tagLesbian SexWake Up!

Wake Up!


I felt you lying on top of me when I woke up. I almost freaked out at the pressure I was feeling on my breasts from your weight... but then I saw your face above mine and I registered that my cunt was slick with desire. I wondered how long you had been trying to wake me up.

"You trying to wake me up hun??"

You just smiled at me. An evil grin that told me you were doing just that.

"I want you now baby... I waited all of ten minutes before starting to wake you... I was impatient for you to wake up on your own. You sleep through almost everything. I've been writhing around and making groaning noises for ages while I was getting myself off."

I smiled at you... "So how long?"

Your knee bolted into the crevice in between my thighs.

"Long enough that that must feel great... I was starting to become quite dejected and thought you might never wake up."

I was starting to come awake now as your fingers trailed lightly over my hips. Your nails scratching my stomach as you lifted my singlet hem higher. I tried to move my arms to embrace you. But I found them tied to the bed posts with my satin ties.

"... so bout thirty minutes huh?"

You giggled at my sudden nervousness. Which was becoming more intense as I felt your fingers and nails making more progress over my almost naked torso.

"Well I did start by tying you down, of course. Didn't want you injuring me in your sleep and all. Then we might not have been able to get to the bit where you're awake... like now."

As I became more awake, I began to notice more things about my present circumstance. My legs were also tied to the bed ends at the bottom of my bed. Thats when I saw what your ultimate plan might entail. You were wearing a new strap-on. And I must say I was very scared when I saw the size of it and what you had in mind for me this morning. The purple of it was bright against the early morning light. You followed my gaze and laughed out loud as you guessed my thoughts.

"Oh yes baby. I'm definately not wearing this for no reason."

You chuckled as my hips arched to make contact with any part of you close enough to my dripping hole to help relieve the tension I was feeling. You lifted yourself away from me.

"You really want me now, don't you?"

I whimpered helplessly. I knew you could feel the juices now pouring out of me as you continued your assault on my senses. I could feel the juice run down my slit and over my arsehole. Your knee rubbed harder against my clit. My moisture covered you thigh. You had begun to suck and lightly tease my nipples with your tongue and my mind was reeling.

"Answer me!"

Your teeth trapped my nipple and sharply bit hard into the tip of it. I squealed in surprise and pain. My breathing became more ragged and your gloating laughter filled my ears. That sound from you made my body quiver.

"I said answer me... or I'll stop right now and leave you here tied up till I feel like coming back."

I had no choice now. I had to tell you.


It came out ragged and harsh. I was completely at your mercy and you knew it from that one word.

"Y-y-yes I want you. I want you so much my cunt burns every time I even think about you possessing me."

I hadn't meant to be so honest with you. I hadn't meant to sound so desperate to feel you on top of me, inside of me. But it was too late. I had told you and now you could do whatever you wanted to me, knowing I wanted you to.

Your arms snaked underneath my back and lifted my chest towards you. I felt your tongue on my stomach. Playing with my belly button. Darting around and inside of it. Your tongue trailed from my belly button upwards. Leaving a trail of moisture that gave me tingles when the cold air whispered over it. Your tongue went from one breast to the other. Swirling both nipples. Catching them and then releasing them to catch them again. One of your hands slid down my back and I could feel you pick up something next to me. Something very cold and slippery. Your other hand released me and I fell back onto the matress. I strained against the bonds to take hold of you. But to no avail, I couldn't get free. Your graceful fingers caressed the inside of my thighs now. Massaging them. The tips of your fingers lightly skimming my naked pussy whenever you reached the top of my legs. Always just out of reach I could feel you. I felt a wetness start at the back of my knees. You bitch, you had found the one hot spot I thought I had hidden from you. You made swirls around the creases in my knee. Licking and tasting how far my wetness had spread. I was so slick that when you slid three of your fingers inside of me it was too easy for you and you made it four. I squirmed beneath you. You rammed harder the more I tried to escape. Soon my hips rose to meet your every thrust. Faster and faster I rose to you. Begging you every time to end my torture but enjoying every second you prolonged it. Then you stopped. Abruptly cutting all contact with me. I almost cried out in frustration for you to come back. I felt your hands on my arse. Lifting my hips towards your eager and waiting mouth.

You started with light, short laps. Cleaning the slickness off my thighs first and slowly making your way towards my pussy. With every lick I felt my pussy moisten more. As soon as your mouth touched my cunt I jolted out of my skin. My clit throbbed. Blood pulsed in my ears, distorting the sound of my breathing. Your laps increased in length until you were licking all the way up and down my slit and around my arsehole. I felt the slippery, cold thing press against my arsehole. I moved my body down to feel it slip partially inside of my arse.

"Mmmm. I knew you liked it that way baby. I knew you were a filthy whore. My filthy whore."

I became more incessant to prove it to you. I am your whore. I'd do anything you wanted me too.

"I do baby, I want it inside of me. I want you inside me." You bit my clit.

You brought your face up to mine and kissed me. Treating the tip of my tongue like it was my clit. Swirling around and nipping the tip of it. Sucking it into your mouth and dragging your teeth along the length of my tongue. I felt the pressure against the opening to my pussy and knew what it was. I couldn't have been more ready for you to enter me with that purple, monstrous cock. As you slowly and carefully entered me I felt you push the butt plug in further as well. When you were half way in you withdrew to the tip and then kissed me. The force of you ramming the rubber cock inside of me to the hilt pushed me over the edge into the oblivion I'd been begging you for, for what seemed like hours. You leaned back and tugged on the ties holding my legs. They took almost forever to come undone. My legs wrapped around your waist and I opened myself more to your thrusts inside of me. I came again as you drove harder, deeper into me. Forcing me to orgasm again and again until I lost where one ended and the next started. Then you collapsed on top of me. Smiling at me and looking very pleased with yourself... you untied my arms and we lay together. Cuddling, we fell asleep again.

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