Waking Up


Somewhere between the line of sleep and consciousness, I can hear the birds beginning to chirp outside. I struggle against the pull of waking, not wanting to leave my dream, still so real in my mind, knowing that once I awake it will more than likely be lost forever. I can hear you breathing next to me, slow and steady. Recognizing the futility of sleep, I open my eyes to look at you. I love watching you sleep, the calmness on your face, wondering if you're dreaming of me, and this morning is no exception. You've turned on your side, facing me, one arm slung over my back, one leg resting on mine. I smile gently as I watch your chest rise and fall, careful not to move as I know you'll awaken.

So I lay there on my stomach, arms up over my head on the pillow; grinning as I realize that this is pretty much how I fell asleep last night, sated from our lovemaking. Carefully I lift my hands from the pillow and flex my wrists, barely remembering when you released them. Focusing my attention back on your face, my gaze traces the contours of your skin...around your eyelids...your eyebrows...your cheekbones...finally resting on your parted lips. I close my eyes again, sighing deeply as I mentally bathe your skin with soft kisses. Soon my breathing is steady as I drift off back to sleep.

My dreams this time are vivid. I feel your hands brushing the hair away from my face and neck as you lean down over me, nuzzling the skin just below my ear. I can hear my sighs and feel my body shifting... responding to your hands roaming over my backside...leaving not even an inch untouched. I can hear your low deep groan in my ear as your hand slides lower, across my ass cheeks, along the crack...lower still pressing against my tight puckered hole. My breathing becomes labored as I hear you groan again...my hips rotating instinctively to your massaging fingers. Fingers that spread wide, reaching down further... briefly sliding along my silken lips before slipping between them, spreading them with two fingers, while another finds my sleeping nub, gently brushing over it. I can feel your teeth on my earlobe...tugging. Your body pressed against my side...your cock hard against my hip. I feel you drag your thumb from my anus, sliding just the tip into me...sliding back and forth slowly, My head lifts from the pillow as I attempt to push back against your fingers, but you pull them away realizing my intent. I whimper at the loss of your touch...grinding my hips. I hear your voice whispering, taunting me...asking me if I want more. My brain is screaming YES!!! I want more, but the only sounds you hear are more insistent whimpers.

I feel you move away from me, and I cry out feebly while attempting to reach out to pull you back. Instantly, my hand is caught and returned to its mate still resting above my head. I sigh in relief, knowing that you haven't left, the sigh catches in my throat as your hand captures both wrists...holding them tight. There is no movement, no sound except for the sound of my heart pounding, no touch except your fingers encasing my wrists. Time has no meaning in my dream for it seems like an eternity we remain like this. I flex my fingers attempting to rake at the pillow- grasp at it, but there is only air. Suddenly, your hand connects with my ass cheek- my head flies up and back. Another quickly follows on the other cheek. A low growl of frustration fills the room, as I attempt to shift my hips preparing for the ache and flood of juices that will soon follow. I let my head fall back to the pillow, my breaths short and ragged, my hair fallen back in front of my face. Somewhere deep within me, I can feel the embers catch and the fire begins to rage. Your hand caresses my stinging cheeks, slowly melting the pain away. I lift my head again as I feel your cock pressing into me, slipping between my wet folds...your fingers still holding my wrists, your free hand sweeping under me, grasping my breast in your hand pulling me tight against you body...pressing me to the mattress...quickly you thrust, driving your cock deep into me....pressing back against you....needing to feel all of you inside me. You grind your pelvis against my ass, ensuring that my pussy has taken your entire cock, you begin rocking your hips...slow easy strokes...

Your mouth again at my ear...taunting me...growling with each demanding thrust...telling me how much you enjoy your slut's body- taking from me all that you want, knowing that I'm here for your pleasure, knowing that I'm yours. Your words only fuel my desire to please you even more. Grinding my ass back against you, pulling your cock in deeper, clutching you tight within my walls. Our body's slick with sweat, slide effortlessly against each other. Straining against your grip on my wrists...pressing my tit tighter into your hand...urging you to take more with my motions and moans. Your thrusts drive long and deep, your cock driving into my womb, fingers rolling and pinching my nipples—sending me racing toward the edge.

I hear your voice...deep and commanding telling me to cum on your cock...cum like a good slut should. You release my wrists, immediately I grasp at the sheets, my face buried in the pillow as you pound away at my pussy, stretching my lips tight around you. Your arm reaches across my chest holding my shoulder as you grind into me. You push me higher...holding my body as your grip... your fingers digging into my flesh...your cock taking more of me for your pleasure...giving so much back in return. Arching back my head reaching back against your shoulder as a scream erupts from deep within me, your voice in my ear urging me to scream for you...scream as your cock possesses me. My muscles twitch and convulse, holding your cock deep inside me. Feeling your cock pulsing...yelling out for you to fill me.

You hold me tight against you while my body convulses beneath yours...telling me you're not done...you have more for me...you will take more from me. As my spasms subside, I feel you withdraw. My juices dripping down my slit as you pull away from me. I clench my muscles down hard on your cock, trapping your head at the entrance. With a quick motion you pull completely out, garnering a snarl from me. You slide your hand from my tits, across my stomach reaching down between my thighs to rub my engorged hungry clit. Your fingers pull back the hood, exposing the tender sensitive flesh beneath, with each brush of your thumb, my entire body twitches.

Soft moans escape from my lips as my body writhes and twists aching for your cock to slip inside me once again. Our bodies pressed tight together, your cock nestled in the crack of my ass. I can feel it pulse between us, immediately, a flush washes over skin. My thoughts race, as I know what you want from me. You want all of me for your own. Lowering my chin to my chest, I kiss your forearm, nipping at your skin, moaning as I feel another orgasm approaching quickly, murmuring yes over and over again, begging you not to stop. Hearing you tell me to hold back...not yet you demand. I try not to focus on the ecstasy and pleasure that you're giving me...trying to hold back. My body trembles uncontrollably, completely at your will. My voice barely a whisper between pants begging you for my release. I am barely able to hear your response back to me, unable to focus on anything but your fingers. I hear a scream from somewhere in the room, and realize that it came from me. Your words telling me to cum for you now, without hesitation my body erupts in a flame once again, the waves crash over me in rapid succession. Cries and whimpers filling the room. Your hand gently covers my mound as I tremble and quake for you.

I can feel you move, shifting your torso, pulling away from me. Supporting your weight on your arm that's holding me, I feel you press your cock head against my tight hole, pushing slowly through the resisting muscle...until your head breaks through. My lips press tight against your arm as I try to relax, absorbing the feel of your cock inside my ass...possessing the last remaining inch of me, making me yours...completely.

You gently push further...keenly aware of my responses, the slight tensing of my muscles, the sharp intake of breath...you pause briefly...only to push deeper...until your cock is seated deep in my tight ass. I can hear your low growl of pleasure as you begin to move within me...slowly... as if savoring each stroke. Soon my body responds in kind, rocking back against you...meeting each stroke...feeling your coarse hairs tickle my ass cheeks. My moans fill the room as I'm soon enraptured by this forbidden delicacy.

Your hands slide up my arms... your fingers entwine with mine as our bodies work in unison. Your thrusts become deeper and harder. Our breathing quickly becomes fast and labored. Our lustful groans filling the room, as our pace quickens. I can feel my body beginning to soar again, amazed that you can bring me to that exquisite place yet again, without any other stimulation. Your lips whispering at my ear, telling me how wonderful my ass feels around your cock. As you thrust into me hard and deep you tell me that my ass is now yours you tell me, it cannot be given or used by another. Yet again you have me crying out...gripping your fingers in mine as if my life depended upon it. I soar higher and higher until I feel myself turn, and plummet, a freefall of emotion and excitement and wonderment. Instinctively my muscles tighten around you, trapping you within me. I hear a low growl in my ear as you grip my fingers and thrust even deeper. Your body taught as your cock explodes, sending stream after stream of your seed deep within my bowels.

You collapse against me, your body envelops mine. I can feel our bodies shaking from the intensity we both experienced. Your heart beats hard against my back, both of us panting, chests heaving as we try to come back down to this earthly plane. Your cock still rooted in me, pulsing...feeding me the last of your cum. I shudder and deeply sigh, pulling your arms with mine under me, feeling you squeeze my body as your breathing returns to normal. Your lips caress my ear. I turn my head to the side, letting it fall helplessly to the pillow; a satisfied smile slowly appears on my face. Looking up at you from the corner of my eye, I see your satisfied smiling face looking down at me, leaning down to kiss my cheek whispering, "Good morning..." I pause for a moment, wondering exactly when I stopped dreaming and started living.

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