tagRomanceWaiting Touch

Waiting Touch


Alone In the dark she awaits him...waiting, searching, and hoping he can help quench her hunger to be touched and caressed. It's been so long for her no love, no compassion, no affection only wanting and not receiving.

At first she only watched him from afar never having the guts to walk up to him and tell him she thought he was beautiful but, things had now changed and she finally gained enough courage to ask him for his user name on the net and that would only be the start.

They started out talking as friends but, she knew she couldn't hold out for much longer knowing what she truly wanted from him so after days and weeks had past she began telling him of her fantasies starting out small and sweet then letting her desire speak up she told him of the things she wished to do to his body.

This went on for a few days before they finally decided it was time to put her words to the test and see If she'd really follow through knowing how innocent she had once been It was a question that needed to be answered could she break free of the chains that bound her to a man that for so long made her feel alone and unwanted or would she stay and let this one opportunity for a moment of happiness pass her by.

That night she arrived to pick her husband up from work knowing all to well what would come after she dropped him off at home and "went out with friends", you see this man she had wanted for so long worked with her husband so the entire time she waited for her husband to sign out she would glance out of the corner of her eye watching him, needing him, and she would have him If only for a night he would be hers.

The car ride home with her husband was only pushing her towards meeting him and finally when she dropped her husband off she quickly drove to where they had planned to meet at a restaurant close to the hotel they had agreed upon.

When she pulled up and saw him waiting something inside her changed and she new she would be his If only In body she would be his tonight as he would be hers.

She stepped out of her car locking the door behind her she slowly slid into the leather seats of his mustang and they where off.

All she could think about on the car ride there was how beautiful she knew his body would be naked and laying on top of hers this caused things to stir In that soft slit between her legs. It seemed like an eternity waiting to arrive at the hotel but, when they finally did she waited In the car for him to purchase the room.

She saw him walk back outside and took that as a cue to get out and follow him. She watched his slender, sleek, body walking before her and she knew her desires would finally be quenched and she would know the touch of a man again.

We reached our room and entered both of us knowing what was coming and wanting It even more now that we were there alone together something she never thought would happen, at first It seemed like a distant dream until he wrapped his arms around her and they kissed long and deep she fell into that kiss as she ran her hands over his muscular shoulders and down his toned back pulling him closer wishing she could be one with him In that moment.

Shy and not knowing what to do she fumbled at her shirt as he lightly pushed her back onto the bed. She looked up Into his magical green eyes drowning In the warmth of his touch. She spoke up her voice still soft telling him she was new to this before him there had only been her husband and there were still many things she had yet to do. He took of his shirt and leaned down to unbutton her pants hesitantly she allowed him to do so but, she was still very shy and afraid of him to see her body. He might have suspected this so he leaned in to kiss her again trying to reassure her that he liked what he saw.

He layed her back on the bed and began to gently kiss her breast and nipples the touch sent a wave of pleasure over her body and she let out a low moan with at he moved lower kiss her belly down to her slit which was dripping wet and yearning to be touched. He lightly parted her lips and lapped at her clit with his tongue sending her to a place not of this world where only passion and desire burn bright.

She then leaned up to kiss her again this time the kiss was feverish and wild. Looking into her eyes at that moment he knew what she wanted and she knew he wanted the same because she felt his cock hard rubbing against his pants in protest and wanting to be released so he then unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to the ground, she noticed he was wearing no underwear and this made her want to giggle but, she kept it inside and just watched his beautiful body standing naked before her.

He crawled on top of her and kissed her neck and chest, she spread her legs wanting him so badly as If he knew what she was thinking he push his cock between her lips rubbing the head over her clit feeling her wetness soaking his cock he then looked up and kissed her hard as he pushed his cock into her tight pussy they both let out a moan together in unison. Slowly at first he moved his cock in and out of her. This Is what she had been waiting for, longing for and now finally she was remembering why Is was she craved to be touched again. Moving fast she raised her hips to meet his movements pulling him as deep as possible.

He looked at her and said "your so tight and you feel so good" .... words she hadn't heard In a very long time.

He pulled out of her and layed down beside her so she could straddle his waist and slide down on his cock. As he entered her she felt the first stirrings of something she had never had...what she believed she would never know, she was going to have her first orgasm riding his cock. She slowing began to ride him gripping his cock inside her milking him for everything she could get she leaned up and kissed her, then licked her neck down to her breast. She started going faster and harder pulling him deeper, she wanted to cum with his cock buried deep inside her. He grabbed her hips and met her pushed with his own still driving deeper inside her.

She felt It start and she tightened up as she rode his cock through her first of what would be many orgasms soon after also feeling him tense and let out a groan as he shot his seed deep inside her. For a moment she sat there panting going over what had just happened to her then she gently slid of him and laid down beside him.

Looking at him, this man that had given her that which she had been waiting for she knew deep down she was now his completely and that scared her more than anything.....would this be the end or would this be the beginning...

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