tagErotic CouplingsWaiting for Stephen

Waiting for Stephen


Lana lay nude on her bed and grazed her fingertips over her hardening nipples. Stephen would be home soon. Her red hair fanned out around her head, like a flaming halo. She trailed her long nails along the outside of her alabaster thighs, reveling in the tingle each acrylic tip left behind. Her pinkie slid through the silky red curls covering her most sacred area, and felt the first moist drops of lust seeping out.

Lana could feel the buildup begin, a tingle of excitement starting in her heart and spreading outwards. She hadn't seen her husband in a month because of an emergency business trip to Japan. Being newlyweds made this separation just that much harder. This trip had even interrupted their honeymoon. Lana had been looking forward to the gratuitous newlywed and honeymoon sex that she had joked about so much with her girlfriends.

They had made a pact not to masturbate during this trip. Well, more specifically, not to climax, without the other being present. But tonight, with one night left to go before having the love of her life back, the pressure was rising within Lana.

Every touch felt like Stephen's soft hands, every caress was him. Every warm breeze was his breath teasing her, making her excitement grow. She swore she could even feel his lips brush her shoulders, causing her spark of lust to engulf her in its flames.

Stephen's hands...No, her hands, were gently pulling the outer lips of her pussy. One long nail grazed the tender space between the outer and inner lips protecting her womanhood. A shudder spread through her body, pure pleasure stemming from every touch.

Her fingertip dipped inside her wetness, sending another shiver through Lana's already buzzing body. Her other hand caressed her smooth stomach upwards, to the swell of her breasts. The red of her nails was stark against her pale flesh, but toned down when she grazed her dark nipples, turning them into taut buds.

Every inch of Lana's body was burning, craving release that could not come. All it would take is one firm tweak of her nipples, or a gentle pinch of her swollen clit, to take her over the edge. The temptation was strong, but Lana knew the anticipation would make seeing Stephen tomorrow that much sweeter.

Moving her hand from her breasts, Lana opened her nightstand drawer. The simple vibrator she had purchased years before was sitting in its usual pink silk tote, looking like a large sachet for her drawer. She opened its cinched top and slid out the ivory colored toy. After a quick battery check, she set it to its lowest setting and teased it down her ribs. Lana started making large circles around each breast, slowly drawing closer to the dark nub at the tip.

As the buzzing reached the rim of the aureole, Lana felt the slow trickle of wetness between her legs begin to gush a little faster. She circled the vibrator around each aureole slowly, feeling the buildup deep inside her. She drew curlicues with the vibe's tip, crossing from aureole, to the milky flesh of her breast, and up to the very tip of her nipple.

A knot began to grow at the core of her, growing tighter, and making every inch of her body tingle and curl up, so close to imploding with pleasure...

Lana quickly jerked the toy away before the inevitable release. She gasped for air and arched her hips up, her legs clenched tight and grinding, trying to get in that one extra stimulus to send her over the edge.

The slow clapping behind her made Lana nearly jump off the bed, and she could feel her heart plummet to her ankles. She slowly turned as a flush began working itself to her skin's surface. Her heart began to rise back up to its rightful place in her chest and kept going up. She could not help it, but Stephen's frame in the door was exhilarating.

A cry of lust mixed with joy escaped Lana's small red mouth, and she ran up into Stephen's strong arms. He dropped his suit jacket on the floor and wrapped his arms around Lana's slender frame.

She could smell the essence of him, a musky yet sweet aroma. As her cheek brushed his, she could feel the slight scrape of his day old stubble. His skin had a thin glaze of sweat, which made him cool Lana's feverish touch.

With a low, primal growl, Stephen roughly ran his hands down her body, stopping to cup and squeeze the soft pale moons of her ass. He kneaded each cheek, pulling and grinding her hips into his. Lana could feel the stirrings of Stephen's erection starting to strain his trousers.

Stephen raised a hand and caressed Lana's burning cheek. Then brought his hand around to the back of her head and knotted his fingers in her soft red waves. Stephen growled again and pulled Lana's luscious lips against his. Lana could feel the white hot flame of their raw passion spread from their joined lips straight down her spine and inside to where she was aching to be filled by Stephen.

Lana managed to slide a hand between her body and her husband's, and slipped a finger under the waist of his trousers. She fumbled a little with the hook, and managed to undo the top button. She tugged at his zipper, but Stephen moved her hand away.

"No," Stephen's baritone voice breaking the silence, "tonight is yours."

Stephen scooped Lana up in his arms, and slowly deposited her on the bed. He grabbed her ankles and swung them out over the edge of their soft bed. Stephen sat, and gently kissed her toes one by one, then along the soles of her feet, to her heel. Lana shivered, stuck in the void between being tickled and being pleasured beyond belief.

Stephen kissed his way up her leg, alternating the left and the right. When he reached her knee, he flicked his tongue out and teased the tender skin at the back of her knee. Lana arched her back up and squeezed her legs around Stephen's head.

He trailed little kisses and licks up the insides of her thighs, the smell of her womanhood growing stronger with every inch he traveled. As he reached the apex of leg meeting hip, Stephen licked the entire strip of sensitive flesh, relishing in the moans coming unbidden from Lana's throat.

Stephen gently nipped at Lana's puffy outer lips, sending shock waves throughout her body. His tongue gently separated her slick inner lips and teased its way inside of her. Lana could feel the firmness of his tongue slip inside her, and begin to wiggle and curl, teasing her most delicate spots.

Lana felt Stephen withdraw his tongue and groaned quietly, but squealed with pleasure when she felt it being replaced by his thick yet smooth fingers. Two fingers curled inside of her pussy, against the spongy area right on her pubic bone, and Lana felt an orgasm begin to build.

She ground her pussy against Stephen's hand, and he responded by replacing his mouth on her delicate area. He zeroed in on the little button of her clit and gently sucked. Lana's groaning and squeals turned into a constant mewling. Stephen plunged his fingers in and out of Lana's dripping wet pussy, making the pressure build deep inside of Lana once more.

She could feel it coming, closer and closer. Release was so near. In a deft move, Stephen yanked his zipper down and his engorged penis sprang from its linen prison. He stood and placed the swollen purple head at the entrance of Lana's sweet tightness. In a single move he thrust in to the hilt, and just froze, savoring the moment.

For Lana, this was the one, the point of no return had been reached. She lay back, quivering and spasming in the most delicious of orgasms. Every muscle felt like it was tightening and releasing, trying to draw more of Stephen in to her very being.

Stephen struggled to maintain control, not to give in to the pleasure his beloved was going through. It wasn't time yet. He waited for Lana's spasms to subside, for her breathing to return to a more normal pace. The sheen of sweat made Lana's pale skin glow in the dim lights of their bedroom.

Lana felt Stephen move closer to her, leaning over and kissing her neck, whispering into her ear. She felt his penis still hard, inside her, filling her. She squeezed her inside muscles, coaxing a deep moan from within Stephen.

He lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and leaned closer to Lana's moon white neck. With a feral growl, Stephen pulled his hips back and began to thrust deep into Lana's red swollen pussy.

He withdrew so only his sensitive head remained inside her velvety wetness, and thrust fully in again, his large balls slapping against Lana's smooth ass.

Lana felt every inch of Stephen move within her. She filled, she emptied, she loved every moment and felt another orgasm begin to well up inside of her. She clenched her legs tight and began to thrust her hips to meet Stephen's frantic coupling.

Stephen put his hands on Lana's shoulders, pulling her whole body towards him, deepening his thrusts. Tightness started from within his balls, and spread through his whole body.

Lana felt her vaginal walls contract against Stephen's ever hardening cock as his first jet of semen flew from his head and landed deep inside her pussy. Lana squealed and pulled Stephen close to her, needing him to touch her everywhere at once.

Stephen collapsed in a heap on top of his sweaty, flushed Lana. They lay together, cheek to cheek, until their breathing slowed and their heart rates started to get back to normal. She could feel Stephens softening penis sliding out of her.

Stephen kissed Lana softly on her forehead. "Glad for the wait?"

"Mmhmm," she murmured. "But we're not finished just yet."

To be continued...

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