tagGay MaleWake Me Up Ch. 03

Wake Me Up Ch. 03


Hey Guys, Sorry about the really long wait. My life went a little off the deep end for a hot second, but everything's beginning to settle down finally. I really appreciate all the support coming in for my story, and I hope you all enjoy this next installment. The things that are about to happen in this next chapter are slightly... unrealistic, but that's what fiction writing is all about, am I right?

Thanks Guys!



This weekend had been rough.

After that intense Thursday night I'd spent with Gabe, a bunch of questions raised in my mind. Things like, "Oh god that kid was in college." Or "Jesus Wes, he has a boyfriend and you knew that and you still hooked up with him."

I zoned for most of the weekend, not really paying attention to any of my work. Luckily, my sisters were there to cover up my slack with the patrons and brewing work, but I still had to make sure I kept up with all the reports due.

It was tough for me to concentrate in my little 4 by 4 office all alone with nothing really to grab my attention. My mind would switch from self-deprecating thoughts of how much of a terrible person I was for taking advantage of such a young and emotionally distraught man, but then picture that same guy tied up in my bed, eyes glazed in post-orgasm bliss.

I would stare at my phone for hours lost in thought of what I should say, typing out phrases then immediately deleting them. I really didn't want our one night together to be just that, one night. I wanted to get to know Gabe, both physically and mentally. He was an interesting, beautiful character that I wanted to wrap myself around. I just couldn't ever get the balls to text him, all those worst case anxieties popping into my head before I could hit the send button.

Luckily, the Monday after that weekend I had a been invited to a small business presentation at Westwood as one of their keynote speakers. Gabe had told me he went there, but Westwood was quite a large college and I really doubted I would see him there. I wasn't mentally prepared at all to have a conversation with him yet, and I knew he would probably be upset that I hadn't texted him.

When I arrived that morning, I kept both eyes open and glancing around the entire time I was on campus. I was hopeful yet nervous that I would spot Gabe. I scurried through the outside walkways, then made it to safety in the auditorium.

The auditorium was set up like most, with one large stage up front and rows of chairs stacked one above the other behind the stage, with the highest point being the back row. There were two large speakers on either side of the stage. I had walked into the back entrance behind the stage curtain, where I saw a couple other local business heads. Brady was their as well, which I was extremely grateful for.

"Bro, how are ya!"

Brady's puppy-like personality broke the rugged look of him instantly. A 6'6 hulking man, he looked more like a linebacker than a restaurant owner. His broad shoulder spanned out like wings, and his body looked like it was cut from marble. His ginger hair was cut short on the sides and medium length on top, slightly slicked back since he ran his fingers through it almost constantly. He was wearing a dark pair of denim jeans, a black t-shirt with his restaurant's logo, and a pair of combat boots. He was never one for dressing up no matter the occasion. You would assume from his overall appearance that he had a hot-headed asshole personality.

You couldn't be more wrong. Brady was like an overtly hyper twelve-year-old trapped in a muscle-bound body. He loved to take all the pleasure he could out of life, and he had a constant optimism that radiated onto someone like me, who was constantly having doubts, like the warm spring sun melting the snow off a budding flower.

I was dressed a little more formally for the event. I had on a white button down short sleeved shirt with the collar open and the top button is undone. I had a black blazer over that, with the sleeve rolled up about halfway to my elbow. The shirt was tucked into my nicest pair of black slacks I owned. I thought the outfit looked very business casual, but it still made me feel uncomfortable. I wish I had worn something a little more like what Brady had on.

"Hey, Brady! Nice to see ya, Leigh and Harp send their regards, they're back at the bar covering for me."

"Cool dude tell them I said hey. I'm so excited to present this shit! These college kids always can find some change to spare, and this could seriously stir up some business for the both of us!"

"Yeah, you know college students and liquor are like peanut butter and jelly."

Brady burst out a thunderous laugh, and I'm pretty sure the ground trembled underneath me. Other people looked up from their conversations to see what had made the giant man laugh like that.

Brady carried on like he hadn't almost caused an earthquake, and we continued to chat about mundane things until the host took the stage.

"Hey, their students! We have some great leaders of our local small businesses here today, and they'll each be giving a small speech about their business and what they believe are some the key points of running a business. For our first speaker, please welcome Brady Gordon from Brady's Restaurant.

Brady ran out like he was a motivational speaker and immediately launched into his business plan with gusto. I listened lightly, my mind mostly glazing over with trying to remember my speech and all of the main parts I wanted to get across to these students. I knew I was last to go, so I waited patiently as the other seven members went through their speeches.

By my turn, I knew these kids would probably be dead tired of listening to people drone on about business techniques, but I hoped they would be a little more interested in someone like myself since I owned a brewing company, which is a little different than your local restaurant owner or clothing boutique store manager.

I stepped onto the stage, blinded by the stage lights for a good five seconds till my vision suddenly cleared. I scanned the crowd in front of me till my eyes caught onto someone familiar looking. Suddenly, my mouth got drier than the Sahara desert and my dick twitched in my pants, interested in the man in front of us.

Fuck me.

Gabe was visible even in the back row. It was a smaller auditorium, probably an extension auditorium and not the main one. His midnight blue eyes were looking at me with a mix of fury and lust. His gaze traveled up and down, lingering for a couple extra seconds on my crotch. He leaned back in his seat slowly and seemed to put his notebook on the seat next to him. From my view, when he leaned back like that, I could see him from his mid stomach up.

He was the only one sitting in the back row. Everyone else at the presentation was either backstage or sitting with more interest then I thought they would have in the first five rows. There was a large divide between them and Gabe since he seemed to be the only one back there. The host of the entire thing was sitting front and center, staring at me with rapt attention as were the other students surrounding him.

I knew I had stood up there in silence for a beat too long, so I began my presentation, trying my hardest to keep my eyes off the hunk I had made cum down my throat less than a week ago.

About a third of my way into the presentation, I chanced a glance up towards the back row. They say curiosity killed the cat, I didn't know it also gave him a boner.

Gabe seemed to have changed his mind from anger to just plain lust. He had taken full advantage of the empty space in front of him. He had one leg resting on the seat in front of him, splayed out with both legs extended as far as possible in the space. He seemed to be playing with his right nipple through his shirt and groping himself through his pants with his other hand.

He was putting on a fucking show for me while I was giving a presentation to his classmates and teachers. In the middle of a very public auditorium, where anyone could easily walk in or just turn 180 degrees and see him jerking off in the back row. For me.

That was the hottest thing anyone had ever done for me. My dick sprang to full mast, and I prayed that the black helped to not cast a shadow or show the amount of pre-cum that had gathered at the tip and I'm sure would leave a stain later.

I knew I was still talking, but the words sounded like gibberish to my own ears. I had practiced my lines quite well and had done this speech many times to other business workshops I had been invited too. I could probably give this speech in my sleep, but I didn't know if I could give it while coming in my pants.

Gabe had taken his hand off his nipple and was now had both hands on his dick. He was messing around with something, till I saw his cock spring out of his pants and leaped to full attention.

Fuck I could picture that cock so clearly in my mind. That gorgeous piece of seven-inch meat with a dark red crown. His dick was straight as an arrow and absolutely beautiful. Even though it was slightly hard to see, I knew from the way his arm was moving and the way his lip was being sucked into his mouth that he was stroking his cock. He saw me staring and he threw his head back and I saw his hips lift up slightly into his hand.

I wish those were my hands. God, I wish I was back their right now. I would crawl right in between his sprawled out legs, and take him completely down my throat. I would make sure to stuff all my fingers in his mouth, make sure our little public group couldn't hear him whimper for me. Then, when my fingers were nice and wet, I would slide one right into his tight hole, straight to the hilt, as punishment for teasing me like this.

Fuck. I could not come on this stage.

His arm was speeding up, and his hips were meeting him for each thrust he made. Suddenly, I saw the cum arc out of his dick, which he caught with his other palm. His mouth was gripping his bottom lip to stop any of his cries. After his orgasm stopped, his heavy eyes flipped upright to me, smirked, and brought his hand to his mouth as he licked up the spunk he had shot there.

I groaned into the microphone mid-speech, then tried to cover that with a hard cough. Some of the students gave me a weird side-eye, but most seemed to believe my seasonal allergy cover up. He smiled in the back, and I could tell he was laughing at my expense.

Oh, I was going to get him back for this.

I couldn't wait to get him back for this.



I can't believe I just fucking did that.

When I saw Wes on that stage, I was royally pissed, but also extremely turned on. His business look with the cuffs rolled up and his hair still mussed up into that high pompadour. His bright eyes spotted me instantly, looking a little more green under this light then they had in the lowlights of the bar. He was the picture of a high-class businessman, and that was a huge kink of mine.

I really hadn't planned on putting on a show for him like that, but it helped me to get revenge on him not texting me, and also helped me to make something out of this boring lecture. The only thing that had really peaked my interest, other than Wes's sexy body in slacks, was that crazy guy at the beginning. I think his name was Brady or something, but he seemed completely off the walls like he had just chugged four cups of coffee then done a line of coke. Though I didn't pay much attention to his presentation, he was really fun to watch.

I knew Wes could tell what I was doing. He didn't stutter through his speech, not once, but his eyes were staring a hole through my dick as I got off, and he was getting closer and closer to the edge of the stage as if he wanted to come up here and join me.

He was as unruffled as possible until I ate my own cum. That groan proved to me how much I had affected him that night, which helped to trump what little anger I had held onto and made me want to reconcile with him completely.

After he wrapped up his speech, and I wrapped up my dick back into my pants, I ran out of the auditorium to go find him. I had already signed in, and Mr. Cord was going to email me the questions I had to answer, so there was nothing holding me back from tracking down Wes.

When I ran around to the auditorium stage entrance, but he was nowhere in sight. I hoped he hadn't taken my actions in a bad way. Even though I found him incredibly rude for not calling or texting me after last Thursday, I still wanted to see him again. I really only needed an explanation and then I figured we could continue whatever it was we had started.

Then my phone buzzed in my back pocket with a text.


Dinner. 7 pm. Sunday Kitchen. Don't be late.

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