tagMatureWaking Sally

Waking Sally


“You know what we need?” Cynthia said slurring her speech slightly.

“What’s that?” Sally said looking to her best friend.

Cynthia leaned into her friend and lowered her voice, “Some young stud with a fat cock that can go all night on the two of us.” She said grinning.

“Yeah, right.” Sally said looking away and dismissing her friend.

“I’m serious,” Cynthia said louder leaning back away from Sally, “look at us we’re still hot we could still get some young, hung boy to go for us.”

“Hot young boys go for girls that look like our cocktail waitress.”

Sally was referring to the platinum blond with the gravity impervious rack and ass. The two of them had been in the bar all night, having met there after work. Sally was recently divorced and her friend Cynthia was a perpetually horny cock addict ever since her second divorce.

“Come on we’re two hot bitches, what do you think want to try?”

“Cynthia, we are in our early forties, besides I don’t think I would be comfortable having sex with you in the room.”

“My God, you’ve never had a threesome? You don’t know what you’re missing. Guys become animals when there are two women fighting over their cocks.”

Upload: If you choo“Cynthia you are being vulgar.” Sally said sipping her drink. She looked at her friend. Cynthia had red hair that was a little bigger than the current style. She was in good shape for forty?two, her hips and ass were big and strong, the skin still taught and firm. Her tits were what got the attention though. Cynthia was a 38 DD, as she liked to remind people when she had been drinking. They looked massive when she wore tight clothing because her waist was still pretty slim. Sally had always been jealous of her friend. When they were growing up Cynthia would fuck all the boys she wanted to date because they loved her huge tits. I guess not much has changed, she thought.

Sally was a blond. Her mother was Scandinavian and she inherited her blond hair. In her older age she left her hair straight and flat and she dressed conservatively next to her boisterous friend.

“Come on,” Cynthia said laying a hand on her friend’s bare thigh, “you wouldn’t split a dick with me?” She laughed and finished her drink. “I’m just teasing you.”

The two women got up and left the bar. Sally dropped her friend off at home. As Cynthia was getting out of the car she turned to Sally.

“Just you wait, I’m going to find a stud for us and you’ll see how much fun it is to watch another women get nailed as you’re waiting you turn.”

Sally rolled her eyes, “Ok Cyn, go find us a hot one.” She said sarcastically thinking her friend was too drunk to remember.

se to upload your story, it should be uploaded as a plain text file Nearly two weeks went by and Sally had forgotten all about Cynthia’s idea. She stood one morning in front of her full?length mirror. She was a short woman, only 5’3” and she was slight, her tiny waist was still slender and her legs showed little signs of aging. She reached up and cupped her breasts. Her tiny hands cover the little mounds. Then she remembered Cynthia with her round ass and giant tits. She sighed to her self and got dressed for work.

That Friday night her phone rang early. She picked it up and it was Cynthia.

“Hey Sally how are ya?” Cynthia asked.

“Ok, how are you?” Said Sally sitting down on her bed naked, just out of the shower.

“I’m ok, feeling horny?”

“Ug, always, this week was tough. I must have jilled off about eight times.” Sally said looking down at her vagina.

“Yeah I hear ya, another week of being single. Any way I got you something I was wondering if you mind if I bring it over, should cheer you up a little.”

“You got me something? What is it?” Sally said interested.

“It’s a surprise.”

“Wow, thanks. Yeah you can come over when ever.”

Sally hung up the phone and got dressed. She put on plain white panties and a pair of jeans she probably should have written off as being too small. She put on a comfortable bra, though she really didn’t need one and a little tee shirt.

An hour later, her doorbell rang. She answered it and Cynthia walked in. She was too much, Sally thought. She had just come over to hang out and she was wearing tight little white shorts, a contrast to her dark skin and a blue blouse unbuttoned except for the last button. On top of that, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her huge breasts sagged low and you could see the long line of her midriff and the soft curve of the bottom of her breast.

“You are too much,” Sally said looking at her friend’s tits.
“You like?” Cynthia said laughing and shaking her massive rack.

“So where is it?” Sally said excitedly.


“My surprise silly.” Sally said.

“Oh yeah, remember the other week when we went to the bar?” Cynthia said having a seat on the couch.


“Remember what we talked about?”

“We talked about a lot of things, why?” Sally said a little confused.

“About fucking a young stud?”

Sally’s smile faded, she looked at her friend seriously. “What did you do?”

“Matthew! Come in!” Cynthia yelled at the door.

Sally looked at the door as it began to open. “Oh my God, I can’t…. Oh my” Sally stopped mid sentence and gasped. In walked the most attractive man she had ever seen. She thought he was a man anyway; he didn’t look a day over eighteen.

“This is Matthew.” Cynthia said, rising and walking over to him.

Matthew was tall, really tall, over six feet by several inches at least. He was wearing a black tee shirt that bearing fit over his huge chest and arms. His dark skin was flawless and his khaki pants stretched over his ass. Sally was staring.

Cynthia laughed at her friend’s obvious attraction. “Say hello to my best friend Sally.”

“Hello Sally, pleased to meet you.” Matthew said softly.

“Matthew is only eighteen, aren’t you Matt?” Cynthia said rubbing his chest.

Matthew nodded.

“Cynthia, oh my God this isn’t right he’s only eighteen, Christ my son is older than him.” Sally argued.

“So is my daughter but before you decide to say no,” she said pushing Matthew by the hips over to Sally, “I think you should know something.”

Up close he was even better looking, in fact Sally couldn’t remember a time she had even laid eyes upon a more attractive man aside from the silver screen.

“What,” Sally said staring into his eyes.

Cynthia pulled his shirt up but Sally was too distracted by his eyes.

“He has wash board abs and this.”

Sally looked down at his smooth abdomen. The muscle rippled under the skin then she looked down. In Cynthia’s hand was the biggest cock Sally had ever seen. It protruded out of his open zipper. Cynthia had her fist around it her fingers barely touching on the other side. Still there was enough of his cock to curve down at the floor.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” Cynthia said pumping it with her fist a few times. Sally watched, stunned as it thickened, pulling Cynthia’s fingers apart. She looked up and Cynthia was kissing him full on the mouth. Their tongues dueled and made wet noises in the quiet apartment. When Sally looked back down she gasped. He was fully erect now and pointing straight up. Cynthia’s little fist could barely hold his massive member. He was so long it would probably take both of Cynthia’s hands and both of Sally’s hands to cover it from base to head.

“Want the first taste?” Cynthia said waving the massive cock in toward her friend. Sally just looked up at her Cynthia with her mouth open. Then she looked back at the cock and shook her head.

“Suit your self,” Cynthia said shrugging. With that she dropped to her knees in front of Matthew. Sally watched as her friend pinned his cock to his stomach and licked the long shaft slowly from the base to the head. Matthew moaned and Sally looked at his face. Cynthia undid his pants, luckily, he was wearing no underwear, or she would have never gotten them off. Sally loved his muscular, tan thighs. Matthew held his hand out to her and she was powerless to resist. The room was filled suddenly with wet sucking noises as Cynthia struggled happily to fit her mouth over his head. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She melted into him, pressing her hard body against his. He moaned into her mouth as Cynthia sucked his head into her mouth as far as she could. Sally broke her kiss and looked down. Cynthia had a death grip on his cock and was feeding herself an inch at a time until her throat was so full she gagged. Cynthia looked up removing his dick from her mouth. A long string of spit connected her mouth to him and she looked up at Sally with watering eyes.

“Come on Sally, he tastes like heaven, at least feel it.”

Sally reached out her hand. His massive prick glistened with her friends spit. She rubbed her fingers over the shaft, Cynthia’s saliva was slick against her hand. She hefted his cock in her fist trying to get her hand around it. Slowly she pulled upward to the head watching with amazement as his head swelled as she forced blood up into it. She let go and silently looked at her hand. It was wet with spit. Sally had never even kissed a girl before. She looked at Cynthia, she had a warm look on her face.

“It’s ok. Come down here with me babe.” Cynthia said offering her hand to Sally. She took it and slowly knelt next to her friend. From here his cock looked even larger. It was smooth and hardly had a vein on it, it gleamed with a sheen of spit. Cynthia took it and bent it down toward Sally’s face, the wet head hit her lips.

“Go on honey, lick it. Just a little taste.”

For the first time Sally spoke: “But it’s covered in your spit.” She said quietly.

“Oh Sally don’t be such a prude, what do you think I have cooties or something?”

Sally looked back at the cock before her, slowly she snaked out a tongue and touched it to him. He moaned quietly and she was hooked. She reached out and put a hand on each ass cheek and forced his spongy head into her mouth.

“Yeah that’s it Sally, suck it.” Cynthia winked at Matthew then looked back down to see Sally press his cock against his stomach and begin tonguing his heavy balls.

Sally had her eyes shut, lost in her own erotic world when she felt her face getting wet. She looked up to see Cynthia drooling her spit onto his cock. It was running down his long shaft and onto Sally’s face. Strangely, she was no longer repulsed by the idea of Cynthia as a sexual person. In fact she was turned on by the taboo nature of the nights unfolding events. Cynthia smiled as she watched her best friend loudly slurping her spit off Matt’s shaft. Soon they were both vigorously blowing his huge cock taking turns putting him in their mouths. Matthew was moaning loudly now. He had a hand on the back of each older woman’s head gripping their hair hard. The experienced women could tell he was getting close and they each jockeyed for position to catch his young seed in their greedy mouths. Matthew’s cock suddenly spasmed and the women knew it would be best if they shared. They got cheek to cheek their mouths open and tongues out. Cynthia couldn’t help but take a quick lick at her friend’s tongue. Matthew grabbed his cock in his fist and quickly pumped it. Cynthia quickly tore her shirt open. Her massive breasts spilled out and sagged down heavily. She took a thick hard nipple in each fist and pulled on them hard. Sally watched enviously as her friend enticed Matthew to shoot his load on her tits. When she looked back to his cock, she was surprised to see him aiming right at her face not Cynthia’s rack. Suddenly the huge hole opened and the thickest, pearliest, hardest shot of come fired out at her. She felt it land wetly against her cheek between hers and Cynthia’s faces. It lay across the bridge of her nose and reached to her other cheek where it stuck hotly to her face.

Sally moaned: “Oh Matthew cover me with your hot young sperm.”

More shots surged up from Matthew’s balls and out his cock onto Sally’s eager face. Then he turned to Cynthia still pumping his cock. Quick, thick spurts of come shot out onto Cynthia’s face and down onto her tits. A large white pool of come collected between her massive tanned breasts. Soon his moaning died down and the come fountain stopped. Sally reached out quickly taking him in her hand and coaxing the last drop out which she greedily slurped up. Cynthia grabbed her friend’s face in her hand. Come squeezed out between her fingers as she studied Sally’s beautiful soiled face. Suddenly she kissed her hard on her mouth. Sally’s eyes went wide open and she was about to break away when Cynthia moved her mouth over to her cheek and licked up Matthew’s come. Sally lost all her protest, her pussy was soaking through her panties and she would do anything right now for relief. She closed her eyes feeling a combination of anxiousness and nervousness about her friend’s behavior and elation and excitement over the incredible events so far. When Cynthia had licked up all the come from her friend’s face she took her by the jaw and locked her mouth over Sally’s. She forcefully spit her mouthful of come into her friend’s mouth. Sally’s eyes went wide and she nearly choked barely swallowing the load. She glared at Cynthia her face shone with come and spit and a long rope of white sperm hung from her chin.

Uh?oh, thought Cynthia, maybe that was too far. Sally looked pissed. Suddenly she dove on her friend burying her face into Cynthia’s huge breasts. She loudly slurped up the come that was between her mounds. Then she systematically sucked up all the come on her face. Cynthia lay back on the carpeted floor looking up at her friend, feeling her weight on her, holding her down. Sally looked down at her friend and saw her open her mouth. From about a foot up she slowly drooled a river of come and spit into her friend’s mouth watching it fill her up. When she was done Cynthia’s throat opened and she swallowed the mess. Sally crushed her mouth to her friend’s and pawed at her soft breasts enjoying their weight. She straddled her friend and sat up, still looking into Cynthia’s eyes she pulled her shirt over her head and cast it aside. Cynthia looked at her jean clad hips, then her flat stomach then to her breasts as Sally removed her bra. She reached up and ran her tan hands over her pale pert breasts feeling her nipples become erect under her palms. They both looked over at Matthew. He had undressed completely and the two older women took in his Adonis like body. His semi?erect penis bobbed in front of him with each rapid heartbeat. Cynthia got up from under Sally and began to slide her shorts down. She turned so her big round ass was facing him and slowly lowered each half of her shorts revealing a tiny little g?string. She stepped out of her shorts and pulled the string further up her ass.

“Like what you see Matthew?” Cynthia cooed at him.

with a file name ending “Mmmm, yes very much.” He replied lowly, his cock rapidly re?inflating.

“Think you can fuck us both tonight?”

Matthew just nodded mesmerized.

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?”

“Oh no I would never.” He replied sheepishly.

She beckoned him over to her. Still with her back to him he knelt down behind her, her round ass in his face.

i“Take off my g?string.” Cynthia said playfully.

Matthew reached up and held her hips in his big hands.

“Not with your hands!” Cynthia scolded.

Sally looked at her friend with amazement but to her surprise and delight, Matthew pressed his face between her big ass cheeks. Sally had never seen anyone get this done to them before, her ex?husband would go down on her only on her birthday and he would never touch her ass. Yet here was this young boy his rippling body crouched on the floor behind a woman old enough to be his mother his handsome young face pressed into her ass, his wet strong tongue digging for the string of her underwear.

Cynthia was squealing and squirming on his tongue. Matthew pulled away with the string in his teeth and removed her tiny panties with his face. Sally stared at her friend. Never had she come close to seeing another woman naked except a few times in a locker room and even then she was uncomfortable. Strangely, she was aroused by the sight.

“Now it’s her turn.” Cynthia said pointing to Sally who was still wearing her jeans. Matthew approached her slowly. She was mystified by the cat like way he moved and swayed when he got close to her. She closed her eyes and felt his fingers working at her waist. He undid the button at the top and unzipped her pants. An incredible heat burned in her loins for this young boy. He pulled her pants off and she lifted each leg in turn so he could remove them completely. Now she stood in her underwear, not a sexy pair like Cynthia, just a plain white cotton. Matthew held her hips, his touch was like fire, she could feel his breath on her stomach. His hand worked between her legs and forced them apart. She felt his face near to her pussy and she swooned when she heard him breathe in her musky scent. She jumped when she felt his mouth on her thigh. She watched and ran a hand through his soft short hair as he ran his tongue all over her thighs. Electric bolts of arousal shot through her body. She practically fainted as he snaked his tongue up and around the crotch of her panties brushing her sensitive lips in the process. He sucked the panel of fabric that was soaked through with her juice into his mouth and pulled them down her tight thighs. Then he stood before her. His erection pushed into her stomach above her belly button. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her backwards until she fell on her sofa chair. He pushed one leg onto the arm of the chair, then he knelt before her and put her other leg over his shoulder. His hands caressed her soft stomach and played with her breasts as his hot, wet tongue danced on her outer lips and inner thighs.

“Ohhh, looks like someone’s in for some special treatment.” Cynthia said smiling. “I think he likes you Sal.” Cynthia walked over behind Matthew and began rubbing his back and shoulders. Then she held the back of his head and pushed his face into her friend’s wet pussy. “How does it feel Sal, is he a good little pussy eater?” Sally gasped as his soft lips and tongue found her clit.

n ".txt" if possible.“Oh God, the best.” She cooed in a high?pitched voice.
Sally closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Then she felt her lips being spread and her clit being softly sucked into his warm mouth. His tongue danced lightly on her sensitive skin, he was a master. She looked down and gasped. Cynthia was the one holding her pussy while Matthew ate her. She couldn’t believe her friend would touch her there. She looked at Cynthia in shock but could say nothing, her orgasm was rapidly approaching.

“That’s it Matt, maker her come, drink her sweet juice,” Cynthia was saying as she rubbed his face into Sally’s vagina.

Sally threw her head back, grabbing her nipples hard with her fingers as wave after intense wave of orgasm racked her body. She bucked her hips into his face, smearing her juice all over him. Slowly he released her clit from his mouth and backed away. He was looking up at Sally. She had never seen anything so erotic in her whole life: this hot, young boy with his face smeared with her come looking so content and proud. Cynthia grabbed his cheeks.

“Ohhh look at that face Sal, have you ever seen something so beautiful?” She pulled him up to her and Sally almost came again as she watched her friend begin licking the juice from his face. She broke away and said: “Since you have her all ready I guess you can fuck her first.” With that she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock to full hardness. It was raging, stiff and long and Sally was a little nervous. Cynthia held his prick and guided it to Sally. She reached out and spread Sally’s wet lips. Matthew’s cock was nice and wet from Cynthia’s mouth and she rubbed it across her friend’s opening a few times. Sally cooed and quivered. His head looked obscene next to her tiny opening and Sally gasped as he began to push forward. She felt her lips open and her tiny hole begin to stretch. He went slowly and because he had just eaten her out, he was able to pop his big head into her. She felt the tight skin of her hole slide over the head and grip his shaft. He stopped for a moment. Cynthia pushed on his ass and began forcing inch after blissful inch into her friend’s cunt. Sally lay back her eyes wide, her mouth open, panting loudly. Her eyebrows were angled up as though she were begging for mercy. She stared at Matthew unable to believe how full she felt. Soon she looked down and saw his dark pubic mound meshed with her blond muff. He was all the way in. She could feel his heart beating through his cock. Then he began to withdraw. Sally lost it, her orgasm came from nowhere, no build, it was just as though she were suddenly coming. She screamed and pawed at his well defined chest as he pulled out. He pushed back into her and her orgasm never fully went away, it was as though she was having one long light orgasm. He picked up a rhythm and began fucking her strongly. Loud sloppy wet noises filled the room adding to the din of her moaning and the slapping of flesh. Faster and faster, he moved she alternated between looking at her lovers face and watching his huge cock piston in and out of her little body.

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