

"Quite sure. I'll make it well worth your time to buy it." He spoke in a rasping purr, nuzzling close to Stefan's ear.

"Imp,' the blond growled, swatting the pert backside as he took the favoured tome. "However, I will keep you to your promise. And tied to our bed," he added, his voice a caress to Kevin's ear. "Do you wish to continue browsing whilst I pay?" He smiled at the nod and the smile on his beautiful lover's face.

On his return, Stefan's smile became a snarl. Kevin was hemmed into an aisle by a man taller and slightly broader than Stefan. He effectively blocked Kevin's only way out and Stefan could see the look of worry and trepidation on the beloved face. He instinctively knew who this was.

"Let him pass, Drake," he growled, the sound hard and menacing.

The other turned and cold, glittering green eyes regarded him dispassionately. He took a step towards Stefan, clearly used to using his height as a means of intimidation. The eyes reflected anger as Stefan neither moved nor changed expression.

"So you're the *boy*friend," Drake said sneeringly. "He deserves better; a real man who can really teach him obedience and take care of him." The voice was low and well-modulated. "If he were mine he would be at home now, waiting for me, naked and shackled."

"He has exactly what he needs. Now let him pass." Stefan took his own step forward, blatantly invading the other's space, giving Drake the option to move or stand chest-to-chest with Stefan. Their eyes locked; challenger and challenged. "Kevin, go to our coffee shop and order our usual. Go now." Stefan never broke eye contact with Drake as he felt the displacement of air that told him Kevin had obeyed.

Kevin hurried past the two men locked in silent, unmoving combat. He knew where he was headed and aimed unthinkingly towards the cafe. His eyes were almost unseeing as the word 'shackled' played over and over in his mind. Automatically he ordered the drinks they always chose and sat, shivering, waiting for his mate to come. He needed the blond. Only Stefan could take away the cold that had taken residence in his veins.

Stefan glared at Drake, daring the man to say or do anything to hinder Kevin, but he simply smiled; a movement of his lips that never reached his eyes.

"Do you really think *you* have what it takes to keep something as desirable as that?" Drake asked, his voice condescending. "You should have seen his face when he realised I'd seen his collar. I just knew there was something about him the first time I saw him. I bet you didn't even punish him."

"He is mine," Stefan said, his voice cold and brittle. "Stay away from him." He whirled on his heel and exited the bookshop without a backward glance. He hurried to the favourite coffee shop.

Stefan could see how distressed his lover was as he entered the cafe. He took hold of Kevin's hand and gasped at the chill and the tremors that assaulted the slender frame.

"Would you like to go home, love?" Stefan was both angry and saddened that Kevin's day had been ruined. However, he could see there was more than the simple encounter at the bookshop troubling his mate and Kevin would say nothing out in public. He received a nod, Kevin's eyes refusing to meet his and the blond's heart ached whilst his fury simmered.

When they reached their apartment, Kevin did not hurry into the bedroom to disrobe or offer Stefan a drink. Instead he walked over to the French windows, staring out and hugging himself. Stefan watched sadly. He walked over and helped his lover take off his jacket. He stood behind the lithe form and wrapped his arms around Kevin's waist, pulling the smaller body close to his own. Pleased at the feel of his lover leaning into his embrace, Stefan tightened the hug. Whatever troubled his mate, at least it had not driven a wedge between them.

"I was shackled ... once," Kevin whispered shakily.

At the sound of the small, frightened voice, Stefan moved to scoop Kevin into his arms. Although similar in height and build, Stefan worked out regularly at the gym and prided himself on his ability to carry Kevin. He sat them in their chair, hugging his mate close and murmuring soothing sounds into brunette hair.

"Terry brought them home," Kevin continued. He had to get this out now. He was not sure he could again if he stopped. It was still terrifying to think about, but Stefan deserved to know ... needed to know. "He said I would like it. I didn't. They were thick metal wrist manacles joined by a chain to ankle restraints. He was going to put my arms behind my back, but I think he saw the panic. Instead, he locked them in front. They were heavy and hard and I hated them. I begged him to take them off. All I could do with them on was shuffle my feet the distance of the chain and lift and lower my arms a short distance. He pushed me to my knees and I knew it would be really hard to stand again. I could see he was getting really turned on the sight of me naked and helpless, but I hated it. I hated it," he repeated, his voice barely above a whisper.

"As bad as that was, it got worse, he unzipped himself and began lubing his cock and I knew no matter what I said, how much I begged, he was going to take me and I wouldn't be able to stop him. He'd left the key on the coffee table and when he dropped to his knees in front of me, I lashed out, catching him with the manacles. I snatched up the key and managed to unlock my ankle to move. I grabbed the phone and locked myself in the bathroom. As Terry hammered on the door I called the security services and managed to get free of the shackles."

Kevin stopped and Stefan rubbed his back in a reassuring gesture. Now the blond understood why his lover had been so freaked out over being retrained. But more, he knew just how much love and trust had been placed in his care that Kevin now enjoyed their mild bondage games.

"When security arrived, I came out of the bathroom in a robe and told them I wanted Terry removing from the apartment and he was not to be given access to the building. He tried to tell them that we'd just had a lover's spat and if they left us alone for a few minutes things would be quickly sorted. Unlike with us, I didn't have him as co-owner of the apartment and they refused to listen to him," Kevin stopped to take a shaky breath before continuing.

"When he realised they were going to throw him out, he lunged for me and security barely managed to restrain him. It was only when they threatened to call the police that he suddenly went very calm. I couldn't have called them; they'd have seen the chains and believed him and he knew it. He told them with such confidence that he would be back the next day, I could hardly believe it. As soon as he was gone I went round the apartment and packed away anything that was his, including every sex toy he'd made me buy. I posted it all to him; I didn't care about the cost. I didn't go out for a couple of months except to work and back. I even had groceries delivered. I've avoided anywhere he and I used to go. I'd only just been going out for a couple of months before I met you. I'd heard he'd found someone else and moved out of the city."

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