tagFetishWaking to Torture?

Waking to Torture?


I wake up to find myself tied to the bed and blindfolded. I can sense Brandy standing over me. She has one foot between my legs with my naked cock resting on her foot and the other foot is pushing on my chest.

"Good to see you're finally awake," CRACK!!! she slaps my chest with her foot, "Now, lets start the fun."

He foot moves from my chest to my face. Forcing her toes into my mouth she doesn't even have to ask. I start to lick and suck on them. I'm happy to let my tongue feel the soft underside of her toes, the edge of her nails. My tongue is gliding across the top of her nails when she senses I'm having too much fun and forces her foot in my mouth, painfully stretching my lips as it goes in.

All the while my cock has been growing stiff against Brandy's other foot and she finally notices.

"I wonder what you enjoy more, the pleasure of my feet in your mouth or the pain of me forcing my toes down your throat?" She starts to pump her foot in and out of my mouth as I lick. Saliva coats her foot and runs down my chin. The pleasure and pain mix into intoxicated submission. This goes on for 5 minutes until I feel her jump from the bed. A gag is placed in my mouth in place of her foot.

"Would my little baby like me to suck his cock? I'm sure you would, but you might regret this one," I hear the door open and close. I'm left alone. Ten minutes later the door opens again. Next I feel my wife climb on the bed, I assume its my wife. I feel lips touch my straining shaft and a tongue licks upward, circling my head, spreading my pre-cum.

The lips are taken away, but only for a second. They return but this time my cock is taking into the warm moistness of a mouth. Except, its cold at points. I'm being given a blowjob with an ice cube. The tongue raps around my shaft, and where the tongue doesn't touch the ice cube does. Warmth and cold alternate to draw me closer to orgasm.

Hands start to caress my balls as lips and cube bob up and down upon my cock. My balls roll in soft hands as I'm pushed further and further, the ice is melted by now and all I feel is warmth, and sucking and hands. My breathing becomes more labored with excitement.

Then it stops, hands and mouth are removed. "Tisk Tisk, sorry honey, I have a bit more fun for us today."

The door opens and closes once more. This wait is much longer but my cock never goes down.

The door opens and closes. "Impressive, I thought I would have to wake up our little friend after all that time. I guess this just saves me some time."

I feel Brandy straddle me. She kiss my forehead as her knees flank my sides. I feel her pussy lips on my stomach. She raises her body up, raps her fingers around my cock, and guides my cock into her moist pussy.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking my little bitch."

She's pushing herself up and down on my cock. Grinding herself into my dick on the down strokes. With every minute her pace increases. The feeling from my cock is amazing, The wet walls of Brandy's pussy squeeze and twitch as she drives my cock in and out of her. She's going so fast that her ass is spanking my thighs every time she impales herself on my cock. Through the gag, I gasp for more air, my heart and lungs racing with lust and pleasure and excitement

Between her hard breathing she's able to warn me "You are only allowed to cum after I do. If you decide to disobey me, you WILL regret it," she warned

What a bitch, she knows with her riding me like this I can't control when I cum, and Its close. I bite against the gag as my balls tighten, as my muscles prepare to explode into my wife. My mind races with anything to stop it, but all I can think about it how wife is bouncing up and down on my cock. The moist walls squeezing with every downstroke.

Then it happens. My wife pushes down and grinds her hips into me. My cock erupts as its circles around the inside of my wife. My cum spews out in torrents and I lose all sense of what's happening. With each shot my cum covers every inch of my wife's pussy and my cock. I stop coming and try and catch my breath. Brandy's stopped grinding on me.

"I haven't cum yet you little bitch. Time for your punishment. Say a word when I take out the gag and I'll think up a worse punishment."

My wife removes the gag. I don't even have the energy to speak after how she fucked me. She finally removes herself from my cock and places cum filled pussy over my face.

"You know what to do, bitch!"

Brandy pushes her engorged lips down on my face. I stick my tongue at lap at her cum and pussy juice coated clit. She moans " Close but I want more." She pushes her pussy over my tongue, making sure I have to lick at her opening. "Thats it. Oh god yes, lick it you dirty little slut. I know you love to eat a well fucked pussy!"

She continues to taunt me as she moans louder and louder. My tongue forces its way into her pussy, tasting the sweetness of a pussy and the saltiness of my cum as it runs out of her. She grinds her pussy into my face and breaths harder and harder as my tongue dances across her lips and clit.

Brandy screams out, "I'm going to cum, keep going you fucking cum slut, make sure to swallow it all!"

I keep going, trying to get air where I can as she grinds herself into my face. Her thighs start to quiver and her breathing stops as she screams out. She pushes her pussy down even harder on my mouth and it opens up and explodes into my mouth. WIth no were to go my cum and her juice fill my mouth and I have to swallow. It keeps cumming as my wife keeps cumming and I have to swallow again.

She purrs as her orgasm subsides. She lifts herself off me and lays next to me. She licks at my chin and lips before kissing me deeply.

"I hope you enjoyed your punishment."

She lays her head on my chest as my mind reels from everything thats happens. I smile as I feel my wife heart beating next to me. Then it dawns on me, She's fallen asleep and hasn't unlocked me.

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It dawns on me .....

That many other women would make a better wife for me ....

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