tagRomanceWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


The sun peeped through the window as Diane opened one eye, looked at her watch and quickly closed it. Why in the world would any civilized human wake up on a Saturday morning at 7 a.m.? She snuggled further under the cover, trying to go back to sleep. Finally, with a sigh, she gave up and slipped out of bed making sure not to wake him. She grabbed a housecoat and padded to the kitchen, yawning, to make coffee.

While she waited, she walked quietly back to the bedroom and stood watching Greg sleep. Smiling softly, she thought, Its true. Men DO look so childlike and vulnerable when they are asleep.

The sheet slid down as he turned, barely covering his morning erection, and she felt the aching need deep in her belly. It had been a hard week, and he had been so engrossed with work that they had neglected each other.

An idea formed in her mind, and she grinned. Maybe it will work, she thought, but...

She walked quietly to where he lay sprawled, on his back, softly snoring. She carefully, slowly, lifted the sheet and crawled between his legs, taking his erection in her hand and touching the tip with her tongue. She loved being this close, having the opportunity to examine his "one eyed monster" as she teasingly called it. She loved the feel of it...the smoothness and the taste. Her mouth watered as she licked the underside, feeling it twitch. She slid her lips over him, teasing the crown and then taking him deep into her throat, sucking gently, moving up and down, feeling him swell until it was all she could do to keep quiet.

Her eyes were closed as he came awake, and grinned. He said nothing, revelling in the soft warmth of her mouth. Damn, it felt good!!!! In minutes, he heard her moan softly and moving his hand, touched her hair. Her eyes, looking into his, were glazed with passion and he rocked his hips, urging her on. He groaned, closing his eyes, trying desperately to think of something besides what she was doing to him. It didn't work, and he whispered raggedly, "Baby, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop." She increased her pressure and stroking, taking him deeper in her throat, until he groaned loudly, pressing her head to him and erupted in her throat. "OH YEAHHHHHHH," he gasped, as she swallowed as much as she could, feeling some drip from her mouth.

She moved up to lay beside him, kissing him. He could taste his cum on her lips...a little tangy with a touch of salt. "Mmmmm, not too bad," he grinned pulling her closer against him as she gently rolled his balls in her hand. "You do love playing with my body, don't ya?"

She nodded, giving them a light squeeze. "I like nothing better!"

"Nothing?" he teased. "Hmmmm, guess that means I don't have to give you enemas anymore, or fuck you......."

Laughing, she poked him in the ribs. "Don't bet on it, big boy! You don't get out of it that easily."

She went to the kitchen to get coffee for them while he went to pee. She still felt the gnawing ache, but knew he would take care of it before long.

She was surprised to find him laying on the bed slowly stroking his cock when she returned. She sat the coffee cups down, as he reached for her, pulling her across him, pinning her to the bed.

"C'mere," he growled, I want you."

She giggled as he nuzzled her neck, sliding his hand around her breast. "I thought you wanted coffee."

"Later," was his answer as he moved to lick her nipple, then suck it, biting it just hard enough to make her moan. She was aching, wanting to feel him inside her, and she squirmed as his fingers parted her legs wider and touched her dripping pussy. Her eyes closed as she surrendered to the feelings enveloping her body in a warm cocoon. She squirmed as he fingered her slowly, finding places she never knew existed, then following her juices lower, to rim her anus.

"Umm, baby," she whispered, "that feels so good."

"Gimme a finger cot," he mumbled, nuzzling her neck.

He rolled it on and after lubing it with her juices, slid it into her anus. She groaned, loving the feel of any part of him inside her rectum.

He lay watching her in the mirror. He felt himself stir as he watched her spread her legs wider and part her labia. Her fingers moved lazily through her wetness, until they slid easily into her shaved pussy, and she began to moan and arch.

Greg grasped her by the hand. "NO!" he said sharply. Puzzled eyes looked into his gaze. "I'll make you cum...when I'm ready. Understand?"

She nodded, and he grasped a pillow, placing it under her hips. He smiled when he saw her juices coating her labia and the sheen from there dripping down to coat her tight anus.

"Damn, you're wet baby," he whispered, as he leaned over to flick her clit with his tongue. She gasped and moaned, reaching for him...arching...wanting more.

" Just fuck me, honey," she pleaded, "! I want you inside me NOW!"

"All in due time," he chuckled, but his cock jerked, aching, wanting to do just as she asked.

His fingers slid in and out of her vagina as he stroked her G spot gently. Whimpering, she trembled, and he knew she was too close for him to keep this up. He stroked it harder and rasped against her ear, "Push."

Her eyes glazed over and she rolled her head, gripping the sheet as she started to move, bucking her hips. She was trembling with the need to cum, and he reached for the vibrator. He worked it into her tight pussy, turning it on. She was so close he didn't think she would last for him to get in her. He raised her legs over his shoulders, as his fingers found her clit and rubbed hard circling and dipping. He pulled the vibrator out as he entered her deeply, in one stroke and held his breath, willing himself not to shoot. In seconds he was able to begin the smooth rhythm that would bring them both the release they sought.

She had all she could take, and screamed as she moved over the edge. Tears streaming, she sobbed through multiple orgasms until she lay limp, totally exhausted. Only then, did he allow himself to finally cum with a loud groan.

They lay cuddled together as they each almost gasped for air. "Are you okay?" he asked as he brushed her hair back from her face.

She nodded and managed one weak tremble as he kissed her, and grinned.

"I think you're worn out," he chuckled.

She grinned weakly at him. "No shit, Sherlock. What gave you the clue??? Remind me not to wake you up on Saturday morning again!"

"Never?" he teased.

"Not til I get over THIS one," she laughed. "Now, if you will so kindly move your leg and unpin me, I can clean up and make breakfast."

'Ummm," Greg nuzzled her neck as he slowly moved against her, his cock beginning to take on a life of its own. "You sure you want to get up?" He waggled his eyebrows at her and flexed his cock against her belly.

Diane moaned as a wave of desire washed over her and she pushed him to his back. "No," she growled, her eyes shining. I want on top."

Greg chuckled as he rolled over and she climbed aboard. She moved down to lay atop him, slowly stroking his almost hard cock in her tiny hands until she felt more than heard his breathing become a bit ragged.

Her tongue peeked out and lapped across the head as he gasped and groaned. "That feels good baby, he whispered. "Do it again."

She nodded, licking across the second time and sliding him into her mouth, making him think wildly that he was going to cum in spite of himself. He grabbed her head and pushed deep into her throat, holding still. In seconds he had calmed enough to loosen his hold on her head and allow her to move again. Diane softly smiled around the bulge of his cock in her mouth. She waited patiently until he relaxed some, and then she slid him back and forth slowly.

Diane watched his face closely and grinned. She could see the tension build there as well as she could feel him harden. Crawling up his body, she kissed him softly as he moaned and offered his tongue to her. His hands closed over her breast, pulling her closer until he could take the nipple in, nipping and biting gently. There was just enough pain to make her tremble with a weak orgasm as her hips rose and she took him into her pussy, settling him deep. She loved the feel of him inside her; the fullness and the warmth.

"Ride me," he whispered to her as his big hands cupped her butt, urging her on.

She moved slowly, then as his hands roamed her body, picked up the rhythm. He helped her along rocking her back and forth with his hands when she faltered, until she was slamming down harder on him, whimpering, "Deeper, Deeper." Sweat was dripping from her and he could taste the salt from her body.

Diane could feel her orgasm coming and almost cried. She couldn't move fast enough to get herself over and doubted she could get him to cum.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered as she laid down on his chest. "I can't get us there."

"Shhh," he whispered, "It's ok." He held her against him as he turned them both to their side and rocked into her hard and deep.

Diane could follow his rhythm and felt his cock swell as he prepared to cum. "Here it is, baby," he grunted as he filled her, and she could feel the heat. She pressed her face to his sweaty chest as she road the crest and felt herself float into ecstasy, sobbing, "Yessss, OH GOD, YESSSS."

He held her as she clung to him, unable to do anything but pant. His hands soothed her and his soft voice brought her back down. She pushed against him, trying to keep him inside her.

"It feels so good, honey. Please stay in," she said softly, kissing him.

Greg nodded. "Okay. Now close your eyes and we'll take a nap."

He grinned as she drifted off to sleep and his stomach growled. "I guess breakfast can wait for a while."

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