tagInterracial LoveWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


This is the continuation of the couple from Anniversary.


The sun was barely through the gray curtains and slowly illuminated the brown and sky blue striped walls when Jacob woke the next morning after a night of making love to his wife Josephine. It was about 7 a.m. on a Saturday and they had nothing planned for the weekend with their twins, Cassandra and Jacqueline. He smiled to himself about his life - a beautiful wife, smart & gorgeous daughters, a successful business and a loving home. Consumed in these thoughts, he quietly got out of bed to lock the bedroom door.

Jacob turned to the woman of his deepest desires and fantasies. Her mahogany colored torso was covered by a light blue cotton camisole. The rich orange sheets on their king sized sleigh bed were twisted around her generous hips and barely covered the cotton & lace matching boy short panties that encased her round ass. The top of one thick dark brown thigh peeked over the side of the bed sheet.

Already feeling the tent in his pants, he unconsciously stroked his length and licked his lips at how he planned to wake up his Josephine. Softly padding on the plush gray carpeting, he crawled delicately over her sleeping form. A wicked smile pulled at his full lips as his hands slowly revealed her twisted body slumbering peacefully.

Once her pretty feet were in his view, he took his time looking at her long shapely dark legs. Remembering their night of love making to cap off their tenth anniversary, he licked his lips remembering the feel of those thick thighs wrapped around his slender muscular waist. He remembered the feel of her warm wet pussy milking him for his love, and became harder at the thought. With a sigh, he remembered the contrasting feel of her soft wet warmth surrounding his hardn length. He knew he needed her again....

'I know exactly how to wake up sleeping beauty' he thought devilishly.

Bending down he traced light kisses up her pretty legs. He looked up when she shifted slightly, secretly happy that she was a heavy sleeper. Once she settled again, he stroked his pale hands up her body until he came to her stomach. She hated what she called her pudge, but he loved the soft area above her pussy and below her belly button. Bending down, he laid a gentle kiss on her cotton covered pudge, already feeling the heat from her brown and pink lips.

With a deep wiff he inhaled the scent of her pussy. His mouth watered for a taste, but he waited for the moment to pay his loving tribute to that precious flower of hers. Reluctantly he moved upward to her generous breasts. The soft rhythmic inhalation and exhalation of her chest was hypnotizing. He gently tugged down the center of the light blue camisole to reveal her delicious dusky nipples. Fingertips softly grazed over her left nipple, and it rapidly hardened in arousal. 'Still so responsive.' he thought when she made a soft moan at the sensation of his touch.

He gently bent down and encased the nipple in his mouth, relishing the feel of the hardened dark nub captured gently between his teeth. Flicking it slowly with his tongue, he heard her moan again. His right hand reached for her other breast, capturing and holding the weight before his thumb grazed it. Her head moved from her left to her right and she sighed. He felt her hips gently rise and smelled her arousal. He continued loving her breasts, switching his actions to make sure both nipples were covered with his saliva. She moaned again, and her breath changed to small pants. He slowly left her breasts and sat up, allowing her to calm down before starting again. Watching her panting form slowly relax back into slumber, he took in her appearance again. Her body laid out straight in front of him, with her legs on either side of him. He saw the dampness in the crotch of her panties. Her glistening breasts were on full display and looked luscious - deep brown surrounded by soft blue.

When her breathing came back to normal, he gently hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties. He slowly slid them down her legs. Once they were off, he gently pushed her thighs open. He took a moment to appreciate her glistening flower - deep brown transforming to a soft pink. Hovering down, he kissed his wife's puffy lips. He took one lip and gently sucked on it, noticing the change in her body. Her chest began to rise in fall at a slightly quicker pace than before. He took his time nibbling and sucking on her lips while running his fingers up and down her slit.

A soft breathy moan escaped her lips as he sucked and nibbled on her. Looking up to make sure that she was still asleep, he ran a tongue over her now glistening slit. He licked up and down, avoiding her clit and felt her legs stir around his head. He continued nibbling, licking and lightly sucking on her slit listening to the soft whimpers she made while sleeping. After a couple minutes of doing exactly this, he noticed that her clit was hard and peeking out of its hood to say 'hello!'. He butterflied her pussy lips with his fingers and sucked on her clit. A moan deep from her chest alerted him to her pleasure.

He sucked and licked on her little button until he knew she was on the precipice of a climax. He carefully encapsulated her clit with his teeth and lightly flicked the tip of his tongue over it. Her hips, which writhed before, jumped at the contact. The slight trickle of her cum became a stream and coated his lips and tongue with her sweet tanginess. He balanced himself on one arm over her prone form and worked his index and middle fingers into her body. He pulled out his wet fingers after a few strokes and covered a hardened nipple with her juices. He pulled out his firm cock, and lined his slippery head up with her ready pussy and pushed gently inside her inviting warmth.

This woman was his joy, his best and his love. She took care of him and their kids. She loved him in spite of his crass ways and demanding nature. She could look in his eyes and know what would be ailing his spirit before he even voiced it, and made sure that she would do everything in her power to make it better.

Ten years of fights, making-up, anger, forgiveness, joy and grief. Looking back on all they shared together, he knew she was worth a lifetime more. This woman is his beauty and his love. He poured all these emotions into his movements. His memories of their shared love drove him to stroke exquisitely into her body. The remembrance of when her belly was swollen with his children broke his steely resolve to just fuck her good. He took the slippery breast into his mouth and tasted his wife's sweetness on her soft body while he sawed his dick faster into her to give her the orgasm she deserved for being his everything.

His eyes blurred with tears he never shed for the life they shared. He didn't notice that Josephine was now awake and moving her body with his. He didn't feel how much faster he was pumping into her soft dark brown body. He was so focused on his thoughts of their life that he didn't feel her cumming on his cock. He came with a grunt when he felt her fingers meander through his hair and caress his scalp. Looking up at her, he felt her hands come down to his cheeks and wipe the dampness away.

With her pussy still contracting around his softening cock, Josephine smiled up at her husband and said, "Good morning baby. I love you too." He moved up her body and kissed his wife moments before their girls knocked on the door alerting them to the day ahead. He stayed inside her a few seconds more, brushing the wet streaks from her cheeks. Once the knocking became persistent, he slipped out of his wife's body and helped her get out of bed to shower before starting their day.

A good morning it truly was.


Thanks so much everyone for the love, comments & the likes! I really, really appreciate it! I have other stories in mind that I want to explore here.

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