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Wake Up Call


Lying in our satin sheeted bed staring down at your innocent face. I feel like a king of our tiny kingdom. Your beautiful naked body half covered by your favorite blanket, as I stroke your hair softly. I trace my hand down to your ear, pushing your hair genially away from your neck. The bite marks from our love were starting to bruise, I lean over to kiss them. As I do, I feel your claw marks on my back stretch with my movements and I can't help but smile. The pain is a pleasing reminder of how our passion leaves a mark physical and emotionally.

Kissing your neck as you sleep, makes me feel alive and warm. I slowly kiss down your neck, trying to not wake you as I slowly lower my body below the covers. Sliding my hand up your thigh and pull your legs apart enough to see your beautiful pussy. Little tuft of hair mounted above your clit, you keep just for me.

The smell of sex still lingers in-between your legs. I feel my cock swell at the sight and smell of you. My mouth salivates, as I slowly kiss up your thigh, nipping and licking as I continue to your delicious pussy. I slide arms under your thighs and pull you to my face. The smell of your pussy getting wet for me is almost to much. But I calm myself, I want this to last. I lash my mouth and tongue towards your awaiting mound, and with a long slow lick, move up until the tip of my tongue flicks your clit. I feel your juices soak into my beard as I push my face deep into your pussy. Instinctually fucking you with my tongue, you let out a sleepy moan as my beard rubs around your throbbing clit and my tongue caresses the fold of your pussy looking for its way inside again. My tongue crosses your pussy hole and enters fast and rough. I lose myself in the taste of you. Tangy, sweet, and delicious; I devour you. Rubbing my beard into your pussy and grasping your thighs in my rough hands. Your hips buck as you move your soaking pussy into my bread. I pull your hips lower, enjoying the resents, as your hips reciprocate the movements of my tongue. You grasp the sheets with a loud moan when my tongue moves back to your clit flicking it faster and faster. I engulf your pussy with my mouth and drink your delicious juices. You throw the sheets off of my head, and stare down as I give you a long lick and look you in the eyes. The fire of passion burning deep inside you is evident. I place my mouth back to your throbbing clit, as you grab the back of my head. Taking control of my movement by rubbing your fingers through my hair. Instructing me exactly how fast you want my tongue to work.

Slowly pulling and pushing your hips to my face. Your back arching as your breath quickens. Building yourself up to explode. You run your fingers faster through my hair and I respond by licking your sweet pussy faster. You moan my name and grab my head by my hair. Shoving my bread and tongue deep into your pussy. Your back aches up, as you ride my face. The forcefulness is what I love the most. Your wanting and needed to come for me. My bread and tongue being your toy, you need to be rough and hard to your pussy. You grind my bread deep to your throbbing clit. And my ridge tongue to your pussy. Moaning, breathing heavy, my hands cup your ass as my head rocks side to side. Losing myself in your pussy, in your entire being. Becoming everything you want, being the item if your ecstasy.

Your pussy quivers with ever hit of your building orgasm until you let it go. Clinching your thighs around my head, and moving your hips up and down. Your sweet orgasm soaks my bread, I relish the sweet taste of you. Until your body calms, slightly trembling from the fading orgasm. Your thighs ease the grip on my head and your back flattens to the satin sheets.

You grab my face and pull me to your mouth. Kissing me deeply, as the head of my throbbing cock penetrates your wet pussy. You throw your head back and let out a slow sexy gasp. I can not help but smirk at how beautiful and wild you are. You look deep into my eyes with a satisfied smile.

"Good morning to you too." I said with a smirk.

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