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Wake Up


The early morning light was beginning to filter through the windows as I opened my eyes just a bit. I rolled over on my back and stretched my legs just a bit. Thank goodness it was Saturday morning. I'd had a rough week, and I was looking forward to sleeping in just a little later than normal.

As my left shoulder hit the mattress, I felt my husband's body right next to mine. I looked over and found that Bryan was rolled up on his side, facing me. His eyes were closed and his breathing was regular. I loved the way the hair on his beard wiggled as the air passed in and out of his nose. We'd been married now for over ten years, yet I loved him just as much as the first day I'd met him.

I snuck a look at the clock. It was only 6:30. Good. That meant that I could get maybe another couple of hours sleep before I got up and started cleaning the house. I closed my eyes and tucked my left leg under my right knee, giving my legs the appearance of a triangle. I crossed my hands over my stomach, just below my chest. I could feel the satin material of the blue nightgown I had worn to bed the night before hugging my body. The covers were lying just below my hips, and I had an urge to pull them up to my neck. But I felt a light breeze blowing in from one of the windows. It was caressing my skin, causing goose bumps to break out over my exposed arms. At the same time, I could see my nipples starting to harden beneath the teddy. I sighed. They were so damned sensitive that all I had to do sometimes was THINK about them, and they'd stick out. Of course, Bryan loved this, and took advantage of it thoroughly whenever we were making love.

I had just started to doze back off when I felt a light touch on my shoulder. Uh-oh, I got the feeling that Bryan was now awake, and looking for a little early morning love. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be sound asleep. I really wasn't in the mood for fooling around today. I wanted nothing more than to slip back into slumber at that point. I did my best to ignore him, hoping he'd just leave me be.

Naturally, that wasn't going to happen. I felt his fingers slip down from my shoulder, tracing a beeline towards my breasts. Someone was in the mood, all right. Maybe if I just acted like I didn't notice, he'd give up and go back to bed. But that became tougher as his fingers touched my left nipple. It was all I could do to keep from sucking in a breath as he traced three fingertips over my bud. If I had thought that it was hard before, my nipple was now straining against the light silk. His fingers began fanning out, stroking my entire breast. They traveled from outside to inside, top to bottom, causing more goose bumps to join my arms. God, this felt so good, despite not being in the mood for fooling around.

He took up a pattern after a minute of running his index finger all the way around my areola, time and again teasing the base of my nipple, without actually touching the tip. My first urge was to arch my back, hoping to have his palm make contact. But I restrained myself, continuing the charade of sleeping through his torture.

Thankfully, his fingers moved down over the hands clasped at my stomach. But that only lasted for a second. He gently pried my hands apart and placed them on either side of my body. This now gave him unrestricted access to my front, from my neck all the way down to my feet. Of course the blankets were at my hips, but that wouldn't stop him, now that he was in gear.

His hand crossed over my stomach and moved towards my other breast. I knew this game. He'd continue his seduction between my breasts, hoping to get me all hot and bothered. And damn him if he wasn't succeeding! Yet a part of me still refused to give in, so I lay there, still as could be, enduring his touches.

I felt a warmth begin to spread between my legs as he worked on my nipple. His hand moved up towards my shoulder, to find the thin strap that held my outfit up. He slid it down over my forearm, bringing the rest of the material along that was covering my breast. My right breast was now exposed, and his fingers traced a line along the outside edge of it, just below my armpit. This caused yet more goose bumps to rise, bringing this nipple to attention. His fingers circled in, teasing me as he ever so slowly focused in on my aching nipple. Despite my efforts to show no reaction, I felt my fingers twitch as he crossed over the tip, then came back over again. I knew my skin was beginning to flush as I became more and more aroused.

His hand moved back to my left breast, slipping that strap down, exposing my entire upper body to his fingers. He was driving me crazy! I suspected he could see my eyes darting back and forth beneath my eyelids, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of me making the first move. I fought to keep my breathing to a normal rate, but that too was becoming a lost cause.

Just as I was about to roll over and kiss him, in effect giving in to his work, his hand slid down over my stomach, his palm flattening out over my belly. I knew where this was going! Sensing that my body, if nothing else, was responding positively to his touches, he was going to become even more bold!

The breeze played over my exposed nipples as his hand moved under the covers and between my legs. Yet he continued to tease me, as his hand moved past my waiting sex, down the inside of my left thigh. His touch was electric, awakening every nerve ending in my body. I knew my panties were getting wet with every passing second. He traced their outline, running his fingers ever so close to the spot I wanted touched the most. But he continued to make me wait, as he rubbed the opposite leg, as if he were hoping I would give up. So, this was a contest of wills, huh? Well, damned if I was going to give in and let him know how crazy he was making me!

My eyes remained screwed shut, and I actually tried to block his touches out by going over the things I needed to do that day. It was actually beginning to work, until his fingers moved over the satin material of my briefs, making faint contact with my clit. My body flinched as he centered on my lips. My hands were clenching and unclenching ever so slightly as he traced the outline of my feminine shape. His fingers then moved up to the waistband, and quickly slipped beneath. He played gently with the very short hair that I let grow down there. I could actually feel the muscles in my face tick as I tried desperately to keep the fake sleeping routine alive.

The pad of his index finger pressed ever so slightly against my lower lips, which were now rather puffed up and extremely sensitive. He ran up and down the outside, teasing entry at both the top and bottom of my entrance. My body was SCREAMING for me to arch up and force his finger inside of me, but the barest hint of resistance still refused to give in.

This didn't continue for very long, as I was sure he was as turned on as I was, and he wouldn't let this drag out forever. On the very next pass to the bottom, I felt the pattern alter and move inwards. I was holding my breath, oh so ever wanting, NEEDING, him to slip inside and bring me to release. He hovered for a few seconds at the base, probably watching to see how I would react. Of course, I couldn't be sure, as I kept my eyes screwed shut.

I felt his body shift for a moment, and I breifly wondered if he had decided to give up and get out of the bed. Silly me! He had just readjusted himself, and settled back down ever closer to my body. His finger pressed ever so gently, slipping what seemed to be a millimeter at a time until I felt it invade my wetness. There was no way I could stay still any longer, and my ass lifted from the matress to urge his finger deeper inside of me. I could barely feel him at that moment, so wet I had become. But it was about to become better, or worse, depending on one's opinion!

I felt his lips descend onto my nipple, his tongue stroking it as he began to suckle the base. At the very same instant, his finger had slid deep inside, then up, making contact with the ridge just below my clitoris. It was like a bomb had gone off throughout my body! I gasped and my left hand flew up to grasp his shoulder. All pretense of being asleep was gone now. I didn't care whether he had won at that very second. My mind was ablaze, and my body was surging faster than normal to my impending orgasm!

Bryan must have sensed this, knowing my reactions better than another other person in the world. His mouth seperated from my nipple and I could hear him chuckle. "Good morning sexy. Did I wake you?" he grinned.

I wanted to growl at him, but my response was choked off by another gasp as his finger found my clit. My hands dug into whatever they had near them, my right hand grasping the sheets, the left digging into his shoulder. My eyes flew open and my head lifted to kiss him and I came ever so close to an orgasm. But he pulled his head back and shook it.

"No, no, honey. I want you to just lay there and enjoy this as much as I'm enjoying watching you." He bent down and whispered in my ear, "But go ahead and let your fingers help you along." I knew what he meant, and I did it instantly. Both of my hands flew to my breasts, taking each nipple between thumb and forefinger. I knew how much that sight drove Bryan crazy, and with such sensitive nipples as mine, it increased my pleasure ten fold!

My pulse was racing and I could feel that my orgasm was imminent. But seconds before I went over the edge, his finger lifted until it was barely touching me. I stared at him and the frustration lanced from my eyes. "Don't stop!" I practically begged him.

He grinned that evil grin of his. "Oh no, I want you to make it happen. I think you know what I want..." And I did. He knew my nipples were the most senisitive area of my body, and I already had my hands in place. We had discovered one night that if I was excited enough, I could give myself an orgasm just by stimulating my breasts. As an incentive, he quickly brushed my clit, then retreated again. "The longer you take, the longer till you cum," he teased. Part of me wanted to punch him, but my lust was controlling my body for me.

My hands grasped my breasts on their palms, my two fingers rubbing the bases back and forth. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings that were coursing between my chest and between my legs. I could feel sweat pop out on my forehead as I willed my body to respond. It wasn't taking much effort. Bryan's finger was just resting against my clit, providing just a hint of pressure. My hips rocked gently to try and cause more friction, but he held very still.

I was in hell, just outside the edge of my orgasm. My breathing was ragged and I moaned as I brought my right hand fingers up to stroke the tip of my nipple. My lips were parted and every few seconds an "oh god" would escape. Then I did the same to the left breast, back and forth faster and I urged myself on. Suddenly, like a blot of lightning, I knew I was there. I pinched both nipples hard and pulled them up and away from my body. My back arched and the muscles of my neck strained.

"I'm cumming...." I moaned. Bryan's lips descended on mine as his finger quickly stimulated my clit. I moaned into his mouth and it felt as if my mind had exploded! My breath hitched and my hips drove into his fingers, the fire tearing from my pussy to lance throughout my body and mind. I quivered and shook as my orgasm tore through me! It seemed to last forever, that sharp instant pain, followed by the flowing of pleasure. I rode the waves and savored every last second of my dying orgasm.

I kissed Bryan deeply and grinned around his lips. "What a way to wake up!" I breathed into him. He gave that damned chuckle again. "This is only the start, sweetheart." And I knew he was right...

To Be Continued...


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