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Hi, I'm Cindy I am 5'5 100lbs 32b cup size blonde hair blue eyes firm body and am in very good shape. I finished high school a couple of months ago and found I needed to get a job to pay bill and so I could go shopping of course a girl has needs. So I started looking for a job the best I could find with my limited education was waitress at this little bar it was an alright place not high class by any means but not a total dive either. I made ok money at first but it was not enough I could only pay my bills barely and as I said a girl has needs like shopping. So I was sitting there one night after close talking to the bar tender telling her my problems. It's a cliché I know but she really did listen to me. Her name is Linda. She looked at me and said look Hun I know you give great service but it's the way you dress its just not sexy enough you have to make them want you then you can get anything you want from them. I was dumbfounded I just couldn't believe what she was saying I told her thanks for her advice but I'm sure that's not it and I went home.

As the weeks went on the more I realized she was right, I kept getting bad tips. Living off my meager check so I decided to try it out I wore a mini that was about an inch above my knees and somewhat tight and a spaghetti strap shirt that showed off my smallish chest. By the end of the night I had 200 in tips as I was walking out Linda looked at me didn't say a word only smirked at me a kind of told you smirk. So she was right I was wrong I can admit that. As the weeks went on I was more and more bolder with my style. Wearing mini's that barely covered my ass and crotch. The top got tighter and smaller each time I went into work. My tips kept growing to be more and more to the point that I was bringing home 400 a night. Everyone wanted me. I start to give a little bit of a show to bust my tips up higher would let them see my panties show as much cleavage as possible and bend as low as I could get away with to show it off it was great.

It was Friday night again. And I was getting ready I wanted so bad to break 400 in tips. I opened my dresser full of work cloths yes I have a separate dresser for my work cloths. I toke out my new mini with a zippered front again just barely covering my ass and crotch I decided to for go the panties tonight and being I had just freshly shaved myself completely bare. I hoped it would put me over the top along with the top that looked more like a bra in the fact it just tied around my breasts and held them firmly almost like I tied a piece of silk around them with a pair of 3 inch heals. I did my make-up just right I looked at myself in the mirror and had to admit I looked like a total slut. I smiled to myself and walk out the door thinking I was going to make well over 400 tonight. As I walked in the door I looked around and sow a huge group of socialite I was totally confused and until I sow Linda thought I had somehow walked into the wrong bar. I walked over to her and asked what's going on these types of people never come in here.

Linda looked at me and said I think its bachelorette party. They heard of this place somehow and paid 6000 to close the place for them only tonight. So of course we agreed we normally only make somewhere around 4000 on Friday nights. Well I guess I got all dressed up for nothing I'm not going to make any money tonight with this crowd. Linda looked me up and down wow you did get all dressed up didn't you. Sorry Hun I don't think you will either. But you have to work tonight so get out there and take orders and you can always hope Linda told me. So I went and toke the many orders and found out quickly it was a bachelorette party and hoped in the back on my mind there wasn't going to be a male stripper. An hour had passed and thing were going better then I expected. I was about to get my first tip of the night from the main table where the bride and bride maids were sitting. The maid of honor was holding out a 10 for me to take but was making me reach for it so I had to reach over the bride I said sorry as I did. Just as I toke the money I felt the bride hand on my barely covered ass and then slapped it I moaned as I felt her hand.

I moved slowly as I straightened up the bride smiled at me and I asked if there was anything I could get them the maid of honor told me another round of drinks. At that I was on my way to get the drinks. As I returned I could see the bride checking me out so I thought what could it hurt I'll make her want me or least try to. I approached the table handed out all the drinks they all tipped me. This time the bride put a 10 half down my skirt and half sticking out the whole table giggled. The bride just looked me up and down then back into my eyes she wanted me and I wanted her. I kind of stumbled my knees became a little weak I excused myself and went to the bathroom to gain my composer. As I looked in the mirror wondering what came over me the bride walked in the bathroom walked up behind me and cup my ass my body toke over at this point I pushed back into her hand. She released my ass only to slide her hands under my skirt and lift it the little way to my waist.

I opened my legs and she slid one of her hands between my legs cupping my pussy a finger sliding between my pussy lips parting them moving forward to my clit rubbing it in slow hard circles. Moving my hips to meet her every movement feeling my juices leak out knowing there flowing into her hand moaning loudly as her pace quickens over my clit feeling my climax build higher and higher Cumming on her hand feeling my pussy explode moaning louder my knees nearly letting out feeling her hold me up. Her pace slowed down as I calmed she pushed me forward over the counter of the bathroom sink and slid 2 fingers slowly deep inside of me making me push back to meet them. Once they were deep inside my soaking wet pussy she started to pump them in and out deep causing me to moan louder pushing back harder on her finger wanting them needing them my pussy gripped them tight as I fucked her pumping fingers back. She pushed in once more hard holding them there applying pressure pushing me over the edge Cumming hard on her finger my pussy squeezing them so tight as wave after wave of please flowed over my whole body. As I calmed down she slowly removed her finger my eye were still closed all I could hear was her licking and sucking them clean.

I opened my eye. Slowly standing up straight I turned to face her. my hands went down right away to undo her pants. I then pulled down her pants and panties. I wanted her pussy now. I wanted to taste it so bad I pulled her around so that her back was to the counter. I pushed her up on to the edge and went right down on her pushing my tongue deep within her licking as deep as I could at first then sliding my tongue in and out of her fucking her with as well as licking she tasted so good. I couldn't stop if I wanted to at that point. I curled my tongue deep inside of her as deep as I could push my tongue curling it trying to scoop out all her cum right at that moment I felt her whole body go ridged then she started to fucking my tongue Cumming wildly her sweet juices spraying into my mouth. Moaning very loudly I did not let up at all I kept tonguing her right through her climax loving every moment of it. My tongue now ridged fucking her pussy with it in out in out in out in out in over and over again my nose hitting her clit each time till she started bucking her hips hard again climaxing once more sending wave after wave of her sweet nectar into my mouth.

As she calmed down I looked over at the time on the clock on the bathroom wall I realized I had been gone for 2 hour. She looked down at me and smiled I moved up to her and kissed her with lust and passion. Our soaked pussy meeting I started to grind into her as we kissed she grinded back hard our kiss broke as we both started moaning loudly. Grinding hard against each other I barely managed to hold off Cumming so we could climax together the moment I felt her let go I let go. We climaxed hard together I fell right into her I could not hold myself up anymore as the wave after wave coursed over me. When we finally caught our breaths we straightened ourselves up made sure we both looked good. She left the bathroom first. I left a few minutes later. First thing I did was walk to the bar were Linda was standing making drinks to see if everything was ok. She just gave me a sly smile and said she was good and told me the bride table needed some service.

As I walked over to the table the bride watched my every movement and I made sure it was the sexiest walk I could do. When I got to the table, I asked what they needed. The maid of honor told me another round. As I walked away again I did the sexiest walk I could do knowing the bride was watching. I came back with there drinks handed them out told them it was closing time and to please settle there bill with our bartender Linda. They all tipped me I didn't bother even looking at what they all gave me. My best tip was received in the bathroom. They all slowly filtered out after paying the bill. I locked the door behind them and looked over at Linda she again gave me a sly smile and asked how much I made. I looked at her and said I don't know let me count it. As I did I realized that I had made well over 400 I made 1200 that night. I never beat that of even try and as for the bride I didn't find out her name till she became a regular at the bar. But that's another story.

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How to kill an otherwise fun read

Please, please, either find a proofreader or, at the very least run your stories through grammar check before submission. This could’ve been such a fun story if not for all the run on sentences andmore...

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