Wake-Up Call


She woke abruptly and cried out at the stinging slap to her cheek. As she tried to rub the lingering pain away she realized her hands wouldn't move from above her head. Despite her eyes shooting open when she felt the blow she couldn't see a thing. Turning her head to look around it finally dawned on her that this wasn't just the darkness of night. She was blindfolded. There was no glow of streetlights through curtains, no flickering numbers from her alarm clock.

She pulled again at her arms, wondering what her wrists were anchored to and feeling the bars of a metal headboard. This wasn't her bed. She kicked and struggled more, trying to dislodge the blindfold and whatever it was that held her wrists captive. As she twisted her wrists she felt the bindings flex around her skin before the edges started digging in. Something wide and soft then, maybe leather . Her legs were still free and as she kicked out she felt the blanket over her body slip, cold air flowing over one side of her chest. She stilled at the sound of a low laugh from the foot of the bed, suddenly remembering what she'd missed in her panic at being restrained. Someone was here, someone who had slapped her to wake her up. The same someone who had tied her to a strange bed and blindfolded her.

"Who's there? What do you want?"

The only reply was another laugh, this one louder, coming from closer to her head. She spun her head round trying to track the strangers movements. Her head span with the movement and she remembered the drinks she'd had at the party last night. She'd been with friends. People she'd known for years, it couldn't be one of them. They would have got her home safe no matter what.

There was a rush of cold air over her body as the sheet disappeared. She could feel that she was still wearing her underwear and was briefly glad of this before she felt a pair of scissors cutting into the front of her bra then moving up to the straps, removing that layer of protection. She whimpered and started to cry when the remnants scraped under her back as they were pulled away, the ends of the underwires leaving burning lines on her skin.

"Please don't do this, let me go and I wont tell anyone. Please just let me leave!" she begged.

She felt a finger pressed against her lips and heard a gentle shushing sound as the fingers of another hand stroked against her nipple.

"Please just untie me, please. I just want to go!" she moaned as little shocks travelled through her from the stroking fingers.

The hands left her briefly and her body arched up following the slow retreat of the fingers from her breast even as she breathed a sigh of relief that he seemed to be listening to her. A sharp pain from a pinch to her nipple made her gasp suddenly and something was shoved in her mouth and tied round her head. She bit down and felt a rubber ball stretching her jaw open, preventing her from speaking as she groaned around it. She felt her pussy getting wetter as the pressure stayed on her nipple and the gag filled her mouth. Both were feelings she was familiar with and loved during play, but that was with people she had trusted, not some stranger who had bound her in an unknown place. It definitely couldn't be someone from the party. They didn't know about this part of her.

The finger returned to her lips again, once more she was shushed as she felt a clamp attached to her other nipple. She moaned quietly and tried not to squirm as there was a quick tug on the clamps, which seemed to be connected by a chain. She felt both hands run over her body, lingering at the bottom of her stomach then lifting and returning to run over her thighs. Despite her arousal she knew she should be trying to get away. She kicked out trying to pull away from the hands.

She panicked as she felt herself being manhandled before landing on her stomach, her arms twisted above her head. Her panties were pulled roughly down to her knees and an open hand landed repeated blows on her backside. She screamed around the ball gag, moaning loudly as she got more and more aroused. The smacks slowed down, the strong hand rubbing her backside in between each stroke. She moaned harder, lifting her backside to press against his hand as he rubbed the sore skin.

Her arse burned as more blows scattered across it, her nipples on fire from the clamps pressing into the mattress. As the blows stopped she felt short nails pressing into her skin and raking over the bruised flesh. There was breath in her ear as she whimpered and pressed her backside up against the nails.

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" The voice whispered in her ear. It was familiar, deep and playful. It held an underlying threat of what would happen if she wasn't, but rather than feeling threatened her insides turned over at the tone. She nodded quickly, grinding herself against the sheets, desperate for him to touch her again, even if it was to spank her. Perhaps especially for that. Without his hands on her she was going crazy. There was a pulling at the back of her head and the gag popped out of her mouth. She stretched her jaw and pressed her face into the pillow.

"Do you still want me to let you go?" She felt his hands on the restraints at her wrists and shook her head, half ashamed at her answer as she tried to place the familiar voice. She knew it but all she could focus on was the pain in her arse and the desperation for more of anything to happen.

"Do you still want me to let you go!" he said more sternly, his voice more familiar with every word, his tone stern, demanding an answer.

"N-no Sir..." Her voice was hoarse from her moans and cries, but she knew from his tone the words he wanted to hear. The title he expected and deserved.

"Good girl," he stroked her hair away from her face and she pressed her cheek to his hand. "Now tell me what you do want."

She shook her head and his fingers wrapped around her hair pulling her head up sharply. She groaned and licked her lips but he remained firm, waiting for an answer.

"I want you to touch me sir. I... I want you to fuck me..." she whispered.

His hands stroked her hair smooth and he chuckled. He smacked her arse again just once more, but harder than before. It stung the already sore skin. He flipped her back over and pulled her panties all the way off before shoving two fingers into her. She bucked up to meet his hand and panted as he stroked her.

"Very good girl, such a good little whore ready to be fucked..." He pulled the clamps off her nipples and she screamed.

She felt the bed dip as he climbed up and pulled he hand away again. He bit and licked on her still tender nipples and she arched her body up to press her breasts more firmly to his lips and tongue as they explored. He bit hard one last time before pushing her knees up to her chest and thrusting into her hard. She moaned loudly as he stilled, sunk to the hilt inside her. She whimpered and bucked her hips, desperate for movement. He kissed her hard and started moving slowly, gradually building up speed as she wrapped her legs around him. She came as he bit back down on her breasts, the pain from her nipple, the soreness of her arse pressing into the mattress with his thrusts and the feel of him inside her finally overwhelming her.

He pounded harder, picking up the pace as she moaned louder still, riding her orgasm. She locked her ankles behind his back, gripping the bar of the headboard where her arms remained tied. She met his thrusts, whimpering and crying out. She felt him tense as she came again, bucking wildly. He rammed in hard one last time and stayed buried deep as he came, pressing his face into her shoulder. She pulled on her restraints, wishing she could run her hands down his back or remove her blindfold. Instead she settled under his weight as he lay on top of her, relishing the pleasure, which still rolled through her and enjoying the feel of him twitching inside her as his orgasm finished

His hands reached up to her face and pulled away the blindfold. She blinked at the sudden bright daylight, realizing it must be much later than she had thought then grinned as she focused on his face.

"You know, all that flirting over the last few years and I avoided taking it further in case what I wanted to do to you scared you. Can't believe I never got you drunk enough to admit your fantasies before." He laughed in her ear. "When you crashed out drunk it was the perfect excuse to keep you here when everyone left without starting gossip" he murmured. "Got me a bit scared when you were begging me to let you go but after that kiss and everything we talked about I knew you'd be disappointed if I stopped."

She grinned again and nuzzled his neck, still too overwhelmed to talk as he untied her hands. She wasn't about to admit she couldn't remember last night after arriving at the party, but she'd gladly admit she would have missed out if he'd listened to her and stopped.

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