tagLoving WivesWaiting for the UPS Guy

Waiting for the UPS Guy


April showers bring May flowers, right? It was raining cats and dogs. I was done in court early.....about noon. Only about 25 minutes from home. Fuck the office....the judge gave me what I wanted, the client's happy.....they got a good day's work out of me.

I jumped in the car and called home...."Hey, Babe.....what are you doin'?"

"Oh, I'm cybering with some guy from Ohio. He's good with words and I'm all wet. Why?"

"I'm coming home. Taking the afternoon off. The UPS guy get there yet?"

"No, dear. Your new Dell will be here between one and three. Am I a good little secretary?"

"We'll see how good. Put Toledo on hold and dress for me, okay?"

"Yes, sir," she giggled, "I live to comply."

Thunder and lightning...shitty wet drive home. Glad to be blowing off the rest of the day, and very glad for the recent turn of events.....my wife has been so fucking horny for the last few months....I'm happier at home than I've been in years.

I arrive at the kitchen door all wet......she's at the stove with her back to me.....obviously showing off. She knows my favorites......black strappy heels, thigh high fishnets, and one of my white dress shirts, almost covering her cute little ass. Blonde hair piled up high on her head.....her "Blowjob do".

I can feel the tingling behind my balls already...I always feel that way right before I get hard. She wiggles a bit at the sound of the door....."Hello, Sir. I hope all is to your liking!"

I approach her from behind and grab a warm, succulent tit in each hand, nuzzling her exposed neck. She giggles...it tickles. "Smells good. What is it?"

"Beef barley soup, dear..."

"No, I mean you. What are you wearing? I love it!"

"It's Polo. Yours. I smell like you. You're such a fucking narcisist......"

"Okay you got me. But I'm a narcisist with a hard on......" It had grown to about half mast by now, working its way up. Between her tight buns, my hands working her pink nipples, tongue in her ear.....oh yeah this is working. When I get hard, it's like my whole body shuts down in service of my dick....the hottest, most powerful feeling I know.

She ducked under my arm and got away.....striking a pretty pose against the kitchen sink. Hand on her hip holding the shirt to the side, revealing those tight abs and a clean shaven pussy.....the other hand pointing a wooden spoon at me like she meant business. "If you want a piece of this, you'd better shower...shave.....and put on some Polo. Pronto, stud!"

I left it all on the bathroom floor.....Raincoat, jacket, tie, the works. Fast shower....soap and water. Quick shave touchup.....face, cock and balls. She likes me clean shaven down there, and knows how to show her appreciation. My dick was rock hard by then...makes it easier to shave. I held the head of my cock up in my left hand so I could shave the shaft with my right....I resisted the urge to urge to pump the head against my palm. Once it's hard it wants to be pressed up against SOMETHING.....I did my balls quick and out I went...splashed Polo all over me. When she likes something she likes a lot of it.

The blinds were closed in the living room.....a few candles going. Wooden chair in the center...Leather restraints. Thunder and rain outside. My hot blonde honey standing by the chair tapping one pretty foot. Impatient.

"Sit, stud."

I complied. She can be in charge of this one. She knelt before me...looking so innocent and submissive when I knew she was about to take charge. Thick leather restraint wrapped twice around each ankle......fastened tight to the chair. Hands behind the chair back.....leather handcuffs, fastened to the bottom of the chair. Pulls my shoulders back, pushes my pecs forward. I can't move. Her breath in my ear...."I'm gonna suck you sooooooo good, stud."

Music.....Chris Isaak. "Baby did a Bad Bad Thing."

My dick is hard, rock hard. She's kneeling in front of me, hands massaging my hard thighs. I tense my muscles for her....I am a narcisist. Pressing my hips forward.....my cock seeking her sweet mouth.

She giggles again...she's going to tease me. She grabs my cock by the base....not touching the shaft or the head at all. Lets me feel her breath...looking me in the eye, giving me her prettiest slut smile.......she lets the shirt fall to the ground, licks her lips and moistens those little pink nipples.

"Let's play a game", she says, rhythmically squeezing the base of my cock......."It's one o'clock, and the UPS man will be here anytime between now and three. I'm going to blow you. If you can cum before he arrives......." She smiles, licks my cock a few times, and it jumps involuntarily at her touch....."then I'm yours for as long as you like. Leather and all. If he "comes" before you cum, though......" She starts lightly jacking me off, smiling wickedly at my sharp intake of breath......"Then I'll answer the door dressed just like this".........

She took my whole cock as deep in her mouth as she could.....almost to the point of gagging. I pushed up against her trying to fuck her mouth....one, two, three strokes.....but she pulled off, panting and wildly turned on.

"If you can't cum before he gets here I'll answer the door just like this and beg him to use me like a whore while you watch!"

She engulfed my cock again, and this time she was serious. She sucked me hard and fast, her blonde hair a blur between my legs. One hand holding the base of my cock, the other cupping my balls.....when she's really into it, she hums while she works me....she's a very vocal girl.

My cock was hard but seemed to get harder. I gripped the floor with my toes, pressed my arms again the chair back. I threw my head back and did all I could to meet her thrust for thrust. She was hot and into it, moaning while she sucked me like a wild woman.....digging her nails into my hard thighs, devouring my dick.

My cock was in heaven....bright red and glistening in the candlelight. I strained against her pretty face, and watched her ruby lips work me like a pro. My dick was hard but her sucking action just made it harder, and her tongue worked the sweet spot below the crown. She gives a nice wet blowjob, and I could feel her spit sliding down my shaft and over my balls. All that wetness made me want to add to it.

My orgasm started to build deep inside my body behind my balls......I could feel it starting.....I pumped her mouth as best I could.....It was like a low rumble deep within me. The pleasure along my shaft was so intense......I was close to filling her mouth any minute....I'd easily beat the UPS guy.

I couldn't be quiet. "Ah......Ah.....oh Babe you suck me so good...yeah, give it to me....you know how much I love your sweet mouth......Fuck you are so good to me..."

She wouldn't let up...we were straining against each other, and I knew I was only a few strokes from cumming. The rumble built down there, my heart was racing a mile a minute, and I could already feel some pre-cum seeping out.....It was so good...half like I was going to pee, half like my dick was going to explode....the pressure was mind blowing, and I was only a few strokes away. I felt my wet balls brushing against the chair as I fucked into her mouth, they were pulling up into me, loading me up to shoot........"

She pulled off me with a loud "POP!".

"I'm thirsty" she said. She stood up and sauntered away, putting a little extra wiggle in her walk.

"OH!, God!", I said.....more in exhaling than speaking......"You bitch!"

One hand one her hip, eyes wild with lust, nipples hard as a rock and a tell-tale sheen between her legs....."Yeah, baby, I'm your bitch. How's that working for you?"

I settled back into the chair as I started to come to my senses.....It's amazing how the rest of your body loses sensation when you're close to orgasm. I was up on my toes so high that my calves were close to cramping......my arms were hurting from pressing against the chair....My wrists and ankles sore from pulling at the restraints, and I was having trouble catching my breath. As I settled back in the chair, my body began to regain its composure....all but my wet, glistening dick.....still hard and ready to shoot. Once it loads up it stays that way...it wasn't going down anytime soon. I heard thunder outside and suddenly realized I was covered in sweat.

Cold and wet outside; hot and wet inside.

My fantasy fuck girl strutted back into the living room with a bottle of champagne.....one glass. She sat down on the couch, crossing her pretty legs...showing off for me. She popped the cork and poured a glass for herself....."I'm giving the UPS man a handicap here.....and besides.....you don't want to cum too fast, do you, stud? You cum so much harder when I make you wait." She took a long sip......never taking her eyes off of my straining cock.

She rested the cold bottle between her creamy thighs, and leaned back on the couch, pinching a nipple with two well-manicured fingers. "So how about a little show? This bottle is so long and hard" She spread her legs and started to run the neck of the bottle along her glistening wet slit, looking me in the eye as she began to hump the bottle. "Our UPS guy, do you think he'll have a big dick? I do so like big dicks...Yours is plenty big for me but......" She turned over on her hands and knees facing away from me and looked over her shoulder..."you KNOW what a greedy girl I can be!" She shoved the first inch or so into her wet cunt and buried her face in the couch for a minute, making me watch her fuck herself and listen to her muffled moans.

Minutes later she rolled off of the couch and crawled over to me, eyes fastened on my still painful erection. "How do you want him to fuck me? On my back, legs spread high and wide?" She was between my legs again....I could feel her breath on my dick as she talked. "Or maybe he should take me doggie, right here on the rug....would you like to hear me scream for him?" A little lick on the head of my dick. "Maybe", she said, running one bright red fingernail up and down the shaft, "I should blindfold you and just let you hear us fucking.....it's not like you're in a position to do anything about it...." That wicked slut smile again, and those fingernails all over my ready-to-burst-cock.

"Sometimes," she said, admiring my erection, "it seems a girl's work is NEVER done!" She took the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked hard, not moving, but looking me in the eye and watching me react to the almost unbearable pleasure. Rhythmic sucking, only the head....looking me right in the eye and smiling with her eyes at the sights and sensations of my torment.

Another pop, another giggle.

"Would you like some champagne?"

"I wanna cum."

She stood behind me and stroked my cock from behind....Her best wicked witch impression...."All in good time, my pretty. All in good time." Stroking it....torturing it...pleasuring it. Watching it jump. "My, my...."

She thrust her tongue in my ear and grabbed both of my nipples, squeezing them, twisting them between her ruby red fingertips. I writhed, I twisted in the chair...it really hurt, but the pain went right to my dick. She let out a low laugh...."I'm a girl who knows how to work a stud. I know what my stud needs. You like the pain, don't you?"

I didn't answer.....I just let out a low growl. She pinched harder, licking and breathing hard in my ear. "Tell me stud...tell me you like it!'

I was writhing by now. "I like it!"

Releasing me, she stood in front of me and swayed to the music, rubbing the bottle on her slit like it was a cock. "Oh, where is that fuckin' UPS guy when you need him?" I was still tensed up, my cock bobbing in the air.

When the bottle top was coated in her pussy juice, she offered it to me. "Drink, stud."

Sweet pussy and champagne...an unforgettable cocktail. Of course, she angled it up too high so I lost some.....ice-cold champagne drizzled down my hot sweaty chest and over my straining cock. Kneeling before me again: "I think I'll enjoy this cock a bit more while I wait for him."

Bottle on the floor, kneeling over it. She started sucking me again, slow this time. Game on. Thank goodness. I started thrusting again....we got a good rhythm going. I heard her moaning more than before, and realized that she had inserted the bottle into her pussy. Rocking, sucking, moaning.....

I started to build again, this time better. The rumble grew, and the precum began to flow again. I tightened my ass cheeks to press against her tongue, fucking into her sweet mouth as hard as I could. It was slow this time. My dick was harder than ever, it felt like someone shoved a steel rod up it. My whole body started to tremble. Every muscle in my body tensed up, I clenched my ass muscles and all the pelvic muscles inside, determined to blast her full of my cum......Only a few strokes away. I heard myself moaning, groaning, swearing, incomprehensible sounds.....

She sucked much harder, but much slower.....my whole body strained against her as I fought for the cum......."Take it suck me harder baby I need it now".

Slower, harder. My whole body was shaking violently by now and about to feel the first muscle pulse down there.....

Slower. harder. I'm cocked and ready to explode....two strokes away......one stroke away....

"Please, now! You fucking witch, let me come!!!!!"

She came off of me with loud pop and grabbed the base of my cock tight, cutting off any chance of cumming. I let out a loud groan and she kissed me, hard...a savage wet hot kiss....."I'm not a witch.....I'm a love technician!"

She took me all the way hard, and did it fast, sucking for cum. My ass came right up off the chair as I felt the first shot course up through my dick and blast the back of her throat..... as she came on the champagne bottle....

Two, three, four hard shots in her hard sucking mouth...I was yelling, pumping, straining every muscle in my body to fuck the cum out into her. She slammed down onto the bottle and onto my cock, her muffled screams letting me know that she was cumming as hard as I was.

By the fifth shot I was paralyzed, my whole body locked up....the pelvic muscle...the one that makes you cum....locked tight and unable to relax. Then I was just breathing, eyes closed, heart beating hard, feeling her mouth, her still-fluttering tongue, her hair brushing my thighs.....and the ache in my legs, my arms, my ass muscles......I relaxed back and slumped in the chair. Slow, gentle sucking as she rested her head on one of my thighs.....both of us exhausted.

We stayed like that. breathing, just breathing. My cock started to go limp....my pelvic muscles released......everything just felt wet and hot and mellow.

She rose to her knees, pressing her tits against me. "I missed a drop." She licked a little residual cum from the base of my dick and kissed me, hard, feeding me my own cum. I sucked it gratefully off of her hot tongue.

The doorbell rang. She covered her mouth with her hand and went wide-eyed....mock innocent surprise. "Someone's at the door! What ever shall we do?"

"Answer the door" I said.

She stood, looking like lust incarnate. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick smeared from heavy use. She put my shirt back on but left it open, and picked up the champagne bottle. "I'll see what I can do". I watched her hips sway as she walked into the front hallway and I heard the door open, maybe just a bit. More thunder and rain. I'm sure she's giving him a show. "Of course I'll sign. Can you leave it on the porch? I'll send my boyfriend out for it....."

Of course, this means that I won our little bet. Or she let me win. Sometime maybe I'll tell you about my revenge.

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