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Waiting for Purple


Hello wonderful Literotica readers.

I've decided to re-post some of my stories and this is one that I'm pleased to share again.

"Waiting for Purple" was a story that jumped into mind one day. Part of the inspiration was pondering how I could write a love story that was also filled with sex. This is what came out.

This won the 2012 Annual Nude Day contest (now replaced by the April Fool's contest, I believe). I spent a little time copy-editing this and also adjusting a few plot points and details.

I hope you enjoy. Votes, comments, and favorites are always appreciated.


Ken looked around at their group of friends nervously.

It was a Saturday night tradition. The second Saturday of every month, one of them would pick a restaurant in the Chicago area and they would all meet there for dinner. The group changed depending upon availability, but it consisted mainly of their close friends from high school and college. Some came from Sarah's past, some came from Ken's, but everyone got along very well.

The talk of the evening was the 'snatchings'. Every new channel was buzzing with the fact that over twenty people in the Chicago area had gone missing with no explanation. More reports were coming in by the hour, and the police and the FBI were absolutely stymied. There was no evidence, no clues, these people were simply gone.

Still, it was a large city and 20 wasn't that much in the big picture. Life went on. For example, their monthly dinner... and the announcement Ken was planning on making.

Ken swallowed nervously.

"Now?" he asked in a whisper to Sarah.

She nodded and reached under the table to take his hand in hers.

"Everyone, I would like to make an announcement..." he began.

No one was surprised by their news. He and Sarah had been together for two years. 'About damn time' was the most common phrase he heard.

It was a wonderful evening. Drinks flowed freely and there were many, many toasts. Sarah proudly displayed her ring to anyone who wished to see it (and to some who didn't). The two of them practically poured out of the cab when they got back to their Bucktown townhome.

Their lovemaking was intense, but quick. Both of them climaxed quickly and Ken was in the mood for another round.

"In the morning," murmured Sarah. "I promise we'll have a very fun Sunday."

They fell asleep within moments, their hands clasped together.


Ken awoke with a bit of a headache.

Something was different.

The sheets felt different and he knew instantly that Sarah was not beside him.

His eyes flew open.

He was not at home.

He was in what looked to be an average-sized hotel room.

He was still naked, just as he'd been when he'd fallen asleep.

In a panic he jumped up to take stock of the room.

The bed was large; king-sized. It was very sturdy with a slatted metal headboard and footboard covered in white enamel paint.

There was a separate area with stuffed chairs and a table.

The door to the room was not a regular door, but looked like it belonged to an elevator. There were no buttons or anything else with which to call the elevator.

Near the elevator was an opening that looked pretty much like the pneumatic transport systems they used in banks, though there was no 'call' button.

There was a bathroom, complete with shower, shower curtain, and towels. He grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist before inspecting the room further.

There was no phone, no buttons, no TV. He inspected the elevator door again. It was clear that if the elevator was going to arrive, it would be coming to him

He was surprised that he'd been so calm thus far. The panic finally set in.

He shouted. He screamed. He even cried. He called for help. He cursed. He called for Sarah.

He caught a look of himself in the mirror. He had at least two-days' growth of beard on his face.

"Look at that," Ken mused. "How long have I been here?"

Finally, defeated, he decided to take a shower. The water felt good and seemed to wash away the effects of a couple of days sleep.

As he washed his hair, he found the lump. It was small, right on top of his head. He felt closer and it itched a little bit. There was something there, something implanted. He started to dig into his skin with his nails, but a small burst of pain surged through his system.

An image flashed,. It was just a red 'X'. The image seemed to be 'inside' his eyes. It was almost like an LED had lit up inside his head.

'Don't touch the thing in my head,' thought Ken to himself. "Okay, I get it," he said out loud.

He finished his shower and looked at the supplies on the counter. There were scissors, an electric razor, a blow drier...all the comforts of home. He shaved with simple twin-blade razor, and then went back to the bedroom to lie on the bed.

He noticed something that he hadn't seen before. The lighting in the room was normal, but spread around the room were small translucent panels resembling LED nightlights. Looking around, he saw that there were several in the room. One near the ceiling, one near the floor. Observing their placement, he realized there probably wasn't a spot in the room where one of them couldn't be seen. They were currently glowing an yellowish hue with a tint of orange at the edges.

He heard machinery. He watched the elevator door with fascination.

The doors slid open. On the opposite wall of the elevator was another door which was closed. He realized it must be a two-way elevator that could open on the other side, so there must be a room across.

A head peered from around the side of the door. It was a woman's head. She looked at Ken fearfully and then her body suddenly jumped from some sort of jolt.

"I'm going, I'm going," said the woman, shouting at the air.

Ken could only guess that she had received some sort of instructions like he'd seen in the shower.

She stepped into the room reluctantly. She was also naked. She covered herself as well as she could with her hands and the door closed behind her.

"I uh, there are towels in the bathroom," said Ken.

"Thank you," said the woman.

Ken had no choice but to notice her body. She was of average height and average build but she was certainly nice and curvy in all the right places.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" asked Ken. "I'm engaged, I'm locked in some odd hell, why in the hell would I check this poor woman out."

The devil sitting on his other shoulder would have whispered "Because she's naked," but it didn't have the chance to before the woman reappeared.

"You wouldn't have any painkillers, would you?" asked the woman. "After that thing zapped me I think I'm getting a migraine."

"I'm afraid not," said Ken.

They heard a sudden whoosh of air. In the chute that Ken had noticed, there was now a pneumatic canister. They removed it and inside were several foil packets of medicine, the kind you would find behind the counter at a convenience store; Bayer, Bufferin, Aleve, etc. The woman selected Aleve and popped the pills.

"Thanks for nothing," she shouted to the ceiling.

"Where are we?" asked Ken once she'd swallowed some more water.

"I don't have a clue," said the woman.

They introduced each other. She was Kimberly Green from Deerfield. She had a husband, no kids, and had found herself in this place just like Ken. He told her his story, that he was engaged and how he'd woken up there.

"Did they zap you, too?" she asked.


"Pain? Unbelievable pain? You'd know if it happened." she explained.

"I guess not," said Ken. "I mean, they kind of tickled me and gave me a signal when I tried digging into my head, but it wasn't too bad."

"Just wait," said the woman.

They waited calmly, but Kim grew more and more anxious as time went on.

"I'm going to lie down," she said. "I don't want to be standing when it hits."

She laid down, still wrapped in the towel. Ken decided to join her.

"Where did you go to college?" he asked after they'd been lying in silence for a while.

"Iowa State," she said. "But I can't talk right now, I really, really can't."

She had Ken nervous now. He just looked around at the room and his eyes came to focus on the small colored panel that was attached the wall near the ceiling on his side of the bed. It was sort of a ruby red orange in color and seemed to be getting darker.

Kim whimpered at his side.

"It's coming," she whispered. "You'd think if they can signal stop or go in my head, they could tell me what I'm supposed to be doing. All I know is that when those lights hit red, it will be very bad. And... they are getting red again."

Ken looked up and saw that they light panels were indeed moving from a soft orange toward a more angry orange that was beginning to cycle toward the red end of the spectrum.

Kim's body was trembling with fear.

The two of them sat on the bed in their towels and looked up at the panel nearest them in frightened silence. Kim whimpered and Ken instinctively put his arm around her bare shoulders.

"Does getting zapped hurt that bad?" asked Ken.

"Take your worst pain and multiply it by ten," she said. "I don't think that's an exaggeration."

They kept watching.

"This feels good though," said Kim. "Just having you here, you touching me. It makes it a little better."

Ken gave her shoulder a squeeze.

They'd been staring up at the panel while she spoke and they noticed the light shift from orange back toward a yellow.

"What the hell?" said Kim. "How did we move it back?"

"What do you mean, back?" asked Ken.

"This happened before, in the other room," she said. "ROY G BIV. The color spectrum. Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet. If red is the end that zaps us, what we need to do is move it toward the other end, toward the blue side of things."

"But what did we do?" asked Ken. "I don't think of anything we did that would have made it change colors."

"Wait, you squeezed me," said Kim. "You squeezed my shoulder. That was what made it move. Fuck, it's going red again. Squeeze me one more time."

Ken did as she asked and there was a barely perceptible shift in the color.

"Maybe it wants more," said Kim.

"Well, here," said Ken.

He turned her away from him and began rubbing her shoulders. She moaned with pleasure, and she moaned even louder upon seeing the light shift almost to green.

Ken kept rubbing... but it seemed what they were doing wasn't enough. The light soon started shifting toward the 'angry' end once more.

"I'll do you," said Kim.

She turned toward him and began rubbing his shoulders and back. It felt surprisingly good. As odd as the situation was, the comfort of a human touch was a wonderful touchstone in the frightening environment. This, too, moved the spectrum back toward blue, but it was also temporary and they saw it shift again.

"Switch back," said Ken.

They switched again. Ken started in on her shoulders when suddenly her towel fell. Her back was now bare to him. Her front, by way of the mirror, was also exposed. The blush in her face was magnified by the color in the panels... which had rapidly shifted to a light blue... the first blue they had seen since her arrival.

It was clear that their actions, and their bodies' response to their actions, was what was controlling the color.

Ken let his hands drop lower. He rubbed her lower back and then his hands worked their way up her sides. Her breathing quickened, as did hers, before he pulled away suddenly.

The light switched to yellow and was well on its way to orange.

"Ken, you know what this means, don't you?" she said quietly.

"I do," he said. "But Kim, I can't. I'm engaged."

"I know," she said quietly. "I'm married, but... I'd be willing to, if you..."

She trailed off, knowing what Ken's expression mean.

"Look, I understand. But you haven't been through the pain before. But if we have to, we have to. Just... just brace yourself, Ken."

They laid down on the bed beside each other. They watched the ceiling panel grow more and more red. It was the shade of ruby-red grapefruit and was well on its way to the unmistakable hue of a fire engine.

"Is it really that bad?" asked Ken with a tremor in his voice.

"Worse," she whispered.

They turned to face each other as the jolt shot through his body. There was pain, and there was this! His body stiffened and his mouth was stuck in a noiseless scream. The pain was so bad he couldn't even work his vocal chords.

Somehow, through it all, he started to understand the mechanics of what was happening. The thing in his head, it was an implant. It was tied into his nervous system and must be going directly to the pain centers of his brain. There was no other explanation of how so much pain could be inflicted upon him. There must be other sensors, tied directly into his optic nerves which would explain the symbol he'd seen.

Though the torture might have only been ten or twenty seconds, it felt like minutes or even hours. He cried out when it was done and saw Kim's face in front his. Her hand was stroking his cheek gently. Tears were falling from both of their eyes.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered.

"I'm sorry, too," he said. "If I would have known how bad it was, I never would have put you through that. I would have done anything."

"I know," she said. "I think it is time for anyone in this god-forsaken place to write new rules. I don't know if I can survive many more of those."

A circle and an icon of a door appeared in Ken's eyes. The symbols were very clear. 'X - stop. 'O' - go. So, go to the door = leave

"I have to go," said Ken.

He stood up, completely naked. The memory of the pain was so strong he didn't care about his state of dress.

Kim leaned up and kissed his cheek tenderly.

"Good luck, Ken," she said softly. "We'll get out of here, somehow."

He boarded the elevator. As best as he could tell, it went up. The door on the opposite side of where he'd entered opened. He steeled himself and walked in.

A woman stepped into view. She was tall and willowy with deep blue eyes, but those eyes were also disarming. She had a panicked look about her that Ken couldn't quite fathom.

She walked up to him and looked into his eyes with a challenging glare.

"Hit me," she ordered.

"What, but..."

"Fuck, dude, look at the light!"

He looked up and the panels were already bright orange and seemed to be throbbing as they pulsed.

"I don't understand," stammered Ken. "Why so fast, and why..."

"I said, hit me!" she cried.

"But it's about pleasure," said Ken.

"Yes, and I like it rough" she shouted. "Come on, just slap me, you can have whatever you want.


"No time," she cried.

The panels were approaching red. She hauled back and before Ken knew what was happening, her hand lashed out and slapped him with such force it left a handprint on his cheek.

"What the fuck?" gasped Ken. "What is wrong with... mmph."

He didn't have the chance to finish his thought. With surprising strength, the woman tackled him and had him down on the bed. She grabbed his wrist and suddenly he felt a click. Just as quickly, her naked body pinning him down, his other wrist was caught. Suddenly, he was handcuffed to the bed. Within moments, his ankles were attached, too. He had no idea where she had gotten the gear. He would learn later that they had been supplied by 'them' through the pneumatic tube.

"Just lay back and enjoy," said the woman.

She pounced on the bed and was between his spread legs.

Slurp, the woman sucked his cock.

"What are you doing?" he moaned.

"You couldn't fucking listen could you," she growled. "You almost got us zapped. All you had to do was give me a little slap to get me going. It could have been me tied up here instead of you. I'm a switch, leaning toward submissive, but you didn't give me any choice."

"They just want sex. I would have given you that." he said, confused. "I'd just figured that out."

"Wrong," she said calmly. "They want passion. They want what pushes our buttons. I've been here four days, baby. Trust me, I know what they want. I would have been more than willing to be your sub or your bottom..."

"I uh... what does that mean?"

"That means?" asked Ken.

"Oh boy, a vanilla boy," said the woman while she stroked away at his cock. "Here, let me educate you a little bit - I think you'll need it. Dom = dominant, or the one who dominates. Sub equals subordinate, pretty self explanatory. Top and bottom, also self-explanatory. Who is in charge, who is being controlled. Master, slave you might be hearing that, too."

"What... is this like some sort of dungeon?"

"No baby," she said, sucking him to full firmness. "Come here."

She climbed up on him and slid herself down upon him, purring. She rested her hands on her chest and cupped her chin to stare down at him as she spoke and rolled her hips slowly.

"From what I can tell, this is everyone," she said. "I've been here four days and I've been with six guys and one girl. It's like they are trying to figure us out. I've been with two nice guys, an innocent nineteen year old, and I've had two guys tie me up and fuck the hell out of me. I like the rough stuff, and it seems like they're figuring that out. What that means is you might also have a little bit of control kinks in you. Now, let's get this nice little cock ring on you... it'll keep that bad boy nice and hard for me.

"But I don't," protested Ken. "I've never even thought about something like this.

"Look at the light, sweetheart," said the woman. "I tied you down, and we went from almost orange back to yellow. Now I'm riding you and and we're heading into green. It is show time, baby. Let's move the dial over to purple. You get to violet, we all call it purple, they leave us alone for a while."

She started moving more athletically on his swollen cock. There were countless emotions and sensations coursing through his system: Shame, at being unfaithful to Sarah; Fear, at being controlled by this woman; and finally, Arousal mixed with pain and pleasure. His cock hurt at the tightness, but there was no denying the sensual excitement the nerves in his cock were transmitting to his brain at the feeling of her hot sheath wrapped around him. As she descended all the way to the base, the light shifted to aqueous green.

"Hello, lover," she purred, resting her arms on his chest and cradling her chin in her hands.

"How long again... how many?" Ken said. He knew he was rambling, but he couldn't find all of the words because he was.

"You're my seventh," said the woman. "With the first two, I got zapped, with the third one, I almost got zapped until he figured out that I liked it rough. He was my first purple. It's a beautiful thing," she replied. "You get the deep blue, indigo and then the violet, the purple comes in and trumpets practically blare when you climax."

"I can't," said Ken. "I just can't, do this."

"Oh, but you are, baby," said the woman. "You can."

She rode up and down his so-stiff cock.

"You see," she whispered into his ear. "You are doing it, and you'll thank me. It's this, or getting zapped."

To emphasize her point, she gave a gentle squeeze of his cock with her pussy muscles.

"I don't want to," he cried. "I'm engaged."

"Big fucking deal," said the woman. "I'm married with a kid. Wherever the fuck this is, all I know is I'll do anything to keep away the pain."

She rode him for several more minutes. Ken watched coldly with a few sad tears pouring from his eyes as she rode him rapidly to an intense climax.

"Oh fuck yeah, lover," she moaned after her spasms subsided.

The light was light blue.

She reached down below her and pulled the cock ring off of him.

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