tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWaiting For This

Waiting For This


Latoya knew that she was in trouble. Her head was swimming and the world felt like it was spinning. She struggled to open her eyes and look around. Then, Latoya tried to rise from the bed, but the spinning effect only worsened.

Latoya lay on the bed recalling the events that had transpired. She remembered going out for a night of dinner and drinks with Fransisco Hugh. Fransisco was the star running back of the university's football team. The night was supposed to be just him and Latoya. She had been excited beyond belief when the football player had asked her out after she asked about him through one of her friends. Instead he brought along Jay Ronsen, the team's quarterback, Tyler Watson, one of the linebackers and Misty Gomez, head cheerleader. When Latoya had seen her, she instantly became jealous and self-conscious.

Misty had the looks of a model, almost 6ft tall, sand-colored complexion, waves of long dark, brown hair, a toned body and a set of breasts most women would die to have.

"She probably weighs like 100 pounds in the shower," Latoya had sneered to herself.

Latoya was ugly by no means. She was very beautiful. Standing at 5'6, with raven black hair, that flowed past her shoulders, Hershey brown skin and Southern-girl thick, Latoya was a looker herself. Her ass was her prize though. Latoya had often heard the off-color jokes that guys made about her ass. Her girlfriends often joked that she had an "Applebottom" ass. It was big, round and firm, the type that could probably fill out a pair of jeans or make a mini-skirt rise up when she walked.

Latoya again tried to sit-up. The world just seemed to spin even more. However Latoya refused to be defeated and struggled until she got herself upright in a seated position. Latoya gulped in air. The assault on her senses gradually slowed, as she continued to stay seated. Finally able to survey her surroundings, Latoya realized that she was in someone's bedroom.

A single, fat, round candle, sitting on a low, unadorned multi-drawer dresser provided the only light in the room. 4 huge pictures of famous football players decorated each wall in the room. Various articles of clothing were strewn about the floor and a football helmet sat on the floor, near a closet.

I must be in one of the boys' apartment, Latoya thought to herself. A wave of nausea washed over her. Latoya put her hand down on the bed to better support herself and was surprised when it moved. Latoya looked down at the bed and realized that she was on a waterbed.

A groggy moaned startled her. Latoya looked around to find, a half-naked Misty laying near the head of the bed, half- naked from the waist up. Latoya stared at Misty's bared breasts, in amazement. The girl's breasts' seemed to be so perfect, almost unreal. Latoya figured that Misty had to be a D-cup at least or more. Her nipples were surrounded by large areoles. Latoya took her eyes off of Misty's breasts and again perused the room. Her hands roamed her body, checking herself. Latoya was still fully clothed. The only thing missing was her purse.

Latoya heard Misty moan again and turned toward her. The girl had rolled over on her side; her breasts were now pointing directly toward Latoya. Latoya watched Misty's legs clench and unclench. One of Misty's hands had found its way down to her mound.

"She's having a wet dream," Latoya giggled, to herself.

"You can touch them if you like."

Latoya turned back toward the sleeping girl.

"I said you can touch them if you like," Misty said with a smile. Her eyes were still closed, but she now had an almost wicked grin on her face. "You've been staring at them for awhile now, so you might as well touch them."

"Naw girl, I ain't down for that lesbian shit."

"Who's talking about lesbians. I said you could feel my breasts. You've been staring at them all night. Guess trying to figure out if they're mine or not."

"Well," Latoya stammered.

"Yes and no," Misty explained matter-of-factly, as she brought her hands up to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. "Naturally I'm a 38D, but I wanted more so I had'em increased to a 48DD."

"What for," Latoya asked, continuing to stare at Misty's breasts.

"I want to be a professional cheerleader someday and I needed nice firm titties. Plus I figured the bigger the better."

Misty took ahold of Latoya's hand and brought it up to her breasts. They felt soft and warm. Latoya even felt her nipple, recalling that she had once heard that women with implants had hard nipples. Misty's were soft, but were rapidly getting hard.

"Oh girl don't do that," Misty moaned. "That makes me wet and horny."

Latoya snatched her hand away. Her head still felt like it was swimming. She edged away from the buxom cheerleader, shaking her head. She had wondered about a girl-on-girl encounter before, but didn't think that she was ready to try it yet. Not tonight at least. Misty giggled. She rolled over and reached for Latoya.

Latoya smacked Misty's hand away.

"Hey look, I said I don't play that shit," Latoya struggled to hear feet, standing wobbly on her stilettos. The room began to spin again and Latoya fell forward into the bed.

Misty, cat-quick rolled over and pounced on her back, pinning Latoya down on the bed.

"Get off me," Latoya growled. She tried to move, but the movement of the bed and Misty's weight prevented her from moving. Latoya felt her miniskirt being pulled up and a hand massaging her ass.

"Oh girl, you've got a nice soft ass. I've wanted to touch it all night. Damn, its BIG! I know you like it when men smack it as they hit it from the back."

"Bitch if you don't get off me," Latoya warned. "When I get up I'm a whup ya ass!"

"Oh, what's this," Misty said ignoring Latoya's threats. She tugged on part of Latoya's thong. "A g-string?"

Latoya growled when she felt her g-string being tugged at. She continued to try and get Misty off of her. Misty continued to play with Latoya's g-string. Eventually the string buried itself between Latoya's pussy lips. The invasion of the string began to excite her.

Latoya stifled a moan. She was getting excited and wet from Misty playing with her thong. Latoya looked over her shoulder at Misty.

"Stop please," Latoya pleaded. "Ju-just let me up and forget what I said earlier."

Misty turned and looked at Latoya. Then she leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Not yet sweetie," Misty taunted. "We're not done with you yet."

"We? We who?"

Misty giggled again. She took a long manicured finger and began lightly stroking Latoya's pussylips. Her fingernail barely grazing the bare flesh.

"What're you doing bitch," Latoya growled. She continued to struggle and try and get up. However the position in with she had fallen, the movement of the waterbed and Misty's weight kept Latoya from succeeding. Her pussy was highly sensitive and he could feel it eager trying to take in the g-string or Misty's finger, whichever went in first. Latoya knew that if Misty kept stroking her pussy lips and playing with her g-string, she would eventually cum.

Suddenly the door to room flew open and Fransisco, Tyler and Jay burst in. Looking over her shoulder Latoya was relieved to see the football players.

"Get this crazy bitch offa me," Latoya yelled. She started trying to push herself up again, while Misty seductively ground herself into Latoya back.

"What do we have here?" Jay crooned. His eyes flickered from Misty's half- naked body to Latoya's exposed ass.

Latoya could see that all three of the football players were wearing t-shirts and shorts. They crept closer to the bed to get a better view of the two girls.

"I wanted to have a little fun with her before you boys got started," Misty mocked. She continued to stroke Latoya's pussylips.

"Ya'll need to get this bitch offa me!"

Latoya could feel an orgasm was imminent and she didn't want to do it here in front of these boys nor with this girl. Her leg trembled slightly and her breathing became shallow. Latoya could feel her juices begin to run down her slit.

"But I'm the bitch on the top," Misty taunted. "I get to control the action. You know what happens to bitches on the bottom." She glided her finger in Latoya's pussy and began pumping it in and out. Misty smiled, feeling the heat and the tightness coming from the girl's sex.

Latoya moaned. Tears began rolling down her face. She was frustrated and embarrassed.

"Hold up girl, we need to get in on this," Fransisco laughed. He slapped "five" with the two other football players. "Get up off of her!"

Misty pouted but eased up off of Latoya's back. Latoya made the most of the opportunity and got to her feet. She took a swipe at Misty, who easily evaded the hit.

Fransisco corralled Latoya, pinning her arms to her side and drawing her closer to his body. He breathed into her ear.

"That was just the start baby," he whispered into Latoya's ear. "This shit ain't ova."

"What," Latoya screeched. She struggled to break free of Fransisco's grip. Latoya could feel his growing erection poking against her ass. He definitely had a big dick. Latoya was secretly thrilled by this revelation.

Fransisco began kissing on her ear and moving down to her neck. Now the side of her neck was one of Latoya's "spots" and when Fransisco began kissing there she moaned. She could feel small jolts shock her, as Fransisco kissed the side of her neck. Jay moved into position and began tugging at Latoya's miniskirt, pulling it down. Misty joined the circle raising Latoya's top and exposing her breasts. A strapless bra, that her girlfriends referred to as her "stripper bra" propped her breasts up.

"What's this, lingerie," Misty taunted, as she expertly removed the bra and began sucking on Latoya's breast. "Looks like you were dressed for some action."

"Ya'll can't do this," Latoya cried. She felt her g-string being removed. "No, no, no"

"Just shut-up," Fransisco mocked. "You're gon get fucked by me and all my boys! So you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride!"

The other football players laughed.

Fransisco turned Latoya around and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. There was no sensuality in it, he was rough and invasive. Tyler held Latoya's legs, helping Jay removed her miniskirt.

Latoya looked around at the 3 football players and the cheerleaders. She knew now that what she feared was about to happen. All three of the football players were stroking their dicks to varying degrees of hardness. Fransisco had a long, thick dick. Jay's dick was fat and uncircumcised. To Latoya it looked like a monster. She figured that she would need 2 hands to encircle it. Tyler's dick was long and big. While it wasn't as long as Fransisco's it was still big. Now that she was completely naked, all three of the football players eyed her hungrily. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

Misty grabbed Latoya from behind and began playing with her breasts. Misty guided Latoya from Fransisco's grasp and back over to the bed. She pulled Latoya back down on top of her. Misty was still nibbling on her ear and tugging at her nipples, as she locked her legs around Latoya's waist.

Jay stepped forward and filled Latoya's vision. He had a crooked grin on his face. Jay ran his fingers over her body. He then placed the head of his dick near the entrance of her pussy.

"Why," Latoya cried. She looked down at his dick. "You can't put that in me!"

"Don't be scared," Misty whispered into her ear.

Jay slowly inserted his dick into Latoya's pussy. He smiled at her all the while. Jay began fucking her. He pumped his dick into Latoya slowly at first then he picked speed. Hi smile turned into a wolfish leer, as he continued to thrust up inside of her.

"Hold up kid," Fransisco said. He circled around the action. "I'ma get some of this. Open your mouth bitch and you betta not bite me."

Misty changed positions, getting underneath the action. She eagerly sucked on Latoya's swinging breasts.

Fransisco got onto the bed and stuck his dick into Latoya's face. She looked up at him through tear-stained eyes, then hesitantly opened her mouth. She gagged on it at first, but Fransisco continued to feed more of his dick into her mouth.

Latoya couldn't even cry. She didn't know what to say or do. Latoya knew this wasn't right, although some small part of her was secretly craving and enjoying this.

The men switched positions flipping Latoya over. Fransisco began fucking Latoya doggy style, while Tyler came over and started fucking Latoya's face. Tyler came first, cumming in Latoya's mouth. Latoya could barely swallow all of the cum. It seemed like Tyler was emptying a gallon of cum into her mouth.

The Fransisco came, dumping his seed all up into her pussy. Latoya trembled as an orgasm racked her body.

"Hold up," Jay shouted. He grabbed Latoya's hips. Jay ran a finger down the crack of her ass.

"No," Latoya cried. She began struggling again. "I've never been fucked in the ass!"

Jay just smiled. Jay ignoring her pleas stuffs his dick into her ass. Jay roughly pumped into her ass. The resistance gradually decreased, with every stroke of his dick, pushing it further into her ass.

Misty scooted from underneath Latoya and positioned Latoya's head in her pussy. She held Latoya's head between her legs as Tyler fucked her. She reached out and pinched one of Latoya's swinging breasts.

"You'd better eat this pussy and love it!"

The force of his fucking pushed Latoya's face into her pussy. Misty moaned loudly as Latoya's tongue pushed deeper into her pussy. Misty held tightly on the back of Latoya's head. She was enjoying having the girl's tongue in her sex. Misty hadn't had a girl eat her out in a month. She marveled at Latoya's skill with her tongue. The girl's tongue darted in and out, back and forth, almost as if she was trying to spell her name in the cheerleader's pussy. Tyler pulled his dick from her ass and came all over her ass. Misty then shook, as the throes of an orgasm overcame her.

Latoya lay on the bed exhausted. She figured that it was over. She was literally covered in cum. It ran down her face, leaked from her pussy and from her ass. Both of which felt abused.

"You look a mess," Misty taunted. She wiped the sweat from Latoya's forehead and played with a lock of her hair.

Fransisco appeared over Misty's shoulder. He looked at Latoya and smiled.

"Oh it ain't ova yet! That was just round one."

He grabbed Latoya's legs lifted them up and pushed them back toward her shoulders.

Latoya shook her head no. Her mind was still reeling. Her hormones were in a state of flux. As much as she wanted this to end, that same small part of her wanted it to continue until she was done.

"Please," she pleaded. "Let me go. No more."

"Uh oh, I ain't skeeted up in here yet," Fransisco mocked as he roughly pushed his dick into her pussy.

Latoya squealed in shock. Her pussy greedily accepted his dick. She could feel Fransisco's dick stretching her pussy. As he continued to push it in, it felt like he was trying to push it up in her throat. Latoya could also feel her thighs burning. Another orgasm was minutes from overcoming her.

"Open ya mouth," Tyler blurted out, as he appeared in Latoya's vision. He shook his dick in her face.

"Wait playa," Fransisco said, as he picked Latoya up off the bed. "Yo fuck her in the ass. Damn Jay done opened it up for ya."

Tyler nodded in agreement.

"Please, no," Latoya pleaded.

Tyler eased his dick into Latoya's ass. Her tightness excited Tyler. He pushed his dick further into her ass, trying to get as much as she could handle.

This was more than Latoya could handle and she trembled in the throes of another orgasm. She closed her eyes as the heat of the moment overcame her. Her pussy tried to suck in more of Fransisco's dick, holding it in a vise-like grip. It felt like both men were trying to touch each other's dicks. The two men held onto her as she shook. Then they rocked slowly trying to match each other's rhythm.

"You like that huh," Fransisco laughed. "I've been wantin to get at ya ass for a minute." Like a beast, he plunged into her over and over with no sign of letting up. Tyler for his part was tearing her ass up. His dick was longer than Jay's and he was trying to reach places that Jay had not touched.

"Oh shit, baby, I'm cumming!" the star running back proclaimed. He held tight onto Latoya as he spurted his thick cum all into her pussy. Tyler trembled too and began cumming in Latoya's ass. The two men disengaged themselves from Latoya. She collapsed back onto the bed. She had never been fucked like this in all her life.

Misty climbed atop her. Latoya was so exhausted that she didn't even put up a fight. Misty started sucking on her breasts and fingering her. Misty continued to pump her fingers in Latoya's pussy. One hand found Latoya's clit and began to play with it. Latoya moaned loudly and shook as another orgasm overtook her, her nectar gushing out and coating Misty's hand. Misty squealed in delight, watching the girl shake. She rubbed her fingers all over Latoya's lips, allowing her to taste her own juices.

"She's done ya'll."

Latoya was quiet the whole ride home. When they arrived at the dorm, Fransisco got out and opened the door for her. He tried to kiss her on the cheek, as she brushed past him. Latoya walked ungainly up the stairs leading to her dorm. She peered over her shoulder to see Misty blow her a kiss.

"What a night!" Fransisco called after her.

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