tagBDSMWaiting for Master

Waiting for Master


I woke up a bit disoriented. I had stayed awake as long as I could, awaiting my Master's arrival... however I had soon felt my eyelids drooping and snuggling up to the pillows on the big comfy bed, I drifted off.

When I awoke, I heard the sound of something whistling. I froze then, hearing the sound of a crop flying through the air. I tried to jump up in the bed, when I realized I was bound, wrist and ankle to the bedposts. I struggled for a moment and then settling down, whispered, "Master, are you home?"

His voice was low and soft, "Yes, little one."

I smiled into the dark, then frowned, hearing his voice again, "You were to be waiting for me, were you not, little one?" His hand caressed my cheek softly.

I shivered, responding, "Yes Master. I stayed awake as long as I could."

"But not long enough little one..."

"No..." I whispered, "Not long enough Sir. I am so sorry Sir."

I heard him moving around the bed. He did not respond. In a moment I heard the whistle of the crop and the sting on my thigh. I squirmed and yelped. "Owwwwwww!!"

As he whipped the other thigh, he said, "When I give you an order, I expect it to be obeyed."

I winced, groaning and replied, "Yes Master."

He walked up to the head of the bed and ran his fingers through my hair, I could see his eyes gleaming as he leaned down towards my face. He kissed me softly.

"It is good to see you again, little one."

I looked up at him, eyes adoring him. "I am so glad to see you Sir."

He stood back and I heard him remove his clothing, my body leaping with response and eagerness. I heard him chuckle as he ran his fingers around my nipples.

"Ahhhh," He sighed. "See how your nipples greet me little one... standing at attention like that."

I groaned as his fingers pinched one nipple then the other, pulling on them slightly. I felt warmth and wetness between my thighs. I nodded to him.

His hand slid down my stomach to slide between my thighs, probing my wetness roughly. "And your pussy, little one... It is glad to see me also..."

I moaned, as his fingers slid against me, "Yessssss Sir, they are..."

I tried to lift my hips and he chuckled, pushing them back down to the bed.

"So... my pet... we are happy to see each other..." He whispered as he brushed his hardness against my leg. I trembled and pulled on my bonds, wanting to touch him. He walked to the head of the bed, by my face. He turned my head to face him, eye level with his crotch. "See how happy my cock is to see you little one?"

I nodded, licking my lips, eyes wide. He chuckled and slid closer. I slid my tongue out to taste him. He pulled back. He reached down, pulling and twisting my nipples. I groaned and howled.

"Did you ask permission little one? Do you want a taste?"

"I am sorry Sir. May I taste your cock, Master?" I whispered, feeling my body warming. "Pleeeeeeeeeeasee Sir?"

He moved back towards me, hands leaving my nipples with one last hard pinch. One hand caressed my face, the other holding his hardness close to my face. He whispered, "Open your mouth, little one."

I let my jaw go slack, my lips parting. He thrust himself between my lips, groaning as I felt his pulsing heat fill my mouth. His hands gripped my face softly, I could feel his tension and his tenderness. He groaned again as I moved my tongue along his length.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... my pet," He sighed and I smiled inside, continuing to lick and suck on him, trying to take more of him in. He groaned, thrusting slowly inside, holding my face. I snaked my tongue along him, sucking hard, feeling the tension in him, the full throb of his cock in my mouth, he was so close. I slid my tongue along the tip in my mouth, then let him thrust inside, until he groaned loudly, spurting deep down my little throat.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... yessssssssss..." He screamed as he pounded within my lips. I swallowed his gift to me eagerly, savoring every drop.

Finally he leaned back, caressing my face and my neck softly, and leaned down to kiss me deeply. He whispered, "That was wonderful, little one of mine... I am most pleased, love."

I kissed him back, smiling. He then looked into my eyes and slid his hands down my body, slowly, exploring every inch of soft skin, making my nerves tingle. His hands slid down my legs as he moved down the side of the bed to stand at the foot. He reached for the crop sitting on the bed.

I watched him, eyes wide, my body scared and excited. I felt so exposed, open to him. I closed my eyes as he slid the crop softly up my legs, rubbing along the insides of my thighs. I groaned when he flicked his wrist and the crop stung my tender flesh of my inner thighs. I squirmed a bit, feeling the strength of my bonds, as he struck me again, twice.


He slid it softly up between my legs, to caress my pussy and then flicked his wrist again and it struck my tender skin.

"Ahhhh... mmmmmmm..."

As I reacted from the sting, I felt his hands sliding up my legs, softly caressing me. I felt him slide his body onto the bed, positioning himself between my legs. His fingers slid up to the juncture of my thighs, softly outlining my shaved skin. I wriggled and moaned, feeling shivers up my back from his touch.

He slid his fingers between the lips of my pussy, touching my wetness and then slid over my body, up to my face. He pressed his fingers to my lips, and meeting his eyes I licked his fingers clean. He smiled softly.

"Wonderful, little one." He breathed. "Do you want me to touch you?"

"Ohhhh yes Sir, I do."

"Like this?" He whispered as his hands caressed my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over the stiff peaks of my nipples.

I groaned, "Ohhhhhhhh... Yes Sir..."

He smiled, leaning down to kiss my lips softly, his fingers pinching and turning my nipples. "Like this?"

I moaned and trembled, heat flooding between my legs. "Yesssssss Sir!"

He kissed my neck as he slid down my body. He whispered, "Would you like me to lick you, little one?"

"Yes, Sir. Ohhhhh please, Sir."

I felt his hands move beneath my breasts, lifting them up to his lips as he first sucked one and then the other nipple into his mouth. My body jerked and I moaned, sensation rushing through my body, down to the wetness of my pussy. Over and over again, he moved from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking them between his strong lips. I moaned and sighed. "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!"

His lips moved down my stomach as his hands slid along my sides. I felt his hands slide beneath my ass as his mouth hovered over my pussy, breathing softly, his breath sending shivers through me.

"Tell me again, little one... Do you want me to lick you?"

I struggled to stay still, the urge to lift my hips to his mouth burning deep inside me. "Yes Sir. Ohhh, I do, Sir."

He licked his tongue along my slit up to my clit and pressed against it before leaning back up. I quivered in his hands, moaning. "Say it again."

"I want you to lick me Sir, pleeeease..." I moaned, trembling, desire for him flooding my senses.

He leaned back down, his fingers slowly, gently parting me. He pressed his mouth to me and I felt my pulse pounding. I felt his tongue lapping at me, caressing me with his tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Master..." I cried out, shaking.

He looked up to me then as he slowly pressed two fingers inside my depths, pushing in, sliding against me. His mouth returned to cover my clit and his tongue licked it furiously as his fingers slid in and out of my wetness.

I shook and my pulse throbbed, my head rolling from side to side. I moaned and cried out, "Master may I?????? Ohhhhhhh..."

He lifted his head while his fingers danced inside of me, hitting the soft tender places. "May you what, little one," He whispered softly.

"May I come... sir????"

He did not respond, but leant back down, licking his tongue up and down my pussy, lapping at me. I moaned and trembled, my hands gripping my bonds tightly. I felt the pleasure rising within myself, overwhelming me as I waited.

Finally he leaned his head back up and leaned up over me to look into my eyes. He leaned down, kissing my lips softly, lightly as he whispered, "Now, little one. Come for me."

His fingers stroked inside me, pushing in and out over and over as his lips slid down my neck to cover my nipples. I could feel his eyes on my face as I closed my eyes and wailed, my climax raging through my blood like a consuming fire. My whole body shook. I heard his voice softly in the haze, "That's it little one, give me your pleasure."

I took deep breaths, my pulse pounding, my body weak as he then kissed me passionately. He released my bonds, "For now..." he said chuckling, as he wrapped me in his warm embrace and rolled over holding me close to his side. I kissed his chest, curling up against him and whispered, "Welcome home, Sir," as I felt his hands running through my hair, his other hand holding me close.

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