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Waking Dream


I am unaware of anything at all, but I feel the faintest stirring of consciousness. I still have the feeling that I have no control, like I am in a dream. I can feel you near me, but I don't know where. Your very presence is enough to make me feel safe.

Slowly as I come out of my sleep state, I can feel your hand on my bare stomach. It is only now that I realise that I am in bed sleeping beside you and I remember that I have been dreaming about you though I remember no details of the dream. I want to reach out to you but my eyes are closed, and I don't know exactly where you are.

My arm slides across the warm, soft bed linen. The feeling of the fabric sliding along my soft inner arm is oddly sensuous right now. This part of my body has always been sensitive and whenever you stroke it, it sends shivers of delight over my entire body.

I connect with you, my fingers finding your arm. I make my way down until I can link my hand with yours. You pull my hand up to your mouth and sleepily start to kiss it. You are gentle and slow, but you're becoming more urgent by the second.

I am fully awake now, but groggy and I open my eyes. I can't see anything other than your faint silhouette in the almost pitch black. It must still be the middle of the night. It is the middle of another long, hot Australian summer, and if it were at either end of the night, more light would have filtered into our bedroom. I am still disoriented and I realise that the only way I could find out the time is to pick up my phone and check. Wild horses could not make me break the mood to do that. I realise that I don't care what time it is. I am just desperate to touch you.

You are still kissing my hand, more fervently now. I roll toward you and you release me, allowing me to move into your body. Instead of resting my head on your chest, I kiss it, encircling your nipple. You are smooth and almost hairless, deliciously salty with sweat. I extend my tongue and lick around your nipple before gently biting it. The nip makes you jump and your chest breaks out in light goose bumps.

I lift myself up so that I'm kneeling beside you with my hair draped over your chest. As I drag my long soft hair down your body, you gently moan and shiver. I go back to kissing your chest again, this time covering it with light gentle kisses. Moving upward I find your throat, I open my mouth and kiss your Adam's apple, sucking slightly, then I move around to the side of your throat and up toward your ear.

My nose gently brushes your lobe. We are both aware of every slight tough, as though our skin is charged. I slide over so that I'm straddling you and as my bare, hairless pussy brushes your semi erect penis, you groan happily. I lick and suck your ear lobe while I gently rub my damp pussy against you.

I can feel you reach your arms around me, and your fingers, strong but gentle trace up and down my back. With your hands on me I can feel my own curves. Your touch is making me feel incredibly sexy and uncontrollably turned on.

I lay gentle kisses across your cheek and meet your lips, brushing them with my own, resisting the urge for a moment. I can smell and taste your breath. It's slightly sweet, it smells like you and I can't wait anymore. I devour your mouth and our tongues wrestle together. It's as though my mouth is connected to my nipples and my pelvis and they both long for this deep contact with you too. I whimper as we kiss deeply and passionately.

My clitoris is swollen and hot and I move up and down, dragging it along your shaft. You gently buck underneath me ready to spread me open.

I lift up my pelvis and without words you know just where to position yourself. I descend slowly, allowing us both to feel every muscle movement. I feel your head forcing my pussy open, sliding into its wetness and I arch up in an effort to stop myself from slamming into you. I want to prolong this sensation. Your cock is nice and thick and it feels incredible to clench against you and have you force me apart for you.

You push inside me slowly until you are about half way in and then you can't wait any more. You push up hard, impaling me on your entire length. I cry out, sitting upright and we begin rocking together in unison. I can only just make out your shape in the darkness, but we can see enough to be able to touch each other exactly where we want to.

You reach out with both hands and cup my breasts, gently rubbing all over them to seduce them slowly. My nipples are already very sensitive and erect. You run your thumbs around my areola, tantalising my nipples by avoiding them at first. I lean into your hands as we rock together, your cock thrusting up into me again and again.

You finally stop teasing me and meet my urge by flicking my nipples lightly with your thumbs. I throw my head back and release a throaty groan. My long hair is brushing against my ass cheeks. I am growing it long so that in a few inches, it will be brushing against you when we are in this position. You rub and fondle my nipples more, and I'm not sure whether you're doing this because you enjoy touching my tits, or because you can see how out of control it makes me. I don't care. At this point I am working my way up to exploding.

I bend forward a little. With every movement forward, my clit is brushing against you, being flicked. My pussy aches for you as you slide in and out of me again and again. I have the sudden thought that I could do this for hours, and just as this notion crosses my mind, it's as though a wave crashes over me and I am engulfed in a massive orgasm. I call out with no control whatsoever as you lift your head up and your mouth envelops my right nipple. My clit is burning with sweet agony and every inch of my skin tingles. I can feel my back, ass and thigh muscles spasm and clench harder than I thought possible and I almost leave my own body.

As the wave peaks, you release my breasts, knowing that I need no distractions to ride it out. I crash against you as the orgasm subsides and though I am exhausted, what I want now, more than anything is to offer you the same happiness you have given me.

I sit upright on you again and the inside of my pussy is still throbbing with the aftershocks of coming so completely. I begin riding you again, this time I am incredibly wet and I want to do something more to grip your cock inside me as hard as I can.

With you still inside me, I bring my legs around so that I am sitting on your pelvis with my feet just in front of me. I raise up so that I am squatting, still completely penetrated by your hard dick. I lift myself up almost the entire length of you until only your head is still inside me and then I fall, hard. Over and over I stroke your entire length with my very warm, very satisfied cunt. My wetness is all over us, our pelvises are slapping together every time I pound into you.

I hear you moaning and whispering "Oh God" over and over and the sound of your voice arouses me all over again. I can feel you thicken again inside me, and I can't believe you could get any harder. I move faster and harder, pounding down with all my might and your cock bangs against my cervix.

"Come for me." I whisper, begging you to fill me up. I tighten myself as hard as I can to milk you dry and you cry out as hot waves of semen fill my insides. I ride steadily, not wanting to break momentum, and as you are released, I slow down. I lie down onto your chest and listen to your thundering heartbeat. I kiss you again, tasting beads of sweat.

As I roll off to the side of you our hands find each other again and clasp tight. I drift slowly out of consciousness, lost in dreams of you once more.

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