tagLesbian SexWaiting Tables at The Cozy Corner

Waiting Tables at The Cozy Corner


The story features a natural woman, so readers who find the thought offensive should pass it by. For clarification consult the story tags. Thank you.


It wasn't the career path 47 year old Kelly Dodge had expected, going from being a Physical Education teacher at a private Catholic school to waiting tables at a hectic breakfast spot that had seen better days, but as Kelly reasoned that description could also apply to her as well.

It had been a long strange trip since Kelly had married at 22 to a man she loved like a brother, and only after 12 years of marriage did the two figure out that they had only married because it was what society expected then. After breaking free from her shackles Kelly thought she had found true love, but the woman she fell for was a teacher's assistant at the school, and when their relationship was discovered they were both dismissed by the administration. The stress that came with that caused their relationship to shatter, leaving Kelly alone and unemployed, unable to find another teaching position elsewhere because even though the woman Kelly had the relationship with was in her 20's she was treated as if she had been involved with a student.

So to make ends meet Kelly went back to what she did when she was scuffling through college, waiting tables and hoping for a break.


"Uni took one of your tables," one of Kelly's co-workers informed her as they passed in the hallway to the kitchen, and the snotty kid rolled her eyes and shook her head as she seemed to enjoy ratting the new girl out.

"No big deal," Kelly said as she blocked the rude girl's way. "A big deal is not calling the girl by her real name. Her name is Annie. Give the poor kid a break. She's trying and she doesn't need crap from co-workers to go along with everything else we get here, so I suggest you call her by her name. I'll have a real problem with you if I hear any more of that Uni crap. Understood?"

"Whatever," the wise-ass said after Kelly let her get past her

Kelly Dodge had only been at the Cozy Corner for a few months but her no-nonsense personality had made her the unofficial manager of the loose knit wait staff, something the actual manager had allowed because he saved him the trouble of dealing with the wait staff and let him concentrate on the kitchen.

As Kelly cleared one of her tables she looked over at the girl she had defended, and she guessed that Annie Potter must have only been hired in desperation because it was clear she had never been a waitress before and was a bit of a klutz, sort of like a real life version of the character 'Vera' on a a TV show called 'Alice' that Kelly used to have to site through with her mother long ago.

Kelly had sort of adopted the girl, trying to mentor her and covering for her mistakes as she learned on the job. The nickname co-workers seemed to have tried to pin on Annie wasn't really fair, because while she did have thick eyebrows they weren't a uni-brow although they came close. The brows did give the poor kid a look that suggested a frightened raccoon but while Annie was clearly far from being a beauty queen Kelly found her adorable in her way, and the kid seemed grateful for her help and had gravitated towards the former gym teacher like a student in need of a friend.

Kid, Kelly mused to herself as she watched Annie drop her order pad and then lose her pencil when she bent down to retrieve it. Annie was no kid, barely out of her teens was her guess, but when you get near 50 everybody seems young. As the awkward teen walked past Kelly she gave her mentor a shy grin while pushing her glasses back up her nose, and as Kelly returned the smile she pondered the idea that at this rate this was going she might have ended up with the daughter she never had.


"It's cool when it's busy because the time goes faster, but on hot days like this even with the AC in here it's still kinda warm," Annie Potter told her mentor as they cleaned the Cozy Corner before it closed for the day at 4.

"It must be warm in here Annie, if you take your sweater off," Kelly noted, speaking of the girl taken off the sweater that she always wore over her uniform while waiting tables, although Annie had left the sweater on until most of the customers were gone.

"Yeah," Annie mumbled, and as she spoke Kelly watched her protege run her hands up and down her forearms reflexively, probably not even aware what she was doing.

The older woman tried not to watch but that was easier said than done because Kelly loved the kid's arms, slender and pale limbs that had a coating of fine black hairs on them, reminiscent of Kelly's former lover Debbie's arms. Kelly knew that Annie probably wore the sweater while customers were around because she was self-conscious about the hair, even though compared to Debbie the hair on Annie's arms was not as profuse. The difference was that Debbie was a blonde and it didn't stand out like Annie's.

Like fields of wheat billowing in the breeze, Kelly remembered while recalling the way it looked when she would stroke Debbie's forearms, and when Kelly found herself wondering what it would be like to do that to Annie she broke herself out of her trance, shaking her head at her wool gathering before she went around getting the condiment bottles off the tables and into the refrigerator with Annie's help.

"I don't have AC at home so I'm kinda used to being warm," Annie told Kelly, who shook her head at the thought of not having it herself.

"I would die without it at home," Kelly confided. "My place is no palace but it does have AC. Days like this? How do you stand it Annie?"

"I got a fan," Annie replied with a shrug. "Supposed to cool off later I heard because there's going to be a storm coming through."

"Then it gets sticky again right after," Kelly told the girl who over the last few months had become a friend of sorts, despite them being Mutt and Jeff in many ways.

Not only was Kelly a head taller than the diminutive Annie, with the difference appearing even greater because Kelly's brownish red hair was spiked, but Kelly was big boned and muscular as well. As for Annie, it was tough to tell because her uniform was loose fitting, but her arms and legs were skinny so Kelly figured the rest of her co-worker was too.

"Say Annie," Kelly said just before they left for the day. "I know it's Friday and all, but if you aren't doing anything how would you feel about us getting a pizza or something and going to my place? It's a little less than a mile walk but you can enjoy the air conditioning at least. If you have plans..."

"No plans Fridays or any days," Annie chirped happily, a rare big smile appearing on her face as she nodded enthusiastically. "I don't mind the walk. Heck, I walk that far after the bus lets me off."

"Then it's a date! Let's boogie," Kelly cackled as she put her arm around Annie's shoulder while herding her out the door, and the way the kid leaned into the older woman did not go unnoticed.


"What a beautiful apartment," Annie had announced when they entered the second floor flat, causing Kelly to wonder how bad the girl's place was because while this place was clean it was also kind of a dump. "And a patio too."

"We can go out on it if you want, although I don't know if two will fit because it's so small," Kelly suggested. "How about a glass of wine? Uh - are you old enough? Don't want to corrupt you."

"Too late for that," Annie giggled. "Yeah. I'm 22."

"Oh," Kelly replied, solving that mystery. "You don't look it."

"I know," Annie answered glumly.

"Hey, enjoy it while you can. Nobody is going to proof me any more."

"How old are you?"

"Take a guess."

"Okay. I guess 40," Annie said as they went outside where the sun was losing a battle with ominous clouds that were approaching, and then she scrunched her nose and offered, "39?"

"Oh girl I love you," Kelly said as she hugged Annie carefully so as not to spill their drinks. "I'm 47, but thanks for being kind."

"I dunno. You don't look it. At work you run circles around all of us."

"No more talk about work. The weekend is ahead of us," Kelly announced as they clinked glasses. "Supposed to be nice. Anything on your agenda?"

"Work on Monday?" Annie shrugged in between sips.

"Boy, we make quite a pair don't me? Sometimes I go down to Congress Park with a book," Kelly revealed as thunder sounded in the distance.

"Better than nothing," Annie said while counting to herself. "Should be pouring in about 45 minutes."

"You afraid of storms honey?"

"No. I kinda like them," Annie told her. "You won't have to protect me from the storm like you do with the other girls at work."


"I would have never been able to stick it out if it wasn't for you Kelly. You were like my hero," Annie told her.

"You're doing fine now."

"Not at the beginning. I was as lousy as I usually am at stuff, and I know everybody working there hated me. Probably still do."

"No they don't, and if they do who cares?" You won't be there forever. Hopefully neither of us will."

"Did you really threaten to stick Heather's head in the toilet if she kept being mean to me?" Annie asked and then added, "Nobody told me. They don't really talk to me, but I listen good."

"I think that story got embellished a little," Kelly explained.

"Well, she didn't call me Uni any more," Annie noted with a grin, and noting Kelly's reaction said, "Hey, it's better than what they called me at school. Beaver. That and drowned rat."

"Oh man. Kids are so cruel. For the record you're a really cute girl," Kelly declared. "As a matter-of-fact, I think Mr. Drake is sweet on you."


"The little old guy who owns the towing company? He might be in his 60's but he has money."

"I think I know who he is. I do better with older guys. My only real boyfriend was 68 when he died," Annie said.

"68? He died?" Kelly blurted out quickly. "Sorry. I mean about him dying."

"Thanks. He was about the only real friend I've ever had."

"Well, you have me too, if you want that is?" Kelly responded.


"Of course," Kelly said with a tsk-tsk thrown in. "It's not like it's an honor that people are lining up for."

"I love you," Annie declared and gave a startled Kelly a hug before stepping back and apologizing. "Sorry."

"Never apologize for a hug. I love them," Kelly assured her little friend. "Okay, you have my interest. How does a girl as young as you end up with a senior citizen?"

"Don't know if I should tell you. I don't want to gross you out. Nobody really knows anything about this."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Kelly told her. "I guarantee that when it comes to being weird you can't beat me."

"Okay. Here goes. When I was growing up, I was picked on by everybody. I was like a human pinata. The nicknames I told you about were nothing compared to a lot of stuff I put up with, and because I didn't fight back and just retreated and took it, it only got worse. Not only verbal but physical too," Annie revealed. "I hated myself so I started thinking about killing myself. I even started cutting myself. You know what that is?"


"Finally, this guy saved me. Told me how much he loved me and wanted to live the rest of his life with me. Really loved me, and thought I sexy. Me sexy? Never heard that before or since, so while I knew it was wrong I gave myself to him," Annie said.

"I don't know if it was wrong honey," Kelly said. "Age? What does that mean? So what if he was 40 years older than you?"

"46 years older," Annie corrected, and after a pause she added, "and he was my grandfather."


"Warren was my grandfather, but not blood because my grandmother had married him after she became a widow. People thought it was weird anyway. Some of the family blamed him for being a predator and others blamed me for seducing an old man. Seducing? Me? The girl with the mustache that they called woodchuck? I don't think so but anyway, that was it for us and the family, but it was fine until he dies. Now?"

"Beat that for weird Kelly," Annie challenged with a weak grin.

"Okay. I married a gay man and stayed with him for 12 years," Kelly replied as the thunder got louder. "I wasn't sure he was gay but I suspected it, and he thought the same about me. At least it got people to stop bugging us about why we weren't married."

"You're gay?"

"Yes Annie, but don't worry. I won't attack you."

"Not worried," was Annie's response. "I heard people say that you were a gym teacher."

"I was. I was always athletic in school, field hockey, rowing and lacrosse, so I got a scholarship to college and got my degree. Worked out well for me for a while."

"I also heard - and I don't care if it's true - that you got fired because you seduced a student," Annie asked haltingly.

"No. Not true. I would never do that but I did have a relationship with another staff member at the school. It wasn't a girl but a woman. A student teacher than was older than you and was living a lie like I was," Kelly confessed. "I know that story about a student is around but it's a lie. Didn't matter to the school because I was gone regardless once they found out, and I think I'm blacklisted now because I don't even get interviewed when I apply. I loved my job too."

"I bet you were because you care about people," Annie responded as raindrops started to fall. "My gym teacher sure didn't care about me. One day when we changing the other girls held me down and stripped me naked. Everybody was laughing as I stood in the corner trying to cover myself up, and when I looked up the gym teacher was laughing too."


"That was the day that they started calling me beaver instead of woodchuck," Annie wryly noted. "Anyway, I know you would have never let something like that happen to anybody. You were the gym teacher I deserved."

"It's raining," Kelly said as she wiped her eyes.

"My glasses are fogging," Annie said, and with that they ducked inside as the rain got serious.

"How about a refill?" Kelly offered as she ducked into the refrigerator. "Plenty left in the box."

"Okay," Annie said as she handed her host the empty glass, and after getting the refill asked, "Later, can I use your phone to call a taxi. Don't have one. A phone I mean. Don't want to hike and wait for a bus in the rain."

"Sure," Kelly replied. "But you know you're very welcome to spend the night here if you would like. It's only a one bedroom but one of us can use the couch if you stay."

"No," was Annie's answer as she looked over at the sofa before taking her glasses off and taking a deep breath. "I would love to stay, but not if either of us was on the couch."

"Great. It'll be a sleepover like we used to have as kids."

"I never did that, but I did get to hear about it from other girls who were invited to them."

"Well you might as well start tonight. We can make popcorn and watch a movie."

"Cool. Can we play truth or dare?"

"Sure, but you'll have to teach me," Kelly said.

"I was hoping you knew because I don't really know how either. I saw it in a movie," Annie noted, adding, "Besides, I've probably told you more truth already than you wanted to know."

"Hey," Kelly responded while coming closer to the girl and putting her hands on the girl's shoulders. "Friends are supposed to confide in each other. Besides, you didn't do anything wrong."

"You're easy to talk to," Annie acknowledged.

"So are you," Kelly told her, and as she spoke she let her hands glide gently off Annie's shoulders and down her arms to the wrists, something that the girl watched with wide open eyes.

"Sorry. I've wanted to do that since we first met," Kelly admitted after stroking Annie's furry arms and stepping back, the thunder outside now accompanied by lightning. "I love your arms, and I love it when you don't wear your sweater to hide them."

"Oh," Annie replied, looking down at the fine hairs now standing up on her forearms which were covered with goose bumps. "Kind of self-conscious."

"I know. Anyway, let's get this sleepover going," Kelly declared. "I'll let you pick out the movie, but first why don't get these uniforms off and we get comfortable."

"I don't have anything else."

"No problemo girl. I've got a bunch of stuff you can look through to wear. Won't fit right but nobody will see you but me. This way."

Kelly herded Annie around the corner and into her bedroom, but then stopped and looked at the unmade bed and made a face,

"Oh-oh, you caught me," Kelly said in false horror as she picked up some clothes from the floor. "Didn't make the bed either."

"I never do," Annie giggled. "You've got a big bed. Mine is a single that I've been sleeping in since I was a kid."

"I guess that if you have me over for a sleepover it might be crowded," Kelly kidded as she led the girl over to her dresser, but as the darkness outside turned into daylight from a bolt of lightning, the lights promptly went out.

"Oh dear. This might make a movie impossible," Kelly said, and they both jumped when thunder clapped so loud it ]seemed like the building shook. "Wow. That's what you get from living up in the clouds on the second floor."

"Luckily, I have a thing for candles," the older woman announced as she grabbed a lighter and lit the jar candles on the top of the dresser, illuminating the room better than the lamp had, and then Kelly pulled open a drawer where she kept t-shirts and the like. "Now you can see to pick something out to wear."

"Oh. What's this?" Annie asked as she pointed to a purple tank-top with gold trim.

"This? This my dear is my uniform top from good old Spa Catholic," Kelly chuckled as she pulled it out of the drawer. "I accidentally -ahem- took it home with me about 30 years ago after our last basketball game and never did return it."

"Number 10," Annie mumbled as she traced the gold numbers on the back.

"Don't know why I keep it because it would be too tight on me now," Kelly noted as she held it up in front of her guest. "It would look great on you though. What do you think?"

"Sure," Annie grinned as she took it and started to head to the bathroom before Kelly stopped her. "Here, let me help you get this off."

Kelly unzipped the back of the girl's drab beige uniform top so that Annie could lift it off, the kid modestly turning away as she did, and before Annie could put the top on the older woman was undoing the hooks in the back of the girl's well worn bra. Kelly was looking over Annie's shoulder at the mirror they were facing, and as Annie became aware of their reflection her bra was already sliding off her shoulders.

"No honey," Kelly whispered as Annie brought her hands up to cover her diminutive breasts, and Kelly ran her hands over Annie's arms while gently bringing them down to expose the treasures, unable to contain her feelings. "Annie. Why would you want to hide yourself? You're gorgeous."

Kelly was sincere because while she was expecting Annie to be small busted, the girl's tiny conical breasts stuck out proudly, and the breathtaking part was Annie's nipples, ruby red and astonishingly puffy like ripe strawberries that begged to be picked, and it took all of the older woman's willpower not to reach up and cup the tender looking buds.

"Tell me if I get to be too much," Kelly whispered in Annie's ear as she held her shoulders. "Sometimes I get a little touchy-feely with people I like."

"It's okay," Annie told Kelly as she looked at her mentor's eyes in the reflection. "Just not used to it."

"Anyway, that uniform top is going to be so long on you that you won't need anything else. Now let's get these ugly uniform slacks off."

Before Annie could protest and stop her, Kelly was tugging down the loose fitting slacks and helping the girl step out of them. Although Kelly was a bit shocked at seeing Annie's legs were not shaved, even though she had never seen another woman with hairy legs somehow the look seemed right on Annie, light down on her thighs and a denser growth below her knees.

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