Waking Becky


He's watching me again. I can't see him, but I "feel" his eyes on me. A shiver runs between my shoulder blades and that now familiar wetness appears in between my legs.

Let me explain. I'm a twenty year old college student, and about two months ago I noticed this guy staring at me at Starbucks. He is probably in his early forties, nice looking, pretty fit, but with the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. When he caught me looking back at him, he quickly turned away. I was kind of flattered that an "older" guy found me attractive, but sort of forgot the whole thing by the time I got my coffee and left the store.

A few days later, I saw him again. This time he was sitting on a bench across from the building where my English Lit. Class is. He was reading a paper, or at least he was holding it. When I stepped from the cool interior of the building into the bright fall sun, he looked up as if on cue. I didn't look directly at him, but kept him in my peripheral vision as I made my way across the quad. He watched me intently the entire time.

Over the next few weeks I would see him in the grocery store, or at the mall, or even at one of my college basketball games. He was never in a place that was unusual for him to be, but by now I knew it was no coincidence that he kept showing up wherever I was.

I tried to get a better look at him when I could and was able to discern that he was a wide shouldered man who moved with grace not normally associated with big guys. His hair was almost shoulder length and light brown with a small patch of gray at one temple. His face was long, with high cheekbones. He had a generous mouth and a goatee that he kept neatly trimmed. And the eyes, those deep, intense, blue eyes. Eyes that I saw even when I closed my own eyes to sleep at night.

I began to fantasize about this man. Wondering what it would be like to feel his big hands on my body, to feel him take complete control of my petite 5'4" form. To stare into those blue, blue eyes while he had his way with me. Of course this was all fantasy, but I did use my vibrator occasionally while daydreaming about him.

As I said, I am petite. 5'4", 115lbs. I am in great shape and love my legs and ass. Guys are always staring at me when I walk away. I have a 34B chest, and though my boobs aren't huge, they have a great shape and I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to. I'm told I am very pretty, though modesty prevents me from admitting that I think so too. Some people tell me I look like the South African actress Charlize Theron. I like the compliment, but...The point is, I am used to guys staring at me. But they are normally guys my age, and never have I had someone so devoted to watching me as this guy was.

I don't know why I never told anyone about HIM, not even my best friend. But I just got this feeling that he wasn't dangerous, and honestly, his attention excited me. I don't know why, but it did. I got to the point where I could feel him watching me even when I couldn't see him, and it never failed to excite me. Sometimes to the point where I would hurry home to masturbate to my fantasies about HIM. I made a conscious effort to dress sexy and was surprised when I realized I was doing it for a man who some would consider a stalker.

I would never look directly at him when I noticed him, because he would always turn away and leave if I did. And by this point, I wanted him watching me.

One unseasonably warm October evening, I put on a skimpy pair of running shorts and a sports bra and went out on my front lawn to do some yard work. The sun was still very warm, and I was comfortable without a lot of clothes. I rarely saw HIM around my house, but I was sure he knew where I lived. I kind of hoped he would come by and see me in my sexy little get up. I know it's crazy, but it's true.

After an hour or so, the sun began to go down, and it began to cool rapidly. I headed inside to get something to eat and to study for awhile. I hopped in the shower and let the hot spray hit my body while I thought of HIM watching me. As if he could see through walls and watch me shower. With my eyes closed I imagined him pulling his erect cock from his pants and stroking it while he watched me soap my body. I was getting really excited by this time and turned off the shower so I could go into my bedroom and invade my "toy" drawer to get some relief.

I stepped from the shower and pulled a towel off the wall hook. As I dried myself, I let the soft towel rake across my oh so sensitive nipples and it sent chills right down to my clit. I opened the bathroom door and stepped into the bedroom, already looking towards my nightstand, when a slight movement to my right caught my attention. I turned to look and HE was standing there!

Jeans, tight t-shirt, leather boots, his now familiar face, and those eyes. Those too blue eyes staring intently at me. True I had fantasized about sex with this man, but he is standing in my bedroom now, and it is all too real!!

"What do you want?" I stammered out. He smiled. And I realized I had never seen him smile before. But this wasn't a smile of joy or happiness; this was the feral snarl of a hungry beast. He said not a word, but stepped towards me. I backed up until I bumped into the wall and could go no further. I looked up at him and he seemed even bigger than I had imagined.

He reached towards me, but in a slow deliberate fashion. Hooking two of his big, meaty fingers on my towel, he pulled it from me. I made a token resistance, but I knew my strength was no match for his. So now I am standing naked before my stalker. He smiles again, only this time; there is a sad tenderness in his eyes. He leans towards me, placing one big palm on the wall above my left shoulder, he whispers in my ear. "Becky" he whispers, drawing my name out, "its time to wake up" His breath is hot and his voice is deep and gravelly in my ear, and despite myself I began to feel moistness between my legs.

He takes me by the hand and pulls me towards him. As he does this, he backs towards my bed. I feel his big hands on my ass as his massive arms encircle me and he lifts me completely from the floor until our faces are inches apart. His lips seek out mine, and as his kisses me, I began to kiss back until I remember what is going on here. A stranger in my house is trying to have sex with me.

I put my hands on his broad shoulders and push away. "No" I say. But even I don't hear the proper conviction in my voice, but I hope HE does. He tosses me down on the bed where I land spread eagle on my back. Before I can move he drops to his knees and buries is face in between my legs. I feel his hands encircle my thighs as he begins to kiss and lightly lick my wet pussy. I beat at his head and shoulders, but my blows have no more effect on this large man, than a fly to a screen. I began to yell "Help, HELP!!", but before I can get another word out, one of his big hands clamps itself over my mouth.

"Becky" he whispers again, "wake up" This he says with his mouth hovering over my throbbing clit, his hot breath sending unwanted chills through my body. He bends to his task again and begins to make love to me with his mouth and tongue again. This time he is insistent and I feel his tongue slide deep inside me as his lips cover my swollen pussy lips.

Before long he is fucking me with is tongue in the most incredible way. His tongue feels better than most of the dicks I have felt, and seems to fill me in a way I had never imagined. My struggles slowly cease and my attempted cries for help become muffled moans of ecstasy behind his meaty palm. He slowly removes his hand from my mouth as he perceives the change in my attitude about the proceedings. His big hand slides down my chest where he takes first one, then the other breast in his hand, He pinches each nipple, hard, and it makes me buck against his probing tongue.

He continues to fondle first one breast, then the other with one hand while his mouth and tongue work their magic on my burning loins. His other hand has slipped beneath me and he is squeezing and kneading my ass cheeks in a delightful way. A combination of my juices and his saliva runs down and into the crack of my ass. I feel his probing finger, and then he thrusts a finger into my puckered hole while he begins to nibble on my clit. This is the first thing that hasn't been gentle, and it surprises me, but what surprises me more is that HIS invasion of my ass pushes me over the edge and I begin to orgasm wildly. Thrashing around on the bed and moaning in ecstasy.

He continues to lap gently at my too sensitive clit and his finger continues to fuck my sphincter while his other hand is busy caressing my breasts and pinching my aching nipples. I begin to come down off the peak of my orgasm and as he senses this he lifts his head and smiles at me again. And the smile goes all the way up to his eyes, which sparkle and shine with unabated lust.

H slowly stands and I am so drained I can only watch from my prone position as he slowly pulls the tight t-shirt over his head, revealing a much better body than I had thought he would have. This guy must work out like crazy! He unsnaps his jeans and my eyes lock onto his hands as he slowly unzips his pants and pushes them down over his hips. He bends at the waist to push his pants down, and remove his boots, so that I don't see his cock until he stands upright again. My god! It's just like the rest of him. Big!! Not porno big maybe, but bigger than any of the college boys I've been with. Thick and meaty with a swollen purple head pointing right at me!

I have no idea how, but somehow I find myself sitting on the edge of the bed, my hands reach around and grab his nicely muscled butt and I begin to smell his muskiness as I lean in close. The aroma makes me wet all over again. I lick his shaft and then he takes his shaft in his hand and lifts it so I have access to his heavy nut sack. I lean in even closer, reveling in the smell of this man. I open my mouth and take one of his big testicles in my mouth. I moan at the erotic thrill, and my moan makes HIM shudder. I release his heavy ball from my pouty lips and lean back slightly. He guides the huge head of his swollen member to my waiting lips.

The tip of my tongue snakes out and licks the drop of precum that has formed on the tip of his cock. It is so sweet, that I know I need more. As one of his hands continues to hold his big shaft and guide his throbbing rod into my mouth, I feel his other hand on the back of my head. He gently pushes my mouth down on his cock and I let him. Not only do I let him, I am loving the feeling of having no control. Though I can't take all of his cock in my mouth, I try my best to swallow all I can as his insistent hand pushes me down his shaft over and over. I know I want to taste this man as he cums in my mouth, I hunger for it, I need it. But once again, I have no control.

He steps back and his cock is pulled from my hungry mouth. I am surprised to hear a whine escape me. He stands me up by pulling my up by my arms. He then turns me around and forces me to bend at the waist until my forehead is almost touching the bed. I place my hands on the bed to brace myself and I feel him rub that massive cockhead up and down my ass crack. My own saliva lubricates it as he slides it down and across my aching pussy. He uses his foot to force me to spread my legs further and then I feel him begin to enter me. I have never been stretched like this before. I knew he was big, but my god, he is filling my like I had never dreamed possible.

Once about half his length is inside me, I feel his hand rest on my hips. He doesn't move at all at first, and I find myself pushing back, wanting more of him, all of him, inside me.

He holds me still, and I am reminded of just how much I am at this man's mercy. He begins to move. Slowly at first, the ever faster as he begins to drive deeper and deeper into my wet folds. Soon he is fucking me like I knew he would. Aggressive, hard, deep strokes, over and over, pounding into me. I reach one hand back and cup his heavy balls as he continues to fuck me as if I were his personal property.

And then I get it. I "wake up". I am his property now. And I love it. HIS pace quickens and as I feel yet another earth shattering orgasm begin to rocket through me, I feel his cock swell even more and his balls seem to grow hot in my hand just before I feel hot sticky ropes of his ejaculate coat my insides. As orgasm rolls through my body like a wave,

I throw myself down on the bed, turning quickly to lean in and catch the last few spurts of HIS cum in my mouth. HIS hands on my head again as he is able to force his now spent cock deeper into my mouth. I lick and suck him dry and clean. And then I lay back on the bed in a state of post coital bliss I was previously unaware of.

I must have drifted off to sleep immediately, because I awoke hours later in a dark bedroom. HE must have put me in my bed and covered me up before leaving, because that's where I was, and he was gone. I drifted back to sleep with wonderful thoughts of the previous nights activities.

When I awoke in the morning, the sunlight streaming through my curtains revealed that he had left something behind. A note on the bedside table that read simply.

"About time you woke up. I'll be watching."

And I know he is.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/22/17

Please write more to this story. This is so good. I need to know how deep their relationship will get PLEASE!!!!!!

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