tagMind ControlWake County Scandal

Wake County Scandal


Wake county, North Carolina, is the most affluent county in the United States. It contains the cities of Raleigh, Cary, Garner, and New Hope. The high paying jobs associated with the research triangle have attracted Yuppies from all over the country. These couples drive BMW, Mercedes, Large SUV, and Corvettes. Style, and keeping up with the with your neighbor are the prime interests.

So, it was no surprise that when Dr. Burnham Davis offered a painless, effortless way to control a woman's weight through hypnosis, in 1982, he immediately was besieged with new patients, in addition to his present practice of OB/Gym clients.

It should be noted that Burnham Davis was a bitter man. He had supplied his wife with all the finer things in life, but after one child, she announced that one was enough, and that sex was not all that interesting either.

It was quite a paradox. In his practice, he spent his day making powerful suggestions to women, or actually having his fingers in their pussy's, but at home, he looked, but could not touch.

His first forays into the land of the illicit, was to instruct some of the older patients, while under hypnosis, that they needed sex at least four times a week to remain healthy. He laughed to himself thinking of how happy that was going to make their husbands.

Ah, ha, Burnham got an even better idea. He instructed the women who had daughters that were of age to marry that they would benefit from hypnotic secessions with him. Burnham had now progressed to where he would gently push his cock into many of the woman, and their daughters. Gently, of course, so there would be no marks to betray him.

He used post hypnotic suggestion to instill the idea to the daughters that it was imperative for them to have no sex for the last month before their wedding, be off the pill, and that they should be examined by him two days before their wedding. If he discovered during the exam, that the girl had a well used pussy, he would fuck her. On the other hand, if she was a virgin, he would use a small tube to distribute his sperm at her cervix. The results were the same. In about half of the cases, the girls was successfully inseminated by the Doctor.

The next step was with the divorced, single women. If their life was such that they had free time, he would, under hypnosis convince them that he was very attractive, and they wanted to meet with him, at his camp in the mountains, for sex. Many of these he impregnated. Fuck, let the county worry about supporting them.

Finally, there was his OB/GYM clients. He convinced many of them that childbirth would be a lot easier if they were prepared beforehand by several secessions of hypnosis. His wife did not care that he was at his camp several nights each week. Of course, preventing postpartum depression was a snap, with hypnosis. Seventy five percent of his clients were pregnant again within three months of delivery. By who? You got it.

There were many cases, when the downstream effect were totally unforeseen. In one case, Linda Berry, the thirty-eight year old wife of an auditor, who worked for the Snyder Banking Corporation, came in for weight reduction hypnosis. Later, her husband Jim Berry approached Dr. Davis.

"Gee, Doc, I've got this problem. When Linda, and I were both thirty, in 1993, she gave me sex anytime that I even hinted that I wanted it. Then, when I was laid off for a few months, she thought that I was malingering. She cut off most of our sex. It has never got on tract since. If there is any way that you can suggest to her that she should think of sex just the way she did in 1993, that would be great."

"I'll see what I can do," Dr. Davis replied. Exploring the Berry's sex life would be entertaining. So, Burnham begin to craft the questions that he would examine Linda Berry's attitudes toward sex with. The next time that Linda Berry was under hypnosis, Dr, Davis regressed her to the year 1993.

"Linda, the year is 1993. You are thirty years old. Do you picture yourself in 1993?"


"Linda, think now of your sex life. Was it a good year for sex for you?"

"Oh, yes, it was super."

"Why did you give Jim all the sex that he wanted."

"I felt guilty. I started the year thinking that he was having sex with strange women when he was out of town. He is out of town three nights a week."

"Why did you feel guilty?"

"I was having sex with other men."

"How did that happen?" When the doctor asked that, he thought that she may have slept with one or two other men, a couple times.

"I went out to several different lounges. In a few minutes I would pick out the most appealing guy there, let him know with my eyes that I was interested in him. He would pick me up."

Surprised, the doctor asked, "Linda, how many men did you have sex with, other then your husband , in 1993?"

Linda paused. The doctor added, "Can you think of their names? How often that you fucked them?"

Slowly, Linda begin to list the men that she had fucked in 1993. Bobby from Raleigh, once. Bill from Georgia, once. Ralph from Richmond, twice. John from Richmond, five times. Danny from Raleigh, once. Jim from Raleigh, once. Ted from Cary, once. Edward from Garner, once. Herman from Cherry Hill, N.J., once. Buzzy from Raleigh, twice. Dave and Tom from Greenville, each once. Soldier from Fayetteville, and Guy from South Carolina, each once."

Dr. Burnham Davis knew that he had struck a gold mine here. He carefully examined Linda Berry. She was a pretty woman of average height, with small breasts, and a really nice fanny.

He begin the process of implanting the thought that were of interest to him. Yes, he would place her sexual interest firmly in the year 1993. Yes, she would again feel guilty that she was getting so much sex from other. Yes, she would offer sex to her husband any time he was interested.

Her kids now in school, she had a lot of free time during the day. She was told that anything about sex that Dr. Davis suggested was a good idea. Last but not least, it was instilled in her that she wanted to be hypnotized at least once a week. That way, Dr. Davis could continually reinforce the suggestions.

Two weeks later, Jim Berry phoned Burnham. "Wow, doctor, you are a miracle worker. Linda is really with the program. It has been years since I had it this good. Do I own you anything, for your extra work?"

"Jim, it was my pleasure working with your wife. If you make sure that she stops by once a week, I will make sure that your home life is exciting."

"Wow, thanks Doc."

Jim had phoned from a cell phone in his car. As he strode into his inner office, Burnham said to a naked Linda, who was laying on a mat on the floor. "That was your husband Linda. He probably will be fucking some woman tonight."

Linda said, as she opened her legs to receive the Doctor as he lowered himself onto her for the second time, today. "We will even thing up, won't we honey?"

As Burnham's cock ran in and out of Linda, he was forming a plan to enjoy all that Linda had to offer, for his amusement. He contacted a local fraternity. He told them that he was conducting a medical experiment. He would provide a woman for sex with them. He needed fifty men to fuck her as fast and hard as they could. Linda was hypnotized and given the suggestion that she would volunteer to help these poor boys with too much cum. She was to clamp her cunt on them as hard as she could so that their "Pain," would be relieved as soon as possible. Burnham used a stop watch to time how long it took for each boy to cum in Linda. There was sort of a mess up. She forgot to take her birth control pills. Burnham later convinced the couple that the child must be a throwback to one of their grandparents, because it sure did not look like either of them, or him for that matter.

Another woman he enjoyed was an administrator for a local college. She claimed to be happily married. Under further questioning, she stated that she fantasized about being restrained by a powerful man that would take her forcefully. . It had many years since she had been with anyone except her husband. Once under his spell, he examined her. She had extremely attractive breasts. Perhaps because she had never had the child that both she and her husband wanted. Burnham purchased a Velcro restraining set. He would spread her on his bed at his camp and fuck her as hard as he could. He was careful not to get her pregnant. For the simple fact that he looked nothing like her husband, a man with red hair, who stood six foot six. One day he saw a group of six very tall college boys having a pick up basketball game. He stopped to ask them if they would be interested in coming to a motel to fuck his restrained, blindfolded wife.

"Your blowing smoke up our ass, right?" the biggest one accused him.

"Hardly. If you are here tomorrow at one PM, I will pick you all up and take you to where she is."

True to his word, he picked the boys up at one PM. They found the woman, Glena Wright, tied naked to the bed, with a ball gage in her mouth, and a blindfold over her eyes. It excited Burnham as he watched the biggest boy crawl between Glena's legs. His cock bobbed. He sniffed her pussy. Knowing that she was about to get fucked, Glena squirmed to and fro to no avail. The cock was placed at the opening of her cunt. It was gently pushed in half way. On the next push it was buried. After the fourth boy had cum in her, Burnham left. He told them that he would be back for them at three-thirty. "Just keep fucking her, but don't untie her. Leave the cum in her. She wants to get pregnant."

Glena later was induced in a hypnotic state. She was told that she would not remember any of the days events. A month later, Burnham noted that her breast were enlarged, when she told him that she had missed her period.

With over five hundred women, at any one time, under his influence, Dr. Burnham's games with different women got more and more bizarre. It was all fun and games until one day the he was reading about a preventable medical problem that was found often in West Virginia. It struck him. He was sitting on a keg of dynamite. He phoned his attorney, the Honorable Winstrom Barnett.

"Winstrom, this is Burnham. I need to see you right away."

In a deep southern drawl, Winstrom asked, "Just how important is this matter, Burnham?"

"Worst possible medical problem to hit Wake County in my lifetime, and I could go to prison because of it."

"Well, Sir, I think we can make time for something that important at four-thirty this afternoon."

Burnham had keep extremely accurate notes of his adventures. He explained what the problem was, and provided a list of exactly who was involved.

Winstrom could not remember a time that he was speechless. He had known Burnham since they were undergraduates at Duke. He stared at him now as though he know nothing of the man. It was past ten that night when Burnham finally left Winstrom's office. "I hope the hell that I can keep you our of prison," was Winstrom's last words.

The next day Winstrom phoned Floyd Adams, the county prosecutor. Only after assuring him that the case was of the utmost urgency did Floyd agree to a one-on-one meeting with Winstrom at Winstrom's office. When they were alone, Winstrom presented Floyd with a letter of agreement.

It read: Be advised that __________________________, my client, has information that is of grave importance to the citizens of Wake county. There will be terrible repercussions for the affected citizens, if they are not warned.

However, my client, _________________________, would face criminal prosecution if not granted immunity for revealing the information. Therefore, he will not do so until and unless he is granted full immunity. My client will be willing to discuss the matter with another attorney of Mr. Floyd Adams choice, with the understanding that the attorney could not offer any opinion to Mr. Adams except that he agreed, or did not agree, that the matter was of such importance that the granting of immunity was in the best interests of the citizens of Wake County.

In consideration of the information provided by ___________________________, I Floyd Adams do hereby grant _____________________________immunity from any and all prosecution derived from any action in any way connected to the events depicted by ______________________________.

Floyd Adams had sat across the table from Winstrom negotiating many criminal cases. He knew that he was a man of the utmost honor. His word was his bond.

Floyd asked, "Is time of the essence?"

"Yes Sir, It most certainly is."

Floyd moved the paper so that he could sign it. "Fill in your client's name. We have a done deal. This better be good."

Winstrom slid two lists of names to Floyd. On the first were the name of children that Dr. Burnham Davis was sure that he was the sire of. On the second was the names of children that he suspected that he had sired. Their ages were between nineteen, and four.

Floyd took out a pocket calculator. When he finished adding up the lists, he looked toward Winstrom. "We have one thousand, four hundred, and twenty seven names here. If I get this right, you are telling me that all these kids are cousins?"

Floyd, this case is far bigger then what you see in your hand. If you will note, my client has given to me the names of the children that remain in the Wake county school system, and therefore could conceivable end up having sex, or marrying each other. He admits that he has an additional list of two thousand, three hundred and seven children whose parents have moved them to another part of the country.

"Three thousand, three hundred, and thirty-four cousins?"

"Floyd, to my way of thinking, what needs to be done is to send a registered letter to each of these families, with a list of all three thousand, three hundred, and thirty-five cousins. He has one child. On the possible list, if they are interested in getting together, a DNA profile will reveal if my client is both kids parent."

Floyd sat back, with his hands behind his head. "How did your man made all this happen?"

Winstrom laid out the general pattern of impregnation and control.

"Oh, Boy, Winstrom. Your telling me that as we sit here, he still may have thirty, plus or minus, women that he is still fucking."

"I have no doubt that is so. He has said that he will upgrade the list for us."

"Oh, Swell!"

"Winstrom, you know the papers will sniff this out as soon as the outraged parents begin to compare notes."

"Yes. I have already advised my client about the process needed to change his name. He has already shut his practice down. He knows that the civil lawsuits will bankrupt him, if he has not disappeared before your letter is sent."

"He already has been accepted for employment at a fertility clinic in another state run by a friend of his, who knows that he is changing his name, but thinks that it is for religious reasons."

Laughing, Floyd said, "That is good news that my problem is moving. Why do I think that they will improve their clinic insemination rate, with him on the staff?"

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