tagErotic HorrorWaitress for the 31st

Waitress for the 31st


I couldn't allow my eyes to open just yet. I was too petrified and cover in my own cum mixed with I don't know who, what or how many other cum stains all over my body. I was so scared and confused that I was trembling but my body was feeling so fucking good. My mouth, breast, pussy and ass was unbelievably tender but I felt like I could handle a couple more rounds of whatever just happened.

Just one peek...

It was dim as I saw black candles floating... Wait! Floating? Yup they were definitely floating against black, grey and crimson colored walls. Searching skeptically and frantically around the room for an exit and for who may have done this to me, my heart raced at the thought of what I may or may not see. Like the fact that there seemed to be no door for escape... Or that I could not see any one either but felt someone's presence.

My voice as well as my body was shaky, but I forced out a "Hello...? Is anyone there?" No response, well obviously because I was speaking to a thick musky air, with a hint of sex and a cinnamon spicy scent... Sigh. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is checking on the food in the kitchen, then informing the "wanna be" spooky looking guests that the tricks and treats would be coming out shortly. Why did I think waitress's jobs were easy? But then I made it easy for the past 2 years. This was the easiest one in a few months, I mean I had to be all over the place dressed in that skimpy sexy maid outfit taking orders, getting drinks. Having eyes glued to my exposed fat apple bottom and taunt tits. I was the centre attraction of all the other waitresses. I flaunted by body and tempted every mythical dressed up character present.

I looked down at my self for the first time realizing my nudity and how exposed I really was, yet I was calm and more than comfortable lying here sprawled out... I was on a black slab of metal which was cold and gave me goose bumps but it gave me a cool calming sensation. My frantic senses brought me back and I tried to cover my bare flesh with my hands but could not move my hands or feet.

Now I started to panic, my heart was racing faster than my mind... How the fuck did I get here? Who the hell did this to me? Why the hell are the candles floating? And why on earth can't I move my hands and legs if nothing is holding them down???? Screaming and kicking made no sense so I guess I'd just have to wait and see what would happen next. Who ever did this to me planned to come back or they would have killed or dumped me off somewhere already.

As I sat there alone with the feeling of being watched, I felt myself getting turned on. iI also like the fact that I was used and that my shaved pussy was on display. I didn't have a model figure but I had boobs and ass that a model would kill to have. My nipples got hard and I felt my clit stiffen. I so wanted... No! Needed to touch my pussy but my hands were restricted. I felt a stroke against my thigh and my breath caught in my throat. No wind could have entered as there was no visible exits, no windows or doors. I was trapped and my holes needed to be filled. I needed who ever it was that did this to me to finish their break and get back to using my body. I felt like I was in heat!!

I groaned in frustration, "FUCK!!"

I felt the stroke again, against my thigh but higher up, much closer to my pussy and I moaned loudly, unashamed of my nudity and sexual tension. I even tried to spread my legs wider, open up myself to feel what ever imaginary feeling this was. I felt a probing sensation and it sent me over the edge. I was trying to move closer to the imaginary probing on my clit but was unable to move. Damn I needed a cock or cocks. I needed to get fucked and soon. The sensation on my pussy lips like a soft tug, then back to my clit in a circular motion, a brief stop to touch the entry into my pussy hole where I was wet. Then the circular motions on my clit continued. I threw my pelvis into the musky air and something thick and long slipped in with minimal resistance. I felt filled and at ease.

My body started to rock and my pussy started to get pounded and tenderize like a t-bone steak. I must have hit my head hard and got a concussion cause if musky air could fuck my pussy this good, where has it been all my life? I was moaning loudly while arching my back and spread my legs as wide as I was allowed to. My pussy contorted and clamped on an invisible flesh that was in me and I came with a force of all my finally released sexual tension. Or so I thought...

I was twitching all over but my pussy felt the most torture as I felt empty all of a sudden and cum oozing from my puss. Damn I needed more. I knew I was alone now. I didn't feel like I was being watched any more. Just lonely and empty.

"Hello? I don't' know if I'm dreaming or not but whichever, I know we just enjoyed that and I'm in need of more. Could you please come back?" I must be going crazy I was talking to the air for God sake. What's wrong with me? I waited there for God only knows how long, just staring into the dim roof of where ever I was. Horny as a rapist. Until I heard a creek and a panting sound. I could barely see but all I wished was whoever or whatever it was, was hopefully going to fuck me. And I literally begged.

"Fuck me please, please fuck my pussy, my ass, my face, what ever just please take me." No reply just panting... And a spicy wet dog smell... Weird... Hmm... I tried touching myself slowly this time and I could at a minimum. It wasn't a lot as all I could touch were my nipples but at least I could feel something.

Lost in my mini self pleasure, I barely realized that a candle blew out then two more after. More darkness and heavier panting that sounded closer to me but near my legs. I just relaxed and expected the unexpected.

I hear a soft whimper of a... Dog? Then went on a jet ski as my pussy got consumed by a wet hairy mouth. I bucked my hips in the air again and thrust high as I could. I was higher than cloud 69. I was pouring, dripping, gushing... Any word having the meaning: emitting liquid; I was doing it. Then a slick, slippery tongue pummeled into my pussy hole and I was lost in a silent scream of bliss. I came hard and long and lost track of the moments that passed after.

Panting was still there. Not too close but not too far. But sooner or later it, I don't know which. The beast was close again and I was ready AGAIN. This time I saw a face a real beastly, wolfy, doggy-kinda face, with steel blue eyes that just wanted to ravish my body.

"Fuck me," I said. And with no further hesitation, I felt like a fist broke down my door and charged into my passage with a brutal force. And I relished in the moment of the harsh brutality. My pussy was getting a bad beating and I grit my teeth and took it all in. I savored his raw flesh in me and moaned, cried and beg for it harder.

It? He? Whatever... It came in me and popped out. I thought I'd be spent and sedated but I felt the opposite. I felt empty and a crave for more boiled in me again. I wanted another contender! I needed another contender.

I stayed there reminiscing of the recent events and how weird, freaky and scared I should have been. But it really didn't matter any more. I just needed more.

I don't know how much time passed but it didn't matter when I heard the creek and he came in. I just knew this was going to be the grand finale... Or so I hoped...

He wasted no time, he made an introduction of shoving his cold approximately 10 inch down my throat and we greeted each other very well like old time friends. I took him deep to the back of my throat and rolled him around in my mouth with my tongue and got it real slippery and wet. He withdrew quickly and positioned himself over me like he had to test all holes. Which I hoped he would do. He took his time and work his way into my sore puss and when he got comfy he started to apply the pressure and pound at it. I felt cold balls knocking against my ass. That's when I decided to open my eyes to take a peek...

I saw blood shot eyes piercing through me and I felt a shiver run down my spine as I arched my back. I was hypnotized and the stare was locked on I could not stop staring in to those eyes. The next thing I knew, I was on all fours, cold hands on my ass, jacking it up for a back door entrance. I was peeked and excited.

I felt a shot of pain at my neck but it soon left me and a tranquilized feeling took over. I was high as a motherfucker... I didn't do coke but I don't think it could ever compare to whatever just happened. I felt him finally at the entrance of ass, slowly poking his way in. He stopped and dipped back into my pussy for moisture then came back for another try. He was heading back to my pussy but... Fuck that... I rammed back as hard as I could on his cold hard dick and screamed a very high pitch audible scream. And with that he came in my ass in a minute flat. I didn't even get to rock back and forth or get much strokes in but the force sent my pussy into multiple orgasm frenzy.

And as did the others he vanished.

I was soaked, tired and drenched in cum, but I still felt awesome. And I still didn't know how I got here...

And I don't know when I fell asleep and woke up... At a dinner table in the ball room of the hotel? Huh? Wow... What a messed up dream... My body ached in all the right places I'd dreamed about. I hurried up, got to my car and drove home.

Home wasn't far and all I wanted was a shower and bed. I got to my bedroom in a blur and stood in front of my mirror with the skimpy maid outfit on looking like a hot mess wit cum running down between my legs. What the fuck? That dream really got me wet. Wow...

The pockets of my outfit were puffy and I stuck my hand in to find a nice thick wad of cash with a note attached, "Thank you for your hard work and co-operation, please reapply for the job if interested on the 31st of October next year. It was more than a pleasure working with you."

Next year I definitely knew where I would be working so fucking hard.

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